Robin Hood s02e05 Episode Script

Ducking and Diving

- What have you got for me? - Nothing.
You killed Roger of Stoke.
Allan You knew I'd kill him.
You just couldn't admit it to yourself.
- You're low.
- Yeah.
And you are here for more money, so what do you want to tell me? You've got a messenger, Henry of Lewes, arriving tomorrow, right? How do you know that? He's coming to tell you where and when the King plans to land on his return.
There's going to be an ambush tomorrow on the north road so you'd better change his route.
'Ey - what do you call this? Noon tomorrow.
If Henry arrives.
He's not coming.
- He's been tipped off.
- By who? Don't worry, he's just late.
Horse needs shoeing or he's stopped for a kip or something.
He's betraying the King.
He's not going to stop for a nap.
Could Marian have got the time wrong? That's a good point, actually.
Cos she's listening through keyholes.
She could be making all kinds of mistakes.
She could be making a big mistake.
Go back to the camp and stay there.
- Robin - But That's an order.
Robin! - My lord! - What do you think? Hastings or Portsmouth? Which south coast port will King Richard make his final, fateful landing at, mm? We'll know soon enough.
Henry's here.
- As I promised.
- Well done, Gisborne.
Well done.
Now, Henry Henry of Lewes! Welcome to my Get me my physician.
Get the Sheriff's physician, immediately.
- Why did you let the messenger through? - Has he talked? No, not yet.
He was taken ill.
Robin, I took a risk to find out his route and you still let him through.
- You can't go back into the castle.
- What? Go to the forest, now.
I'll join you when I've silenced Henry.
The forest? Don't be ridiculous.
- You told me he'd travel by the north road.
- Yes.
And he didn't.
Marian, I think I have a spy in my gang.
What are you going to do? I'll silence Henry and then I'll find the traitor in my own camp and silence him.
None of your men have been in the castle.
I would've seen them.
- So somebody's going out to meet them.
- I'll keep watch.
You'll keep out of it.
- No! - This is none of your business.
The King is being betrayed because of your spy, it is my business.
He might know about the Nightwatchman.
Then I'm dead anyway.
- What are you doing? He's worse.
- He's calmer.
Calmer? - You're calming him to death.
- Medicine is a journey, not a destination.
Treatments take as long as Do you think I've got time for your journey, Blight? A clue.
Gisborne, you find me a quack who knows what he's doing.
- My lord.
- A quack? Sheriff, I am a man of learning, I give you science.
Science? You have given me silence.
I want this man to talk.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? I know you're angry that Henry of Lewes got past us but you can't just run off.
Much, you disobeyed my instructions.
I said wait at the camp.
Gisborne has outwitted us.
So what? His luck'll run out, it has to.
Otherwise we'll be asking where he's getting his information from.
What? You think he's getting information? From one of us? No.
Master, surely some mistake.
A traitor? Who? That's why you sent us back to camp, because you suspect.
- You suspect me? - I have to suspect everyone.
- That's me.
You suspect me.
- Much, go back to the camp.
What do I have to do to prove my loyalty? What? Tell me! What? I'll chop off my own arms.
Well, one arm, cos once I'd chopped that off, I couldn't chop off the other If you're true to me, I ask just one thing.
- You name it.
- Go back to the camp.
Ooh! Come, come, come.
There you go.
Oh! This baby's just like his mother.
- Doesn't know up from down.
- Oh, again? Oh, again! Don't you bother yourself.
I'll turn him the right way up.
- How do you know it's a boy? - Because I know.
- Hup! - But it hurts.
Hurts?! You don't know pain.
Try giving birth to him feet first.
Then you'll know what pain is.
Bring her medicines.
The Sheriff wants your services.
- Get off me! My daughter! - Your daughter can wait.
Mother! - Mother! - You hairy, pig-witted fox turd.
I'll pluck your eyeballs from your bony skull and squelch them into cesspits.
- Mother! - Rosa! Speak! Speak, speak.
Speak! - Get off me.
- Silent, woman.
You slimy little snot-head.
- Matilda! - Blight! Ha! It's the grave-digger's best friend.
The maggot's mate.
Can't you find a civil-tongued wise woman? She's the one the civil-tongued wise women go to.
Hello, baldy.
Do you know who I am? I'm the Sheriff.
And I have a job for you.
If you were on fire, I would not damp you with my wet underwrappings.
Cure this man or you die, anyone that you love and even some that you have a passing liking for.
I can't stay here.
My daughter's expecting a baby.
Your daughter can expect a corpse for a mother if you do not do as you are told.
Well, I won't stay if she lays one finger on my patient.
If I treat him, can I go? Do you think I want you cluttering up my castle? When he speaks, fetch me immediately.
Well, I'll get rid of these things for starters.
Sir, there's a sign at the Trip Inn.
Marian! - Where's your guard? - I don't know.
I must've lost him.
- Watch Lady Marian.
- Is that really necessary? I don't know.
Is it? Do you think I'm a threat? No.
I was wondering if I could have a day away from the castle and the guards - and accompany you.
- I'm on business.
- Sounds interesting.
- It's private.
- Sounds doubly interesting.
- Marian, no.
Very well but at least let me have a day unchaperoned.
- You're up to something.
- Yes.
I'm charming you, so that I can have an hour or two without a goon on my back.
But you stay in the castle.
Ah! Somebody order leeches? I've seen enough bloodsuckers for one day, mostly in charge.
Lovely specimens.
Let's take a look.
Oh! Robin of Locksley.
What's that beard? Neither grown nor shaven, make up your mind.
'Ey, Matilda.
- Has this man talked? - No.
- You can't treat him.
- Good.
Get me out of this dung heap.
My Rosa has a baby on the way.
A boy, I'd wager, by the trouble he's caused.
Twice turned himself upside down.
You were worse, I seem to remember.
Ha! This'll relax her while I turn him.
Let's go.
- I have business here first.
- She needs me now.
- Do you know anything about this man? - He was stung by a bee, look.
What, this unwell from a bee sting? It can happen.
Nearly killed him.
That and the leeches.
- But he's all right now.
- Wait.
He's Henry of Lewes.
He's come to tell the Sheriff where the King plans to land.
So, you should turn away.
Stop! Has a dung beetle tunneled into you and eaten your soul? - I'll be quick.
- A bee failed to kill him, so did a quack, I'll be damned if a boy I delivered sneaks in and kills one of my patients.
Matilda, I can't let him live to speak his treason.
So it's not his life you're afraid of, then? It's his tongue.
So, shall we just cut out his tongue, then? Oh, men! Always think in a straight line.
I've got a better idea.
- Can you silence him? - Long enough to stop you killing him.
I could muddle his brain for a day or two, confuse and baffle him.
Now Oh! Sorry.
- Well? - Hasn't been in yet.
Must be held up.
When he finally arrives, give him this for delivering Henry.
Tell him it's silver, not gold, because the goods were damaged.
Thank you.
He's waking.
Matilda, quickly.
Where am I? - What is it? - Here, it's mead.
There, sir.
Right, job done.
Let's go.
Come on.
- I have to know that it's worked.
- You want the sun and the stars as well? He mustn't talk.
If we spare his life, then we sacrifice the King's.
Look lively, you pair of oafs.
Is he awake? Henry Mead - it was horrible.
Henry! My dear Henry! - Castle.
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
- This is Nottingham Castle.
- I've come from the Holy Land.
Yes? - I'll speak only to the Sheriff.
- Yes, yes.
I am the Sheriff, the Sheriff of Nottingham.
- The King - Yes? Which port will he arrive at? - When the King returns from the Holy Land - Yes, yes.
Where will he land? What's the King's plan? - He will land - Yes? L- I feel I feel strange.
- Yes? - I feel Yes, never mind how you feel, Henry, hmm? What's the King's plan? The plan King's.
Planking port.
Yes, yes? Which port? The pork.
I have come from the Holy Pork.
No, no.
Which port? Pork.
Holy Pork! - There's someone there! - Guards! Give this to Rosa.
- Get out, you rancid faced outlaw! - Don't stand on him! Get him up! Get him on the bed.
Gently, gently, gently.
Which port? Which port? Robin! - Henry? - He's silenced.
But only temporarily.
You're right - you have a spy.
- How do you know? - I followed Gisborne to the Trip Inn.
Whoever he was meeting didn't come but he left money with a maid.
I heard them mention Henry but no other names.
That's payment for Henry's arrival.
Who is it, Marian? Who would betray me? There's Gisborne.
Marian Guy.
- You've been following me.
- Me? - Don't deny it.
- No, I I saw you by the stall, earlier, now here.
- Coincidence? I don't think so.
- But I - You disobeyed me.
- Guy, please! Let me explain.
You don't understand.
Punish me but do not punish my father.
Punish you? Why would I punish you? What have you been doing? Forgive me, you are right.
I disobeyed you.
I just wanted to spend time with you.
Really? Yes.
Well I'm honored, Marian, but I told you I was on business.
Well, it won't happen again.
Shall we? What's your problem? 'Ey! - Did you speak to Robin or what? - Why do you wanna know? What's going on.
What's the plan? Did the messenger get through to the castle? - Is Robin gonna kill him? - Like to know his plans, do you? - What's the Sheriff and Gisborne's plan? - What? Is there even a Henry? Or is it a trap? - What? - What's going on? - How much do they pay you? - Pay who? There's a spy in the camp.
One of you is a spy.
And Robin knows, so you're done for.
- What? How does he know? - It's obvious! Gisborne's always five or six steps ahead.
- Are you calling me a traitor? - Traitor? Trai Oh! What you looking at me for? You wanted me to steal from Robin, that time we thought the King was coming? - Right! Traitor! - We decided against it.
- I said no! - Stop it, now! Yes.
If anyone's gonna kill the traitor, it's gonna be me.
What makes you so high and mighty? If he trusts you, why'd he send you back? Stop it, the pair of you.
Off him! Stop it.
Master! What is going on? - We're taking her to the camp.
- Our camp? - This is Rosa.
- So much for it being a secret.
So much for a lot of things being secrets.
Djaq, the baby's the wrong way round.
Do you know how to turn it? - Let's get you to a bed, shall we? - You don't, do you? Get on with it! Your Majesty He's not the King.
- Mother? - His brain bled to dried pigskin by his leeches.
Er Hmm.
- She's poisoned him.
- Rubbish! - I haven't given him anything.
- I hate to tell tales but I've asked around and rumor has it that she delivered the baby Robin into this world.
Blight by name, blight by nature.
"There's someone there.
" Oh, nice try.
- You poisoned him, didn't you? - No! I just gave him something to help him sleep.
Well, you can give him something to wake him up, can't you? No.
There are wrong answers and there are right answers.
That was a wrong answer.
We need to know who the traitor is.
I'm sorry.
Not the sort of secret I can keep.
- Let's deal with Rosa, first.
- Tell us, Robin.
Robin, there'll be people needing help every day - but if you suspect us - All right.
It's true.
One of you is betraying us.
You're meeting Gisborne and you're selling our secrets.
- Not me.
- It's not me, either.
- It's not me.
- Not me.
Stop this, now.
If the guilty man or woman confesses right here, I'll listen.
Tell me what Gisborne said, what he offered.
Step forward now.
You have one chance.
I will not be treated with equal suspicion.
Well, whoever you are, you've made your choice.
And I will find you out.
Arrgh! John! - Help me turn the baby.
- No.
I have worked in the battlefields, all men.
- I've never treated this.
- Neither have I.
May I? - Oh! - What? It's the head.
Hello, little one.
Hello! You're the wrong way round.
You need to turn, baby.
Ahh! - It moved.
- That's it, that's right.
Yeah? How did you do that? Oh! Thank you.
Thank you! My lords, Matilda here somehow managed to bring a patient of hers back from the dead.
Certified by my good self - dead! So what do we have here, hmm? - Do we have a healer - What's happening? or something else? A necromancer? A devil worshipper? No.
- A witch.
- She's not a witch.
So perhaps a ducking in Locksley pond would calm all our nerves.
Guy, you know she's not a witch.
Marian, say nothing.
These allegations spread by association.
- The ducking stool's a death sentence.
- There's nothing you can do for her.
Did I leave you to die when you were being drowned? Guy! Guy! You could avoid all this, Matilda.
Tell us the antidote.
Boiled Sheriff's brains with parsley.
To Locksley.
- Djaq.
- Later.
You all right? There's a spy in the camp.
How can anything be all right? Well, he probably knows he's made a mistake now.
He had his chance to confess.
Maybe he's stuck - people get stuck, you know.
Your brother said he was stuck.
He refused to change and he hanged for it.
- He was an idiot.
- No! He was a good man underneath it and you saw that.
And I believe Robin would see it, too.
If the spy confessed and begged forgiveness and changed his ways.
I believe you're a good man, Allan A Dale.
Robin! Robin! Robin, Matilda - the Sheriff knows she helped you, they're having her dunked as a witch.
- When? - Now, at Locksley pond.
I have to go before I'm missed.
Robin! The baby's coming.
- Baby? - It's Matilda's grandchild.
Hurry! Hurry! Matilda needs us.
Djaq, you stay with Rosa.
- Everybody else with me.
- What's happened? The Sheriff's happened.
John - can you stay? Has he said anything sensible yet? Lords, ladies, - peasants - Presents.
- Pheasants.
- Have a look at this noble man.
He returned from the dead, possessed.
The witch shall be ducked.
If she dies, it proves the devil has abandoned her and she shall be buried on consecrated ground.
Constipated ground.
If she lives, showing the devil still to be in her, she shall be burnt alive.
Hard to know which one to hope for.
Rosa! My Rosa! Ah! Down she goes.
Deep breath.
Oh, lovely grapes, Gisborne.
You weasel-faced whore-son.
Sorry? Who? Robin? Robin's not here.
And three, two, one.
Deep breath, deep breath.
There's something - Oh, what's happening? - It's fine.
Your husband, is he away? - The wars.
- He'll be so proud.
- What's your wife's name? - Alice.
So you've done this before? - With Alice? Why is it so hard? - No, I was an outlaw, in the forest, Alice was alone.
Push now! # Ba-ba ba-boom # I curse you.
May snakes crawl up your nose holes and feed on your tiny brain.
Down! Down, down.
Breathe, slowly.
It's difficult to take him - Henry.
Can't we just kill him? Draw attention to Robin, won't it? Put him in danger.
We bide our time and wait till they're distracted.
Unless one of you's informed Gisborne.
- Oi! Keep your accusations to yourself.
- You keep pumping.
Let's lift up the carcass.
Ha ha ha! Ten, nine, eight Seven, six, five, four three, two And a half.
One and a half.
And bring her up.
What the devil is that, Blight? I I suspect they may be her underwrappings, my lord.
Shut up! Shut up! Arrest, arrest Gisborne! Henry's gone! - Henry's gone! - Guards! Find him! Rosa! Where's my Rosa? Oh! Rosa! - Mother? - Where's the little lad? - Tell me the lad's all right? - No lad.
No lad? She's a girl.
Good lungs, she has.
Not a moment's peace.
Well, let's see if a damp grandmother can't set her off again.
Oh! Oh, there, my little - What's her name? - Alice.
I'm going to call her Alice.
Still in the land of fairies.
What are you gonna do with him? - I'll banish him.
- We should kill him.
- A traitor doesn't deserve to live.
- Kill him? Congratulations, Grandma.
Oi, Much! Look! Much, meet Alice.
- Put it down, Henry.
- Thought you don't kill any more? - For the King, I kill.
- The King's finished.
The Sheriff, Prince John, the Black Knights, all win.
Robin! Not today they won't.
- Can I trust you, Will? - Of course.
- I need your help.
- Anything.
Marian saw a maid speaking to Gisborne at the Trip - she'll know who our spy is.
I can go to the Trip and make the maid tell me who the traitor is.
- You go back to the camp at sundown.
- Where am I going? This is gonna hurt.
What's he doing? - Robin! - Master! Sundown, remember? I knew it was him! I knew it was him! - But Will? - No.
- I knew it.
- Robin Will's the spy.
The subject's closed.
Will? Robin, I do not believe.
- I need to speak with you.
- Not now.
- Believe me, Robin - No, you don't, Djaq.
Trust me.
Will's gone and that's the end of it.
I'm have to go to the castle.
He had a go-between.
- At the castle? - At the Trip.
Marian saw a serving girl receiving money from Gisborne.
I have to meet Marian to find out what Gisborne knows.
- We'll come.
- No, no.
I'm safer on my own.
Meanwhile, you lot have to scatter in case Gisborne knows about the camp.
I'll go to the Trip at sundown.
Come back here after that.
I'll tell you what I know.
What are we gonna do? You heard him - we scatter.
You're late.
I was going to keep your money back.
Not gold.
You were gonna tell Gisborne to keep it.
I'm not doing this any more, all right? - It's a bit late for a conscience, isn't it? - Yeah, very late.
You're early.
- Leave us.
- Stay there.
Get out.
I need to talk to my spy.
What was that with Will? You banished Will.
It was an act.
Only she knew who was guilty.
And I knew the spy would want to come here before me to cover his tracks.
For all I knew, it could've been Will standing there.
But it's not, is it? It's you.
Robin, it was over.
Ask her.
I made a decision.
- Then what's this? - I was giving it back.
So you'd betray me, you'd betray yourself, betray your King, for what? For a few silver coins.
What have you told Gisborne, Allan? - Huh? - I Nothing, really.
- Does he know about the camp? - No! - Does he know about Marian? - No.
- More lies? - No! This was the last time, I promise.
And I was wrong.
He captured me, tortured me - I had no choice.
Everything is a choice! Everything we do.
That's easy for you to say, though, isn't it? Yeah? You get the glory, you get the girl, everyone loves you.
Then when the King comes back, you'll have property, a wife - everything.
What will I have? You are always in the sun, Robin, and I'm always in the shade.
Is that meant to be an excuse? Huh? Give me another chance, please.
I wouldn't have let Gisborne hurt any of us.
Harmless lies, innocent betrayals - they don't exist, Allan.
Robin, I've changed.
How can I get you to believe that? You can't.
And the funny thing is - you might be telling the truth.
- I am! How am I supposed to believe you any more? Robin I swear to you on my life Don't kill me.
You're lucky I've left you with a life to swear upon.
Never, never let me set eyes on you again.
Are we safe? Will! - Will! - It's all right.
It's all right.
It wasn't him.
What? It was a trap.
I lied to you, I'm sorry.
I had to lure the spy.
- It was Allan.
- Is he alive? - Where? - He's gone.
Allan? Why? For money, John, why else? I believe he could've changed.
- You knew it was him? - I didn't know, I guessed.
I knew it was him.
I knew it was Allan.
Will, do you forgive me? It worked.
And the rest of you? Travelers on the north road.
Are you with me? Yeah? Well, then, let's go.