Run with the Wind (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Place of Destiny

1 Only three of you are running under thirty minutes.
I'm impressed you're all able to run a 10K now, but We still have three weeks until the qualifier.
20km is the base distance for cross country, but none of us will drop out.
On the track, I'm planning to push the build-up runs we'd been holding back on this spring, so we can finish the last thousand meters in 2:50.
I'm impressed.
You got a bunch of total amateurs to the qualifier.
That's more than good enough to hold your own coaching lecture.
Making it to the qualifier isn't our goal.
Well, yeah.
My legs and hips are shot, but I still have my experience.
I'll tell you everything I can.
Anyway, qualifiers are Looks like your legs and hips still work.
Run with the Wind Kansei University Kansei University honors the spirit of Matsudaira Sadanobu, Chairman's Office who promoted the Kansei Reforms.
We value both academics and athletics.
Wow! That's us! We're in the paper! Yay! I never thought I'd appear in a newspaper.
“Aiming For the Top” 10 men take on the Hakone Ekiden Okay, smile.
Since you haven't made it through the qualifier, getting you into the sports section might be difficult, but your attempt itself is captivating.
I'll have your story run in the local news section.
Thank you! Yaokatsu Chairman's Office We're all hoping you'll make it through the qualifier.
I wish I could run right now.
Place of Destiny My parents called.
They saw us in the paper.
They were so excited.
So did ours.
They yelled at us for throwing peace signs.
My parents told me to smile more.
What are your parents like? I can't imagine it.
They're normal.
Normal, with faces that look like mine.
What do you think my parents are? Everyone's so devoted to their parents.
Right? I guess so.
Actually, we even received an interview request from Nippon TV.
T-T-TV?! I didn't know, but the qualifier is televised, too.
They even broadcast interviews with a handful of particularly notable schools.
And we were chosen for that? That's great news.
I haven't responded yet, though.
Why not?! If the cameras prevented us from focusing on the race, we'd be putting the cart before the horse.
Damn honor student! We should accept their offer! I want to be interviewed! I want to be on TV! Well, it'll certainly be good for promoting the team.
What do you think? I don't care either way.
Me, neither.
I wonder if they'll send a lady reporter.
We'll finally be popular with girls.
This is insane, Jota.
What should we do? It's finally happening.
Are you okay with this? What? Won't appearing on TV cause trouble for you? Sorry.
Shouldn't have asked.
They're so young.
Huh? We're gonna be on TV.
What? That's amazing! I'll definitely be watching! Yuki, Shindo, Prince, get ready.
My “maybe” became a “definitely” today.
The twins and Hana? Yes.
Didn't I tell you I made a discovery when we were in the bath together? That attitude.
That atmosphere.
They're definitely those of a woman in love.
There's no other reason she'd make that face.
Hana definitely loves one of the twins.
Youth is beautiful, isn't it? Kakeru, Musa.
Joji, Jota.
Let's go.
You got this! But which one? They're practically the same person.
Yes, so it's one or the other.
It's huge! The Hakone qualifier starts at the Self-Defense Force base, adjacent to Showa Memorial Park.
We'll start by running two laps around the airstrip and taxiway.
That's about five kilometers.
Then we'll head out onto the road, pass the station, and cross under the monorail bridge.
That's about ten kilometers.
The turnaround point is at 11.
2 km.
When we return to the park, we'll have run fifteen kilometers.
We'll run a lap through the hilly park.
The finish line is next to the Minna-no Harappa Field.
How plain.
I expected the finish line to be flashier.
You'll see the day of the race.
It won't matter if it's plain or flashy anymore.
And they'll announce the results here? That's right.
This is where our destiny will be decided.
Do you think I'm being soft? Huh? Should I have made them run more? Before I sleep, while I'm eating, when I'm in the bathroom.
My doubts are constantly following me.
Should I have imposed more rules like a stronger school and forced them to run more? You can't force a person to run.
The only thing that makes a person run is their own will.
Right? Yeah.
I was constantly suffering when I ran during high school.
I don't ever want to be restricted like that again.
This time, I'll run of my own free will.
Freely, far away, to the end of the world.
We still have time.
People always want to be strong.
We have two weeks until the qualifier.
It's a battle of concentration now.
We'll need to focus and exercise self-control, so we can go into the qualifier in top physical and mental shape.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
We've trained more than enough.
We just need to turn that pressure into a rasp and polish our minds and bodies.
Imagine yourself running as a beautiful blade on the day of the qualifier and diligently polish yourselves to a fine point.
How poetic.
I understand, though.
We should be like tempered katanas.
We'll be screwed if we polish too much and break before the race, though.
That's right.
Listen to your minds and bodies and polish carefully.
Competitions are strange things, and I don't just mean long-distance races.
Incoming Call Mom You've done the training.
All that's left is to run.
Or so you'd think, but for some reason, some runners self-destruct.
Most things we call mistakes are the result of pressure or weakness of the mind.
No matter how much you practice, you can't stop the anxiety from rising to the surface.
No matter how certain you are, you still can't erase your fear of failure.
The more you polish something, the more fragile it becomes, just as a little bit of dust can ruin a delicate machine.
So we must find strength.
Unwavering strength.
True strength, so we won't be defeated by ourselves! Yeah! Should you be doing this two days before the qualifier? This is how we do things.
Today is the last day! Tomorrow, we'll sit and wait for the next day! Yeah, yeah! It's time for a message from our coach.
Who? Me? In that case I'll share my secret to success.
Finally! The coach removes the veil! Alternate using your left and right feet.
Do that, and you'll eventually arrive at the finish line.
Thank you.
That's all?! When are you going to start acting like a coach? Wait! Please wait! Wait! He's asleep.
What do you think, though? You can't say it didn't feel like it would be no exaggeration to say he spoke the truth.
What the hell are you trying to say? What is it? A girl? Sorry.
Just how carefree are you? Kakeru, could you bring up some ice from downstairs? Okay.
This has nothing to do with you.
Why are you calling now? You're bothering me.
I want to focus.
My parents saw the paper.
I haven't seen them in a while.
You can't have different track suits forever.
Wow! They're a present from everyone at the shopping center.
Don't embarrass us.
We won't! Hey! Today, we're taking our first step towards winning the Hakone Ekiden! Win? Win?! Hey, is he a regular now? Isn't he a first-year? That doesn't matter today.
I see.
I guess not.
You can't help but look at the cheerleaders, huh? Yeah.
Haiji said they'd make it if their combined time was less than 10:12:00.
That's just over an hour per person.
Isn't it over 20 km? A full marathon takes over two hours.
They'll have to run like professionals.
That's just over three minutes per kilometer.
There they are.
As you can see, there are no landmarks.
It'll be tough to judge your distance.
The weather's poor, and we don't know how the race will go, but don't get dragged along by runners recklessly charging ahead.
Kakeru and I will run in front.
Stay together and maintain your own pace in the beginning.
By the time we finish one lap around the airstrip, a lot of guys should start to fall behind.
I'll be sending signals during the race.
Don't lose sight of each other.
I'm glad.
I'm glad it's the ten of us.
We wouldn't be here if anyone had been missing.
Don't make it sound like the final episode of something.
This is the starting line.
You're right.
There are different numbers of guys wearing uniforms.
I was wondering about that, too.
They've got more than ten guys.
A team can register up to fourteen runners for the qualifier.
Then they'll reduce their numbers to twelve based on their physical condition.
What? So they calculate your total time based on your ten fastest runners? Yeah.
Teams with lots of runners have two runners as insurance.
So this is what they call a numbers game.
It also means Kansei is finished if a single one of their runners doesn't make it to the finish line.
It's okay.
They'll all come back.
I know it.
I'll do it.
I'll do the best I can.
Runners, please gather at the starting line.
Runners, please gather at the starting line.
Gather round.
Let's go.
Line up by school.
By school.
Teito Univesity.
Saikyo University.
Tokyo Sport University.
Isn't our starting position kind of a big handicap? It's based on performance.
We can't complain.
They really are different.
Even if they weren't seeded, the people who ran at Hakone last year feel different.
We're just as good.
I forgot.
Forgot what? The mountains of Hakone are? The steepest in the world.
Starting in thirty seconds.
Starting in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Go, Kansei University! Go! Finish the first five kilometers in 3:10 each.
After that, use your own judgment.
Just two laps of this makes me feel faint.
Huh? Where's Hanako? The runners are starting their second lap! Is everyone ready? Sorry.
Excuse me.
The lead pack's pace is 2:49! The lead pack's pace is 2:49! Don't let them drag you ahead! Please don't lose Go.
They're coming! The second lap is ending! Haiji! Next time: Dreams and Reality Next time: “Dreams and Reality.