Samantha! (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I will bring love back into this country, that's it! Dr.
Tereza assured me that this time I'm really ready to reap the fruit of success.
- Everyone will see me shine! - Let's take a photo.
Who's ready to be humiliated on FTA TV? Let's go, guys! It's time! - Let's go? - Let's go.
What matters is that we never stop believing! Do you also feel like eating ketchup when you listen to their song? Mom will kill you if she sees that.
What do Harry Potter, Batman and Frozen have in common? They don't have any parents.
That's why their stories are successful.
LIFE THE STORY OF AN ORPHAN BOY Our parents didn't die, Brandon.
Dad left home and mom's on TV, simple! That's why we can do whatever we want.
- So, it's OK if we have a little fun.
- What is this mess? He made this mess! - Dad, she said you were dead! - Didn't we talk on the phone yesterday? It's been such a long time, I miss you already.
Look, I explained this already, daddy and mommy aren't What a drag, this conversation again? I can't take it anymore! Did your mom leave an envelope? Over there.
I don't think she even read it.
- She didn't sign it? - It's going to start.
THE PLIMPLOMS We're not alone This world is our home - Who does she think she is? - Dad May I use the house to make a difference? Let me watch mom! Go clean up this mess! Now! This is not going to end well.
So together we became The Plimplom Gang Plimplom Plim-plom, Plim-plom Plim-plom, Plim-plom And together we became The Plimplom Gang - Guys, it's great to remember this song! - I thought I'd forget the lyrics! Because it's hard, right, Tico? You guys sang what, two verses? Just kidding, guys.
It's just that this was my song! Now we're going to sing "Porky's Diner", because everyone liked this song We'll have time for that later, Porky.
Do you guys remember how many letters we used to receive? Thousands of letters! "Tico, I love you!" "Give Tico a kiss.
" "I want to see your little briefs, Tico!" That's why the three of us are here together again, for you! - Inseparable! - Indestructible! And with this energy, we start a new segment called: "Somebody Warn Them!" Call and leave an anonymous message and we will deliver it with lots of love! There is someone on the line.
Let's take it! - We have a caller! - Valeria's friend.
A mysterious friend left a message here for her.
- Let's see how her friend wants to help.
- It's time for the power of friendship! Director, close up on me.
- Hi, Valeria! - Hi! You're enjoying your honeymoon, right, Valeria? Honeymoon? Nice! Are you at the beach? - Samantha, I love you! - Valeria, listen! Your husband has been cheating on you for six months! What? Everyone at your wedding knew, yet they still ate and drank for free! I'm still funny, right? Lucky you're still funny, because you stopped being cute 70 pounds ago.
You seem to have found all the pounds I lost, right, Tico? Didn't you use to have a six-pack? If you push this button one more time Why don't we have a real audience? A real audience wouldn't laugh.
We went too far.
I don't want viewers to think Viewers don't think, Samantha.
- There's no one watching this shit! - What? Ratings won't increase this way.
Gel wrestling, you didn't want to do it.
Family fight, nope.
You wouldn't listen to my corpse scene idea! The audience wants the Plimploms, Marcinho! - And the Plimploms are a message of love! - Love my ass! You know what increases ratings? Blood! I made a very special show Brandon, dad said we need to change the world and you have to help! He didn't say that.
I'm watching mom.
- There's someone else calling! - I'll talk this time! Hello? Plimploms? This is Liliane.
Hi, dear Liliane! You don't have to say your name.
It's anonymous! - It's Liliane, Lili! - You're on "Somebody Warn Them!" - Do you have a message for someone? - It's for you, Samantha.
I don't think you understood the game, Liliane.
You give us a name and we Don't you remember me? Once there was a time before the Plimploms were a trio.
Or did you forget about Mushroom Girl? The Plimploms are my little friends who want to take everything away from me! - What did she do wrong? - She was so sweet.
She was eating toilet paper like cotton candy.
Poor thing, this isn't for everyone.
It's me! I am the fourth Plimplom! And I want my place back! Mushroom Girl, get over it, OK? It's been how many years? - Go seek some treatment! - I've done therapy for 30 years.
And I learned to accept things.
Weak people need to be replaced indeed.
OK, honey! Why don't we talk some other time? - Let's go on with the show - And my tiara? Did you keep it for me? Put that back in the chest, now.
Find this woman, see what she wants, give her some money! End this! Fine.
Calm down.
Everything is already underway.
Thanks for cutting to the commercials.
It was a disaster.
Disaster? That call was the best! We're number two, we just couldn't beat the soap opera! - This isn't what I wanted! - It's even better! The show you were going to do would have a whipped cream pool, an old-lady makeover, desserts, weather forecast We were going to do something relevant! Relevant is sex, scandal, product placement.
In the 80s, who do you think paid for your show? Berenice Ketchup! If you don't want content, you're working for the wrong person! Now, do what I asked and I'll go to my pie game segment! Let me go, man! Do you know who you're talking to? FOURTH PLIMPLOM RETURNS! How come no one mentioned this Mushroom Girl? Brandon, to be remembered, you have to leave your mark.
Look at the Plimploms story! What is the biggest problem in the world? - The return of the fourth Plimplom? - No, Brandon! It's the extinction of bees.
I've told you! The bees are disappearing! Phew.
You know I'm allergic.
I know, but if the bees are gone, life on Earth ends.
Thanks, but no.
What the hell is this, Dodoi? You don't talk to me for a month and then show up here? I came to wish you good luck.
I have commitments, I'm launching my own brand of Catuaba.
"Dodoi, Dirty Boy.
" My idea.
There's even a launch party.
I own everything.
Thirty per cent.
You own 30%, Dodoi.
Marcinho, go figure things out with that woman and let me work this out with this leech.
You need my help, right? You know Dodoizinho always helps you when you're down.
- I don't need you to succeed, Dodoi.
- Then sign this, the divorce papers.
Going back on air! Let's do this live! Leave it at the studio reception.
When this is over, I'll sign it, for sure.
I knew it.
Do I sign here? I don't need you, Dodoi.
I don't need you either.
Party time! Good night, Mama Cindy's beautiful babies! Don't mind stupid Brandon, OK? He has no principles.
- Cindy, the show is starting again! - I can't miss this! CAREFUL - BEES THEY ARE SENSITIVE Now let's have some fun with our pie game! Wait! That's not it.
We have a big surprise! Now, let's welcome on stage a great friend of ours Liliane! Dr.
Tereza said that wouldn't happen.
It's her, Mushroom Girl! Tico? Wow, you're strong! Alfonso, what's up? Samantha.
That's great! Have a seat! Come on! A huge surprise indeed, I thought you were - Dead? No, just institutionalized.
- Oh, institutionalized.
You are so funny! Excuse me, can she come back to the gang? I'm already back! Dodoi! Well, guys, let's go to the next segment.
I don't think you want to expose intimate details.
Yes, I do! That's why I came here! When I left the Plimploms, I was a bit disoriented.
But then I had some time to reflect.
And it's very common for those who work in this kind of thing to have deep psychological traumas.
Right, Samantha? No, not me.
Focus on me.
Anyway, problems aren't interesting.
All of a sudden, I was back here and I'm great! Just look at my hair.
I am happy! I've attempted suicide, I've never sunbathed.
And for all this I have to thank you, Samantha.
Me? - Dodoi, a picture! - I'll be right back, guys! - Hi! - Laila? I really have to pee.
You can stay, it's only pee.
- What's all this? - I came straight from work.
- I'll leave you alone.
- Big party? Samantha must be proud.
We're not together anymore.
- I'd better give you some privacy.
- Don't worry, it's your party! Juninho says you're like a brother to him.
We're home, baby.
Are you hooking up with Juninho? He told me that you grew up together, he was there the day you were arrested.
- But does he know we - Of course not, he's super jealous! It would be a mess if he found out, if he caught us locked up in the bathroom.
Dodoi? Where are you, candy-ass? The game is not over yet! I want to introduce you to my girl, man.
- This warrior here has thick skin! - Not at all! - This woman kicks ass! At ten years old - Nine! At nine years old, she toured all over Brazil, performed eight times a week, no sleep, no playing, no studying.
And all that sacrifice was while singing a song that has someone else's voice.
- What? - Impeccable.
She'd get nothing wrong, not a verse.
Nobody realized that the one singing the Plimploms song was me! What are you talking about? My darling, are you sure you were discharged from hospital? It doesn't look like it.
I'm being all polite with you, and you came for what? To lie on my show? Poor girl! Nobody told her.
No problem.
We've begun a new era of the Plimploms.
No more secrets.
- OK, I'm a virgin! - Tico, please! Samantha, Brazil the voice in the Plimploms song is mine! I brought a little souvenir here to prove it! Marcinho, what the hell is this? Dodoi, everyone saw you going in there, you sissy! Come out! Just a minute! I'm coming! - What do we do? Juninho will think - That we had wild sex on the sink? Whoever loses has to drink the whole bottle.
Come out, dude! I should open the door after everything you've done.
You weren't very kind to me.
Laila, don't do this! Laila.
Telepathically here's what he said We are all of this It's time to know We're not Was that part clear where I sang the entire song by myself? Yeah, it's clear This is a historical moment! Stay on her.
Stay on her! Cute, right? The voice in mom's music isn't really mom's voice? I'm in shock.
- Does that mean I'm not mom's son? - How much coffee did you drink today? What else is still hidden in here? - Do you know how to use it? - I saw it on the internet.
Playing it backwards may reveal a satanic message.
Eat Berenice Ketchup! - Wow! I can tell that you do Cross-Fit! - I'm glad you noticed.
Yeah, I also lifted tires at the clinic.
- Look how cool - Excuse me, sweetheart.
- Who should I kill? - Who should you thank, right? Because we beat the soap opera! I've achieved the impossible! What do you mean, you achieved it? You planned this bullshit? Getting us to first place on prime time? Yes.
- Marcinho, this song was my life! - No.
Now this show is yours! This show is no one's anymore.
Do you know how hard it was to find this woman? Lucky I already had a record in that clinic.
This is one episode, angel.
Finish the show.
Next week, a guy who has sex with trees.
No one will remember her! You should have seen his face, love! Were you afraid of me, Dodoi? What's up with that? Remember that time you wanted to make out with Sandrinha? I got my aunt's house ready you two stayed there for hours.
What happened? Nothing, man.
You're such a chicken.
- I was 13, Juninho.
- At 13, I already had two daughters.
And I consider them my own! Look at this cute pic! - Laila, that's you naked.
- I know.
I changed the subject.
This party is awful.
I don't know anyone.
Just fucking gatecrashers! Where is Tizio, where is Guile? Where's Big Head? I'll take you to a party that is super trendy.
- What's this, Juninho? - A little treat for my niece.
We'll drop it on the way.
I stop the car, you don't need to get out.
- Drop it and leave.
- Why do you give gifts to your niece? What is this, you son of a bitch? We've just discovered the biggest secret of the Plimploms.
- Let's make a pact.
We'll never - Never tell mom that on their album there's a subliminal message to sell ketchup! I think that pizza made me sick.
Did you hear that noise? I think it was a bee! You're delirious.
They're all in the bathroom.
Oh, my God! I cannot die! My autobiography hasn't been published yet.
I don't want to be a posthumous author! Good evening! Before we go to our last segment, I wanted to say goodbye to our friend Liliane and tell you something very important: when I thought about bringing back the Plimploms, I had a very clear idea in my head, which was to rescue that time of love when people sat in front of the Samantha, nobody can live in the past! So what are you doing here? I'm here because, as a Plimplom, I could not let the show flop.
And there will be no goodbyes! Me and my helpers, we're going to bring some joy into your homes.
But just a little bit, because life is also made of disappointment, sadness, and scenes with corpses! Well, shall we finish with a song? Hi guys, I can't speak too loud because we are in a super tight situation.
Right, Dodoi? The hashtag of the day is: "Is risky love tastier?" The best story will win a Was that a gunshot, guys? At my party? Wanna screw me over again? What's with all this resentment? I was in prison because of one of your parties! Not because of me! There were no innocents! You could have jumped the fence! I have two children, OK? I'm not getting arrested again.
Open up, Juninho! You're surrounded! Police! - We're screwed.
- You said everything would be OK! Because I'm the big sister! But dad is not coming back and mom will be late.
- This is the end.
- I haven't even finished writing my book! But think about this: we're going to die saving the world.
Has anyone here ever seen a UFO? Yeah! - We all saw it, remember? - Come, Porky, it's your time to shine.
Of course I do.
Ciggy, this one's for you! It went - Enough! You schemer! - Don't talk to her like that! Now you're the one who can't stand the pressure of the stage, Samantha! You may have the voice, but that's not what made this group.
It was my talent.
Even if you hadn't left, you wouldn't be here.
Because you weren't born to shine! You can have the fame.
You can have the name.
You can have history with the gang.
But I - I have the ability to fight! - You have what? I've prepared myself for this day for 30 years! Is it your job to interrupt success? 30 years and you have nothing better? I planned this far, but now I'm improvising.
None of you have the right to host this show! We are going to sing "Porky's Diner", which is a song that everyone knows Hold on, hold it.
Why didn't I ever have a solo song? They're completely crazy! Director, focus here on me, please.
I'm ready for my close-up.
- I want a close-up too! - How rude! - Excuse me, Tico! - This is my close-up.
I want it! Fight back, damn it! I thought I didn't need anyone, but I do.
But it's not you guys.
Good night, Plimploms.
This is the last time I call you that.
It's time to grow up.
Samantha, get back on stage now! What are you doing? Want to do your knitting segment? Let's do it! I have a good ketchup brand contact.
Do you want me to crawl? Want to step on me, angel? Go on! Samantha.
Do something! Hey, cutie! Samantha? Remember me? Samantha, right? Samantha with a "Y".
Because there's only one Samantha.
- Would you take a photo with me? - Sure, I'll do it.
The originals! Yeah, love, could I borrow your phone really quick? - Of course! - Be right back.
- Yeah.
- Hi, Dodoi.
- Can we talk? - I'm screwed.
What happened? I'll explain later.
Tell me where you are.
I'll come and get you now.
I love you, Liliane! I didn't run away! I discharged myself! If anyone has a right to be the new Samantha, it's me! This show needs a woman! But that person is me! - No way, you're not a woman! - It's me! Didn't you have a better place to hide? - Are the police downstairs? - I've explained your situation to them.
They felt sorry for you.
What "situation"? You know how it is, right, Dodoi? Being away from your kids, out of shape It makes a person reach their limit.
Are you trying to destroy me? I'm on the edge.
That's exactly what I told them.
But I also promised that I wouldn't let you do anything crazy.
There's a drink with your name down there.
"Dodoi on the rocks"! It's not my signature, Dodoi.
It's my autograph.
My autograph has a heart, my signature has a star.
There's a rumor that this drink is aphrodisiac - Shall we go home? - Yeah.
Easy, Dodoi! Don't do anything hasty.
Your family loves you! - What exactly did you say to them? - Shall we stay here a bit longer? - OK.
- We're here for your safety! Who's there? Watch out, I'm armed! My husband is dangerous! - Dodoi, unleash the dog! - Careful! I'm unleashing it! Damn, I don't want to get grounded again! Be quiet, Cindy! Mom might hear us! What are you doing there? - Mom, I brought a bunch of bees.
- She brought this stuff! - I didn't know he was allergic! - I'm going to die! Calm down! Come on, my babies.
It's OK now! Give me a kiss.
Mom's beautiful baby! What's going on? There are lots of reporters! They're selling masks of mom's face! - Because mom is actually famous, Brandon.
- More people are coming! There's a banner: "Samantha for President!" - "Samantha for President!" - No, Dodoi, seriously! I need to think about the future.
- And I'm an honest person.
- Off to a bad start, then.
No, wait! I am charismatic, I'm disciplined, I'm communicative and what matters the most is I love this country! If that's what people want, who am I to say no? What matters is that you never stop believing! Subtitle translation by Leticia Bianco