Run with the Wind (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Summer Prank

1 Tokyo Sport University Starting in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Run with the Wind They're going at a fast pace.
Over here.
Sorry I couldn't make the start.
They just started.
Kakeru's in the lead pack.
Summer Prank Isn't Shindo waiting too long? I think it'd be easier if he ran ahead.
What do you mean? He tends to match the pace of the people around him.
It's exhausting trying to match someone else's pace.
I hope he doesn't pay for it later.
Wow! You sound like experts.
We're hardly experts! What? Sure you are.
Whoa, go! Catch up! Wow, wow! He's so fast! Wow! Kakeru! Go! Shindo moved up! Their pace changed once they swapped places.
Why? It's what they intended all along.
Yuki sets the pace for the first half.
And Shindo pulls Yuki during the second.
They planned their course knowing they'd get lapped.
That must be Yuki's plan.
It's so efficient.
What's their time? You like running? Do you like running? He caught up! Kakeru! Go! Wow! He's taking on the exchange students.
Isn't he a first-year? He's from Kansei.
Heard of them? No.
Oh, shit! He's crazy! Haiji's next.
He's racing Haiji.
He's not insolent for nothing.
Haiji's moving up.
Haiji! He conserved his energy.
Keep it up! Pull ahead! You did it, Kakeru.
You got your revenge.
Shindo, thirty more seconds! Final spurt! Yuki! Shindo, you can do it! Go, go, go! You can do it! You can do it! You got this.
You got this.
You got this.
Please, please, please.
Yes! Nice! Yes! Yes! Hey! Get off me, it's hot! Hey.
Kansei University is an interesting team.
I heard about you from Rikudo's Fujioka.
You're hoping to run at Hakone? Yes.
It seems you still have members who haven't achieved the requisite official record.
That's not a problem.
We have plenty more chances.
Anyway, you were outstanding.
Finishing in that time around this time of year as a first-year is astounding.
Kurahara, huh? Are you Kurahara of Sendai Josei High School? Hey, he asked you a question.
I'm sorry.
Our friends are waiting.
Let's go.
I'll be back to interview you properly.
Shinjitsu Weekly Mochizuki Shuji I'm Mochizuki of Shinjitsu Weekly magazine.
Excuse us.
Hey! Chikusei-so Somen's almost ready.
I'd rather have air conditioning than noodles Air conditioning Quit complaining and bring me a shiso leaf.
I thought I'd be glad the rainy season was over.
Apparently, this is the hottest summer in recorded history.
I'm amazed we're not dead.
If you don't eat, you really will die during evening practice.
First semester is over.
It's summer break, everyone.
What are you doing? It's them.
The pair that never fails a class.
We're destined to end up on Nico-chan Senpai's side of life.
Welcome to my side.
Where are the others? I haven't seen them.
Haiji's not here either? Nah.
Let's eat without them.
We've been eating nothing but somen lately.
Who cares? It's too hot to think.
I wish we could go someplace cool, like Hokkaido.
Hokkaido?! Hokkaido sounds nice.
Reality just came charging in.
We're escaping from this scorching hell.
Escaping? A training camp! A summer training camp! To Hokkaido?! To Lake Shirakaba! Why did you choose the mountains? The owner of the batting cage in the shopping center said we could borrow their villa.
And the people at the shopping center provided us with groceries.
Why does this guy get a seat when I have to sit in the back? It can't be helped.
You're the one who lost rock-paper-scissors.
I'm excited about the lake.
Face forward!pp This is awesome.
Even the breeze is starting to feel moist.
No! Escaping the heat, huh? But I'm supposed to be the coachp Well, this is reality.
Let's start by cleaning.
Um Could we wash ourselves off in the river first? It's cold once the sun goes down.
Okay, it's ready.
All that's left is to mix in the roux.
Curry already? What a cliché.
All that's left is to mix it in? Then quit putting on airs and mix it in already.
What are you talking about? We're going for a run before dinner.
What?! I don't mind having a soup of potatoes and carrots boiled in plain old water.
You can really enjoy the flavors of the ingredients.
And of course, I'm the only one who knows where the roux is.
Hurry up.
You don't want to get attacked by a bear at night.
Beware of Wildlife We're still in hell! Head down the hill, and you'll reach the lake.
The lake is 3.
8 kilometers around.
You can return to the villa once you've completed three laps.
Shinanoji Footpath Yashigamine Tateshina Lake Nagano Prefecture Chino City We're here.
It's the lake.
Kurahara, huh? Are you Kurahara of Sendai Josei High School? All right! Glutamine, vitamin B group, minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe) 100% whey protein for building an athlete's body Strawberry flavor Hold on! What are you doing with that? But you said it was cliché.
Cliché is fine! Cliché is good! What? Let's just try it.
Excuse me Huh? I'm telling you, don't do it! Aren't we missing something? What? What? This should be plenty.
No! Just how much are you going to eat? That's not what I meant.
I meant, isn't someone missing? I'm exhausted.
Huh? It's not bad.
We're out.
Curry! Curry! Musa.
And Shindo.
I can't see anything.
Maybe we shouldn't be wandering around.
But it's so cold.
What if they've fallen into a ravine and gotten stuck? Don't say that.
Do you think they have their phones? Even if they do, they won't have any bars.
Calm down, guys.
Let's split into two groups.
Some of us will stay here, and the rest of us will use the van to look for them.
I'll stay here.
Beware of Wildlife I said two groups.
Why do you all want to stay? What was that? A wild animal? It's coming closer.
Calm down.
This calls for They ran into the van.
Shindo possesses incredible talents.
He easily climbs up steep mountainsides and uses the stars to find his way.
Aw, shucks.
"Aw shucks"?! We were worried about you.
I'm honestly mystified you're not injured.
I'm sorry.
We found a path on the edge of the lake.
We thought it'd be perfect for cross country running, but once we followed it, we got lost I'm glad you're all right, but if this were Hakone, you'd be disqualified for leaving the course.
Yes, sir.
Isn't there a lead car? Oh.
Come to think of it Right? Yes, I was surprised.
Apparently, Tokyo Sport Uni is here, too.
What?! We were drawn out of the bushes towards the light.
It was a beautiful building.
They were grilling meat.
Entrails, liver, spare ribs, sirloin I'd recognize that marbling anywhere.
That was Japanese black wagyu beef! There's no meat in this.
Shirakaba Loop Group A, start! I can't believe we ran into them.
They're kind of amazing.
It's like they're a real track team.
We're a real track team, too.
Group B, start! Group C, stand by! Last ones, group D! Don't make them wait! It's difficult to run like this.
Aren't they spreading out more than necessary? Our pace is dropping.
Let's go faster.
Hey, don't do anything stupid.
Then why are we holding this training camp? Everyone, maintain your own pace.
Haiji! Didn't you hear me? I told everyone to maintain their own pace.
Hey! No one has that much energy in the morning.
I'm worried about him going off on his own.
I'm going with him.
Shirakaba Loop The air is beautiful.
It makes me happy just to breathe.
Don't you agree? Feel the wind.
Maintain your rhythm.
This is training, too.
How childish.
What? We're in the way? We aren't getting the way.
Right? Right.
They're just picking a fight.
Let's go.
We still have training left to finish.
I understand your position.
I'm not going to talk to your coaches.
I'd just be happy to have your understanding.
Oh, we understand.
We're serious about this.
We don't have time for pleb teams.
Pleb? You'll be the center of attention if you run.
People will talk about you if you say you want to run.
I'm talking about plebs who set unrealistic goals on the basis of such shallow thinking.
I know.
Why don't we race? Just us first-years, ten against ten.
Then you'll see what it means to be serious.
Race me, then.
I'm the only one who needs to.
They have nothing to do with this.
That's how you break a team.
Break? Get good times, receive attention.
You don't feel bad about it, do you? And you forget about the sacrifices other people made.
What's he talking about? We won't race you.
There's not much to gain from racing against children.
Let's head back.
We're wasting time.
Are you satisfied running with the friends you finally made? Are you satisfied holding hands and running around with your little friends?! Kakeru! Next time: And Then Start Running Next time: “And Then Start Running.