Robin Hood s02e06 Episode Script

For England...!

Raaargh! Seize their hand bags.
Oi! A little of what you have could be a lot for the poor of Nottingham.
- We are the poor.
- Let them take what they need.
Dad? Dad! It's me! Will, you know these people? Meet my father, Dan Scarlett.
And my little brother, Lukey.
- I'm not little.
- My big little brother, Lukey.
So what brings you back to Nottingham? We're going to take Will back to Scarborough.
- What? - Hey.
What about asking me if I want to come? - We're your family.
- I've got a family here, too, Dad.
We were sure you'd come and find us.
Didn't you miss us? Yeah, but I'm with Robin now.
"I'm with Robin now"? Son, you've got your whole life ahead of you.
- What's that? - It's a letter.
Yeah, but to who? It's to the King.
- What about? - The Sheriff and the Black Knights.
- Who's delivering it? - An old friend.
- Roger of Stoke.
- Roger.
- Where are you meeting him? - How many questions have you got?! I'm just curious.
I'm meeting him in Nottingham, after the money drop.
This craftsmanship is good.
See - I've got a life here.
All that says to me is you could earn a decent living in Scarborough.
Dad, I'm an outlaw.
- I stand up for what I believe in.
- What, and I don't? - It doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does.
Tell me.
- You let the Sheriff cut off your hand.
- That was to save me and you.
- I know, I didn't mean that.
- Yes, you did.
Robin, tell me father I'm a grown man.
I make my own decisions.
A real man listens to advice, Will.
- Thanks, Robin.
- But Will does have a life here.
And you should see it before you take him away from it.
Come to Nottingham tomorrow, let us show you what we do.
Look, it's him.
Jess, it is the Nightwatchman.
Let's see.
What did he bring? God bless you, Nightwatchman.
"And that night the Angel of the Lord went back and forth.
" Mmm.
Ah! The Nightwatchman.
So how was your evening's generosity? Very satisfying.
They all took the bait.
Like rats.
Shouldn't you be, um, measuring or whatever it is you do? - Scientific analysis.
- Quite, hmm.
I'm waiting to be caught in the quarantine.
Ah! Yes.
The er pestilent poor of Pitt Street.
Off you go.
Please! Please, jailer, let me see my father.
- Can't be done.
I've told you.
- Marian, I am well.
- I will speak to the Sheriff.
- Do not worry.
- Speak away, my dear.
- Sheriff! This punishment hurts my father, not me.
Ooh, I don't know, I think it hurts you both.
It is efficient.
Make you think before you undermine my authority again, which, trust me, is in your best interests.
Please! Please, Sheriff.
There must be something I can do.
Guy? It's no good making those big eyes at him.
He doesn't want you any more.
Tell you what.
You read this announcement for me and we'll see if we can get Daddy some dinner.
You mean, you haven't fed him? Sheriff! Right.
Time to spread a bit of - Happiness.
That's right.
Time to spread a bit of happiness.
Bless you.
- You see, these people need us.
- We need you, too, your family.
Help me! Somebody, please, help me.
Robin, Robin, help.
It's Jess - she's got something.
I think it's the pestilence.
Will, get Djaq.
No swellings.
How long has she been like this? Since this morning.
- People of Nottingham - Louder.
- People of Nottingham! - Good.
On behalf of the Sheriff, I make the following announcement.
The pestilence has come to Nottingham.
- My God, that's what it is.
- No, it's not.
Do not be afraid.
It is confined to the houses in Pitt Street.
There will be a quarantine in place.
No one is to pass through without permission.
No one is to pass food or medicine What? There's young ones suffering.
They can't be cut off with nothing! To do so risks spreading the infection and will be punished by death.
- She's gonna die! - No, she isn't.
That's not what she's got.
Sarah, take Jess home.
Djaq and I will come soon.
- Be careful.
- We will not be cowed by this infection.
Business will continue as normal.
- All workers are to report - What's Marian's game? - She's just doing what she's told.
at their usual hour.
Now you may hear cries for help, pleas for mercy, medicine - "Help me! Help me, help me!" Word of advice.
Go forth in peace.
Robin, he's condemning the whole street to death.
Love, serve your Sheriff.
Sheriff, this is not right! Dan! Dan! - What? - I've just looked at a young lass.
- It's not a pestilence.
- Shut him up.
I've seen a pestilence before in Scarborough.
These people must have food and water.
And medicines.
- I said shut up.
- I've shut up for you once before.
It cost me my wife, my hand and the respect of my son, so I'm not shutting up any more.
Why are you saying this is a pestilence? Dad! Well done.
Hysteria! Panic! In times of crisis, not very helpful.
It will not be tolerated.
- Will, you can't go up there.
- I'll kill him now.
You heard the Sheriff.
Set up those barricades.
- There's too many of them, Will.
- I don't care! Will! Come on, move yourselves! - We need to go to Pitt Street.
- Pitt Street? What? There are people there, our people, and they need us.
- Djaq.
- Of course.
- Robin The pestilence! - I'm not sure, either, to be honest.
I think Dan was right - there is no pestilence.
- That's why the Sheriff killed him.
- "You think"? No! Help! We haven't got time.
They're setting the barricades up right now.
Help! Please help us.
- Come on.
- I'll do the letter for whatshisname.
- Roger of Stoke.
- Good thinking.
Here - go.
The rest of you, I can't ask you to risk your lives but if you do come with me, then do it for Dan.
Now, come on.
Will, Pitt Street by the back way, now.
Go on! Move it! Put your backs into it.
Let me through.
I don't live here.
I was just walking this way.
- I'm from Leicester.
- Sheriff's orders! This has got nothing to do with me.
Don't do this! Don't do this! My Jess needs help.
Sarah! Robin! No, no, you can't be here, you'll never get out.
- I said I'd come and find you.
- Take us to your daughter.
Let's see what we can do, come on.
She needs water, lots of water.
Are there any other people affected? Half the houses in the street.
Right, I want beds and clean linens all in one place.
And all the herbs and medicines from every house brought here to Djaq.
Hey, hey, hey.
Luke Luke, your dad wouldn't want this.
How do you know what he'd want? - I should've killed the Sheriff.
- You can't just kill the Sheriff.
Prince John would send an army to destroy Nottingham.
It would create hell.
Robin, I'm gonna take him home, back to Scarborough.
I don't want him to get even.
- If you need us here - No, no.
No, take him.
When you return, we'll honor your father.
Thank you.
- Where's Sarah? - Don't you know? She lives in Pitt Street.
- Is she affected? - Little Jess.
We must get them medicine.
And I need your clothes.
- I'm sorry, Will.
- Me too, Robin.
Really sorry.
- We'll need to take food, as well.
- No need, miss.
They're all fed.
The Nightwatchman visited last night - Pitt Street.
- Don't come in.
- Marian? You can't come in.
- I cannot talk to you through the door.
- Then you cannot talk to me at all.
I wanted to apologize for what happened today, the way you were treated.
Am I to perform like a monkey whilst my father starves in the dungeon? - No.
I will see that your father is fed.
- Really? - And what do you want in return? - Nothing.
- You have my word.
- Then thank you.
Marian please let me in.
- The Nightwatchman went to Pitt Street? - Yes.
Hello? It's Robin Hood.
Do you have any medicines or herbs? Robin, please, go away.
We have the pestilence here.
Save yourself.
- What are you doing? - I'm helping the sick.
Leave them alone.
I mean you could die.
That's a risk I take every day.
You know what? You're right.
Forgive me.
Look, let me help.
- What's your name? - Joseph.
I'm here by mistake.
You're from Leicester - I heard.
Did you see how those men treated me? Godless.
Well, welcome to Nottingham.
Er, Robin.
These men are with me.
Can you help them? These people are burning up.
Perhaps it would be a kindness just not to interfere, not prolong the pain.
This is a medicine chest.
Every medicine known to man and some unknown.
- Oh, don't do that.
- Why not? I'm a man, you're a woman.
I fall in love very easily.
Don't worry.
I don't.
I'll make sure it's safe.
I know what to look for better than you.
Why do you always treat me like I'm a baby? I love you, Luke.
See? Your turn.
- Will? - Run away.
Run back to Scarborough.
This place is about to turn into hell.
Will! Will! Will! - She'll not die, will she? - Not if I can help it.
You're from the fourth house on the street? And he ate a pie last night and nothing since? That's right.
- Good.
- Good? She's hotter - look at the cheeks and lips.
- Are you trained in medicine? - Me? No.
I'm just I'm just hoping this poor child recovers.
Dougal! Stand or you're dead.
Phew! - A shame.
- A shame? It's an outrage.
That's another life wasted.
- Do you suspect foul play? - Joseph! Joseph, this is Nottingham.
There is no other kind of play.
Will! You scared me.
Why are you here? Do you have a message from Robin? Will? Will! So you're all from different families and you haven't eaten together.
We've all eaten the pies, though.
Our Jess ate ours.
- How much did she have? - What pies? The Nightwatchman's.
- He brought them last night, every house.
- Soup - I'll make everybody soup.
They're dropping like flies, my lord.
The poison's lethal.
It mustn't fall into the wrong hands.
I'm think of getting a food taster, all this tasteless poison about.
- What do you think? - Good idea.
Maybe I'll eat half an hour after you do.
What have you got for me? What's the matter? A conscience? - How much for this? - Depends what this is.
This is a letter to King Richard from Robin, telling him all about you and the Sheriff and the Black Knights.
Game'd be up, eh, Gisborne? - Give me that.
- I can't.
I told Robin I'd give it to Roger of Stoke.
He's coming to take it to the King.
- What's your proposal? - I'll give it to him, then I'm clean.
You can arrest him somewhere out of town, I don't know anything about it.
You're learning Allan.
Hey! Stop! I've seen you! Ugh! No, you haven't.
- Come on in, keep your strength up.
- All right.
Thanks, Joseph.
- Robin! - Marian.
What are you doing here? - Someone's impersonating me.
- I know.
- I think he's giving out poisoned pies.
- What? In my name? It's the Sheriff's doing - but why? I've no idea, unless it's to damage the Nightwatchman's reputation.
But then he'd blame the Nightwatchman and he hasn't.
I need to go and see if Jess is all right.
Smells good.
Are you a cook? - No, I'm a man of science.
- Science? What sort of science? The science of elimination.
- What's that? - Finding ways to get rid of dirt.
There's dirt everywhere.
We have to get rid of it.
People who will make the necessary difficult decisions, - who don't need to be popular.
- You should talk to the Sheriff.
With the right tool, we can clean this country, create a new England.
You should definitely talk to the Sheriff.
Food! - Food.
- I'll take over.
- Did you organize this? - We had hospitals in the Holy Land.
I didn't think I'd see one again.
How did you know there wasn't an infectious disease? - I didn't.
- That's brave.
- How did you know? - I didn't.
You eating? In a moment.
The others can start.
No - I need you.
I mean, you should eat.
I'll be there in a moment.
Robin, Robin, I know that man.
I've seen him before in the castle.
He's advising the Sheriff.
And the Lord said, "Take, eat - do this in memory of me.
" You make it sound like the Last Supper.
- Robin! - This is the Last Supper.
For you, Joseph.
You poison people and then you keep a record of their suffering.
What? That is revolting.
My poison has no taste, no color, no odor.
It's a beautiful thing.
What's the cure for the poison? There are people out there dying.
Children! It's made from an extract of the Amanita mushroom - the angel of death.
The devil's cap.
There is no cure.
Stop him! Open the gate! Stop that man! Stop that man! - Stop him! - It's me! Let me through, it's me! Stop him! Stop him! Aarrgghhh! - They knew him! - Tricked us! - Clever.
- Clever? He poisoned us.
- What about these people? - Belladonna.
- Bella what? - Belladonna.
- For mushroom poisoning.
- Belladonna is deadly nightshade.
- It is a poison.
- It works.
Woodman's remedy.
A poison to fight a poison.
Djaq, Djaq, it's Jess, I think she's going.
- What's that? - It's a hunch.
But it could kill her.
- Whose hunch? - Mine.
Trust me.
Let me do this.
She's going anyway, just try it, just try it.
Jess! No! No! Jess? Oh, it's working! It's working.
I think it is - it is working.
Oh! Oh, merciful God.
- How did you know that? - I know some things.
We have to stop Joseph poisoning anybody else.
- We have to get in to the castle.
- How did Will get in? - Will? - He's in the castle.
- Didn't you know? - Oh, no.
- What's going on? - He's going to kill the Sheriff.
- But Prince John will destroy Nottingham.
- He knows but The man the Sheriff killed was Will's father.
- Roger.
- Where's Robin? He couldn't make it but he gave me this for you.
Oh! - God save the King! - Yeah.
And the rest of us.
Ah! Success with the pitiful of Pitt Street? Oh, yes.
Even those who hardly touched the food are in agony.
Those who ate the full dose have begun to die, as I predicted.
Very good.
Well done.
- Thank you.
- Pardon? You can go, back to wherever it was you came from.
You'll be paid.
But the application of my invention - we're doing that together, to rid the country of the weak and the dirty and the parasites.
My dear boy, those are the ones who do exactly what I tell them to.
We need those.
No, no, no.
Your poison should be used on the King's army - when he lands on the south coast.
- That's not what we agreed.
Yes, I know.
And life is usually so much fairer.
Ha! Come to Daddy! Nobody passes.
Master Joseph asked us to bring the body to t'castle.
- What for? - He didn't say.
Or do you wanna take it? Enter! I will not let you use my poison! I'm surprised to hear you say that, hmm? A clue.
Luckily, I managed to commandeer your meticulous records.
- You used me.
- Yes, I used you.
Oh! You'll just have to bite the bullet.
I like you.
If I didn't, I could make you drink from your own cup, so to speak.
So, chin-chin, hmm? Erm, you, you, boy.
- Don't I know you? - You knew my dad, Dan.
- He's dead now.
- Oh, really? Well, here's to your dearly departed dead dad Dan.
Come along, joy boy, drink up.
And then get lost, hmm? Otherwise I might change my mind.
To dead Dan! Raise the gate! Body for Mr.
- What's happening? - Will's in here.
- And he wants to kill the Sheriff.
- And the Sheriff has hired a poisoner.
- Did you see Roger of Stoke? - Yeah, I gave him your letter.
Good work.
John, Allan, you go down that way.
What do we do if he doesn't come quietly? - Then you make him.
- But what if he won't? Whatever it takes, Much.
Whatever it takes? - Whatever it takes.
- We kill one of our own? Let's hope we have a choice.
Help! - Will.
- Robin, help - poison.
Well, according to your friend here, there is no cure.
So you're gonna die.
No, no, I'm can't die - I'm too young.
Ahh! And I haven't finished yet.
Dan Scarlett hadn't finished either, when you killed him.
Him? Dead dad? The father? I'm gonna die because a complete nonentity And life is usually so much fairer.
- Why, Sheriff? - Operation Sharmat.
- Oh.
- The King's army.
You shall prove we win but only Well, you're not winning now, - are you? - No, no, no.
Now, if by the slightest chance I happened to have a cure would you give up Sharmat? - No! There is no cure! - Shut up! Yes, yes, yes, Robin.
Yes, yes? Well, don't die before I get back.
- No.
- No.
Will! - You haven't done anything stupid? - Stupid? - To the Sheriff.
- I haven't touched him.
It's not pestilence, it's poison and we have a cure - Little John's idea.
That's that's good.
You're not happy? The sick are getting better.
What are you doing? - My dad isn't getting better! - Don't do this! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's Djaq? We split up.
- Will's poisoned the Sheriff.
- What? Djaq's got the remedy.
Will! - I know what you've done.
- The right thing, that's what I've done.
- Justice in a bottle.
- Djaq has the remedy.
- She told me.
- What have you done with her? I've stopped the Sheriff.
It's what we all should've done a long time ago.
- Even if all of Nottingham dies? - That's not my fault.
Whoa, master, no! - Robin! - Robin! Robin! You wanna watch people die, you can start with me.
- I can't let the Sheriff live.
- Yes, you can.
My dad - he did it for me.
He stood up to the Sheriff to prove himself to me.
Then prove yourself to him.
Show them we are stronger men than the Sheriff.
Robin! Will! Will, come on! - Robin, why did you have to do this? - To prove my point.
Will Scarlett still believes in the right thing.
Will, please! Will, do this.
I'll take you to her.
Go, go to the Sheriff's quarters, go! I'll see you there.
Whoo! Who's that? What are you doing? Come on.
Nothing like a taste of your own medicine, is there? You have got an announcement to make.
People of Nottingham! There is no pestilence.
It was poison! An experiment for which I'm truly, truly, sorry.
- Sharmat! - I can't, I'm so weak.
Robin! Djaq, the remedy, quick! Will, this is your call - prove to me Will Scarlett believes in doing the right thing.
- You didn't drink the poison, did you? - No.
But I think my point still stands so Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
This is to the memory of my good father, Dan Scarlett, and the people of Nottingham.
He can't be dead.
This is getting weird.
I want him to live, I don't want him to live.
Come on! - Just joshing.
- Finish the speech.
Don't think so, now I've had the remedy, hmm? - Guards! Guards! - Go! Go! Kill him! Then he looked and saw the angel of death standing between heaven and earth.
Joseph, there's a cure.
I'll give you the antidote.
I was going to be remembered for 1,000 years, the creator of the perfect poison.
There cannot be an antidote.
There is an antidote and any woodsman knows it.
No! Hood! Give me Give me your hand.
Ahhh! Get him! Stop him! Thank you! Thank you, Robin.
It's good to have you back, Lukey.
Are you both ready? What's he doing up there? I thought you said Will was gonna build something to remind you of your father.
He is.
Wait for the light.
Light? It is light.
Any second.
That is Beautiful.
He was a good man.
Yeah, he was.