Samantha! (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [glasses clink] It's amazing, you haven't changed a bit since the last time I saw you.
I was nine.
Some things only get better with time, cutie! To see you bloom again on television That beer commercial I didn't approve the script.
and then on Caged.
It was the editor's fault.
- Winning over Paris.
- Paris is last week! My place is here.
When I saw you, I was certain that you were the right person to be with me in this new chapter of my life.
Your youth inspires me.
[Samantha giggles] Youth, right, Flavio.
It's beautiful.
This urge of yours.
- [kisses] This hunger! - I only ordered a salad.
Well, you called me, let me understand.
What do you have in mind? A song, a concert? [singing] You're the flower I picked in my garden [crew] Don't look at the camera! With all my loving I'll help you grow stronger Go on, shine! - Your aura brightens my life - Shine! [both] I've been in pain But you healed my wounds Now you and I are one We make each other whole LIVING & LOVING WITH FLAVIO JR.
Samantha, will you marry me? SAMANTHA! CONQUERS FLAVIO JR.
WITH HER YOUTH AND HUNGER FOR LIFE Yes! [Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" plays] It's a TV show! Do you think it's for real? Does television ever lie, Dodoi? It's a reality show! Everything that happens is 100% real, or almost.
- You didn't know? - I knew there'd be a proposition.
- A marriage proposal? - Dodoi, I've lost the talent show.
I've already lost one soap opera! This might be my last opportunity on TV.
What about our deal? Where do I stand? Couples sell, but there's an expiration date! And, unlike you, Flavio Jr.
knows what audiences expect from two stars.
So I have to play the cuckold for everyone, now? To be a cuckold, you'd have to be married.
And this joke is anything but a marriage.
Why don't you call your little girlfriend? You weren't worried at all when you brought her here! - That was an accident! - You know why you're so nervous? Because I've found true love and you've found a psychopath! LIVING & LOVING WITH FLAVIO JR.
I can't believe we're watching this.
We could be reading! Why read a book if I can watch someone else read one? Look at the size of that house! Who would expose his own life like that? since the last time I saw you.
[both] Mom? [Flavio] Your eyes Listen, have you two already? Dodoi, please! It's not just the marriage! I need to think about the future.
- Mine and our family's! - [Dodoi] I've thought about it! - I even got a job, alright? - Oh, yeah? I'm the new sports commentator on Radio Jiquitaia! - What? - Who listens to the radio, Dodoi? [Samantha sighs] I want to see how long your thing with this guy is going to last.
I bet it will last way longer than your What's the name of that Radio again? Do they pay? [Samantha's ringtone] It was a multicolored disc Hi, love! Everything OK, my darling? No, it wasn't love at first sight, because I met Flavio when I was only nine.
My career was at its peak.
It would be impossible to maintain a relationship.
A man can fall in love many times in a lifetime.
But true love only happens once or twice, or seven times tops.
Samantha is, without a doubt, one of those eight.
She makes me feel young again, like a little boy, innocent, like a 40-year-old at most.
She's like Botox in the shape of a woman.
I think I'm going to pass out! So mom's the mysterious brunette they announced last week, who captivated Flavio's heart when he didn't want to fall in love? Why is she on my favorite show? Brandon, stop with the drama.
Mom and dad are mature adults, OK? [Dodoi] Playing dirty! Will you marry me? This game is shameless! Where's loyalty in this world? This player says he's on the team but he slacks off! The game hasn't started.
Yeah, I have to train for this commentator thing.
I don't want to suck on my first day.
I need that contract and that cash! - And my allowance, does it go up? - I'll double it.
How much do you get? Actually, mom puts it right into my campaign to save the bees.
That's what she says, right? But, Dad, relax.
You always say that these commentators talk rubbish.
- You think I'm going to do well? - You have the experience.
- What could get in your way? - [Samantha] That's beautiful, Flavio! [Flavio, singing] Illuminating my flower That sleeps here by my side You wrote that for me? Yeah, I did it in 1999.
I already sensed our love.
Go to the door.
There's a surprise for you.
Oh, if I could explain What I feel When I see the sun enter - Through this window - [crew] Cut! Samantha, what was our deal? Nothing.
You need to check my contract with Marcinho.
- [Samantha] I've told him - To the scene! Let's go, again.
And no surprise face, OK? It's not your forte.
- I need to retouch my makeup.
- No, it flatters Flavio.
Let's go! - Do you want me to cry? - Let love flow, OK? - Don't stray from the script.
- OK.
Show Brazil that you're perfect for me! Let's be the most beautiful and richest couple on TV! - Couples sell, right? - Yeah.
- Alright.
- OK? - OK, guys, let's go.
- [crew] Let's go! Let's do this.
[exhales] [crew] Samantha, open the door with a sexy smile, OK? - I'll leave through the garage.
- [Samantha] OK.
[crew] Rolling Action! I love you, Samantha! Be the leading lady of my life.
[laughing] Hold on, I'm getting nauseous.
Cut! OK, go outside.
So the drone can get an aerial shot.
Let's go! Hey, Jailson, if we sign a deal, how much are we going to make? Don't worry about the contract.
Focus on the prestige that the radio will bring you! Look, that is what matters, these fans who really love you.
- I know, but I needed to - Like Samantha, right? Even you, Jailson? I can't believe you watch that shitty show! Me and the whole country watch it! But relax.
Just because she's banging Flavio Jr.
on prime time? - She's my ex-wife, it was just a kiss, OK? - A French kiss! French! But forget it.
- When the game starts, the crowd forgets.
- I'm no cuckold, Jailson.
[crowd] Cuckold! DODOI IS A CUCKOLD [Dodoi] Fuck, bro! Look, it's Flamengo! FAT-DOI [chanting] Fat-doi! [Jailson] Forget about them, because soon enough they'll forget you! When that video of Freitas having sex with an inflatable doll was leaked - You leaked the video, Jailson.
- No, I sent it to the WhatsApp group.
People talked about the doll for a while, then they just let it go! Hello, dear listeners of Radio Jiquitaia! [radio ditty] Starting now is the match between Flamengo and Criciúma! And today we have a special guest, the one and only Dodoi! [Freitas] Debuting as a commentator on this critical day for the Big Mengo.
His old team needs to win by at least two goals.
How is his little heart handling it? And broken heart! I wanted to take this moment to send a kiss to Brandon and Cindy, my family, my heart and No, forget this heartfelt chatter, because today's not a good day for you, Dodoi.
But it's like the saying: unlucky in love, lucky in the game! The game! Speaking of that, let's get back to it.
[Freitas] The crowd is going crazy, Flamengo fans are excited! [crowd] Flamengo! What's that over there, guys? Is that Dodoi's mascot? Do you see your face on that inflatable whale? I bet it was Freitas! Brandon, we won't surrender to this guy just because he's a millionaire, a great singer, is famous, and has a show on TV! Hello, I'm Flavio Jr.
and not only am I in love with your mother, but I also love this beautiful family! You don't even know us.
[Brandon] Hi! I brought you a little something! [pony neighs] Me and my brother don't want anything from you! Right, Brandon? Oh, it's so cute! [Flavio Jr.
and Samantha laugh] - I knew she would like it! - [Cindy] How cute, he's so beautiful! [Cindy] He's the cutest baby! Rogerio! Yeah, I thought of more normal names for a pet, like Pompom, Mimi, but I found them very humiliating, you know? Animals also deserve dignity.
Right, my chubby baby? - [Cindy] Beautiful baby! - [Brandon] What a cutie! - I didn't know if you had one already.
- [Brandon] So cute! Rogerio is like a brother to me.
I even mention him in my autobiography, "Life, my long history of eight, almost nine years.
" [Freitas] The ball is in the corner.
[Freitas] Edivaldo comes up with his head and puts Baiano down.
The coach wants to make a substitution.
Speaking of replacements, don't miss another chapter of Living & Loving with Flavio Jr.
Yeah, Dodoi, things aren't good on your side, and they're not good for Flamengo.
Yeah, Flamengo is lost, but if they counterattack with speed, they'll score a goal - [crowd cheers] - [shouting] It's a goal! Goal by Devil Joe, number 11, he kicked and he scored.
As I was saying, a matter of patience to find the opportunity and score a goal.
- Goal! Goal by Merudi! - [crowd cheers] It's not possible! The net hadn't even cooled down.
Flamengo two, Criciúma nil! The Flamengo fans are going crazy! Dodoi spoke and Flamengo scored! [Jailson] What's that, you're claiming the goal? [Jailson, on radio] Look, the fans are saying it was your doing, Dodoi! [radio] He's the new lucky charm of the black and red team! Cindy! Turn off the radio, please! My love, you don't have to worry about your ex-husband.
- Everyone has a past.
- [Samantha] Mmm I alone have seven! If you want to talk about Dodoi, that's fine with me, OK? Surveys showed that he's a total hit among youngsters and gays over 65.
Great! We can film me going to see one of his matches.
[fake laugh] I honestly prefer not to talk about Dodoi [laughing] Calm down, just don't use your tongue, OK? It's doesn't look good on camera and you block me.
Let's go for take two, shall we? Yes, my first wedding was inside a prison, but now I want something different, you know? - More traditional, like, I don't know - Underwater? In a shark sanctuary? [laughing] - Honey, don't you think that's a little - Dangerous? Love is always very dangerous to the young at heart! You sexy kitty! It's true.
[crew] Samantha, Samantha! I haven't been this excited about a wedding since season three! Can you give me some old pictures later to put on the wedding episode? There's a box in the closet full of those things.
- The contract, did you talk to Marcinho? - [crew] Don't worry about it! The important thing is the prestige this show will bring you! Look at this, it's great.
But I wanted to try that one.
My favorite part is trying out the dresses! Samantha, there's no need.
I've decided everything with Flavio.
The shape of this one looks luxurious.
Now put on this mask.
Does it distort the face? [crew] It does, but it's from our sponsors.
Here! - Surprise! - No! It's bad luck to see the dress, Flavio! There's no bad luck here! If anything goes wrong, we repeat the take.
The network thinks that Dodoi is going to make a great best man.
[Flavio Jr.
] Come here.
Just turn to me.
Yes, leave the logo at the front.
[Flavio Jr.
] Beautiful.
[Samantha sighs] [whispering to crew] Go, go, go.
What's up? All good? I thought you chose me to be the leading lady of your life, not an extra without any lines.
You're right.
I need to share more with you.
We are one now.
Two halves of a tangerine.
I thought of you when I wrote that song.
No, you didn't, you wrote it 20 years ago.
Since we're alone, just the two of us, let's discuss the only thing missing.
Ah, finally! Pay, contract, those things, right? Divorce.
We have to discuss the course of our divorce.
We need to surprise the audience! We're going to come up with the divorce before we get married? We don't have to come up with anything, The writers have already done it.
For example, here, we have many options In this one, I swap you for a younger girl.
I don't like it because it makes me seem old, right? And there's another one where you disappear on a yacht.
I leave this season? Flavio, I thought you liked me! I adore you, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
There were 23 girls.
At least I got first place, right? Second.
First place got a part in a soap opera.
[Dodoi] Hey, guys and girls! [crew, quietly] Film this! Come on! The guy had to stay here all day? - I thought of celebrating with the family.
- [Samantha] Celebrate what, Dodoi? The director said no bachelor party.
It doesn't fit the budget.
I'm talking about me.
I did crazy well at work today.
Everyone liked it.
You're good? Everything's great, wonderful.
In fact, I need to arrange the details of my wedding with the team.
Excuse me.
Guys, let's go over here.
[Samantha] It'd be great to shoot in front of this painting.
Look! [Samantha] I have to protect my role, get it? I know this show is Flavio Jr.
's, but what will happen? He'll want to wear my wedding dress.
And the director rejected my clothes.
She said they were all rags! She offered me 100 reals to flunk my grade and said it would make great drama.
It's absurd that they'd talk to you without consulting me! Mom, I think you need a spin-off.
My love, I already tried that diet.
No, Mom.
Your own show.
On Flavio's show, you are the moon, you have to be the sun.
More than the sun, baby, I can be a star! - [Cindy] The sun is a star.
- Don't ruin the moment, Cindy.
Flavio Jr.
can be everything: famous, rich, talented, handsome! - But without love - Wow, Flavio, so beautiful! You make me so emotional.
I think from now on we should totally make these testimonials together, always.
Flavio, he really doesn't live without love.
[both] Mmm! [Samantha laughs] This walnut cake is delicious! This is the one.
But try this one, so delicious! I'm allergic to walnuts.
That's great! Ha! - [Flavio Jr.
] Mmm! - [Samantha laughs] It has walnuts too.
A glottis edema will be good for the episode.
I trust your taste, handsome.
Actually, I think the important thing is to use Heart Sugar! I completely forgot to tell you about this sponsor.
[Samantha] Mmm! Just a minute, handsome.
I forgot something! [to herself] What a pain! [Samantha] What are you doing here? - I just want to eat in peace! - My wedding cake? What? Want some? I came to change my bra, Dodoi.
They said that the color red films a lot better.
- I know.
It's Flavio Jr.
's favorite color.
- You're jealous of my success, aren't you? Yours or his? Samantha, just let it go, alright? I'm starting something new, I don't have time to think about you.
Everyone knows broadcasting is an athletes' graveyard.
I'm not just a commentator, OK? The team is at the top of its game because of me.
"Lucky Charm Dodoi" has 13 letters! It has 15.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.
I'm going to eat a hot dog because the ketchup is our sponsor.
[crew] Samantha, we're all set! This damn door! This damn freaking door! [Samantha] Try it, Dodoi [Samantha laughs] I told you to fix this damn door! Hiding? So you were here? [sniffs] It smells like sex! - We were just talking, that's all.
- [crew] Locked in the closet, of course! I just want to redo this scene.
I want Flavio to catch you! - I told you that nothing happened! Stop! - I'm going to hang with Rogerio.
You can't miss this.
From below, look, so dramatic! Mmm! So tasty! Berenice Ketchup! It's delicious! Mmm! [crew] Samantha, is everything OK between you and your ex? What do you mean? Of course! Berenice Ketchup is a delight! [crew] I don't know, just wondering, if suddenly, now that he's famous again, if it hasn't left you a little jealous? I only think about the show, I mean, about Flavio Jr.
He's everything to me.
[giggles] [crew] OK, fine.
Since you don't want to talk, we'll film him doing Pilates.
[crew] Let's go, boys.
Hey, people, chill.
Let's do it.
[sighs] OK.
I'm going to talk about Dodoi up close.
Great! So we'll start with the scene where you sign the divorce papers.
What are you talking about? Samantha, in order to marry again, you have to be divorced.
And I found the papers with your old photos.
The funny thing is that he signed it but you didn't.
I had lots of stuff to do.
I forgot! What's the problem? Does he know? I mean, that would be a great episode! Look, this is just bureaucracy, OK? Do you want me to sign it? Give it to me.
I'll sign it.
Excuse me! [sighs] Look, it doesn't matter if the love of my life was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
What matters is I found my Prince Charming, and I'm totally happy, right, babe? What's 12 years for a love that's infinite? [sighs] [crew] Samantha, we have to film you being insecure again.
[crew] Viewers want to see runny noses.
Yeah, Rogerio I'm being honest with you because I like your face.
It's not easy.
I finally make a move and she runs away.
Do you understand me? [Dodoi sighs] You can't have everything in this life, Rogerio.
I'm afraid, you know, Flavio? Afraid to give myself over to love again.
Do you understand? No way she said that! Genius! Diva! For the last 20 minutes the show's been just about mom! But is she really ready to live through this new romance? I don't know! I think she hasn't gotten over her ex yet.
- [Cindy] What about the kids? - Tell me about it! Can't wait to see how they will deal with the divorce! [crowd cheers] Do I have to? I don't want to talk about Samantha.
Your team, Dodoi, they can't fall asleep at the wheel.
- This match is so important for you guys! - That's right, Jailson.
Big Mengo depends on this result to continue in the competition.
- And Ituverava is the favorite, Dodoi! - I know.
Ituverava is at the top now Ituverava? They're undefeated in 11 games! I know.
It's not because Franca is losing that they can't get into the game again.
- If they score a - Goal! It's a goal! [crowd cheers] It's impossible! Dodoi said it, and the crowd has gone crazy.
Chanting and shouting the name of their old Big Mengo idol! And you, tuned into Radio Jiquitaia, are listening to this electrifying match! - [Dodoi] Will there be one more - Goal! This result puts Flamengo in the semi-final! [Jailson] Check it out, Dodoi has won back the fans! Now they'll sign my contract, right? Don't think about it! Listen to the crowd shouting your name! It's pure prestige! I'm not out of the game yet, right? I'm here supporting my team! Hey, guys! Dodoi, you just ruined the take! Come in again, dear! Looking angry and jealous, OK? - [crew] Let's go.
- [Flavio] Perfect! You're right on time for the rehearsal dinner.
I'm not going to the wedding! It's on the same day as the semi-final.
Cindy and Brandon, are you coming? I hate soccer.
And I hate kids.
Absolutely not! They'll walk in with us during the ceremony.
Right, cuties? Cindy, our flower girl! Wow, my dream! [Dodoi] We're going to celebrate my new job! Can someone mention the ketchup? The kids will go to the church with their mother! Thank you so much, Flavio.
But I don't need anyone to defend me.
- They're our kids, mine and Dodoi's! - There, you see, Flavio Jr.
! This is my family, you're the intruder.
[crew] Family is all about ketchup! What's this family business? You crazy? I've been here for 12 years taking care of them while you were there in jail! Go figure! That's it.
It's time for Samantha to be happy.
The children are hers and having them at the wedding is essential for the show! The decision is made.
The house is mine.
The children are mine.
- They'll go to the wedding if I want to! - And they're not going! [Flavio] The show is mine! And the wedding will be light, sweet and sponsored! [laughing] Light, sweet and sponsored.
How cool! Woo! You OK now, sweetie? Sugar Heart, sweet as a dream! I'll sue you! You'll have to sell the kids to pay me! I'll warn you now, I'm very expensive.
I want to see you show this on F.
TV! This one goes to [beep].
Don't bother celebrating with the kids, because my ex works at that radio.
I know who she is! She gave you a nickname in the WhatsApp group.
[Flavio] "Handsome"? That's what my women call me! No, it's not that.
It's "limp-dick", actually! Wait, hold on! Hit me here, it's a little better for the camera.
[Samantha screams] I was really horrified by that scene.
Although I do find it exciting, two men fighting over me.
Ow! I'm done! - I'll see you at the wedding.
- Are you still getting married? Of course! I honor my commercial commitments.
Let's go! Out.
[tuts] [Samantha] Bye, guys! Thank you! [Samantha] See you tomorrow! Bye! Are you happy that you almost destroyed my marriage? Samantha, your marriage had an end date.
Possibly, Dodoi.
But I'm going to enjoy all my time on the air.
Put a little sugar on him, see if he gets easier to swallow.
Flavio might have flaws, but at least it's all there on the contract, no surprises.
[laughs] Samantha I've seen you in love.
I know how you get.
Are you into this guy? Very much so.
Because he's very romantic, alright? - Yeah? - Yeah.
Does he have moves? [crew coughs] This is not what you're thinking! You can't come in here at this time! [crew] Honey, just so you know, it's 5 p.
, OK? Oh fuck, the match! - [crew] Film, film.
- Look, guys, I can explain! [crew] No, wait, there's no need.
[crew] I'll shoot Flavio breaking up with you, and then it's over, your role ends.
That's it.
OK? [TV] And the referee whistles! Game over! - How about a TV detox at this house? - Flamengo won without my help.
It's over.
I'm not "Lucky Charm Dodoi".
It's over.
Luck is not our forte.
- Samantha, about yesterday, I wanted - It's OK, Dodoi, it's just a reality show.
- [door opens] - The kids should be at school! Calm down, people.
They are.
We took them so we could film their day.
Nothing happened.
- You know Brandon has no friends? - Neither does Cindy.
And? - We forgot Pompom.
- Pompom? Rogerio, Samantha! The sponsorship from Little Horses farm, a fortune, a luxury! - [Samantha] No, no! - [crew] As if! No horse, no job, no pay, no contract.
The kids can't watch this episode.
I won't need this anymore.
What is it? You'll laugh, but it's the divorce papers.
I never signed them.
- Why not? - I don't know, Dodoi, I forgot! Also, you were in jail.
It wouldn't have made any difference.
Got it.
You forgot.
Still, why didn't you tell me before? So I didn't have to look at that silly little smile of yours.
And so what? What's the problem? Here, look, it's just paper.
" Subtitle translation by Leticia Bianco