Samantha! (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES We might as well use this cake and get married again.
I don't want marriage with a second-hand cake or fiancé, Dodoi.
Calm down.
Don't stress out.
It was just a joke.
Stop, Dodoi.
The kids are up already.
So what? What's the problem? They don't know how they were made? It's one thing to know, my dear.
Another thing is a live reenactment.
OK? Either way, I really think that what happened yesterday was a mistake.
A mistake? Your face didn't look like it was a mistake.
- It was all too fast, Dodoi.
- Samantha, I tried really hard.
No! Not like that.
It was out of the blue, you know? How do I tell the kids? Yesterday I was engaged.
Today, Dad and Mom Why can't we be honest with them? Mom and Dad are doing it to try and figure things out! Having kids has nothing to do with honesty.
The children aren't prepared.
That's it.
Samantha, am I here or not? I'm going to tell them.
If you tell my kids, you know what I'll do to you? - What? - I'll kill you! Understood? I don't want my children traumatized.
That's it.
Mom, Brandon choked a sea turtle to death! More traumatized? [Cindy.]
Murderer! Turtles are going to die because you drink coffee with a straw! Do you know how long it takes for plastic to decompose? And for you to stop being annoying? Good morning, mommy's most beautiful babies! Look, daughter, mommy made you hot chocolate, my Cindy, with soy milk, of course, for my world savior.
- Thanks.
- Cindy is a very mature girl.
She gets things, right? They both do.
- You can never underestimate these two.
- [Samantha scoffs.]
Did they leave some cameras in the kitchen? Did something happen? Why? What happened? Nothing! What? Mom can't spoil her kids today? In fact, Brandon, I made that little omelet you like, with this special seasoning here, exotic! No! This is Ciggy! [sniffs.]
- Samantha, it's three in the morning! - [Samantha.]
What a drag! Can you believe I dreamed that I died? [laughing.]
Of all people [coughing.]
at the height of fame! [laughing.]
But then, I thought of something very beautiful.
Just listen September 23rd, 1940 the day I was born - Let's fast forward, OK? - [Brandon.]
Stop, Mom.
Very important If I die before you, I want to be cremated.
Did you hear me? - Cre-ma-ted.
- [Samantha.]
See, guys? That's exactly what I did! Then that's it.
It's done! Happy? - Mom, he hasn't finished talking yet.
- Damn it.
- [coughing.]
That was my dream - See that? The Plimploms all together again.
Clearly insane.
Come on guys, he's delirious! For God's sake, Tico and Porky! - You hadn't seen this until today? - The video is two hours long, Cindy.
- Hold on, did you forget he was there? - No! I didn't forget! I kept him in a dry and cool place.
Like a jar of flour! Are you going to deny your best friend's last wish? Ciggy was our grandfather! In the absence of a present father figure.
I knew you wouldn't get it.
Cig, back to your little corner! - No, don't put him in the pantry! - Is the fridge better? No.
Boundaries, Samantha.
You have to do what Ciggy asked.
When we don't solve the past, the future stalls, it's bad luck! My future is scheduled, baby.
I have a meeting today with the Midas of television.
She'll see my potential for a TV show of my own.
Dodoi, if your future is stalled, you take Ciggy! [Samantha's ringtone.]
It was a multicolored disc - What, Marcinho? - [Marcinho.]
Hi, Samantha! You look like someone died.
I haven't started talking! Come on, Marcinho, what is it? Your meeting with the network is going to be late, OK? - To the end of the day? - [Marcinho.]
End of life.
The executive is the first Brazilian patient with feline flu, Samantha.
She is in quarantine, she's lost sight in one eye.
But she's a warrior! People are making a strong prayer chain here in the hospital, and she'll make it.
[hangs up.]
- Don't say it's bad luck, OK? - I'm saying nothing.
But the last things you did, they all went wrong.
- This thing's an evil spirit.
- You really think so? Absolutely! As long as you don't do what Ciggy asked, your life is stuck.
You, Porky, and Tico, all of you spreading my ashes in Varre-Sai.
What a beautiful scene, no? [laughing.]
That's my last wish.
Guys, I'm great! And I'm not going anywhere, alright? [phone rings.]
Just an update, Samantha.
She's gone into the ICU.
Just gone in.
- [Dodoi.]
Sounds like a curse.
- Everyone in the car, now! [Samantha.]
Cindy! Brandon! Fast! [Samantha.]
Enough with Tico and Porky.
Ciggy is giving me trouble after death! [Brandon.]
Stop, Mom! [Samantha.]
Dodoi! Let's go! [tires screech.]
Go, Dodoi! I'm in a hurry.
This isn't a road trip.
It was a multi [Samantha.]
What's up, Marcinho? They've isolated her floor at the hospital.
What's the problem? I'm not afraid.
I was born in the 80s, there's no disease I don't know! Wake up! Orders from the World Health Organization.
What's the problem? I can wear a mask! Samantha [sighs.]
You know, Dodoi, everything makes sense now.
That's why I've been suffering all these injustices! Ciggy, I'll kill you over this curse business! Don't listen to her, Cig.
We'll honor you! - And why do I have to hold this rug? - Samantha, don't worry about it.
[music plays.]
You just need to decide If you love me I learned to smoke when I Guys, let's go.
Put it on the GPS.
What's the name again? Varre-Sai.
And Tico and Porky? Aren't we picking up the other Plimploms? There is no one else.
I am The Plimploms.
- Type it in.
What was it? - He said all The Plimploms, Samantha.
Dodoi, it's been 30 years.
They never mailed me a letter, sent me a text.
Not even an emoji.
- This group thing is totally over.
- Cindy, can you get their addresses? OK? Let's do this right so your mom can pay her debt.
I'm the cursed one here, sweetie.
I decide! Go straight.
As if! [sighs.]
You want Porky's address? Here.
- "Dangerous Kitties"? - It's a cartoon, my dear! Porky's father was the video store owner.
The address is here.
That's been there forever.
It was normal to rent videos and forget to return them.
[phone rings.]
Dodoi, where are you, man? There's a barbecue happening here: women, fire, grill.
- Just missing your skewer.
Get over - [hangs up.]
[rings bell.]
[rings bell.]
You saw that I tried, right, Cig? - May I help? - [Samantha.]
Hi! - Hey, Samantha! - Since I was five! - I've waited so long for this moment! - [Samantha.]
I love my fans.
You're all so cute, but no touching.
How long have you been working here? Twenty years.
So you know Porky that worked here? [exhales.]
I remember him well.
I'd like to send a kiss to Tico and Alfon, Alfao To him! Difficult name, right? But you can call him - Call me Fonsinho.
- Porky! He's very round, right? Come on, guys! Porky! Porky! - [Samantha.]
I don't believe it! - They call me that until this day! - But why did you lose weight? - I had three heart attacks.
Fine! But wasn't it better being fat? [scoffs.]
I almost died, Samantha! OK, but people loved you fat! [music plays over radio.]
- Dad, be respectful.
- We're in mourning.
Aren't you? It's just love.
For Ciggy! Listen, he wouldn't like seeing you sad like this.
Can you give me a little smile? OK, I get it.
Do you want some chocolate? [Brandon cries.]
- What is it? - He always gave us chocolate.
Brandon, want some good news? You can have your room back.
- Really? - Really.
Yes! Woo! - Dad, the garage is mine! - And it will continue to be.
You don't have to sleep on the couch just to please us.
I won't.
Wait, if you're not sleeping in my room, nor in the garage or on the couch How come after everything we've been through you have the nerve to invite me to go on a ridiculous trip with you? - I can't accept your weight loss.
- I'm not going on this trip! - You're wrong, Porky! - Alfonso! The trip is not mine, it's for Ciggy.
OK? We just go there and do this thing, we don't even have to talk.
You can get out of this awful place.
My life is fine.
And for the record, my video store is doing very well, thank you.
You're not coming? OK, bye, I'm in a hurry! Whoa! Samantha! I said I wouldn't go, I didn't say I wasn't going.
I said I wouldn't go dressed like this.
I need to change clothes.
Excuse me.
Go for it.
- Cindy, don't touch Porky, OK? - My name is Alfonso.
You should have said you didn't like it.
Each of us had a character.
Yeah, I was the funny and talented one, OK? That was my character, everyone was laughing.
- At you! - But they weren't supposed to laugh at me.
- I was not the joke.
- Fat, funny, it's all the same, Porky! - Alfonso! - Alfonso isn't funny at all! If you don't like it, get in the trunk! Samantha, take it easy.
I didn't talk to the other inmates like that, and they wanted to kill me.
Alfonso, don't mind Samantha.
She plays tough but prefers to hide her feelings.
Sorry about that! No, she has to apologize! I'm not going to apologize for giving you a career! [laughing.]
That's the Samantha I know.
This sucks! - [Dodoi.]
Cindy, how long until Varre-Sai? - We're still missing one Plimplom.
No! We found this one by luck! There's no other Plimplom, for God's sake.
I'm sure Cig will settle for two.
No need for another one! [car horn beeps.]
- That's called karma! - And the other one is called Tico! Fine.
Let's go! Let's find that other Plimplom.
Especially as I don't want to look at your face again! I'm telling you, it's going to be hard to find this one.
Tico? He's in the Plimploms WhatsApp group.
- Why didn't you add me? - We use it to badmouth you.
Hallelujah, Jesus! [crowd.]
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! [director.]
Cut! - [Tico.]
Claudia! - Tico? [screams.]
Oh, my God.
He's fine, he's coming, he's just making an emergency call to his psychiatrist.
What did you do to them, Samantha? Do I start with the physical or psychological abuse? - But is he coming? - Oh, yeah.
Tico never knew how to say no to Samantha.
That was his curse.
- [Alfonso.]
Here he is.
- Excuse me.
How you doing? - Alright? - All Plimpoms in the car! Well, Dr.
Tereza said that I'm stable and that, in fact, this trip might be good to prove to myself that I've overcome my obsession - with the toxic figure of Samantha.
- [laughing.]
Sorry, those were just her words, got it? For me, it was just a great love.
Does anyone have a plastic bag for Tico? It's not necessary, Samantha.
I don't do that anymore.
I'm a new man now.
- [Samantha.]
- Do what? Tico, what is your biggest dream? To be honest, my biggest dream is getting a kiss from you.
How cute! Close your eyes, Tico.
So now everyone has psychological issues because of me! Anything else to say? This is jealousy! You're all jealous of me.
That's why this crappy group ended! No, no.
The group ended because you left.
This is your specialty, right, Samantha? Abandoning others.
Guys, take it easy with Samantha! Samantha has changed.
- She's a good mother and partner.
- [Alfonso.]
Samantha's a good partner? - [Alfonso.]
Why did you break up with her? - I broke up with him! You haven't signed the divorce papers.
- Shut up and stay out of it, Dodoi.
- And you obey her? Man, you must be suffering in that house! - No, he isn't.
He has a bed in my room! - How pathetic! - It's temporary, but we're working on it.
- Working on it, how? At least Dodoi is not a loser stuck in time like you, Porky.
Get a grip! - Guys, respect Ciggy! - This rug is giving me allergies! [Tico, to himself.]
You're in a safe place.
Sure you don't need a plastic bag? This alpaca jacket is new.
Porky, can't you see that it's you that's causing the animosity in this car? It's like Dodoi said.
I've changed, I've matured.
I now know how to appreciate others and recognize my flaws.
That's not what I said.
You've always used everyone and then threw them out! That's what you've always done! Give me the bag! I'm going to die today.
Should I stop the car? [music plays over radio.]
- Thank you for defending me from Porky.
- Alfonso! Truth is, I can't wait to get out of that room so we can pick up where we left off.
Give me some time, Dodoi.
I still worry about the kids.
- We're almost there, my loves! - That's fine, Mom, it's cool here.
Because you're not hugging a rug! [Brandon.]
Hey, hey! It's cool here, everyone together.
It was a multicolored disc Marcinho, don't tell me she's gotten worse! No, Samantha.
I mean, we can't tell.
She's stuck in the elevator.
But the rescue troops are getting here soon, thank God.
What about the stairs? - Who are those ugly people behind you? - Marcinho, focus! Give me a few more hours and we'll figure this out.
If it can be done in minutes, it would be better! But keep doing what you're doing there, because it's working.
I'm going to hang up now, the rescue team is here.
They're going to blow the door.
Look, this one is 80s.
This one is bald.
Not this one, sorry.
Do you only play Jesus? - This one is 2008, look! - Thanks for the chips! - I've never tried these.
- They're organic, new in the market.
- Ugh! I hate novelties! - Cindy, no touching.
This way.
It's something more alternative, different.
More avant-garde.
- The six-pack? - No.
- The hair! Check it out.
It's shorter.
- [Brandon.]
So you know, in the art world they call me "six-pack Jesus", OK? - [ringtone.]
It was a multicolored disc - I'm on the internet.
Who knew, Samantha, they blew up the wrong door! [Marcinho.]
An old lady was in the other one! Marcinho, only call me when they know what's wrong with this woman! There are lots of people in this car who don't like me.
- And the last thing I need is an evil eye! - What did you call me? Fine! Big kiss! [sighs.]
It's all my fault, but I'll make things right! [Samantha.]
Come on, guys! [Dodoi.]
Bye, Ciggy! [Tico.]
Why did he choose this abandoned place? - [Tico.]
This looks haunted! - [Samantha.]
Hurry up.
It'll get worse.
It's going to get dark.
What the hell, guys? [Tico.]
Watch out! Did we come down here to scatter his ashes in this garbage? - This thing is symbolic, Porky! - Guys, this place is kind of strange.
Ciggy chose it.
What's so strange about it? Look at that sinister circle over there! That thing? What was strange was you hanging on that cross.
I just wanted to say that Cig must have had a reason for bringing us here to this place.
Let's hold hands.
Hold hands? No way! I want to scatter this! Come on! - Let's do it! - "Me, me, me"! - All about me as usual, right, Samantha? - Yeah.
Ow! [laughing.]
- That's karma, sweetheart.
- What karma? Pigeon poop? - [pigeon shrieks.]
- [Samantha screams.]
OK, fine! It's cool! What do you guys want? Let's sort this out! I forgive you, "Blah blah blah.
" Let's scatter this! You forgive us? This chick is crazy, bro! - I have an idea! - What is it, Tico? Truth or dare.
It always helped us understand things.
Tereza finds it a good method for closing cycles.
Keep talking about this woman and I'll crucify you myself.
I'm only suggesting we let our demons out.
Let's make Ciggy and all of our traumas go away! - What trauma? I haven't got any traumas! - Enough! Stop! - [Samantha.]
Stop it! - [Alfonso.]
For the love of God! - We're going to play! - For God's sake, Samantha! Shouldn't we go inside and say goodbye to Ciggy? I spent hours hugging him.
I'm good! Leave your mom in there, they have a lot to figure out! - Like you and mommy, right, Dad? - You two are such bad liars.
- You can tell us! We're old enough.
- I said that to your mother.
- Let's tell them we had sex.
- So what are you going to do? I have no idea, kiddo.
- If you stay together, I want a brother! - You already have a brother.
But if they try again, something better might come, right? Please don't! I couldn't stand living with a child at home! [bicycle horn rings.]
Huh! Cotton candy! Dad, buy me some! It's my favorite food! - Nice one, grown-up! - [Dodoi.]
Hey, Cotton candy! My bad, Juninho.
I'm not going to the barbecue.
Let's do something more chill.
Thanks, bro! Big hug.
Four cotton candies.
- [Samantha.]
I'll spin! - [Tico.]
So? Truth or dare? Dare.
[Alfonso, laughing.]
Of course! Truth has never been your forte.
Truth, then.
Admit it! You feel threatened by our brilliance! You'd do anything to sabotage us! I won't listen to insults from people who were an extra feature of my doll! - Tico, aren't you going to say anything? - I think I'd better call Dr.
- No, no! Let's finish this! - [Samantha.]
My fucking God! - Is this gun broken? - Truth or dare.
Samantha, are you in love with me? No, Tico, I've told you a thousand times! I can't believe you wasted a question on that! Then I want another go! - Don't even - It's my turn! Let Tico play.
Don't you want to finish this whole thing? [Samantha.]
OK! You can ask, go! Are you and Dodoi together? Shoot me, for the love of God! Give me the gun! I didn't come here to learn that you have another man! Tico, I'll say what you want to hear, OK? Me and Dodoi have nothing.
Nothing! It's over! He only lives in my house because it's convenient for our careers.
OK? That's great, then.
I need to confess something that I've never said before.
What? [Samantha.]
- I love you! - For God's sake! And I'm still a virgin! What? I'm a virgin, too! Nobody cares, Tico! Hold on, Porky, this is serious.
Tico, look at me.
Look! Focus here! Me and you, OK? We have nothing and never will! It doesn't work, you and me! - Why? - I don't know, you're not my type.
- [laughing.]
Nobody is your type, Samantha.
- [Samantha.]
Not true! Then who is your type? Who? Tell me and I can be any type! - [Samantha.]
Tico! Call Dr.
- [Alfonso.]
Get out, Samantha! Get out! - Don't touch him! - [Samantha.]
I only want to help! You've destroyed everyone around you and that's all you do! I'm sorry.
Are you OK, Dad? That thing we were talking about Truth is that me and your mother We decided that I'm going to move out.
I'll always be on your side, OK? Remember that when you have to choose the best room in your new home.
I want the master bedroom.
And remember that I'll never accept anyone else in your place, OK? But you couldn't wait to live with Flavio! Cindy, you're too attached to the past.
It's been almost a day! Oh, Rogerio, my little horse.
Hey, you guys, stop fighting! We're in mourning, aren't we? The thing is, whatever happens to me and your mother, I'm here.
I'll never leave you again, OK? Are we going to scatter him? [Tico.]
Let's do it.
I can't believe it! The Plimploms! What's this? May I? I'll post it on Instagram! Are you guys back together? - Are you doing a show in this theater? - What theater? Don't you remember? This is the Big Sweep Theater! [Samantha.]
Oh my [Tico.]
Look what I found here! - [Samantha.]
No way! - Look! - Tico! - [Tico.]
Our first concert was here! [Alfonso.]
It was here we did our worst Yes, this place went broke and ended up like this.
I still remember the smell of popcorn.
Try not to fall over me next time.
- It's not my fault Tico messed up.
- Samantha kept staring at me! [vomits.]
What's with the sad faces? You're just starting out! You've had one bad day! What matters is to never stop believing! Old bastard! I miss him.
We laughed so hard that day! You don't miss those times, Alfonso? Porky was loved! People wanted to grab you, smell you, hug you! It was real, like your VCR tapes.
Yeah, for sure, nowadays parents don't let children come close to me! We'd argue and argue.
But we were a family, right? [crying.]
Let's scatter the ashes! Let's do it! [crying.]
So beautiful! I'm very emotional too! You still haven't left, woman? Leave! This is a family affair! Intimate! That's right! You lunatic! Piss off! [woman screams.]
Shit! [sighing.]
On three? - On three.
- Let's do it.
One, two, three.
- [spitting.]
- [Samantha.]
Oh, damn! [spitting and coughing.]
- This is pepper! - Black pepper! He was using a lot of stuff.
Never mind, let's not judge! [ringtone.]
It was a multicolored disc A flying - [Samantha.]
- It's a miracle, Samantha! The woman's health improved! It's a miracle! [Marcinho.]
The doctor said she'll have some side effects and all that.
But that might be good for us, Samantha! Get here! She's asking for you.
- Run, my warrior angel! - I'll call you later.
Boys, would you mind going to a meeting with me? I have an invitation for you.
- Shall we? - Yeah, let's go Juninho! Let's start this barbecue.
I'll bring the booze! Can I stay in your house for a few days? Thanks! [door closes.]
[elevator bell rings.]
Wow! You look great! [Samantha.]
I have a proposal for you.
Subtitle translation by Leticia Bianco