Run with the Wind (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Mismatched Runners

1 No one here is running half-assed! Excuse me.
We're not done talking.
If you're only able to achieve the same time at the next meet, will you quit the team? What? Please.
For the team.
Run with the Wind No way! He said that? That kind of talk is ineffective.
I told you.
Is he serious? It's true that he went too far, though.
Well, he is fast.
He also said that because he's taking running at Hakone seriously.
Prince, you don't need to worry about it, and I don't want the two of you to have any weird biases.
Don't tell anyone else.
We know he's not a bad guy.
But he can be really irritable.
I was so upset, I was up all night reading.
You mean comics, right.
Yes, I mean comics.
Mismatched Runners There's rice left over.
Someone besides Kakeru isn't eating.
I wonder how it'll actually go.
Do you think I can achieve the required official record? Your time is improving.
I enjoy running with you.
I really do.
Running next to you makes me feel like I can reconsider what it means to run.
Right foot forward, left foot forward.
Slowly increasing your speed.
You used to walk, but before you know it, it looks like you're running.
I'm re-experiencing the excitement of running.
I don't think I understand.
But I think I understand what it means to do something together.
We read the same comics together at the same time.
We count down to start reading.
There's a moment our waves become synchronized.
We start turning the page simultaneously.
The temperature in our rooms definitely increases by one—no, two degrees.
Even if we don't share our thoughts, it feels like we've thoroughly discussed the content.
I see.
I don't think I understand.
Of course you don't.
Kansei University What? Did he really say that? Didn't he say that to Prince? Yeah.
He asked Prince to quit the team.
Quit the team? He can't suddenly achieve an official record.
Right? Then it's decided.
Prince is the first dropout.
No, wait.
Nothing's been decided yet.
Haiji would never accept that.
What did Haiji have to say about it? Uh Don't worry about it.
Don't have any weird biases.
Don't tell anyone else.
Wait, wait, wait! Joji, you mentioned it first! It wasn't me! It was you! You guys are such idiots.
You don't have to do anything to get hungry, huh? There you are.
Stop following me! You tried to hide in the last place I'd look for you.
It got a little cold during the time it took to find you.
Come on.
Eat up.
I don't want it! It doesn't look good for a grown-ass man to accept a lunch from another grown-ass man! Don't worry about how it looks.
My presentation is perfect.
That's not what I meant! I knew something was off.
I could tell not enough rice was missing.
When I checked, I found exactly one serving hadn't been eaten.
You sure are looking closely.
Of course I am.
I consider the volume and nutrition everyone needs when preparing meals everyday.
Seriously? Seriously.
Since when? Since I started cooking all our meals.
That was four years ago.
Has it been that long? Don't panic.
You don't have to push yourself so hard.
You'll probably get it eventually.
You won't say I definitely will, huh? Eating this will change my point of view.
Come on.
At least take your mind off it with this.
You're making it worse.
Go, go! You can do it! That's it! You can do it! Oh, wow! Yuki's time has improved a ton.
Everyone's time might improve.
Bring it home! A little more! You can do it! Yuki, final spurt! Kurahara Kakeru 5000m Time It's going well.
It's only been three weeks, but because you all stuck to the training schedule, we're starting to see results.
Tomorrow's track meet will be a good opportunity for a second chance.
Right now, we're working hard to get into the Hakone Ekiden.
Without even one of us, we can't get there.
We don't have any substitutes.
Let's all attend tomorrow's track meet, so we can all participate together.
I'll now announce the members who will be participating in tomorrow's track meet.
What? Huh? What? It's not everyone? It's everyone.
We'll all go.
Running isn't everything.
Running in tomorrow's track meet will be Musa, Shindo, Jota, Joji, and Yuki.
Those five.
The remaining members will be going to the meet, as well.
Kikui University 42nd Kikui University Track and Field Meet No unauthorized access to field Kikui University They're not here.
What's that strong team called? Rikudo Uni.
That's it.
I didn't notice at the Tokyo Sport track meet, but matching uniforms are nice.
When a bunch of guys wearing the same color uniform are grouped up together, it makes them look really strong.
And Rikudo's pure white uniforms enhance the effect.
It's like they're telling everyone how strong they are.
In contrast When we're not wearing our uniforms, you can't tell who we are.
You five, start jogging.
It won't be as hot as the weather report said.
We've got a chance.
42nd Kikui University Track and Field Meet No unauthorized access to field Kikui University All athletes participating in the 5000m race, please gather at the starting line.
All athletes participating in the 5000m race, please gather at the starting line.
It's our second time, but I'm still nervous.
It's because it's our second time.
Practice should be just as hard.
Will we ever get used to this? We probably shouldn't.
Nicely said.
I'm taking the inside.
Then I'll create space in front of you.
Pass me if you think you've got it.
This kind of feels like a game.
Huh? Isn't this a game? No, like a soccer game.
Oh, yeah.
We used to swap positions all the time.
Our opponents couldn't tell us apart.
I think I like games.
Me, too.
I'm pretty nervous.
They'll be fine.
They're the elite team.
I'm running.
I'm going to run.
I registered in advance.
Then what have I been training for? To run at Hakone.
You already got your official record.
That's not what this is about! You should understand better than anyone how it feels not to be able to run when you want to! I do understand.
I know you want to run more than anything.
And that you don't see what running is about.
What? Stop.
Take in the view.
Then slowly start running again.
Be like Prince and Nico-chan Senpai.
Why? I don't think I've narrowly escaped.
If anything, you could say I've got no way out now.
That was Oh, right.
I heard you said something to Prince.
You're a first-year, right? King.
That was It was the heat of the moment.
So you take it back.
I don't.
I'm taking this seriously in my own way.
You finally said what's really on your mind.
I'm not blaming you.
I can't believe I'm watching a track meet.
I wouldn't have imagined this a month ago.
Watching them from here makes you realize how fast they are.
To achieve an official record, your pace for each lap needs to be Faster than 1:19.
Last time, running took so much of my energy that I couldn't afford to worry about my time.
They're starting to spread out.
Wow! The twins are hanging on! They might actually do it.
Musa, this is the moment of truth! Calm down and hold that pace! How many seconds per lap did you say? Huh? Uh, one minute um I forgot.
Hey, you were smug when you immediately answered earlier! Shut up! It's your fault for not remembering! Go! Go! Aotake! You can do it! Go! Aotake! Keep it up! Keep it up! Final lap! Final lap! Final lap! Final lap! Go! Go! Go! Keep it up! That was close.
I thought you were gonna make it.
You're unbelievable.
Wasn't that your best time, Yuki? You didn't achieve an official result, but it wasn't bad, at all.
When I think about how I have to run again, it makes me want to puke.
That was close.
I waited too long during the middle.
I could've gone sooner.
I realized I'm not someone who can win a sprint.
You sound like a long-distance runner.
I laughed.
Me, too.
During our final lap, Haiji We couldn't hear what you were saying, but we saw you.
Just as we were thinking, "Stop! It's embarrassing," we actually started running faster.
I know what you mean.
Support is really, truly essential.
Just thinking that these two were saying something to me made my vision blurry.
Thank you.
What? I could see you.
You were saying something, weren't you? Musa's got really good eyes.
He can see Aotake from the top of the Skytree.
Don't lie.
He was calling everyone's names.
S-So were you.
I was just barely speaking.
He was shouting.
That's not fair.
I was so embarrassed to be standing next to him.
I didn't know what to do.
He's a good guy at heart, too.
Everyone who ran and everyone who cheered, you guys did a great job.
Because of your efforts, everyone's times improved considerably.
This is a huge step forward.
We've got our own way of doing things.
Have faith.
We'll have plenty more chances.
Yes, sir! You scared me.
Well, it's not my style to end on a loss.
Oh, yeah? Should we run home, then? No way.
I wish I could've been a spectator this time.
Cheers! How was it? Huh? Watching from the outside.
Did you see anyone running half-assed? I didn't see anyone.
Everyone was going as hard as they could.
Not just us.
Everyone running was.
I understand what you're trying to say.
When they failed to achieve official records, I was as disappointed as if it were me.
I felt for the first time the earnestness of the people cheering around me.
That's why I understand what you're trying to say.
But I still don't think we can do it.
Even if everyone achieves an official record, Hakone is Haiji? Haiji! Our Speed Next time: "Our Speed.