Run with the Wind (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

The Ones Not Chosen

1 Job Fair Dream Top Co.
Your choices are unlimited Now accepting applications Your choices are unlimited Now accepting applications Run With The Wind Chikusei-so What a carefree bunch.
Inbox AKECHI Co.
new graduate hires Initial screening results What you said was truly remarkable.
I understand the fondness you have for Aotake.
How many times have you said that? I was moved, too.
I usually ignore what you say since you use such difficult Japanese, but I understood exactly what you said this morning.
You've been ignoring me? He said he wasn't sure if we were friends, though.
Neither are we.
Oh, right.
That guy was a jerk, though.
Aren't you embarrassed to run at their level? We have to, at least, beat him.
Um Huh? I'm sorry.
Why? Because he It's not your fault.
He's just a jerk.
Well, some way or another, they're acquaintances.
Don't be too hard on him.
That doesn't matter.
Kakeru's our friend now.
Right? You're supposed to agree! Yes! Yes, Shindo? I'm gonna try to run in the Hakone Ekiden! At first, I just thought my parents would be happy if they saw me runnin' in the Hakone Ekiden, but with fast guys like Haiji and Kakeru around, I feel like we could actually do it.
But like that guy from the Sport University said, we're extras.
No, we're a burden to— Enough already! I don't wanna be like that! We've chosen to stay here, so let's run! I'll make my own choices of my own free will! In other words? I'll make it into the Hakone Ekiden on my own strength! Well said! Thank you! Yeah! Let's get lots of girls, Shindo! Huh? But I have a girlfriend.
What?! You do? Don't get so excited.
Just so you know, I'm still opposed to running in the Ekiden! Quit acting like we'll all be running! Right, Musa? Musa! I'll run, too.
Shindo's words touched my heart.
You're so moved, you've lost your mind.
Another toast! Yeah! You can do it With all your might We won't let anyone beat us! We'll get tons of girls! I'm goin' to Hakone! I'll start by buying shoes! For my health! You can't peer pressure me! Um, I never said I'd run How about you, Kakeru? I I never said I'd run.
I'd like to become a better speaker.
What kind of reason is that? Are you a comedian? Then I'll toast to the resolve of my friends! I never said The mountains of Hakone that I would run.
The steepest in the world! The Ones Not Chosen Haiji.
4/29 Tokyo Sports Uni track meet!! What is this track meet? Competitions take place in the spring and summer.
University- or corporate-sponsored races are held practically every week.
Track meets are one of them.
Why do we have to run in that? I explained that the other day.
Not everyone gets to run.
You have to qualify for the qualifier.
You need an official record of 5,000 m in less than 16:30 or 10,000 m in less than 30:00.
I only got that you were kinda mad.
You'd better learn to be a better speaker.
I see.
In order to do that, we'll have to run in track meets.
That's right.
Kakeru 14:53:54 Joji 16:48:08 Jota 16:50:01 Shindo 18:52:23 Musa 19:01:36 Yuki 19:45:11 Nico-chan 19:50:03 King 20:01:06 Prince 34:59:28 So that's why our goal is around 16 minutes.
Looks like you're down to half your numbers.
It seems like it'd be faster to change the flow of time than improve our running ability.
Could you extend my deadline, then? You're doing software development work again? Naturally, there will be more than just the one meet in April.
We'll try multiple times in May and June.
We just need to achieve our target time eventually.
Not going to sleep? Are we really running the Tokyo Sports Uni meet? They're no match for them.
At least wait until May.
What point is there in putting it off? They'll just get hurt.
Why force them to face reality? They're amateurs.
Are you sure? Huh? Are only the chosen allowed to participate? Is that what running is about? We're talking about a competitive sport.
You're right.
But that's why we need to face reality.
Otherwise, we can't even try.
Hakone isn't a dream.
It's reality.
What?! I said we're meeting outside this evening at five.
But we just got back from running! The morning jog is a warm-up.
Starting today, we'll start holding proper practices in the evening.
We're officially starting.
Are we done with class by then? It's probably fine for us to ditch.
Could you teach me about shoes later? Of course.
This is crazy.
You're crazy.
You're acting like a track and field team! But we are.
Say something! Huh? Oh I'll pass.
I've got a seminar today.
You can't reschedule? Reschedule? I'll have to reschedule my entire life, too.
Will you take responsibility for that? I've rescheduled my life like crazy.
What are these? Voodoo dolls? My hands keep looking for cigarettes.
I made those while trying to distract myself.
When did you stop smoking? Don't tell me it was the day Haiji brought up Hakone.
Of course not.
It's not easy to quit.
It hasn't been a week yet.
That means you've quit for now! Shut up.
You should be glad.
You used to complain every day.
In other words this means you're running, right? Despite staying up all night to work all the time, you're participating in our morning jogs because you want to run in the Hakone Ekiden.
I don't dislike running.
Give me a break! If you join them But ability's a different story.
Huh? Don't worry.
I'm not taking Haiji seriously.
I'm seriously doing it for my health.
It's a good opportunity.
What? Lucky! Aren't they nice? Will new shoes make us faster? I'm sure they will.
If we want to buy shoes, we'll have to go drinking less.
Maybe we can do something short term.
A job, huh? I don't wanna work I'm back.
Welcome home.
I'll get changed.
Third-years have seminars.
Must be hard.
Haiji is with Yuki and Nico-chan Senpai.
King's not showing up, after all.
He's been freaking out lately.
Maybe he's setting his sights too high.
Who wouldn't? Prince is over there.
Between you and me, which of us do you think is truly free? We'll leave once Shindo gets here.
Nira, you wanna come? And Prince.
Feeble Could you please not treat us like we're on the same level? This place is kinda dismal.
Even though we're the track team, we can't use the university's track.
The university's track is used by all kinds of teams and clubs.
It's all about the pecking order.
Yes, Musa? You said we'd be easing into practice.
Does that mean we'll be running slowly? That's right.
If you suddenly start running, you'll hurt yourself.
Before practice, we'll start with a one-hour run.
One hour?! Haiji.
Yes, Prince? Isn't that just practice? Let's go.
That's what you call ignoring someone.
You're the only one who understands me.
Are you trying to descend to his level? We'll do a fixed-pace run.
What's a fixed-pace run? It means running at a constant pace.
It's good for endurance training.
Don't push yourselves too hard at first.
Focus on completing the run.
Yeah! There's no need to strain yourselves by running too fast.
Focus on maintaining a pace you can run at for a long time.
All right, first group.
Yeah! We're like a real team.
You can't be serious.
Right, Nira? You're one of them, too? What's so great about it? Huh? About running.
I don't get it.
I'm an amateur.
As long as I don't, there's nothing I can do about it.
Don't tell me I'll understand once I start running.
Second group.
Everyone's different.
But in my case Go! No fair! Are only the chosen allowed to participate? Is that what running is about? That's all for today.
Tomorrow, we'll incorporate build-up runs.
Keep that in mind.
You're adding more?! Build-up runs? It means gradually increasing your pace to a sprint.
What's the objective of that practice? Working your heart and lungs.
There's no point unless you're having trouble breathing.
I see.
Was Haiji smiling at the end? Looked that way to me.
He's an ogre.
Huh? An ogre doesn't understand how people feel.
Prince, have you lost even more weight? Maybe it's my imagination, but he looks semi-transparent to me.
I'm trying to become incorporeal.
It's the only way I can exist in this world.
Stand up, Prince.
We're jogging back to Aotake.
I'll explain the rest to you tonight.
No, thanks.
Despite everything, even Prince is going along with it.
So are you.
You never told me your answer.
You're persistent.
Yeah, but Well, when I'm running Only when I'm running, I feel clean.
Pure white.
I can leave all the stuff I'm carrying behind.
For just a moment, I feel perfectly clean.
But I'm already clean.
You piss me off.
What? That's the reason? That's the reason? Huh? Inbox From: Dream Top Co.
recruiter/NTo: Sakaguchi Yohei Subject: Regarding initial screening results Dear Mr.
Sakaguchi Yohei, Thank you for applying for a position with our business department.
Unfortunately, your school records did not pass our screening this time.
Good luck with your future endeavors.
Please understand that we cannot answer any questions regarding the screening results.
Dream Top Co.
Recruiter What? How about after this? You're going to keep running? Yeah.
There's not much time before the meet.
Besides, there's something I want to try.
Is it okay if I go jogging tonight? Of course.
Watch out for traffic.
All right.
Me, too.
If Joji's going, so will I.
I'll go, too.
Let's get changed.
Yeah! I'll pass.
I'm overworked.
Sorry, but I'm going to relax, too.
They're becoming independent.
That's good.
Where's Prince? I forgot him in the yard.
He'll catch a cold! How about you? You're not gonna run? Huh? It's written all over your face that you haven't had your fill.
Help me make dinner.
Haiji— King, you're home? Just how much are you guys practicing? You guys sure have a weird way of having fun.
I'm hungry.
Where's dinner? Soon.
What's up? It's nothing.
You're lucky to have guys who want to run.
What? I'm sure you have plenty of time.
Run as much as you want.
I'm taking a bath! What?! What? All of us? Of course.
From now on, you're all forbidden from working.
And get some running clothes.
Prince's denim is out of the question.
I've never needed a track suit before in my life.
You can't wear track suits, either.
Make sure have towels and bring a change of clothes, too.
Changing your clothes regularly is an important part of maintaining your physical condition.
When you're practicing every day, you won't have time for anything else.
You'll be able to save up more than enough off your allowances.
And Hey! I'm not doing nothing but practice every day.
Sorry, but I've got my own life to live.
King Next time: "The Emperor's New Clothes.