Robin Hood s02e04 Episode Script

Angel of Death

Ah, the great pact of Nottingham, hm? All drawn up and ready for signature, safe in your quarters? Good, good.
- And you've told nobody about your work? - The scribe is mute, my lord.
Mute? Are we sure? Oh, look! Look! Look, the black knights on their way to the castle to sign the pact.
Now we're sure.
This what you're looking for? Your blood money? Betray your friends for a few measly pennies? Traitor! Look, I'm sorry, all right? I'm really sorry.
I never wanted - Is that who I think it was? - The black knights headed for Nottingham.
What are they up to? I'm going in.
- What about Allan? - Forget him.
He's dead to us.
Meet back at the camp in one hour.
Well, you can't just decide to go like this and go.
Without planning, without us.
- Yes, I can.
- It's the black knights! Why does he do this? Why does he always, always do this? What are these in aid of, Sir Guy? A bit of color for you.
I was wondering if you'd accompany me to the celebrations today.
- What are we celebrating? - The King's birthday.
- What are we really celebrating? - Does it matter? It's the signing of an important document.
Something tells me it is a document which I won't approve of.
Well, Marian, you should approve, because this document brings me closer to real power.
And that, in turn, benefits you.
Could benefit you, in time.
Meanwhile there's a pretty dress in it for you.
Am I so easily won? You must be the least easily won woman in England.
Well, if that's my reputation, then perhaps nobody will mind if I do not attend Choose a dress.
Guy! - What are you doing here? - Just dropping in on you.
So the black knights are assembling.
Did you hear Gisborne? They're signing an important document.
- Who died? - Oh, the Sheriff's scribe.
- Fell from the battlements.
- Outlived his usefulness.
What? Dead scribes, black knights.
Something tells me we have to find this document.
I'm not being funny, but your guards Useless.
- You need smart people on your team.
- Oh, and that's you, is it? - Well - Hood found you out? Maybe.
Don't insult me.
All right.
I need your help.
I've lost everything cos I helped you.
- So you owe me.
- I owe you nothing.
I paid you.
Take me on, Guy.
Come on.
You won't regret it.
Go and get one of my servants to give you some food.
Oh, nice.
Where are you off to, then? Get yourself cleaned up.
Come and find me in the castle.
This is it, the scribe's room.
- Better get a move on, then.
- Yeah.
Down at the front gate again on guard.
Doesn't like to be kept waiting, does he? Robin! This isn't the time.
Will that work? Trust me.
I've done this before.
With which girl's hairpin? The great pact of Nottingham.
"We, the undersigned, by the affixing of our seals of office and nobility, "hereby undertake to remove King Richard from the throne.
"By his absence from these shores he has demonstrated a scant regard for his subjects.
" - This is outrageous.
- "We further undertake "to replace the said Richard with his brother John, Prince of the Realm.
" The Sheriff is making the black knights sign their allegiance.
This is a traitors' charter.
Looks like the Sheriff has made some new friends.
Buckingham, Spencer.
Winchester? Surely not.
He's an old friend of my father.
When the pact is signed, there can be no going back for our friends.
Do you know something? I may change the habit of a lifetime and enjoy this party.
Nobody here.
Look at this - the color, the detail, the tone texture.
This man was a true artist.
I'm sorry I killed him now.
A clue? No.
Go, go! I cannot believe Winchester would willingly be involved in this revolt.
Winchester controls the south coast.
The Sheriff wants to intercept the King's landing.
But Winchester? I've known him since we were boys.
The Sheriff must have got to him.
- Good.
- Good? If the Sheriff can get to him, then so can I.
Edward, I'll be back.
And when I get back, I will get you out of this place.
What should I do? Be meek and obedient, my child.
Until I know more.
Jailer, confession's over.
Why have we stopped? Ah.
Move it.
My Lord Winchester, I am a friend.
I know you're coming to Nottingham to sign the Sheriff's pact.
I don't know what you're talking about.
My name is Robin Hood.
We haven't got time for games.
Robin, forgive me, I I have to be careful.
We have a mutual friend - Sir Edward, the former Sheriff of Nottingham.
- How is he? - He's in the Sheriff's dungeons.
Good God.
- Well, what can we do? - First we need to kill this pact.
Spencer and Buckingham are signing under duress too.
Now if, at the moment of signing, you were to refuse, the black knights would lose faith and the Sheriff's pact would be history.
That's dangerous.
The Sheriff would turn his men on me.
Well, that's where I come in.
You need support.
Forgive me, I'm I'm a peace-loving man.
I want stability and the Sheriff and his knights are offering that.
What they don't know is that I've already sent a messenger to the King - Roger of Stoke.
By now the King will know about this plot.
When he returns to England, the first thing he'll do is crush the black knights.
If you love peace, do anything but do not sign the Sheriff's pact.
Count me in.
Right, lads.
Work to do.
We're going to the castle.
- Why? - Why? To save England.
Marian and her father.
The Sheriff is hosting a celebration for the King's birthday except it's really a celebration for the black knights signing the pact.
Will, you need to find us a way of getting into this party.
- I've already done it.
- How? The castle announced this party weeks ago.
Put out a call for entertainers and players.
Well, it gave me an idea and I've been busy.
It's a harp.
It's a recurve bow.
It's a flute.
- What's this do? - Much, don't Sorry.
This is for you.
Will, you're a genius, and a magician.
You're brilliant.
You crafty craftsman.
- What about me? - Ah.
These are for you.
What do they do? Oh, they're they're just bells.
Delighted to welcome Harold of Winchester to join our celebrations for the King's birthday.
Thank you, Marian.
- We sign in one hour.
- Marvelous.
I was ungrateful earlier.
I'm sorry.
I was overbearing.
Could I have a word in private with you first? And I'd like to talk to your predecessor, Sir Edward, if I may.
Yes, well, Sir Edward is How shall I put it? Indisposed.
In what way? - He's in the dungeons.
- No, really? He's loyal to the King.
And also a right royal pain in the derrière.
I'd still like to talk to him if you have no objections.
Yes, well, it can be arranged.
Gisborne will show you to your quarters.
Keep your eye on him.
This way, my Lord.
My Lord, this way.
Ah, yes.
Reason for visit? Security check.
No knives, no weapons in the castle.
We're the band, the minstrels.
- Will Allan.
- Much.
I'm Sir Guy's man.
Can you let me pass? In you go.
What's he doing here? He's being Sir Guy's man.
- Unbelievable.
- Did you see what he was wearing? Unbelievable.
Whose is this? I said, "Whose is this?" It's mine.
Oh, a bit's come off.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
I'm good with wood.
Er, bells, mate.
You know what to do.
I'm off to see Winchester.
Wait here.
Oh, ha! Hey What? I had to put something on, didn't I? I suppose you want me to introduce you to the Sheriff now, do you? Yeah.
Wait through there.
Go in there and get yourselves ready.
Er, of course.
We'll We'll go in there and tune up.
We can't possibly go in there.
Why not? We never share dressing rooms.
You are already dressed.
It's a principle.
We're artists.
He's the drummer.
- My men are safely in the castle.
- I heard you could walk through walls.
Your meeting will no doubt take place in the war room.
I'll be there.
- It will be strictly black knights only.
- Then I shall be a black knight.
- Confident.
- Determined.
My men will be waiting outside the war room.
When you've said your piece, I'll cover for you.
You run.
- My men will secure your safe exit.
- Thank you, but what about you? Well, I can walk through walls.
Remember? - Good luck.
- You too.
And thank you.
Tell me something.
What do you know about a messenger sent by Robin Hood to the King telling him of our plans? Roger of Stoke? Oh, don't worry about him.
- He got lost en route.
- Well done.
If I might be allowed to speak to Sir Edward in private? Edward.
Harry, my old friend! What has happened to you? Sit down.
- I've had a visit from a friend of yours.
- Robin.
He advised me not to back the wrong horse.
- But then I look where you've ended up.
- Harry I could back you, Edward, and end up stuck in a cell with vermin.
Or I could back the Sheriff and just get richer and more powerful.
Rats or riches? It's a tough choice.
Harry, you cannot sign the pact.
Oh, I will sign the pact.
You are mad if you think you can trust the Sheriff.
Trust? No, no, no.
I don't trust anyone.
You taught me that when you stole the woman I loved.
Kate? She chose me, Harold, I didn't steal her.
I was just thinking of her.
I thought I saw her outside just now - a young woman the very image of Kate.
She's your daughter.
Of course.
She's her mother's double.
Well done, Edward.
We wouldn't want her inheriting your looks, now, would we? Oh, oh, oh.
I've just had an idea.
If I couldn't have the mother Hm? What's her name, hm, your little precious pea? - No.
- No? That's not a name now, is it? No! Harry, she's got nothing to do with this.
- Please.
- I don't think he likes me any more.
Please! Harry.
You wanted a word.
What was the word? - Sussex.
- Sussex? Sussex.
I want it.
Sussex? I hold the key to the success of your plan.
Buckingham and Spencer are nervous.
- They'll do as they're told.
- Not if they see me falter.
Not if you don't have access to the south coast where King Richard's most likely to land.
I have therefore decided my price for helping you is Sussex.
Oh, and some of Surrey.
Oh! Harry! Very good, very good.
Almost had me there.
No, I'm serious.
If you want this pact signed today, it will cost you Sussex.
- And some of Surrey.
- Surrey? - And the girl.
- What girl? - Er, Marian.
- No.
- Shut up.
- You still gain Warwick, Lincoln and Cambridge.
And some of Surrey.
Oh, and I have something to offer you - a little bonus, a little sweetener.
Still, if you're not playing You get Sussex.
I keep Surrey.
Oh, you drive a hard bargain.
- It's a deal.
- Marian stays.
Not negotiable.
Sorry, it's a personal thing.
The girl and Sussex and then you sign.
- Pleasure doing business with you.
- My Lord - Harry? - Mm? What was the sweetener? Later.
You'll like it.
- You cannot give him Marian.
- I have lost Sussex.
Sussex! And all you can do is bleat about a girl! - I want a hanging.
- What? Find me somebody to hang.
I want to see somebody twitch.
My Lord.
- This man said you were going to see him.
- Not now.
- You'll do.
- What for? - Hang him.
- What? - No, this man works for me.
- So? So, he was my spy in Hood's camp.
- Was.
- Hood found him out.
- Well, he's served his purpose then.
- He might still prove useful.
You are not listening to me, Gisborne.
Go and find that lady friend of yours.
Take her to see the nice Lord Winchester, then bring him before me with a hood over his head! Hang on a minute, I'm on your team now.
And I can help, honest.
Guy? La di-da di-da! Guy? Hang on, just let me say something here, right? Guy? - Come on, you can't be serious.
- Take him away.
What? Guy, what are you doing? I'm not hungry.
Robin! - Thank heavens.
- Sh.
I haven't got much time.
The Sheriff is about to have his meeting and Winchester is going to refuse to sign.
There'll be absolute chaos and in that chaos I intend to come down and get you out.
What? Winchester is going to sign.
- He's a traitor.
- A traitor? And he wants Marian.
Marian? What for? Revenge.
Against me.
- What? - He thinks I took his woman so he's going to take my daughter.
Robin? - Then I have no choice.
- What? What are you going to do? Godspeed, Edward.
Guy? - Do me the courtesy of knocking.
- Get your possessions.
You're leaving.
- What? - Now.
Why? Winchester's made a deal with the Sheriff.
You've become part of a negotiation.
- Pardon? - Winchester wants you.
- Tell him he can't have me.
- The Sheriff has agreed.
I cannot protect you.
Marian, listen to me.
- You have to run now.
- I can't.
My father.
- I will take care of him.
- I cannot leave him.
Why do you always resist me? I'm attempting to help you.
I know, I can see that, and I'm grateful.
If the Sheriff knew I was doing this, my own life would be in danger.
Why do you work for him? I have nobody.
- What, so you choose him? - So I choose power.
He is my route to position, standing.
- He is mad, you know that.
- No.
He is single-minded.
He does not allow distractions to pervert him from his course.
Distractions? Like a little humanity? Humanity is weakness.
You don't believe that.
You must leave this place.
This money will secure your passage.
I've instructed a man on the west gate to let you out.
Marian Good luck.
Go! Now! Excellent.
Taking the lady to see her new lord? My Lord, I As my lieutenant, Gisborne, you sit at the right hand of the father.
You will share in the fruits of our labor.
You will be a god amongst men, as long as I can trust you.
Take Lady Marian to Winchester.
- Mm.
- Hm? Er, this? Oh, well, Tunisian, actually.
Yeah, we tour all over the place.
London, Lincoln, Hull.
- Right, come on.
- I'm in the middle of something here.
We have to go and warn Marian.
Now, come on.
Marian? Guy? Marian I'm sorry.
- Sheriff's instructions.
- What? Get off! Guy! Get off me, get off me! Oh! Guy? Enter.
Ah, the icing on my cake.
Daddy's little girl.
I will not be treated like this.
You're quite right.
These handcuffs and leg irons, can they be made a little tighter? - How dare you? - Oh, gag her, for God's sake.
She's pretty till she talks.
To business.
Come along.
Ah! Marian? - She's not here.
- What's the problem? I wanted to talk to her before Before what? What did we have to warn her about? - Robin - Much! "My dearest Marian, "I fear we may not meet again "in this life.
"For the things I did wrong, "for the things I am about to do, "but mostly for the life, for the love we could not have, "I am truly sorry.
" I want you to give this note to Marian.
What for? There's been a change of plan.
I want you to wait here for her.
Aren't we supposed to help you and Winchester escape? - Yeah, after the show - I'll deal with Winchester.
Use the distraction to go down to the dungeons to release Sir Edward.
Then take him and Marian to the forest.
I'll meet you there.
How are you and Winchester going to escape? - If the castle guards find you - Just do as I say.
I want you to give me your word.
And thank you, my friends.
I have a message for you.
From King Richard.
Aah! I don't like this.
I hate it.
It doesn't make sense.
If Marian's in danger, we should be looking for her.
Robin's up to something.
No! You cannot open people's private letters.
John? Read it.
Read it for me.
"My dearest Marian, "I fear we may not meet again in this life.
" What? "We are both to be betrayed by Winchester.
" "I cannot allow it.
All the black knights will be gathered together - "Winchester, "Durham, Rotherham, "and the rest of the Sheriff's traitorous gang.
"I may never have the chance again "and I cannot allow this opportunity to pass.
"I must kill them.
"I only hope you remember me well and forgive the brutality of what I am going to do.
"If England is to live, "they must die, "and so, I fear, must I.
"Go to the woods to fight again.
"Go with my lads.
"I will see you in heaven.
" Let the walls enclose us.
"Goodbye, my love.
" My friends, we are a brotherhood of steel and our time has come.
As a sign of my unbending fastness to the cause, I, Vaizey, Sheriff of this shire, do add my name to the great pact of Nottingham.
And I do make my mark.
Next to add his name, the Lord Winchester.
As a sign of my unbending fastness to the cause, I, Harold, Lord of Winchester, do add my name to this great pact of Nottingham.
And I do make my mark.
- Traitors! - Robin Hood! Winchester, the death of every man in this room is on your head.
Sheriff, Gisborne, say your prayers.
Forgive me.
Guards! Thank you, my Lord Winchester.
A very good little sweetener indeed.
My pleasure.
Gisborne, don't hang your boy.
I've got a better idea.
Cake on the terrace, gentlemen.
If he dies, I die.
If he dies Halt.
Been looking for you.
What? How come? The Sheriff wants musicians outside.
They've caught Robin Hood.
Behold the outlaw the invincible and legendary Robin Hood, and his friend Allan A Dale.
How fitting, then, that these two renegades, these enemies of the law, which make them enemies of good King Richard himself, should provide us with entertainment on this, the day of the King's birthday.
Huh? Thank you, legendary Robin Hood.
Now the game is very simple.
Fight or fry.
Hm? Ha-ha! And of course the winner gets his freedom.
Cake! Enjoy! Ha-ha! Mm.
Poke him, poke him! You don't have to do this, Allan.
Don't give them the satisfaction.
Even if you do kill me, they won't let you go.
Come on, poke him.
If you had listened, you might have understood.
You should have given me a second chance.
- How did you get to be so low? - That was always your problem.
So high and mighty, eh? - So much better than everyone else.
- No.
Just better than you.
Careful! Ah.
Well, it looks like our little Robin Redbreast is just about to become fried chicken! Ooh, I like this.
Yes, very good.
- Music! - I'll give him music! Go! Get them! Charge! - Robin! - Stop them! John.
Traitor! I let you in but I'm not letting you out.
Told you I was good with wood.
Time to disappear.
What's he doing now? Oh, no! This way! Stop! Let's go, let's go! Guards! Well, you said it'd be entertaining, but that was really something.
And once again, gentlemen, it's a pleasure doing business with you.
Bring the girl.
Marian! I'm surprised you gave into his demands.
I had to get his signature.
But now I have his signature.
I'll send a squad of men.
No, we do this one quietly.
Bring your boy.
Here they come.
Get your hands off me.
Spirit! Just like your mother.
Will, you take out the two outriders.
Much, John, Djaq, you cover me while I rescue Marian.
What are they doing? They're stopping.
Why have we stopped? - It's you! - Yes, me.
Did you really think that I would just smile and let you have Sussex? A clue.
Hm? Marian! A little sweetener for you, a little bonus.
- You're safe now.
- Thank you.
Sweet, very sweet.
What? I'm trying to think of the good bit.
Even on a bad day there's always something good.
It's what my mother used to say.
But today, Winchester's betrayed us, the pact's been signed, Allan is Gisborne's man, Marian's galloped off - I mean, help me out here cos I'm struggling.
- Much Shut up.
Robin's alive.
That's a good thing.
That's a very good thing, cos for a minute that was looking Shut up, Much! - And if I may say so - Much, shut up! - We can't just eat in silence.
- Shut up, Much!