Run with the Wind (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Overflowing Drops

1 Final spurt! Yes! We got official records! Yeah! Run with the Wind Tsuru-no-yu Hot! It's hot! Please stop doing that! Hey! Hey! Please stop! We'll get in trouble if we make too much noise! Everyone's unique.
Naturally, so are runners.
Some are better at running on the track than on roads.
Some go for sprints while others excel at managing their pace.
Uphill, downhill.
Everyone's good at something different.
So we shouldn't worry about it? Uniqueness certainly sounds nice, but doesn't that mean some people aren't suited to running at all? I'm worried.
Times aren't everything.
But isn't that our goal? We need official records to run in the Hakone qualifier.
But as long as you feel it's working— But we're amateurs.
Unless you tell us what's working, we won't know what is.
True to its name, long distance running is a battle of endurance.
It's not easy to compare results.
Sorry, but I'm at my limit.
I meant with the water.
Overflowing Drops Can we even run in this? They're not very breatheable, but we don't have a choice.
Some of you weren't wearing clothing suitable for rain.
We should get proper matching ones already.
It can't be helped.
This is temporary.
Let's go.
Sorry, Nira.
You need to stay home today.
So hot.
It's so stuffy, this is no different from getting rained on.
Let's imagine that's the point of this practice.
I feel like I just came back from the pool.
I know what you mean.
I'm exhausted.
If you don't dry off, you'll catch a cold.
Should we count this as showering today? Yeah, let's.
Please go back to your own room! Our room leaks when it rains.
I've got first period, so I'll see you guys later.
See ya.
See you later.
Shindo never skips class.
Is he okay? What? He seemed pretty depressed after yesterday's meet.
And he's so earnest.
But he has a girlfriend, right? Hey, that's right.
Who cares, then? He's totally fine.
He's so busy.
When does he get to see his girlfriend? Maybe at school.
Kansei University What? You've seen his girlfriend? Not a single time.
I don't think anyone's seen her yet.
Maybe Shindo pushed himself so hard That he imagined a girlfriend who doesn't exist Hey, were you waiting long? Sorry.
Come on! Don't sulk.
Yikes! Monthly Track and Field Report Acupuncture/Massage Iimura Chiropractic Clinic You're protecting the opposite side.
I've been trying to be conscious of it.
Well, once something breaks, you've got no choice except to take your time fixing it.
Yes, sir.
Monthly Track and Field Report Damn that Fujioka.
Field Closed Due to Rain Nope.
It's closed today.
Should we use the field? We can focus on just cross country today.
No way.
The mud makes it too hard to run.
I'm against it.
You just don't want to get dirty.
What should we do? Let's run on the roads.
We just need to watch out for cars.
We'll choose the safests course we can.
Let's get this over with so we can go to Tsuru-no-yu.
Can't we at least use the club budget to buy rain coats? We should be using it in some meaningful way.
They're supposed to be our fan club.
We still only have fifteen members.
That's all? We still don't have enough to buy matching track uniforms.
We have the support of everyone at the shopping center, but we need a little more.
If only the Trans America Quiz was still on.
I'd win us some prize money.
Perhaps we could win some kind of tournament.
After all, we haven't achieved anything.
You're right.
Isn't there some kind of national event we could run in? There is one.
What's it called? The Inter-College.
The All-Japan Intercollegiate Championship.
Kanto Track and Field Intercollegiate Championship Look, I found it.
The Kanto meet was in May.
Did you read Fujioka's article? I happen to have.
There were some curious things written in it.
Fujioka Kazuma Runner Interview Boulder of a Race I ran the race I wanted this time, but there are more strong runners hiding in Kanto.
I believe they'll be ready by the time Ekiden season rolls around.
I'll make sure not to underestimate them as I wait.
Kakeru, do you know what the greatest compliment you can give a long distance runner is? Is it to call him fast? No.
It's to call him strong.
Strong? You can't survive long distances on speed alone.
You hold out through difficult phases to keep on moving your body forward.
Every day, you have to push yourself a little harder in practice.
What long distance runners need is strength.
Fujioka is strong, both as a runner and as a captain.
But Fujioka is Fujioka.
I regret that we weren't able to show him your abilities at the Inter-College, but there's no need to panic.
Believe in yourself.
It takes time to become stronger.
Fujioka's on your mind, too.
I understand what you're trying to say, but why are you telling me this now? Are you anxious? Anxious? 5000m Best Times Kakeru Joji Jota Shindo Musa Yuki Nico-chan Prince Half of our members still haven't achieved an official record.
Shindo and Yuki haven't improved much in a month, despite practicing so hard.
Is that why? When Prince's time improved, I felt like I understood running a little.
But it's still difficult.
Honestly, I'm anxious.
How's this? Well Could you make this part easier to read? Got it.
A website, huh? We're going to make it so people who live far away can sign up for the fan club.
We'll never get anywhere just waiting.
And you've got seminars tomorrow, too.
You're truly amazing, Shindo.
What? But you passed the bar exam in one try.
Well, yeah.
I'm going to bed.
Wake me up if there's anything you don't understand.
Thank you.
Please don't push yourself too hard.
I'm okay, Musa.
Good night.
Chikusei-so Sorry, I'm late.
What? Sorry.
After all, it seems like there's something you'd rather be spending your time on than me.
That's not true.
There is, isn't there? There is.
So I thought we should break up.
Final spurt! You can do it! That's enough for today.
Cool down, everyone.
Excuse me! Could I run one more? Just one more.
Please! Your lap time is increasing.
You shouldn't— Times aren't everything.
Isn't that what you said? It's true that I want to improve my times, but more than that, I just want to run right now! Just until I'm satisfied.
That's all! Please! Please! Me, too.
What? I was just feeling like I could run some more today, too.
Fine, then.
Me, too.
You're all a bunch of freaks.
Me, too.
I'll record their times.
Bond I feel the same way.
I want to run more.
Even though I've been told not to run, I'm running.
Maybe I'd forgotten to listen to my feelings.
Ready, go! Shindo, the way you run's a little different.
What? I watched your last lap from behind you.
Your center of gravity or whatever is different from the other guys.
Especially from guys who speed ahead like Kakeru.
Really? I guess everyone does run differently.
It's the first time I'd noticed.
Imagine raising your center of gravity a little higher.
Don't curve your chest.
You could be doing this outside.
That's rich coming from you.
Would you be willing to help me again? Of course.
You, too.
I was just telling you what I noticed.
You're doing something after this? I wanted to finish the website today.
I'll make some tea.
He's starting to become a little sociable.
I've been wondering for a while now.
Is this your home? Yeah.
What kind of secluded region does your family live in? We have roads, you know.
There are roads, but it's faster to climb the valley to get to school.
Your parents wouldn't drive you? My family runs a farm, so they're busy in the mornings.
If anything, they needed my help.
If I had a daughter, I'd definitely make her marry you.
What does that mean? You've got your shit together.
I don't.
Not at all.
Shindo, you were the first one to say you wanted to run.
Is that right? I'm sorry.
I was so sure then that you'd give up.
Well, you know But I was wrong.
This team never would've formed without you, and it can't keep going without you.
You're strong, Shindo.
Kansei University Track and Field The ten of us will run in the Hakone Ekiden.
It's nice to dream.
But anyone can just talk about their dreams.
I'm not about that.
Neither is anyone else, right? If you say you'll do it, do it.
Haiji's the same way.
I'm not strong.
I just do what needs to be done, no matter what.
You'll definitely get that official record.
This again? But you're normally so cool.
Shut up.
I said you'll get it.
Everything I've said would happen has happened.
Then I'll trust you.
What's that? Nothing.
Man, working at night isn't good for my eyes! Seriously? Shindo.
Shindo! Shindo, it's morning.
Kashiwazaki Akane Musa Kamura Jo Taro Jo Jiro Kuraha ra Kakeru Kiyose Haiji Iwakura Yukihiko Sakaguchi Yohei Hirata Akihiko Sugiyama Takashi Member Profiles I'm an Ekiden fan.
I saw your website! Please practice hard in preparation for the Hakone Ekiden! You have my support! We got one! We got one, Shindo! What? Yuki, Kakeru! Look at this! What? Let me sleep.
Yaokatsu I doubt you'd be able to meet them even if you went to the university.
Kansei University Track and Field Hey, Hanako.
Could you run over to Aotake and— We're running in the Tokyo Sports Uni meet! Please come out to support us! Please! We're running in the Tokyo Sports Uni meet! Please come out to support us! Here they come.
That's the Kansei Uni Track and Field Team.
Hey! It's Hana! Come with us, Hana! Run with us! Okay.
I'll follow you on my bike.
Tokyo Sport University The mountains of Hakone are? The steepest in the world! Yeah! You can do it! You got this! You totally got it! You still haven't given up.
Try not get in our way.
Our regular spot's on the line.
Don't worry.
We don't intend to compete with you.
Our battle lies elsewhere.
Let's go.
Next time: "Summer Prank.
" Next time: Summer Prank