Run with the Wind (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Emperor's New Clothes

1 Hey! I'm not doing nothing but practice every day.
Sorry, but I've got my own life to live.
King Run with the Wind Dolgorsürengiin Dagvadorj! Correct.
Yeah! King.
Excuse me, King.
Discus throw! Basketball! Wrong? I'm telling you, it's discus throw.
The correct answer is discus throw.
Hey These entertainers suck at sports questions.
Unprecedented Stupidity I'd totally beat them one-on-one.
What? Sorry, but I'm going for my nighttime jog soon.
See you later.
Are you sure, King? With what? If you are, that's fine.
Yeah, yeah.
My bad.
If only we had a DVR.
That's not what I meant.
Thank you.
It was a good way to blow off steam.
Will you go jogging tomorrow? It'd be a good change of pace.
The Emperor's New Clothes Let's go jogging again tonight.
Yeah, let's do it! Where should we run? Damn honor-roll students.
Don't blame me if you burn yourselves out and can't run anymore.
You're worried about us? Yuki, you should run with us.
And why would I do such a thing? Absolutely not.
I need my "me time.
" How about you, Nico-chan Senpai? Huh? Morning and evening's plenty for me.
That's right.
Respect the elderly.
What?! But if we don't do well at the track meet, we can't run in the Hakone Ekiden.
As if you'll get to run in that, idiot.
Hakone's a distant dream.
Hey! Good morning! Hey! Hey, it's Hana.
Hana's here.
What? I wanna go on a nighttime jog! Would you like to run with us, Hana? What? I can't do that.
I'll ride my bike.
I'm so hyped! We didn't have a girl manager in high school.
Yeah! What? Really? Yeah, totally! Yeah, yeah! I don't have time.
I'm heading home.
Let's go together, then.
He's completely closed himself off.
You mean King? Yeah.
Is it his job search? What? But I thought the employment rate was rising.
Maybe it is overall, but guys who just can't handle it aren't gonna do well.
I'm worried about King, but we need to do something about the club budget.
We're officially recognized by the university, right? Yeah, but We can't even use the university track.
We don't have any money.
If we did, I'd do something about that run-down apartment.
Of course.
Excuse me.
Since you said you'd do it Since you said you'd do it, I'm allowing it, but this world isn't just about who's fast and who's slow.
Yes, sir.
Naturally, you need money as well.
And there's no guarantee your peers will acknowledge you.
I know that.
That's also part of running.
Don't tell Haiji I'm working.
He'll get mad at me.
I'm supposed to be older than him, though.
So, what do you want? What kind of person is Haiji? Haiji? You've been living together since his first year, right? Yeah.
What's he like? Exactly what the way he looks.
How about as a runner? I think Haiji was a good runner.
I've never seen him run all-out, though.
Apparently, he was told to stop for a while.
He must've wanted to run even though he couldn't.
His first year, when I told him I ran track in high school, his eyes were glittering.
It was a pain.
I'd completely quit running.
It's been four years since then, and his eyes are still glittering.
Surprising, isn't it? It's only gotten worse since you showed up.
Even with me on the team, we can't win.
I know.
I feel bad for Haiji, but I don't think we can make it to Hakone, either.
Well, it should become clear enough once we run in the track meet.
Are you serious?! We're trying to make it to the Hakone Ekiden.
The Kansei University Track and Field Team Fan Club is now recruiting!! As long as we're running, I thought we could advertise while doing it.
We're going to promote ourselves by wearing these to and from the track and during our morning and nighttime jogs.
We got enough for everyone.
We hope you'll wear them.
Let's advertise! Here you go.
Here! This isn't going to run when we sweat, is it? I'm sure it'll be fine.
It's an oil-based ink.
We want to form a fan club so we can create an environment where we can focus on training.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Damn honor-roll students.
Is that okay? Of course.
No problems here.
God, these are lame! What is this? They're so lame! King, welcome home.
How'd it go? You land a job? They won't have decided yet.
What are you guys doing? Is that for a school festival? Surprisingly, they're not bad.
You're slow when it comes to everything but running.
Not bad.
Good luck.
What? But we have practice now.
Come with us, King.
Didn't I tell you? I've got my own shit to do.
I'm really busy right now.
Forget about it.
What? Forget about it and run.
Whoa, whoa.
Like escape from reality? Tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that What you need to do won't ever change.
Reality will always be there in front of you.
So instead of running from it, why not try running with reality? Will running help me get a job? I don't know.
But standing still will make you anxious.
I was like that once.
You're such a dreamer.
Haiji, why am I here? For us.
For you guys? Yeah.
What's wrong with that? It's my life! I know this guy says some crazy things, but you shouldn't freak out so much.
It's only April.
The battle's just begun.
Coming from Yuki Sounds like sarcasm.
What? Generally speaking, you could start looking for a job now and— Enough.
At least wear this.
We'll all suffer the punishment together.
Punishment? How is this a punishment? You can decide the rest for yourself.
Let's get this over with.
The sun's setting.
Don't get the wrong idea.
It's not just you.
I'm here for you guys, too.
That's lip service.
Mahjong Sasagawa Ron! Reach, tanyao, dora-dora.
How many repeats are we gonna play? You'd better get yourself exorcised.
What is that? It's crazy.
Are they being forced? What do they mean by "Hakone"? Is it a trip? You boys hard at work? Hello.
A fan club, huh? How do I join? You want to join? Sure.
There's no point unless you're first.
I'll join your fan club.
I'm delighted to hear that.
Write your name and contact info here.
If you're gonna do this, you'd better mean it.
Of course! Hey! Three people just asked to join over there.
Three? It's easier for people to come talk to us with Hana around.
She's our goddess of luck.
Aw, shucks.
In that case, maybe I'll join, too.
Yes, yes! Yeah! Kansei University Long Distance Track and Field Team Practice Schedule Haiji, what does "CC" stand for? Wednesday It's an abbreviation for cross country.
Like running through nature? That's right.
Starting tomorrow, we'll start running cross country.
I found the perfect place two kilometers from here.
When did you have the time to find that? Huh? Where's King? Dunno.
I haven't seen him since we got back.
It's easy on the legs, and it'll be a good change of pace.
It's nice to run through nature.
Really? A change of pace sounds nice.
So, what's "CC 2.
5 x 6"? It means six laps of 2.
5 kilometers each.
Really? Huh? Isn't that 15 kilometers?! It's meant to be a change of pace.
But Kakeru's running eight laps.
Sorry, I think.
You're the one who has to run it.
This place has totally turned into the track and field team.
I feel so small.
What are you talking about? You're keeping up with everyone.
I can tell you're going easy on me, though.
You want us to go all-out, then? You must be joking! There's no way! King.
Do you want to watch a recording? Huh? Of a quiz show.
I recorded it.
I'm good today.
Don't worry about me.
It'll just make things awkward.
How can you take this so seriously? What? The Ekiden.
You've never run one before.
Oh, right.
I'm not sure.
You don't even understand.
It's because I don't understand.
Rather than being forced to do it, I felt inspired to try it.
You ever consider just not doing it? Can't say I have.
You don't have to do it if you don't understand.
I felt like I'd understand once I did.
I haven't tried looking for a job yet, so I don't understand, but don't jobs work the same way? Huh? Why are you so serious about finding a job? Because you can't help how much you love working? Of course not.
I don't have a job I like.
I don't actually want to work.
I'm just doing it because I have to.
Right? I was the same way until I started running.
I didn't even like it, but Haiji forced me to.
But once I started running, I realized something.
It's way more fun to run when you choose to run instead of being forced to.
So I thought I'd give it an earnest shot.
I might come to like running.
I'm not serious about it because I like it.
I thought taking it seriously might make me What am I doing getting advice from an underclassman? Oh, sorry! That wasn't my intention.
You don't know what you're talking about! Prodigy, my ass! I'm sorry! Hey, wait! You little Ow, ow! Say uncle! Why am I running first thing in the morning? Should we flee together, Yuki? They'd catch us.
You're too slow.
You're right.
We'll suffer the punishment together, right? You're late.
Nobody's wearing theirs today.
Seriously?! I'm the only one?! Now it really is a punishment.
And yours is missing a character.
What?! Yours says you want to go to Hakone Station.
We're trying to make it to Hakone Station.
The Kansei University Track and Field Team Fan Club is now recruiting!! No way! Where? Where is it? Hey, you're right! What? Is King's the only one? I'm sorry.
I wrote yours.
What should I do? It's fine.
Why not aim for Hakone Station? Damn it! I'm taking this off! Wait! It's okay.
I'm wearing mine, too.
Why? Damn honor-roll student.
You're running, right? Let's run.
Run, and you'll forget what you're wearing.
Your attire doesn't matter.
You can't wear denim.
Uh, I I just forgot.
I forgot I was doing this to help me get a job.
Quitting partway would only work against me.
What are you all grinning about?! No reason.
Let's go.
Last lap! You can do it, guys! Prince, last lap! Dig deep! Why do I endure this suffering 33:13:13! Wow, that's more than 1:40 faster than your previous record! Prince isn't the only one.
Kurahara and Musa's times have improved And so have Shindo's, Yuki's, and everyone else's, too! Yes.
Yes! I'm really paying for skipping practice.
It was only a few days.
I knew you could do it.
Please don't.
Don't forget to cool down, guys.
Hey, were you just smiling? No.
You were totally smiling.
Stop following me! We're gonna follow you! You're so obnoxious! Chikusei-so You sure you didn't want to go jogging? You finally found friends to run with.
Our paces are different.
It's hard for me to match theirs.
I see.
Why did it have to be these guys? Remember what you asked me, Haiji? You asked if only the chosen are allowed to run.
You're right that anyone can just run.
They can run all they want.
But is that the kind of running you're talking about? Not everyone can run in the Hakone Ekiden.
I don't understand.
What kind of running are you talking about? That's it, Kakeru.
What? I want to know, too.
What is running? What does it mean to run? You mean you don't know? Not yet.
I don't have an answer yet.
We just finally started running.
I'm amazed you were willing to get us involved.
You finally got them all together.
If we just keep having a good time training together, they don't have to get hurt.
We can't expect to stay unscathed if we're going to run at Hakone.
Reality is harsher than that.
The track meet could be the end of this team.
I believe they can overcome it.
Do you not need to? What? Prepare.
Reality is harsher than that, right? Next time: "Bear Your Fangs at the Summit.