Run with the Wind (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Shadow That Don't Fade

1 Miyagi High School Track and Field Meet The boys 5,000 meter finals will begin shortly.
Sendai Josei High School How's your stomach? Hanging in there.
Sorry, but I won't hold back.
Certain Victory You can do it, Kurahara! Go! Apparently, he wasn't in perfect condition.
What? And he still finished in 13:54? Isn't he still a second-year? Disgraceful! Average times like these are as good as losses! Learn from Kurahara! Yes, sir.
We're going back to the school and running ten kilometers! The next race has already begun! That's all! Yes, sir.
You don't need to run, Kurahara.
Good job.
Huh? But Hurry it up, boys! Run with the Wind It's been a while, Kurahara.
I was surprised.
I ran this course yesterday, too.
I didn't think you were still running.
Sakaki Who were those guys you were with? It's none of your business.
Really? Well, I guess it doesn't matter.
Lucky you.
You made some friends.
Shadows That Don't Fade When you analyze this statistical data Pachinko Comeback Nanapan What are you doing? Is that all you can do? Is it? Kurahara.
What's wrong? You're spacing out.
It's nothing.
He's an underclassman at my dorm.
Udon/Soba Ramen Curry Menu Plated Dishes Rice Bowl Menu Griddle Menu You're wrong! That's a shallow interpretation! But the protagonist said so himself.
He can't take it anymore.
You're missing the panel that comes after that! The author hasn't given up! You should go home right now and see for yourself! Passionate, right? We're always like this when it comes to comics.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say everything important we've learned about life has come from comics.
Friendship, hard work, and everything else.
It's an enriching experience.
Why don't you join us? The Comics Club welcomes you.
Why don't you begin your new college life with us? But I don't read comics Sir, we'll clear a table for you.
No king rules forever.
What you really need is intellect and sensibility.
Huh? Isn't that Prince and the newbie? What? Did he join the Comics Club? Whatever.
So, is Shindo serious about continuing practice? At the very least, his expression seemed earnest.
On top of that, on the way back from jogging, I saw Haiji and Shindo whispering to each other about club dues.
When I looked up "club dues" in the dictionary It's money.
Yes! They're talking about money.
What am I going to do if they request money from me? So you know the word for "request" The training is hard enough.
I can't give them money Damn.
As long as it was just Haiji who was excited about it, we could easily ignore it.
The twins are already on board.
If he convinces two more people, the yeses will have the majority.
See you at Aotake.
By the way, did anyone buy the newest volume? Who were they? Those guys you were with.
It's none of your business.
Really? Well, I guess it doesn't matter.
Lucky you.
You made some friends.
Everyone's Forest You can do it, Kurahara! It's the home stretch! Go! I didn't think you were still running.
Shut up.
Wait! Thief! Who were those guys you were with? Why? Why couldn't I say anything? Why? What are you afraid of? You're fast.
I'm not scared! Who cares? Run with us.
I can't! Hey! You like running? Do you like running? Don't Don't ask me that! Cold! Sorry.
Really, I'm fine.
If anything, I'm glad you weren't hurt.
You're an important athlete.
Haiji said God might exist, after all.
After meeting you, he said, "We're no ordinary men.
" "We're destined for something great.
" He wouldn't stop talking about running together.
The only thing I understand is that you're really, really fast.
That's all.
I can't do anything but run.
Hey! I know.
Wanna race? Huh? Let's race to Aotake with Nira.
Ready Why? Why won't you leave me alone? If you want to run, you can run by yourself.
Isn't that what it means to run? I'm sorry, but you should give up on me.
I— Kurahara.
Even though you run by yourself, you're not actually alone.
You're always running with someone else.
I don't understand.
I see.
Okay, Nira.
Ready go! You're fast, Nira.
Someone? You bought shoes? Yeah.
Specialized shoes are better, apparently.
Your attendance has been perfect.
So, what? Nothing.
Everyone's here.
Hana's waiting for us at the finish line today.
What? Feeble Hana will be timing us today.
Do whatever it takes to finish.
Kurahara, you, too.
If we don't all get there, Hana will be waiting at the Tamagawa River forever and ever.
I've told her we're starting at exactly six.
30 seconds to go.
All right! We'll show you what we can do! Then you guys should get new shoes.
Aren't those basketball shoes? Huh? What do you mean? I'll take you someplace special sometime.
Why does that sound so indecent? I can't take it! See? He's trying to win them over.
Calm down.
The twins have always been on his side.
Eight, seven, six, Good grief.
five, four, three, two, one.
What a waste of time.
Go! How is he so fast? It's infuriating! Don't get thrown off by his pace! Same thing goes for races! Got it! Prince, I'm extremely moved right now.
By what? In just one week, your pace has increased substantially.
You have that much aptitude.
Do it, and you'll understand.
Never do it, and you'll never understand.
That's from "The Burning Pen"— Comics taught you everything that matters, right? Hey! Over here! Oh, wow! You're so fast! Ah, to be young.
Please stop.
Goal! Wow! 14:53.
Five kilometers in 14:53? That's fast.
You holding back, Kurahara? Five kilometers in 14:53? That time would've been unthinkable for you in high school.
Who are you? I'm Tokyo Sport University first-year Sakaki Kosuke.
Who are you? The manager? I'm not the manager, but She's timing us.
We're busy.
Timing you? But no one's coming.
Oh, I get it.
So that's how it is.
Even you lower your level when running with such low-level guys.
I finally understood after contacting the OBs.
They said you're attending Kansei University.
Do they even have a track and field team? Is this some kind of friendly jogging club? Just go! You going to hit me again? What? Yeah! You really should get new shoes.
It's way easier, Musa.
Your time's improving.
So, what? That's odd.
Maybe it's because there was a headwind today.
Then you'd all be running under the same circumstances.
Who's that guy? Look, Prince! Your friends are waiting for you! The heroes of Aotake! They're waiting for the warrior named Prince to return! Sounds like something Prince would enjoy.
Haiji's learning.
That's right! Today, you'll reach an unknown territory you've never reached before! You're here! 34:59:28.
Hear that, Prince? 34 minutes.
You broke the 35-minute wall.
You did it.
What is this? A seniors marathon? I can walk faster than that.
What? You know each other? Where are you from? Excuse me, Coach.
I'm— I'm not the coach.
I'm a fourth-year.
An athlete.
Excuse me.
I know Kurahara.
He really helped me out a lot in high school.
You're on the track and field team? Yes, on Tokyo Sports Uni's.
Tokyo Sports Uni Then we'll see you at the track meet.
Track meet? The Tokyo Sports Uni track meet is at the end of the month.
Yes, but Then we'll see you there.
Isn't that enough? What? You're going to run at the track meet? Of course.
We can't qualify without official records.
Haiji, stop! Qualify? Don't! For the Hakone Ekiden.
What? To participate in the Hakone Ekiden qualifier, we need official records.
So we'll run at the meet.
All of us.
Those ten guys are the Kansei University Hakone Ekiden team.
Hakone? Is he serious? Are you making light of track and field? Huh? No.
I'm asking you, Kurahara! What is that? Don't worry.
If anything happens Whoa Say something.
Aren't you embarrassed to run at their level? Our level? If anything, I find it invigorating.
This is why I hate them It's always about levels, winning and losing.
They can only describe things on that level.
Prince? I really hate running, but more than that, I hate people who criticize others for what they do! I'm not sure if these people are my friends or not.
But at the very least, they recognize me, my ideas, and my worth.
Among them, there is no high or low level.
The only thing that matters is who we are! So I Prince You heard him.
That was quick! Kakeru will get faster.
Even faster than when you knew him.
Sakaki! We'll meet again.
What was that? A declaration of war? What? Didn't you mean he'll pay for this? No! You're the type to provoke people subconsciously.
What?! You were cool, though.
You, Haiji, and Prince.
We've got a goal for now.
Yeah! Let's run in this track meet! You just watch us, damn it! Who cares if we're low level? Prince is right.
You're you.
Do what you want.
So will I.
That's why I'll run with you and the rest of the guys.
Let's head back.
Breakfast is waiting.
Yeah! Can you walk? Finally, food! This is the beginning of our adventure! Next time: "The Ones Not Chosen.
" Next Time: The Ones Not Chosen