Samantha! (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [grunts] So, my loves, are you warmed up? Let's do this! It's on! The fight is hard, I know.
But you're strong.
I believe in you.
- What if I don't want to go? - [Samantha] Couples sell.
This is what we agreed on.
Zip me up, please.
I don't want to make appearances yet.
Jeez, just leave me my space.
What space, Dodoi? You don't have one.
You sleep on your ex-wife's couch.
I don't care.
I'm not going.
Where are the kids? They should be arguing by now.
They are arguing.
It's a silent war.
Whoever speaks first has to give you their room.
See, Dodoi? Everyone makes sacrifices for the family in this house.
[screaming] No! - It's not fair! - Life isn't fair, my dear.
Why always me? So, my loves, it's settled, right? Dodoi stays in Brandon's room and Brandon sleeps in Cindy's.
Are you guys ready? In my room? Brandon fits in the pantry! Brandon, what if we shared the room? Spend more time together, I'll teach you to play soccer.
You're so old, you probably don't know how to play soccer anymore.
Oh, Dad, don't mind Brandon.
When he's angry, he speaks the truth.
Hey, Cindy! Do you know Pelé? Or Maradona? - Dodoi here is better than both of them! - [Cindy] Madonna doesn't play soccer! You're not ready, Dodoi.
Samantha, it's a cheap beer commercial.
It's a one-way ticket to prime time! - Who wants to be on prime time? - Where do you want to be? Use the opportunity to show the kids you can do something in life.
I can do plenty of stuff! - Really? - Yeah.
- [Brandon] The studio's here, Mom? - [Samantha] Son, let me focus.
Are you nervous? Nervous, Dodoi? I practically invented the formula: "Young woman sells beer.
" Every kid wants happy parents! To put a smile on daddy's face and to help mom sleep like a breeze, Canoe Beer! You were nine years old? Dodoi, any questions, talk to me, OK? I was raised in a place like this.
If they leave me alone, everything will be cool.
It's huge! This is where they shot Frozen, you know? [Brandon] You're lying! Frozen is in the snow! You're saying that to make me look childish.
- Mom, is it true they - One second.
Just a second, dear.
[inhales deeply] - Our biggest star! - Oh, stop.
Dodoi! A meteor unleashed through space! What? I'm not all that.
A star of the field! A deity of the night, of the party, of Fausto himself! I do know Fausto, but we're not so close like that.
Listen, is this going to take long? Make yourself comfortable, we shoot in five.
I saw your commercial on Saturn! It was amazing! Very good! What about that play during the 2004 final? [director] You dribbled past four players, gave a diagonal backflip, - and kicked - The Scorpion Kick.
Yeah! You sent the goalkeeper to the hospital.
Girl, you must be very proud to be his daughter.
- Let me see.
- Of course! Who's this, Dad? - You still know how to fly, champ? - It's like riding a bike.
Where's the script? I want to study my character.
This one's cute, isn't she? - Are you hungry? - Sorry? Take them to the dressing room, give her a sandwich and a magazine, OK? Come on, champ.
Come with me.
[director hums] - [woman] Dodoi, Dodoi! - [Samantha sighs] - You're Dodoi's wife? - Samantha.
- You're late.
- No, you're late.
- I've been waiting for hours.
- I'm never late.
- [woman] Want makeup on or not? - Makeup.
Go to the dressing room.
Are you the daughter? Yes, I'm Cindy.
- How old? - Eleven.
That's not my problem.
Stay with the agency staff, OK? - How old are you? - Eight.
But I have an old soul.
How cute! Makes me want to bite you, rip off your cheeks and kill you! [woman] He's coming with me, OK? Auntie is going to eat you alive.
[Samantha] Good morning! "Good morning"? You trying to make friends? You can talk behind my back.
It's OK, I'm bulletproof.
[woman] I've always heard that a creaking door hangs longer! And it seems they don't grow older! Norminha! [shrieking] My God, you haven't aged at all! You're just a sweetheart.
No, I'm not.
You do look the same! The last time I saw you you were ten years old! - Remember that? - Sure! And you set my wig on fire! - Kids' stuff.
- The wig was on my head.
[laughing] Don't join her team, Norminha.
She's late and wants to take my spot.
[Dodoi] Let's go over this again.
- I go to the right and run to the goal? - Dodoi.
Imagine you're a wild panther, feeling the smell of burned malt in the savannah, the deep scents of coffee and chocolate.
It's a dark beer.
Chase the ball as if you were chasing your life.
The field reflects your soul - like Narcissus.
- [bell rings] - You know? - Go left.
- Laura, get out.
- Fine.
Let me see.
[producer] Good.
Dodoi, focus! - I can't understand why they need her! - [Norminha] I've know her since Hey, girls.
[Jessica, quietly] Shh.
No one has the script? Do you see this woman? - It's an honor to act alongside her.
- [Jessica] You think I want to show off? - No one knows her! - Samantha! - Hey! - What an honor to see you here! Thank you! I'm right next door as a guest on an 80's-themed talent show! [woman] It's so you! How great! I love talent shows! I'd love to participate but I'm so busy, though we always find a way, right? I'm here recording this amazing project.
Foreign director.
A commercial.
If you want to stop by, no one will mind.
She just said she can't! She's on set, right? She only stopped because of me.
How lovely! It's a super cheesy show, tacky, forgotten celebrities, no pay.
If I knew you were alive, I'd have called you.
[woman laughs] [children laughing and screaming] Miss! Miss! I want to talk to my mom! I have the right to a visit! Your mom is filming soon.
Play with your little friends.
But Dodoi you have to allow yourself.
[director] You're much more than an idea.
You are You are a collective feeling.
[director, singing] Dodoi, Dodoi Dodoi, Dodoi [director, singing] Dodoi, Dodoi [assistant] Got it? Go left, dribble past the first player, do some kick-ups - stare at the goalkeeper and lob him.
- Do a bicycle kick.
I dribble past the player, get the ball and score.
And you want me to do it with eyes closed or open? - [director] You choose, but do it well! - Where's the player? - Marcao? - Hey I'm here! - [assistant] Let's go.
- [director] Come on! [Samantha] After the goal, he blows a kiss to the fans.
- [Samantha] And the "hot girl" - Here! holds a cold beer for him.
He sits down, all sweaty, staring at the girl pouring him the drink.
He says: "Once a champion, always a champion," and drinks the beer.
Then: "Enjoy responsibly, careful with the missus.
" The missus appears and throws a sandal at him.
- [Jessica giggles] - There's something wrong here.
There's always something wrong! - I'm not one of the players, am I? - No.
Jessica is the girl from the bar, right? Right.
So I'm not in the commercial.
Of course you are.
No, there's no role for me.
[Norminha] Of course there is.
My God I look like a mother of two! That's tough, girl.
Hey, miss! I shouldn't be here! [sarcastically] Aww! Are you pouting? Huh? Someone hand me some scissors so I can cut this little pout off! I want my mom, or a lawyer! Listen, boy, this set ends at four whether you like it or not, OK? The last kid to mess it up was Giovana.
- Who is Giovana? - Exactly.
Bro, let me tell you, there's nothing personal about this.
It's all professional.
You don't remember me, bro? The booze erased everything? Me, you, Juninho, erotic sushi, an anteater drowned in the pool.
- Don't you remember? - What? Are you crazy? You really forgot that night.
You were arrested for 12 years while we were at the after-party.
[assistant] Shall we start? Silence! Let's do it, Dodoi! I want truth! I want emotion! Scene three, take one.
Action! - [Dodoi grunts] - [assistant] Cut! - [assistant] Any good? - It was a foul! - [assistant] Good? - No.
Did you remember? - [Dodoi] Referee! - Silence, please.
Let's do another one.
[male crew] Silence, please! [assistant] Nuh-uh.
No way! Come on! One more! [director sighs] He'll kill dad.
Dodoi's time has passed.
Lucky for you I only beat people my own size.
Who are you, ma'am? His grandma? [scoffs] I'm an actress, OK? It took hours to make me look like this.
Looks like it took centuries.
I can still send you to the playground with your brother.
[Cindy] Pssh! Action! [Dodoi grunts] Don't you think this commercial is too 90s? - The "hot girl" - Jessica! serves the beer while the jealous wife throws the sandal.
[Dodoi grunts] [assistant] Cut! - [director] One more.
- Foul, referee! Cindy [quietly] Please, no speeches, all right? I'm already dealing with that lunatic.
Can you believe that I've been humble to her and she was so stupid! But understand that a woman's aggressiveness towards another woman Daughter, I have no patience for this stuff right now.
Give mom a break, please? It's the projection of her anger against the patriarchal society that hypersexualizes her image.
[Dodoi groans] [director] Action! Hold on, repeat that.
- Jessica isn't happy with what she does.
- [Dodoi grunts] Genius! I don't know where you learn these things, but it makes total sense.
- It's called feminism.
- OK.
Norminha, can you help me put this on What are you laughing at? I know you want my role.
- I'm not laughing at anything.
- Norminha told me what your deal is.
My deal? [boy, singing] Its velocity was Impressive Buzzing Lightening Oh yeah - Did you take singing classes? - No.
No? You sing so well.
It's like you were born ready.
Please! I'm scared! I'm alone in here! Don't leave me here alone, I beg you! It's nothing personal, OK? It's just that my place is on TV and yours is somewhere else.
[boy] Please! Don't leave me alone! [boy, crying] I'm begging! Please! Jessica, it's all gossip! Aren't there rumors about you too? - That I'm a slut or that I raise hell? - Exactly.
People love to say things behind the back of successful women like us.
But I really did break that old lady's nose.
I am sure she deserved it! Beautiful words, Samantha.
I've got goosebumps.
I never said anything bad about you, sis.
Don't believe what people say.
I'm tired, Jessica.
Tired of this business of putting women against each other.
This commercial, for example, is so 90s, isn't it? Do you think? Pay attention to how they've been treating us.
The ball is inside you.
Very good.
Yes, give in.
Give it all in.
[director] That's my hero.
Smell the scent of the ball.
Let's go, champ! - Let's go! - Are you crazy, man? - I'll beat the shit out of you, son of a - Yes! Yes, you're alive! This energy, very good! You're a phoenix out of control! - Very good, champ! - [Dodoi] Are you crazy? Yes! Let's shoot it! Let's start! [director] Come on! - Hi.
- Hi.
We're playing "north wing, south wing".
Which side do you choose? I don't play.
But if you aren't from any wing, who's going to protect you? [boy] No, let me go! Stop! - [boys, laughing] - Enough, let me go! I'm Lucas, leader of the south wing.
My character doesn't have a name.
"Hot girl.
" But what does the "hot girl" want or need? Why is she in a bar wearing a swimsuit? I never play intellectual roles.
I really understand you, Jessica.
I mean, I refused the role myself.
I'm tired of getting roles with names like "Curvy" or "Bitch".
Exactly, Jessica.
You have to follow your own path, you know? And you've chosen to do that? I'm challenging myself as an actress.
I want to ask you a question - Mm-hmm.
- Is this who you are? I'm much more.
I've even taken ayahuasca.
I know my destiny.
And will you let them steal your destiny from you? I was suspecting that someone wanted to take what's mine.
You know that I'm hyperaware? Follow your own destiny.
I don't want to use my body to be successful.
I will use my voice and the body of a puppet.
I want to be a ventriloquist! [laughing] What a loony, folks.
[chuckles] [groaning] OK.
Come on! Once more! [Dodoi breathes heavily] I think I recognize you.
Aren't you Mrs.
Ana's son? Skinny Mark? Eh? You wanted to be a soccer player but ended up as an extra on a beer commercial.
No idea what you're talking about.
You don't? [singing] "Skinny Marky The skinny boy with tits" [laughing] Did that refresh your memory? I had estrogen issues.
[mocking] "I had estrogen issues.
" And that deep voice? Hey, Dodoi, focus! Scene three, take 26.
Such a big boy! - [assistant] Let's start.
Ready? - I am.
And your tits? Are they ready? Tits! [director] Come on! [director] Action.
- [Cindy] Goal! - Cut! [Dodoi laughs] Marvelous! Sensational.
[director] Good one, guys! Good one, Dad! Let's prepare the next scene.
Someone from the south wing is leaking information to the north wing.
It wasn't me.
I swear! We saw you chit-chatting with a boy from the other wing.
He's my brother.
Doesn't matter, you betrayed us.
We're going to kill you.
I can't die.
My mom would get angry.
You know we're just playing, right? We can stay here fighting.
But what about the outside world? It'd be better to combine our forces so we can get out of here! [Dodoi groans] Did losing that goal scare you to death? [director] So, Dodoi That's exactly what I want to talk to you about.
Sometimes the truth can't handle the whole truth.
And so a lie is necessary to express the entire truth.
- Do you understand? - No.
Marcao is your stunt double for the rest of the scene.
We'll cut his head, put yours on.
What do you mean, cut my head? He scored a beautiful goal! After trying over 50 times! - Calm down.
- Don't "calm down" me.
If you want, shoot me, but don't ruin my schedule.
- Please! This scene is difficult.
- [assistant sighs] Dodoi, you have to understand that the Dodoi of our dreams is no longer the Dodoi that's here.
You're not 20 years old anymore.
But no one needs to know.
But I will know.
- My kids will know.
- Dad, agree to the double.
Listen to your daughter.
I don't need it.
I'm doing it myself.
- Let's do this.
- Let's go.
Let's do it quick.
In five minutes, we start the bar scene.
[assistant] If you're not ready, don't come back! I don't need it.
[Brandon] I'm eight years old.
Lucas is ten.
If we add the age of everyone here, we're over 100 years old.
At home, Marola is free all day long, and he's a dog.
Well put.
Not even Marola is locked up like this.
- Who wants to go to the outside world? - [all] Me! [fan] Thanks.
I thought he wasn't going to make it.
[director] It comes, then it goes here like this.
[director] The purpose is No, no.
Here, quick to her face, and then we get tighter Ah! Ah! The hot girl is running away! [Jessica] Talk to the hand! Go fuck yourselves! This isn't happening.
Calm down.
- [Marcao] Dodoi doesn't deserve you.
- I don't talk to extras.
I came to save your commercial.
What? No no.
No, I'm sorry.
It's just Without the hot girl, the scene has no truth.
She was the embodiment of desire, of the male thirst for iced malt.
The missus with all due respect, represents the emasculation of the domesticated beast.
And what do we need? Frustration and desire mixed together to serve our hero, understand? - OK Pablo, right? - Yes.
I thought that frustration and desire can be two sides of the same force of creation, no? Ah! How beautiful.
- [Samantha] Listen - I like it.
I'll stand here still.
You do all the actions.
I don't want to make mistakes.
- Dodoi, out.
- You're the worst, Samantha.
- [Samantha] Let's go.
- [director] This is Dodoi's spot.
Yes, I get it.
But imagine that I'm Dodoi just for a moment, so I can understand.
Dearest the camera, five cm this way.
- [Samantha] Tell me - Focus.
You put the glass on the table, stare at Dodoi It's dark in here.
Is that spotlight on, my angel? No, this dim light is our incandescent moonlight.
It took us hours to get it right, OK? You're a poet.
Turn it on, please.
Free your mind.
The best moments are improvised.
We're grown-ups! [cheering] [shouting and screaming] [cheering] [puffing and panting] Guys, we're free! Yeah, but so what, now that we're adults? Now that we're adults, we can complain about gastritis and headaches.
It's boring here.
- Yeah, back to the playground! - [kids] Yeah, let's go back there! [Brandon] Guys, no! Huh? [Brandon sighs] [Brandon] She did it! Magnificent! Hurry up, before time dilutes the truth! Thanks, guys, it was great! [assistant] Let's prepare for the next scene.
[Samantha] Hey.
Cindy, I've changed.
I know what Dodoi's been through.
I was imprisoned too.
He can stay in my room, OK? Shut up, Brandon.
You see, Dodoi? "Couples sell.
" Now Pssh! Prime time.
[laughing] You didn't hear? This thing's only for the internet.
- Samantha? - What? What if I play soccer again? [assistant] Let's go.
Let's go, they're calling us.
Where's my mark? Here? Action.
Once a champion, always a champion.
[gasps] Enjoy responsibly, but careful with the missus.
[laughing] - Cut! - [Samantha] Sorry, I just got excited.
[director] Incredible! Magnificent.
So strong, right? What thirst this woman has! [director] Impressive.
Very good.
No! No, I'm here.
[chuckles] I've found our new judge.
[woman] Samantha! [laughing] Subtitle translation by Leticia Bianco