Sailor Moon (1995) s04e05 Episode Script

405 - Perfect Couple

Mamo-chan is having an affair!? That is just impossible! You know If someone much more mature and beautiful than you appeared, Usagi I don't know what would happen, even with Mamo-chan! Someone who tries to separate me from Mamo-chan Absolutely, positively, in the name of the moon We will punish you! I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MI DNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MI RACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MI RACLE ROMANCE Saori.
This is the first time you're going to his place, right? This is the first time.
I think it's going to be relatively messy.
What do you think? I don't know.
Why do you think so? Because if it's a little messy, it looks more like a guy's room.
Kobayashi I take it that your room is really messy.
I wonder if he really called his girlfriend over Excuse us.
Oh, thanks for coming! Come in, come in.
It's clean.
Yes I have lost faith in him.
What are you talking about!? Oh, no, nothing.
You're a strange guy.
Oh, Saori, did you finish that report? I turned it in long ago.
I see Figures.
Kobayashi? Is something wrong? Don't you put pictures up or something? Pictures? Of what? Those of your girlfriend, of course! Oh, yeah, come to think, I haven't put them up Come to think? What are you so excited about?? It doesn't really matter Of course it matters.
Is she really going to be coming today? Your girlfriend, that is.
Yeah, she'll be coming soon.
And speak of the devil.
Excuse me a moment.
Girlfriend this, girlfriend that.
You're being a little too obvious.
Sheesh, it's for you, Saori.
What do you mean, it's for me?? Saori On days that you're seeing Chiba, your lipstick is a different color.
Bull's-eye, isn't it? Are you a pretty mean guy? T-That's not true.
Hello, Mamo-chan! What's that? Now, both of you, get off of me! Wha-? I don't wanna! I don't want to.
Usagi, you get off him! Why?! Because he's MY Mamo-chan! Y-Y-Y-You M-M-M-My!? HEY! No, no, no, NO! That's MY spot! Get out of the way! No, I won't get out of the way! I won't bring you here anymore! I always come here by myself!! - You really are a nasty girl! - Um I'm sorry we showed you a horrible scene there Hello.
This is Saori, my friend at college, and Kobayashi, who will graduate after us.
This is Usagi Tsukino, and this over here is Chibiusa.
Be nice to them.
- Oh, nice to meet you.
- Hello.
Um, so your girlfriend is I'm Mamo-cha Mamoru's girl I'm the real girlfriend.
That's enough from you! Why don't YOU go home? Usako! - It's YOUR fault! - Why don't you two cut it out? Okay.
I'm sorry.
You have very cute girlfriends.
Here, have some.
Hurray! Girlfriends I see.
How old are you, Usagi? Yes, I will have another one, if you don't mind I'm asking about your age! I'm 15, and in my prime! Yes.
Those are the good days You think so? Both your dreams and love are ahead of you.
Oh, I think you have a point there.
Although I'm completely fine with Mamo-chan in terms of love.
Miss Saori.
Yes? What relationship do you have with Mamo-chan? W-With Mamoru? We've just been in the same class together since high school Ever since then, I could never match you in terms of academics.
That's not true She may look like this now but Saori is planning to become a police officer when she graduates.
I see a female officer? No, no her dream is to be the first female police commissioner in Japan! Don't make fun of it.
I'm not making fun of it.
I really do look up to you.
A police commissioner! How noble! I would like to be like that I think he knows a little too much for being just classmates A good student with nothing to complain about.
Serious, with a strong sense of justice she seems like the type that always has been the classroom leader.
Yeah, I know the type that seriously prepares for classes and reviews what they learned.
Those that listen closely to what adults have to say The type that the teachers always favor more than the others.
The ones that tattletale to the teachers if you aren't helping clean up after class! But this type is really clueless when it comes to romance.
And so, despite what you say, perhaps she is your type? It's work.
What is this? Geez, this is too cute! I want both of them! But I only have enough allowance to buy just one of them! This makes me think What should I do, Chibiusa? Don't you get worried once in a while? What do you mean? Like "Is the way I'm living all right?" Or " Can I really be happy living the way I do now?" Don't you worry about stuff like that? What's this all of a sudden!? Of course I would worry about things, too.
I mean, even right now I'm wondering whether to go with the hippo or with the horse.
I'm worried about which one will make me happier! HEY! I'll say one more thing.
I don't think those are cute!! You don't understand this highbrow hobby! You know, I think I understand Mamo-chars taste in women even less.
What's with her, acting all high and mighty? There she is The goody-two-shoes sucker OH! It's already that late!? I have a problem What's wrong? I was supposed to meet up with my guide here at 5 o'clock! Without my guide, I can't even go to the restaurant! What's your name? You are very beautiful.
Splendid, wonderful, the best! Please, please have dinner with me! I'm waiting for someone right now.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yo! Oh, Mamoru! Sorry to keep you waiting.
No problem.
It's a different story if she has a guy.
In either case, that was More like some suspicious guy than someone trying to pick a girl up.
Shut up! In this case, I will have her by force.
I want you to break up with me, Usako.
Mamo-chan Actually I've been in love with Saori.
I finally realized that.
Impossible! See, I love her this much! See, see? No, you're lying! Forgive me.
Wait, Mamo-chan! I can't wait.
Tell Chibiusa to take care.
If I don't marry you, Mamo-chan, Chibiusa will never be born!! This isn't good Could this be the biggest crisis hitting me, Chibiusa?? T-That's NOOOOO!!! Hey.
I'm sorry, were you busy? No.
Please tell me if I'm troubling you.
What? I'm all right, don't worry about it.
Yeah And, what shopping did you want me to tag along for? Did you fall for some guy? Those two are a picturesque couple They've been dubbed the best couple in college.
They really were made for each other I think I still would have had a good chance if he had a well-to-do girlfriend Don't give up! I'll cheer you on, too! Fight, Kobayashi! Do your best, give it all ya got, Kobayashi! - Kids are so simple - Fight, Kobayashi! Do your best, give it all ya got, Kobayashi! This one? No, this one.
Hey! What? You surprised me!! You know, if you're like that, Mamo-chan will really be swept away from under your feet! By who? You're so dense Saori, of course! Tell the truth, between you and her is like the moon and some turtle, and you're the turtle! You'll get hit hard if you are so conceited that Mamo-chars love will never change.
Because Saori is more beautiful more mature, sexier, and she looks intelligent!! Even I think how much better it would be if Saori was my mother! Though I don't want to admit it if you don't end up together with Mamo-chan, I will never be born! Now, are you at least a little worried?? Mamo-chan, don't hate me! You finally understand.
If you do, why can't you act a little more mature- Just kidding! I would never doubt Mamo-chars love for me! You don't get it, do you? Before that, the problem at hand are these hippo/horse plushes! Is it someone I know? The guy you're going to give that tie to as a gift.
You want to know? Well, yeah.
I can't imagine the guy that you would fall for, Saori.
What do you mean by that? Sorry, sorry.
What, you didn't like what I said? Is it strange? What? The tie's design? Not that, but someone like me Let's see ONE! TWO! THREE! Saori! What in the world are you!? This constitutes assault! Oh, really? Stop it! If you do now, your crime will still be petty.
Crime? Now, I will have a look at your beautiful dream! Is he here? Where is Pegasus? Hey, where are you taking me?! Come on, Chibiusa That's!! Mamo-chan and Saori!! MOON CRISIS MAKE UP! It seems like he's not in your dream, either, though you have a limitless amount of justice.
Hold it right there! I can't forgive you for putting innocent women through strange pain! For love and justice! Pretty soldiers in sailor suits! Sailor Moon! Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the moon we'll punish you! Sailor Moon? Come here, my Remless.
Balloon girl, Puko! Puko! - Wha?? - Huh? What? Sailor Chibi Moon! I trust you take care of the rest, Puko.
She's not beautiful! Chibi Moon Saori! Look out! Oh, I think I'll go after him! Get out of the way, Sailor Moon! You're going to save him, using your body as a shield! Beautiful! How beautiful! Dammit, stop it! It's all right.
Right after I kill her, I will kill you, too.
Usako! Usako!! Usako? I see Usako! Hang in there! I'm all right Sheesh, what are you doing to me!? Chibi Moon, NOW! Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWI NKLE YELL! This makes me so upset! MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! STAGE OUT! Thanks Saori How was it yesterday? How was what? Don't play dumb with me.
I'm talking about Chiba.
You told him how you felt, right? Why? You know Yes? I'll give you this.
It's too much of a waste to throw away.
This Are you giving up on him? Arert you being a little weak-willed especially for someone wanting to become the police commissioner? And it's not that I'm making fun of it or anything, but I, um There's no way I can win against the girl who is upkeeping peace all over the earth Hey you, get away a little! Why don't YOU get away?? You're in the way, in the way, in the way you runt! You should go home and STUDY! Since I met you Anata to deatte kara the love shining deep in my heart Mune no oku de hikatteru is too lonely Itoshisa ga setsunakute so, I quietly closed my eyes.
Shizuka ni hitomi wo tojita Actions that mean nothing Nandemo nai shigusa mo and all those everyday words Goku futsuu no kotoba mo Each time I remember them Omoidasu sono tabi I feel as though tears were going to fall.
Namida ga desou ni naru Right now, baby, baby love.
Ima wa baby baby love Even nights that I cry, someday we can Naita yoru mo itsuno hinika laugh reminiscing the past.
Mukashi wo natsukashinde waraiaeru That's how I want us to be Watashi-tachi ni naritakute