Run with the Wind (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Beat Your Fangs at the Summit

1 Chikusei-so 4/29 Tokyo Sport Uni Track Meet!! Run with the Wind He's late, isn't he? Thanks for waiting.
Are you trying to kill us?! I was nervous since it'd been a while.
I think changing lanes had my heart pounding harder than the meet.
What's wrong? Get in.
There's not much time.
Haiji, are you driving us there? That was my intention.
Isn't there anyone else here who can drive?! Come on! Get in.
What's wrong with you guys?! I've got mine.
Hurry up and get your licenses! Yeah, you, too.
Bear Your Fangs at the Summit Tokyo Sport University Are you okay, Prince? That took longer than expected.
I'll check us in.
Everyone else get ready.
How can he say that after driving like he did? One of us needs to get a license before we train anymore.
Does anyone have a plastic bag?! Just stick it into some bushes.
We can't do that! Where's the bathroom? I see the friendly jogging club is as lively as ever.
What's up? That's him.
My high school teammate.
That one, huh? Prince, you okay? One of you is dropping out already? I guess it beats running.
After all, you'll only embarrass yourselves.
What? You got a problem? Or Sorry, but— Kiyose? Kiyose! Fujioka.
Shit! It's Rikudo University.
Who's he? It's been a while.
I didn't think I'd see you.
Are you running? Of course.
You're better now? Finally.
Oh, sorry for interrupting your conversation.
It's fine 5000m, right? Yeah.
I'm excited.
It's really him Later.
What army are they part of? Rikudo University Fourth-year Fujioka Kazuma.
Remember that name.
Sorry, but we've got to get ready.
You must be busy, too with your chores.
Hey, don't just stand there! Move, move! Yes, sir! Tokyo Sport University Athletic Field Wow! It's like we're a real track team! We are a real track team! Oh, right! This is so amazing! Let's get changed and start warming up.
Time's a-wastin'.
Whoa! These are surprisingly cool! Let's take a photo! I'm freezing.
These don't cover much.
Isn't yours a little small? I'm just big.
You're as good as they are, Musa.
This is upsetting.
This is truly upsetting.
I have no redeeming qualities.
They've surely come to Japan in order to devote their lives to running.
Their hunger is different.
I can't possibly beat them! Jota, you look sweet.
Hey, Musa's in some weird mode.
You're right.
Musa's making a weird face.
What? Let me see.
Look at this! His eyes are sticking out! I'm surprised you can read manga right now.
It's to lift my spirits.
Now is the time to lift my spirits.
The stories I write are perfect.
In my mind, anyway.
I knew it.
That guy won Section Two last year.
Champion of Hakone and captain of the Rikudo University team, Fujioka Kazuma.
He's been a key member of Rikudo's Hakone Ekiden team three years in a row.
He's the pinnacle of college running.
Wow! What? You mean Haiji knows that guy? I suppose that's what this means.
Wow! There's a crazy number of people on the roadside.
Which section do you want to run? I have no idea.
Yeah, yeah.
Take a picture with us.
I'm good.
Let's just get this over with.
It's okay.
You can totally beat them.
Hey! I've got your number tags, guys.
Let's head to the track after we get these on.
Huh? What's wrong? Nothing.
He's the pinnacle of college running.
Tokyo Sport University All athletes participating in the 5000m race, please gather in front of Gate 1.
Once again, all athletes participating in the 5000m race, please gather in front of Gate 1.
It's true that we need official records, but first, I want you to feel what it means to race.
We don't have that kind of time.
It's your first race.
Let's all have fun.
Let's go.
Oh, right.
The mountains of Hakone are? The steepest in the world! Let's go! Someone answer him.
Have fun? Aren't you being naïve? Sorry, but today, I'll be watching to see just how well the others can run.
On your marks! On your marks! What's your problem? Wow! He ran ahead.
Boso Uni's Manas, right? Guys get drawn ahead by his speed and screw up their pace.
The group's starting to stretch out.
Do you not need to? Reality is harsher than that, right? Someone's catching up on the outside.
What university is he from? I don't recognize his uniform.
Says he's from Kansei Uni.
Hey, there's another one! No, he's being lapped! You can't be serious! It's only the second lap! He's from Kansei Uni, too.
They've got a crazy lineup.
Hey, he caught up! Wow! They're neck and neck! Is he challenging Manas?! It's too soon! They've got two more laps.
Is he suicidal? He's on another level.
Are you all right? Would you like to drop out? Here.
You're dehydrated, right? This is how I always run.
What? I'm not a hamster.
Why do I keep running around and around and around and Is this all? I can do it.
He can go faster? Don't lose your form.
Speed up your rotations.
Faster! It's Fujioka! He's coming! He's coming! He's five meters ahead! You can do it! Last lap! Last! Lap! Manas is getting ahead! Fujioka! Go! Are you sure you didn't finish too quickly? You've gotta hold back a little.
I'm just getting started.
When's your next race? I'm focusing on intercollegiate races.
I'll be skipping future meets.
Now that's some composure.
We're looking forward to it.
Thank you.
Kurahara Kakeru.
I remember that name.
There was a fast runner at a high school in Sendai.
That must've been you.
It's an interesting team.
One Kiyose would put together.
Last spurt! Dig deep! Watch out for him.
What? On Kiyose.
In top condition, he's better than that.
Lead the team with him.
With him? Aren't you going for Hakone? Good job, guys.
You did well.
Musa, Joji, and Jota finished around seventeen minutes.
Shindo and Yuki finished around eighteen minutes.
Once you're used to races, you'll reach sixteen minutes eventually.
Nico-chan Senpai and King, it's well within your grasp, too.
You shouldn't be disappointed.
What about this guy, then? Not a single other person finished in thirty minutes.
They nearly forced him to stop running.
No one except Kakeru and Haiji achieved an official record.
It's like we can't compete with them.
That Tokyo Sport Uni guy called us stupid.
Where's their sportsmanship? Well, this is reality.
We knew this.
We knew all of this.
Why do you care? You met the goal.
It doesn't matter how good my time is! How many times do I have to say it?! Kakeru.
Next time: "Dangerous Character.
" Next time: Dangerous Character