Robin Hood s02e07 Episode Script

Show Me the Money

Come on.
- How much longer? - I'm almost through.
Sh! Someone's coming.
- The castle's waking up.
- Time to go.
We have to get the pact from the strongroom.
England's future depends on it.
No time.
And quietly.
Aaagh! There you go.
- It's empty.
- Where's the pact? Where's everything? I don't know, but what I do know is it's a good job nobody's heard us.
Last time there were dogs.
Run? You're not eating? No.
John, we have to go back and get that pact.
It's proof of treason.
We show that to the King and the Sheriff's history.
Robin, we've no idea where it's hidden.
The alarm.
Who said money doesn't grow on trees? - Oh! - Whoa! Oi! - I've no more than ten shillings.
- Here we go.
- Then why resist? - If you tell the truth, we'll only take a tenth.
- Lie - And we'll take it all.
- It's the truth.
- Then why not show us? - I need every penny for the woman I love.
- You're going to buy a woman? To marry her.
Her father borrowed money from Canon Birkley.
- Yeah, we know Birkley.
- Yeah, wherever Birkley goes, the Sheriff's not far behind.
Her father signed a bond of debt.
- And now he can't pay? - Not easily, no.
He's dead.
Oh, please.
You're not going to believe this? The bond is locked away in the castle.
And Beatrice remains in service to the Canon until her father's debts are paid, - so I need every shilling.
- How much is the debt? £2,000.
- Ten shillings won't get you very far.
- I'll pay what I can.
- I'll keep paying until Beatrice is free.
- This gets better and better.
- If your story is true, my friend - It is true.
- Course it isn't true.
- If your story is true, if you really do have only ten shillings, - then we will pay off your debt.
- What? - What happens if it is true? - It isn't! You see, I told you.
Ten shillings.
What are you doing? That's all our money.
So we're robbing from the rich to give to the - Rich.
- Right.
It's to help him marry his sweetheart, Will.
Think of it as a wedding present.
What? - Can't we just give him a toasting fork? - We'll be broke.
- Go and fill the bottom of the chest with sand.
We follow that money, we find the pact.
Look, trust me.
I have a plan.
Robin's favorite, this one.
Leads from outside straight into the castle.
You know, a simple iron grille in there would fix that.
Bars on there.
Upgrade this young man to leather.
He's a hero.
That idea's almost as good as emptying the strongroom.
- What are you doing? - I'm not doing anything.
You're giving away all Robin's secrets.
You advised the Sheriff about the strongroom.
- Look, I'm fighting for my life here, Marian.
- Yes, you are.
Stop now or I swear I will kill you.
- Something wrong? - No.
- No.
- Just, er, meeting the locals.
John of York, my dear son.
How wonderful to see you.
- How much are you paying me this week? - The lot.
My porters have the money to pay the bond.
I'm here to claim my bride.
Oh, good.
Well, the Sheriff will be, er, delighted.
Have your men give it to the guards.
You wait through there and I'll give the Sheriff the good news.
- I hope you know what you're doing, Robin.
- Trust me, John.
- My lord.
- What? We have a problem.
I'm not being funny but it doesn't look like a problem.
It's the repayment of a loan.
- So what's the problem? - It's the bond on the girl Beatrice.
- York is waiting outside.
- York? It's too late.
We've agreed to sell her to Durham.
Anyway, you told me he had nothing.
Where did he get this money from? My lord, I couldn't say but it's all there.
The interest, everything.
- What do I tell him? - Use your initiative.
Hm? - Tell him it was an act of God.
- My lord.
- John.
- Beatrice.
- What are you doing here? - I'm here to save you.
I've paid off the bond.
We're to be together.
Come round.
- Take her.
- What are they doing? What's going on? - You leave her alone! - John! - What are you doing? - The money.
It's not all there.
It is there.
Every penny.
All the capital, the interest.
- Not the early redemption charges.
- The early What? It's another 500.
- I'll marry her without the bond.
- Do you not understand how debt works? While I have the bond, she is church property.
I know where he got this from.
- These boxes belong to Robin.
- How do you know? Well, cos I ni Cos I know.
Why would Robin Hood give money to a knight? Well, he wouldn't, unless, er he thought he could get it back.
Well, let's disappoint him, shall we? We're going to put it in your little birdcage.
It's time for the unveiling.
My lord, this cage, is it wise? - It was your man's idea.
It's genius.
- All that money where everyone can see it.
Where everyone can see if Robin Hood's going to steal it.
That is the point.
Where are they going? They should have gone left.
They've gone right.
- Right leads back outside.
- Robin.
- This is not good.
- Meant to be leading us to the pact.
- We're back where we started.
- Sh.
What's that? People, my dear people.
We are gathered here today to witness the unveiling of my marvelous birdcage.
- What are you doing? - We're trying to find the pact.
Nottingham's exchequer.
Our community chest.
There for all to see, demonstrating once again, my commitment to open government.
Hm? And this, this latest addition to our fund, I have been reliably informed, has come from the coffers of Robin Hood himself.
- There goes our money.
- Archers all around.
If you happen to see Robin Hood and he asks you, "Have you seen my money?" You can say to him, "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
" It was Allan's idea.
He's informed the Sheriff of all the ways in and out of the castle.
A good scheme, I think.
They're sealing off the exits.
You have to get out now.
- But what if Allan tells them about you? - He won't.
I've silenced him.
Stop! - That's my money.
- What's that man doing? - I want my bride.
- Is he mad? Yes.
He's in love.
I've settled the debt and you've got your money.
You're the thieves.
You and the Canon.
Not Robin Hood.
- Hang him.
- What? - Come on, John.
- Grab a corner! John! Jump! Jump! Now! - Come on! - Run! John! John.
Come on! - We've lost all our money.
- And we don't have the pact.
What were you playing at? You could have got us killed.
- Did you tell him it was our money? - No, of course not.
The Canon told me it wasn't enough, he says I have to pay early redemption charges.
You know what? We need to have a little chat with this Canon.
I hear he takes confession from the tavern girls every lunchtime.
- They got away.
- Surprise.
Hood always gets away and I'm getting rather tired of it! This time we go to him.
Look, like I said to Gis, I I can't tell you where Robin lives.
Whose side are you on, Allan? - Even if I did tell you, he might have moved.
- Well, we'll find out, won't we? I want him dead.
Yeah, but if he hasn't moved on, he'll have set loads of traps up.
- It'd just be too dangerous.
- Yes.
Well, don't you worry about that, eh, dear boy.
We'll send you in first.
- Marian.
- Father.
Father, Robin is in trouble.
Allan is leading Gisborne to the camp.
I need to find a way to get out of the castle and warn him but the Sheriff has blocked every exit.
I don't know what to do.
Marian, do you want to end up in a cell like me? No.
But I must warn Robin.
- Is he worthy of these risks you take for him? - Yes.
- He can't change anything.
- Yes, he can.
He's going to get the traitors' pact and show it to the King.
The Sheriff's days are numbered.
And does Robin know where it is, this pact? No.
- But he'll find it.
- The pair of you.
- You're dreamers.
- Dreamers? - Because we are not weak like you? - How dare you.
You caused all this.
You allowed the Sheriff to walk in and take your job and you did nothing.
- That is not true.
- And you condemn Rob You should be helping us.
- I don't have time for this.
- Marian.
I'm ashamed of you sometimes.
- What do you want? - I'm here to take confession.
Very good.
- Yours.
- I've paid off Beatrice's bond.
Where is it? - I don't have it.
- Is it in the birdcage? It's not, is it? It's too exposed up there for papers.
Well, how would I know? You don't understand.
It's not just my friend here who needs to know - where the Sheriff keeps his documents.
- As God is my friend, I swear I don't know where they are.
And I swear to you that, if you don't tell us, God won't be your friend, - he'll be your next-door neighbor.
- Whoa, whoa.
If you promise not to hurt me, I will tell you the truth.
I promise.
Listen, I have no idea where the Sheriff keeps his papers but it doesn't matter.
- Somebody else has already repaid the bond.
- What? - Who? - The Earl of Durham.
He will marry Beatrice on Saturday.
- The Sheriff's made a deal.
- Beatrice would never marry another man.
- She loves me.
- That's why we haven't told her.
- That is immoral.
- Oh, grow up! Money has a way of making things moral.
And Durham is paying more than you could ever dream of.
After all, she's a very pretty girl.
At-at! You made a promise before God not to hurt me.
He did.
Oh! - I didn't.
- Thank you.
Gisborne's men, get on the back! Come on.
Get up there.
Get up! - Guy, I need a favor.
- No.
I must get to a physician.
My father is getting worse.
Marian, you know the rules governing your house arrest.
But I would be with you and then I would come straight back.
Get yourselves together.
- We've work to do.
- Why? What happened? The Sheriff's selling Beatrice to the Earl of Durham.
- We have to get her out.
- How? Allan's blocked all our ways in.
Don't worry, we'll think of something.
Come on.
- I am truly beholden to you all.
- It's what we do.
You have no idea what she means to me.
Let me guess.
You can't sleep for thinking of her, you can't turn a corner without hoping she'll be there.
You have those feelings? I'm just guessing.
Thank you.
Once again, I am in your debt.
Marian, I'm not comfortable with the way the Sheriff has treated your father.
Or you.
Do you need me to wait while you go into the physician's? No.
Don't let me keep you.
Go straight back.
Come on.
Robin! - Yes, my love? - Get me down! - You're in danger.
- But you look so good up there.
- You will pay, Robin of Locksley.
- Honestly.
You look gorgeous from any angle.
- Ooh.
- How do I look from that angle? Listen to me.
I was wrong.
Allan is out of control.
He's leading Gisborne and his men here now.
Allan? You should stay here with us.
I cannot live in the forest.
- Why not? - Because green doesn't suit me.
- It's your father, isn't it? - I cannot turn my back on him.
And I cannot be found here.
- What I said before - What? You know.
I said you were gorgeous.
I meant it.
And I meant what I said.
One day you will pay, Robin of Locksley.
Just guessing? Liar.
We've closed up the camp.
Let's meet Gisborne and Allan on the low road, give Allan the welcome he deserves.
This is war.
Come on.
Right, as the Sheriff said you take the lead.
Well, we're not there yet.
All right.
Guards, wait there.
I told you to hang back.
- Hood.
I thought you said we weren't near? - We're not.
He knew we were coming.
It's Robin! Guy.
Guy! Get on! They got away.
Gisborne knows someone warned us.
He'll squeeze Allan to find out who it was.
- Allan would not betray Marian.
- Yes, he would.
Allan is not betraying anyone.
We're gonna see to that.
Open up.
Injured men here.
Gisborne said you were all dead.
Do we look dead? Open up! Go to the tower, find the girl, get her out.
- And you? - I'm gonna find Allan.
Don't Djaq, I know you liked him but he has to be stopped.
For all our sakes.
- Good luck.
- Ready? - Robin.
- Expecting to find your new friend Gisborne, Allan? Listen, I don't want you to get the wrong idea.
I had no choice.
I would never take him to the camp.
- I wouldn't.
I love you, Robin, all of you.
- That's very touching.
But, as they say love hurts.
Don't do it, Robin.
- Let's just talk about this.
- Yeah.
Let's talk.
And you can start by telling me where the Sheriff keeps his documents.
I don't know.
I just told him to empty his strongroom, that's it.
- You must know where he's moved the pact.
- I swear I don't.
Maybe his room.
There's a safe there.
Trust me, Robin.
Trust you? No, I don't think so.
- I told you I'd never betray you.
- You already have.
And next you'll betray Marian.
- I'm not a Judas.
- And I'm no Jesus.
Marian? What happened to you? It's just an incident in the woods.
It was nothing.
How is Sir Edward? I was just on my way to see him, actually.
I'll tell him you asked after him.
That's kind.
Marian - there is another side to me.
- Guy.
My father.
I should like to visit him alone.
Of course.
Now Please.
I don't wanna die.
- That's the only way you're gonna escape me.
- Robin! Spare him.
- I can't.
- Please.
- Do it for me.
- Marian, I'm doing this for you.
- To protect you.
- Robin.
Robin, please.
If you love me, you will let him go.
I do love you.
And that's why I can't let him live.
Because one day he'll do something to take you away from me.
I wouldn't.
Don't taint us with his blood.
You owe me your life.
Don't you ever betray me.
I won't.
Took you a long time to tell me that.
Tell you what? You know.
I must have been half concussed.
Well, you'll be fully concussed if you don't watch out.
I think I know where the pact is.
Yes? We're here to escort the prisoner to the Earl of Durham.
Come along, my dear, your future husband's waiting.
Father? Father, I've brought you some food.
I'm sorry about what I said.
The pact.
I knew it would be here.
My keys.
My keys.
Guards! Guards! My keys.
My keys.
My keys were here.
So what do we have here, huh? My old friend goody two-shoes.
- Looking for me, Sheriff? - Guards! After him! Get after him! - Edward.
- Robin.
- You escaped.
- I heard England needed saving.
- I have the pact.
- Come on.
Come on.
This way.
Hood's in the castle! Seal all exits.
Much? Well met, my friends.
A new member of the gang.
The portcullis is open.
All soldiers assemble at the main gate.
Going into emergency lockdown.
- So what do we do? - Keep going.
- No one goes in or out of the castle.
- Halt.
Let us through.
Nobody leaves.
We're going into lockdown.
We're escorting the prisoner to the Earl of Durham.
Thank you.
Stop him! Stop him! Nice try.
- Sorry to rain on your parade, Hood.
- That's all right.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Ah! - Payday, boys! - Come on, let's go! Everybody.
Get off my money! Split up! You know where to meet.
And ditch those uniforms.
Off! He's getting away! Is everyone all right? Good.
- And where do you think you're going? - Birkley.
That girl stays here.
She belongs to the Earl of Durham.
She belongs with me.
Hand her over or say goodbye to your friend.
Don't listen to him.
Robin, go! Your mistake, old man, I will kill you.
Leave it, Birkley! - You're a man of God.
You cannot kill.
- Search the square.
And you, Hood, are a man of war who cannot kill.
Try me.
Edward! No! Get him down.
Djaq? Don't remove the knife.
I'll prepare my instruments.
John, get John and Beatrice to safety.
This way.
Go! - Leave me.
- I will not, sir.
I will slow you down.
- Go.
- OK.
I've never quite understood my daughter's feelings for you.
Well, I probably don't deserve them.
I think maybe you do.
You'd better take this pact.
You will not give up your life for mine.
For England.
Robin, listen to me.
For Marian to lose both of us would kill her.
Edward, that is not going to happen.
Give her a message from me.
Tell Tell her it's good to dream.
I will.
Who's there? Edward.
Guards! Father.
Father? Father, wake up.
Wake up! Please wake Father.
What happened? What happened? Tell me what happened.
- There were no witnesses, Marian.
- Tell me! - The Sheriff thinks that he was helping Hood.
- No! He wasn't.
I'm sorry.
- Marian.
- I'm so sorry.
Father, I'm sorry.
- Marian.
- Can you just leave me alone.
- Marian, come away.
- Don't you touch me! Don't touch me! Wait.
Listen to me.
- This place may not be safe for you now.
- Why? This is yours, I believe.
Your father's jailer was killed with it.
- I don't care.
- The Sheriff will care.
And when he finds out that it was your dagger that killed his jailer, he will hang you.
Let me look after you.
Protect you.
I've always cared about you, Marian.
My feelings for you, I thought they'd gone away.
But they haven't.
They're stronger than ever.
Forgive me.
That was inappropriate.
But in time I was with him when he died.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I told him he was weak.
He died a hero's death.
He got the pact.
For England.
- He died believing he had a willful daughter.
- No.
He asked me to give you a message.
"It's good to dream.
" Come with me to the forest.
I've a horse waiting.
Come on.
Do you, John of York, promise to protect and honor this woman as long as you both shall live? I do.
Then I, as the rightful Lord of Locksley in the county of Nottingham, now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Thank you.
Toasting fork.
Thank you.
Good luck! You did disarm the trap, didn't you, Will?