Run with the Wind (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

You're Not Alone

1 Hakone Ekiden Memories Spun along with the runner's sash Spun along with the runner's sash are numerous dramas.
Numerous dramas Dead heats between aces.
Dead heats between aces.
This is the moment a new legend was born during the second section.
As temperatures rose during the fourth section, there was an accident.
A coach's words saved a runner.
On the steep slopes of Mt.
Hakone It's well-edited.
My heart naturally begins to leap.
On January 2nd and 3rd of next year, we'll be there this time.
Each of us will stand on his own starting line and wait for the sash.
We'll receive it and pass it on to the next man.
Passing it on again and again, we'll eventually meet again at Otemachi.
It will be the Kansei University Long Distance Track Team's first major accomplishment.
No, it will be the first time in recent history that a team makes it to the Ekiden on their first try.
That's all.
Do you guys feel a little closer now to the Hakone Ekiden? Volume Hakone Ekiden Memories What's wrong with you? It's too loud! We're watching it again! You can never watch this too many times! Don't talk to me about New Year's! Summer! It's summer right now! On January 2nd and 3rd of next year, we'll be there this time.
Each of us will stand on his own starting line and wait for— Run with the Wind Recruitment Examination Interview Room Excuse me.
You're quite tan.
Yes, sir.
I've been training.
Training? I'm hoping to run in the Hakone Ekiden.
Why is he chasing me? He's like a fish in water.
But we're in the mountains.
We got one.
Fan Club Formed That's our 30th fan club application.
We've been getting more since we put up the website.
It's because the website you made is so good.
That's not it.
It's because the photos you take are so good.
Musa We can't keep up with him on the flats.
What? There's no way that's true.
I'm serious.
I tried selling them to a general store, and look.
Super Popular 3 For Good Luck Nico Nico Dolls We're on Social Media Huh.
They're really popular.
I'm making a profit.
Nico Nico? You know it's nico for nicotine, right? It doesn't matter what they're called.
Do you think you could increase production? It's not like I ever put much thought into them.
I'll mention them on our website.
Should we do online sales? Do whatever you want.
In other words, we need to match everyone's strengths to each 20-kilometer section, right? A team like ours has no choice but to focus on that.
I'm planning to switch over to running in 10K races, too.
We need to increase our distance, starting with those who have achieved the requisite time.
I've been reading a few books on long distance running.
We're gonna start lighting them.
Ta-da! We're coming.
I'd like to understand the goals of our training schedule better.
I have a few suggestions.
Let's talk later.
Got it.
Yuki understands the scientific stuff better than I do.
That's why I made him a member.
Did you really? Last spurt! Prince, your time improved again! Don't you feel like practice is fun? Yeah.
I guess it's because we went through that hellish Lake Shirakaba experience.
We're really running, aren't we? Maybe we'll run right past Hakone all the way to Mt.
There's nothing everyone else can do that you can't do.
Fight on— What? Eight 5000-meter runs? That's practically a full marathon! I want to go back to Tokyo! You'll be strong enough to run back in another week.
Don't give me that bullshit.
Don't worry.
We'll be dumping plenty of water on you.
Promise me you'll let me onto the truck before I die.
Good luck.
Go! Here.
It's on the house.
Fresh Meat Kobori Butcher Shop What? This is too much.
Kobori Butcher Shop I heard about you.
You're nationally competitive, right? You need to keep future stars in your debt.
I'm impressed.
Huh? You're still growing.
Your muscles feel different.
You must be getting good practice.
Everyone will achieve an official record.
We'll participate in and naturally make it through the qualifier.
Our only goal is the peak of Hakone.
The actual race involves running back down, though.
We're still on the way there.
We can become even stronger.
The mountains of Hakone are? The steepest in the world! Hey, cut that out! Be careful! It's falling! Here we go! Damn.
Huh? Look at how hard they're working.
Don't you want them to make it, no matter what? Yeah.
But there are plenty of other guys out there who are working just as hard.
It's just running, though.
It's insane.
It's kind of frustrating that all we can do is watch.
That's why I said “damn.
” Dad, I want to go to Kansei University.
Say something.
Like what? Damn it? You're Not Alone Want to head up to the summit before we return to Tokyo? What? You want to do more training? No.
Let's see the view together to cap off this training camp.
I thought views were something I'd enjoy once I was old.
I know what you mean.
But it's kind of nice.
Have we gotten used to the outdoors? Is that why? It's because we're viewing it together.
I doubt we'd feel this way if we viewed it alone.
I agree.
What feeling are you talking about? You're starting to say some pretty witty things.
Hey, that's right.
Didn't he say he wanted to become a better speaker when we were drinking the other day? Yeah, he did.
I guess people do grow.
What's wrong with you guys? We're friends running the same path together.
No one's alone anymore.
Let's head back.
The real battle starts now.
Dochido University Track Meet See you at the finish line.
Huh? I'm not alone.
Go! Nico-chan Senpai! King! You can do it! Go, go, go, go! Yes! Boso University Track All runners participating in the 5000-meter race, please gather at the starting line.
All runners participating in the 5000-meter race, please gather at the starting line.
See you later.
We'll block the wind for you.
If I can keep up.
You will.
The temperature's cool today.
Your times are good overall.
It's not about the order in which you finish.
It's a race against time.
Against yourself.
What's this? Have you always been a runner? Shut up! Next time, next time! You've got plenty more chances! Yamato University Field Yamato University Student Center His times are definitely improving, though.
Yamato Uni Yamato Uni October Qualifier Boso Uni Entry Deadline September Tokyo Sport Uni Qualifier Entry Deadline Tokyo Sport Uni I'm just going for a short run.
I'll go with you.
You don't have to.
Aren't you taking a bath? I want to run, too.
I'll go with you.
You're a freak, aren't you? What? Hngh Don't worry.
Go on.
It's just a short jog.
It's something I do occasionally.
Doesn't sitting in the water in the dark make you feel incredibly uneasy? Doing it deliberately makes me feel like I can reexamine myself.
It's like meditating.
I see.
Prince went running alone? Should I have gone with him? Leaving a person alone can be kindness as well.
It's okay.
Even if he runs alone, he's not alone.
Haiji said the same thing.
What? He told me that a while ago.
That no matter how much you run alone, you're not actually alone.
Running is fun, isn't it? It's just running, but I've learned all kinds of things.
Oh, right.
Huh? Since you're always in the front, you probably haven't noticed, but recently I made a wonderful discovery.
A discovery? What is it? What should I do? Oh, how wonderful it is to be young.
What is it? It's dark, and we're naked.
Hey, look.
I thought it was a streetlight, but it's the moon.
I caught it in my hands.
What's going on with you? Tokyo Sport University Um, do you have a moment? You really are interested in them.
They might not even make it to the qualifier, though.
Excuse me.
You're not going to stand with him? You don't want to pressure him? He'll feel it no matter where I am.
How much time do you think we've spent together? I'm jealous of them that they have you to say that.
Prince! Go, go! Prince! Prince! Um, do you have a moment? If there's something you want to say, you can write it here.
When they look at me like that Forward!! how could I not do my best? Forward!! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward!! Forward! Prince! Now we all have official records! We made it to the qualifier! Forward!! Next time: Place of Destiny Next time: “Place of Destiny.