Robin Hood s02e08 Episode Script

Get Carter!

- Are the men ready to cause chaos in Clun? - Yes, my lord.
This scheme sounds elaborate.
Stop whining, Gisborne.
If I'd wanted a wife, I would have found one with better legs.
Trust me, Carter's a godsend.
Shoulders back.
- He kills people for fun.
- Well, then, why are we paying him? Fun and money.
Look at the hands.
Morning, Carter.
This is, er, Gisborne.
My Lord Sheriff.
Respect, Gisborne, hm? I like it.
Why don't you ever kiss my ring, hm? So you know what you're going to do? Retrieve the Great Pact of Nottingham and kill Robin Hood.
Believe me, my lord, nothing would give me greater pleasure.
Robin Hood is as good as dead.
Sheriff's men.
You don't want them to see you with outlaws.
I don't care, they're attacking the village.
Let's get them.
- Why are they doing this? - Why? Robin, there isn't time for why.
- Let's go.
- Marian.
The way to - Come on! - Marian! - There's too many of them.
- Much.
- Marian! - Ah! You stay there.
Who is that? Robin.
Gallows! Friend, behind you! - The sheriff's men are running away.
- Oh, my love.
- Oh, you're saved.
- He's good.
He's very good.
- Don't ever tie me up.
- Well, you didn't listen to your orders.
- People were dying.
- Marian, you can't be seen with us.
Why not? Robin, I am with you.
Because if the Sheriff finds out, or Gisborne, - then you can never go back to the castle.
- I don't want to go back.
Well, I'm glad.
But you're not ready to make that decision.
Thank you, my friend.
I owe you my life.
Yes, you do.
But I won't take it just yet.
Robin Hood.
Nice, er, move.
- Do I know you? - I We've never met.
These soldiers Why are they attacking innocent people? - He's wounded.
- It's nothing.
Whoa! Djaq.
Come on.
Get up.
Let's get him out of here.
Come on.
John! John! Will, get the quiver.
- I'm sure I've met him.
- Much, let it be.
I'm sure.
I know that face.
Did you fight in the Holy Land? Yes, but we didn't meet.
- How can you be sure? - You I'd have remembered.
- Why have you come back? - Stabbed in the back.
Did you get him, the one who did it? No, but I've been biding my time, preparing.
Well, you look prepared today.
Could have taken on a whole army of them.
Probably disappointed, though, with, er, today's wound.
I mean, if you're planning to go back to the Holy Land and, er, kill him.
- He's here.
- In England? Wasn't me, was it? It worked, it worked.
Hood saw the poor, innocent people of Clun being attacked and then dashed, rather dashingly, in to save them.
- And we lost several guards.
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
It's very unfortunate.
Erm Send their families a basket of fruit.
But it worked.
Carter left with Hood.
Hood could already be dead.
Oh, and by the way, erm Marian sent a message.
- What message? - Hm? Oh.
Erm "I'm not coming back, get over it "and, for God's sake, change your clothes once in a while.
" Very funny.
She ran away.
Guy, sit down.
She ran away the minute her dad died.
Mm? Now, what does that tell us? It tells me that the crusty one was the only thing keeping her here.
There was something between us.
She's not coming back, Guy.
Move on.
I'll tell you what.
I'll give you a kiss, hm, if it will make you feel better, huh? Oh, come along.
In fact, if Hood's dead, I'll give you two kisses.
- Come along.
Kissy, give us a kissy.
- Get off me.
Grow up, Gisborne.
Are you going to apologize to me? You could have got me killed.
I think you would have got yourself killed without my help, charging in like that.
Robin, I've been fighting these idiots for years.
I was the Nightwatchman.
- Remember? - I know.
On your own.
This is a team, Marian.
You went crashing in and we all had to follow.
And in battle that's a cardinal sin.
We work together.
You mean they do as you tell them.
Yeah, they do.
And, until you learn to do the same, you can stay here at the camp.
- What? - I mean it, Marian.
You need to calm down.
I don't need to be mollycoddled, all right? Good.
Because you're not gonna get it here.
Have you been sent to baby-sit me? Why do you do everything he says? I thought you used to have your own men, Little John.
I did.
But there can only be one leader.
This is not how I thought it would be, living in the forest.
I can't breathe in here.
It's worse than living in the castle.
Come here.
It's not the here or there, is it? It's your father.
You've lost your father.
And that's why I want to get on with things.
In time.
In time.
You should be resting.
- Things to do.
- What things? Stay here.
Stay here.
I will.
Ah! Let me guess.
- The Sheriff sent you.
- He wants his Pact back.
- No chance.
- I guaranteed it.
Yeah? Well, you made a mistake.
- Tell me where you've hidden it.
- I'll die first.
Your friends will die first, one by one, till you tell me.
See? That little look back you just revealed your weakness.
Never look back, friend.
Now I know I've won.
So who shall we start with? Your little sidekick in the Holy Land? Or do you have a soft spot for the girl? I thought so.
Unbelievable! We took him in.
- We pitied him because he was wounded.
- I think that was his plan, Much.
I know.
I knew.
Just outrageous.
- Marian.
- He'll tell us more if he knows we're happy to hurt him.
- Won't he? - That's not how we're doing this.
Speak for yourself.
Just go and cook something.
- What, because I'm a woman? - No, because I'm hungry! What are we going to do with him, Robin? We'll take him back to Nottingham.
He's failed to find the Pact and he's failed to kill me.
So what do you think the Sheriff will do to a man who's failed him that badly? Hang him by the neck.
If he's lucky.
Come on.
Wake up.
- What do you want? - I want Marian.
- You know where she is? - What do you think? How am I supposed to find her, then? She could be anywhere.
Ask around.
Earn your keep.
- Nottingham, then.
- No.
Clun first.
Not you, Marian, you're staying here.
- Why? - Because - I think you need some time alone.
- Why? Because this isn't the Marian I know and love.
Sorry if you're disappointed but this is who I am now.
Really? Well, I hope not.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Why Clun? - Because there's something I want him to see.
Come on.
I'm sorry, Jen.
We'll make sure you and your family eat.
- You have my word.
- Thank you, Robin.
Don't worry, Jen, we'll set you straight.
Come on.
Her husband died because of you.
I only killed Sheriff's men.
And they only killed villagers to make you look good.
Now, was that the Sheriff's idea or was it yours? - His.
- His.
But you were happy to go along with it.
And you were happy to see her husband die if it meant that you get closer to me.
What's your point, Locksley? My point, assassin is there's widows here today, all trying to comfort children who don't understand why their father didn't come home, - and why their mother won't stop crying.
- If you're trying to make me feel sorry, - you're wasting your time.
- Am I? Because there's a reason why you don't like to look back, Carter.
Because you don't want to see what it is you do.
Because you don't like what you do.
And you know how I know that? It's because I used to be like you.
I've killed in the Holy Land as well.
- Boo-hoo.
- Boo-hoo.
- You could have had my eye out.
- You've got some nerve, showing your face in the forest.
I checked you were on your own first.
I know what the lads'll do to me if they get a chance, - but I figured I owe you this much.
- You're here for me? Gisborne.
Wants me to find you.
I mean, obviously I didn't tell him you'd be here.
- Obviously.
- No, but I'll need to tell him something.
So I was thinking I could tell him you joined up with the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.
- Would he believe that? - Yeah.
Well, I was thinking, you could write a note, just say you want to be left alone.
Bit of praying, grieving, whatever.
Why would you help me? Look, I'm not all bad.
Any letters from the convent have to be sealed by the Mother Superior.
- I can sort that.
- How? I'm good with nuns.
You're all right.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Just want to borrow your ring.
Here we are.
Come here.
Here we are.
Here y'are.
Buy yourself a new habit.
Say a little prayer for me.
All right, Will.
Let's go.
Ah! Are you all right? Everyone! - Where is he? - John, we'll check by the road.
You two, down there.
Now! - What about you? - I'll stay here.
Go on.
You and me, too.
I accepted a contract to kill you.
I will fulfill that contract.
It's not just a contract.
Is it, Carter? Much was right, wasn't he? You did meet in the Holy Land.
He never met me.
He met my brother.
- What was his name? - You don't remember? You should.
You killed him.
- What was his name? - Thomas.
Thomas? Yes.
This is for him.
I've waited for this moment.
I've imagined it so many different ways, meeting you.
Killing you.
Well, I hope it lives up to expectation.
It will.
I trained myself.
I'm the best there is and I exist, Locksley, to kill you.
I didn't kill him, Carter.
You ordered him into a village.
He called for help, but you did not come.
You let him die.
I remember him.
- He was a good fighter.
- He was a war hero.
And he stopped listening.
He thought he was invincible.
He led the charge into that village.
We told him it was dangerous.
He wouldn't listen.
We tried to save him.
- I tried.
- You're lying.
I was there when they brought back his body.
The stretcher-bearers told me everything.
I told them to make up the story, so his family would remember him as a war hero, not as a fool who got himself killed.
Rubbish! He wasn't the only one who died that day.
Morgan Foster died trying to save him.
- Matthew Kent.
- Think I believe this? You're just afraid to die.
You were a coward then and you're a coward now.
- He cried when he died.
- Liar! He cried and he said, "Tell my family I didn't cry.
"Tell them I wasn't crying, "I was laughing on the wrong side of my face.
" That's what he used to say, laughing on the wrong side of your face.
How do you know that? I know because I held him in my arms when he died.
He was a hero.
You killed him.
You're a liar.
If you really think I'm lying, you can kill me.
If you think it'll give you peace then kill me now.
He was a hero.
Just not on that day.
What am I doing here? I don't know what I'm doing.
Help me.
My brother.
I loved him so much.
It's all right.
Come on.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You all right? Why is he crying? He's not crying.
He's laughing on the wrong side of his face.
Well, now you know she's safe and well.
And how do you know that she's safe and well? She said.
Did she? I thought they took a vow of silence.
No, I mean, the, erm The Mother Superior said when she gave me the letter.
This is not right.
What d'you mean? Marian cannot take holy orders.
She has a life to lead.
- Saddle my horse.
- Oh, I don't really do saddling.
- Do as you're told.
- Sure.
- Where are we going, then? - Ripley Convent.
Yeah? Hang on.
Doesn't she want to be on her own? Grieving and - Get my horse! - All right, all right.
Thomas was my hero.
Whatever he did, I had to do, too.
And when he joined the Knights Templar, I knew I had to follow.
I'd only just joined when when he died.
You look like him.
That's why I recognized you.
I was determined to carry on for him, to be as good as him.
To get to the very top.
- I joined the King's private guard.
- Like us.
That's where I heard about you.
Robin this, Robin that, how great you were.
And it made my blood boil.
And every time I killed, I imagined I was killing you, the man who took my brother away from me.
And when I returned, I came straight to Nottingham, where the Sheriff has a contract on your head.
£500? So I figured his plan to lure you to the village I'd get to you quicker.
So all this death was for personal revenge? - When did you last see the King? - Why? Well, because we sent him a message.
A very important message.
The messenger was Roger of Stoke.
Do you know him? I know Roger.
He was expected but did not return.
- So the King knows nothing about Shah Mat? - Shah-what? That doesn't concern you.
- What can I do? - What can you do? You can do what you set out to do.
Go back to Nottingham, give the Sheriff back his pact and one dead outlaw.
I can't believe we're trusting him.
He's tried to kill us.
Of all of us, you and I know what war can do to a man.
Yeah, I've been to war.
I didn't come back a mad killer.
Well, the demons work in different ways, don't they? But they're the same demons.
Yeah, I've got my demons.
You've never held me like you held him.
- Much.
- You haven't.
- You've never listened to my story.
- That's because I was there with you.
It's my story, too.
Yeah, I know.
It's just we never talked about it.
- We never talk.
- Well, all right.
- Well, let's talk.
- No.
- Not if you're doing it to humor me, no.
- Come on, Much.
Whatever I say, you never listen to me, anyway.
You know that's not true.
I told you I recognized Carter from the Crusades.
You didn't believe me.
You'd listen to Marian.
- Spend time with her.
- Much.
All right? Old friend, you have a special place in my heart.
Do I? Well, do I really have to say it? No.
Course not.
Just once in a while would be nice.
- What's he doing here? - Don't worry.
It's a long story.
- Allan was here.
- Allan? Yeah.
Gisborne sent him to find me.
- I'll kill him.
- No, he was trying to help.
He sent Gisborne a letter saying I'm at Ripley Convent.
The medicine's ready whenever you want.
This could be dangerous, Robin.
What is it you say, John? - Today's a good day to die? - What? We're going to Nottingham to collect Carter's fee.
- We're gonna give it to the people of Clun.
- We? I take it that includes me? I'm sorry, Marian.
Either I'm part of your gang or I'm not.
Marian, for today, please just stay here.
Very well.
- Excuse me? - I said very well.
I bow to your authority.
Thank you.
- I'm ready.
- We really need him? Well, the Sheriff's not going to give the money to anybody else now, is he? - And if he betrays us? - Then on my head be it.
- If he does, blame me.
- Good.
- I will.
When we're dead.
- Good.
And that's a rule I'd like you to stick to.
- Don't kill anybody unless you have to.
- Spoilsport.
Do your worst.
Today is a good day.
I hate sayings.
Creatorum Caeli et terrae; et in lesum Christum, Filium Eius, Unicum, Dominum nostrum, passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus What are you doing here? You should be back at camp.
I lied.
What are you going to do about it? Nothing.
- What's this? - Robin Hood, as promised.
- Dead? - Dead.
Really? - Did you check him? - Yes, Sir Guy.
Well, let's make doubly sure, shall we? Show me his neck.
Guy! Marian.
What's happening here? Robin Hood.
He's dead.
I need to speak with you.
In private.
Carry on.
Die Patris omnipotentis, - sanctam Ecclesiam Catholicam.
- Yes, yes, that's quite enough of the gobbledegook.
Anywhere on the table will be fine.
Means get out.
- They're with me.
- Not any more.
Wait for me outside.
I will pay you then.
We have bad days.
We have good days.
And, when we have Robin Hood laid out dead on our table, we have the best days of our lives! The, erm, the Great Pact of Nottingham.
D'you know what I'm going to do with him now? That's not my concern, my lord.
My work here is done.
Is that a subtle hint that you would like to be paid? I believe I've fulfilled my contract.
Yes, I believe you have.
- We shouldn't have left him.
- We had no choice.
What if Carter isn't one of us? What if he tells the Sheriff? Then Robin's dead.
I received your letter.
I was about to come and visit you.
I asked to be left alone and still you were coming to see me? You knew I would.
And that's why I came.
To ask you to please leave me be.
Marian, you seriously expect me to believe that you have given yourself to God? Trust me, I haven't given myself to anybody.
Not yet.
Because, until you do, I will always believe that there is a chance for you and me.
- I need to think.
- Stop thinking.
Come home to me.
You burned my home to the ground.
Marian if I could take that back, if I could show you the side to me that wants to build a home, not burn it down.
- I've seen it.
- Then why do you reject it? My father is dead.
I need time to grieve.
What better way to grieve than to create new life? Marian, I thought that I might never see you again.
I thought I might never What? Kiss you.
Oh, sorry.
Er, Sheriff wants you.
He's gonna put Robin's head on a spike.
We must continue this conversation soon.
Guy! I might have more work for you.
You staying in England? I may return to the Holy Land.
Not to help King Richard? I've had enough of fighting Saracens.
I would, however, like to learn more of their tricks.
They're way ahead of us with potions and remedies.
They make a concoction to reduce the breathing of a man to nothing.
- He seems to be dead but is not.
- Fascinating.
A clue.
And when the same man drinks the opposing concoction, he comes back to life.
Just like that.
- Really? Just like what? - Just like this.
Alive? Oh.
Oh, really.
- I'll take that money.
- I'm not paying you now.
Now that the stiff has stepped off the stretcher.
- Kneel.
- Make me.
- Ah! - Pleasure.
- What's she doing here? - She saved your life.
Guy, I have to go.
- Go? You can't go.
- I can.
And I must.
Look, this was a mistake.
No, this was the most perfect thing that has ever happened.
I'm grieving, Guy.
I misled you.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- You're misleading yourself.
I know.
I've done it.
I told myself I didn't need you.
That other things would satisfy me.
Politics, power.
- Yet here we are.
- I have to get back before they realize I'm missing.
- Back to the convent? - Yes.
Marian, no.
I forbid you to go.
See you back at the camp.
- Alarm, alarm! - Well, looks like they're missing us.
- They're in the castle! - You ready? You sure you don't want to kill anyone? We're more likely to get killed ourselves.
Come on, we're much too good for that.
- All right.
Let's find out.
- Come on.
Search everywhere! Carter! Quick.
Ah! - Robin.
Here! - Robin! Ah! - Do you do this often? - I seem to, yeah.
- It really would be simpler to kill 'em.
- I know.
But where would be the fun in that, eh? I'd better be off.
- Are you sure you don't wanna stay? - I do.
But I'm going back to the Holy Land.
I want to visit my brother's grave, say goodbye properly.
Tell him I'm sorry.
Thought I was honoring his memory.
And I thought I could do something useful, warn King Richard for you.
Thank you.
Well, - you disobeyed me.
- I saved your life.
And you kissed Gisborne.
- And you tied me up.
- And you could have got us all killed.
I'm sorry.
I'm not used to taking orders.
But I can learn.
I'd like to be part of your gang.
And I'm not used to you being in the forest but I'll learn.
- Truce? - Yeah.
Safe journey, my friend.