Samantha! (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What about this nose? Can you breath properly? Not with you squeezing it! This is the worst thing that could have happened.
Do you think so too? I'm talking about me.
And it's all your fault! Oh, honey, great.
It looks beautiful.
Your mother had several other boyfriends besides my son - I don't know.
- I wasn't asking.
When was the white boy born? Dodoi has never needed me more.
Are you going to stand there, quiet? - I'm going to hide.
- No! Be brave.
Go get your image back.
Isn't that why you called her here? We haven't spoken in 12 years.
I don't want to break the tradition.
Why did I say I need her? Last time, she spent five years in my house.
She was everywhere.
Spare me the details.
This woman can't stay here all day, meddling in our lives! Don't talk like that about my mother.
By the way will you talk to her for me? Maybe if she sees a mother who leaves her kids alone, she will be inspired.
You respect me.
I do not leave my kids alone.
I just don't raise kids who stay hidden.
- I'm not hiding.
- Oh, no? - I'm going to talk to her.
- Do that.
It was time I came back.
I'm going to get my son's life back on track.
Hey, Samantha.
I thought you were going through this mature phase.
You could help me.
Show you're not that woman from the movie.
I'm not just showing her.
I'm going to destroy this stupid movie before they announce the cast.
I see.
They are announcing the actress today.
That's why you're stressed.
You're right, I'm probably just nervous.
I'll talk to your mother for you, love.
Give me a kiss.
I'm going over there.
- Thanks, babe.
- Don't worry.
I'm always here for you.
Cindy, can you go get my flashlight? Of course, Grandma.
Good morning, Socorro, darling.
- I wanted to have a little chat.
- Someone help me! Then sit.
My neck hurts when I talk to people standing.
Being almost my age, you understand.
I'll stand.
I'm actually just doing your son a small favor.
Dodoi asked me to tell you that he won't be able to come with me.
He's looking forward to spending the day with his super-present mother.
Of course he needs me.
You're busy, a career woman.
My priority has always been my son.
That must be why he's hiding.
I raised my kids to be free, you know? I know, I read the book.
You must be very worried with this documentary about your life It's fiction and it won't leave the drawing board.
What? Did you come here to humiliate me? I need to destroy this stupid movie.
- That's gross! - It's my mother's.
Only someone as low as yourself can help me do even lower things.
It's like they say, Samantha.
In a land of cockroaches, the mouse is king.
Nobody says that.
I've already got a plan.
To help me or to destroy me? Remember, I'm your only source of income now.
The hell you are! Since they announced the movie, you've been refusing invitations.
You're hurting your manager's feelings! But of course it's a plan to help you, my dried-out rose button.
I know how we can beat this movie.
Are you okay, Marcinho? Helping me after what Dodoi did to you? I don't hold grudges.
Money is my only friend.
Oh, right.
How much is this going to cost? I'm not selling my hair on the black market again, okay? I'm not talking about committing any crimes.
I'm talking about doing something even lower.
I was so moved by your gesture.
I've waited years for this call.
- Mom, I locked the door! - Exactly! I had to break in! You're still washing your hair with soap? No, I'm using Cindy's It's none of your business! But this is! I didn't raise my kid to dress like a hobo.
Let's go shopping.
Mom, let's talk Who washes your clothes? I do.
I'm a grown man.
Now, about my image Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Look what happened after you stopped listening to me.
A failure on the field! - I was a success! - Until you got arrested.
Then you married a vulgar, trashy D-list celebrity, and horrible mother! I swear I could smell her Samantha is doing much better.
If that wasn't enough, you left prison and dove right into the Catuaba deal As a businessman, I owned 30%! Exactly, a terrible deal.
You need me to protect you.
Or your image.
I can take care of myself.
What's this? I won't give you your image rights back until you prove you can take good care of it.
Now let me wash behind your ears! - Let me soap you up - Stop it, Mom.
Momma's little teddy bear.
Why are you locked in your room listening to depressing music? This is my victory song.
After I send my book to the publishers, my success will free me from being a child.
This book will change everything.
I'm glad you listened to me.
It really makes no sense writing a book if it won't change the world.
I want to change my life.
Samantha! Hi, everyone! Thank you and good morning.
Let me start by telling you the truth.
Unlike what those jerks say, I did grow up.
I'm a mature woman who deserves to be taken seriously.
- I'll prove it.
- How? Tell them, Samantha.
I will first destroy those two idiots, Tico and Porky, who want to take advantage of my success.
Are you successful? Of course! If I wasn't, why would someone make a movie about me? Then you agree the movie is a biography? No! This movie is an ugly and dirty version of the Samantha that Brazil loves.
Is Dodoi leaving you again? He never left me.
I'm the one who abandons people.
People who don't deserve me, like the bastards behind this movie.
Marcinho, that's enough.
Thank you! Samantha, are you anxious to find out who is the actress playing you? For her to agree to making this trashy film, she must be desperate.
Is it true that you are not in touch with your kids? And that you reuse hotel towels? - Samantha! - Tell us, Samantha! We're done here, bye! - Take your time, Dodoi! - Okay, Mom! I'm taking some time to inspect the cupboards.
Don't do that, Mom! There's only junk food in here and these smelly mushrooms! That's Cindy's food, Mom! Mom, stop going through my things! Dodoi, you're almost dying from carrying just one light box.
And rearranging the furniture.
Your heart is probably on its last legs.
With this diet I'll make you a meal plan! - Are you cooking for me? - Do I look like someone who cooks? I'll just manage your meals.
What is this mess, Dodoi? Jesus! - That investment was great! - Do you want to go bankrupt? You have to do what I do and invest in debentures.
There's no other way, we need to open a joint account! - Where are the receipts? - You've just ripped them up! Don't be rude to your mother.
Where is the stamp for this document? Mom, that's a flyer for Wild Dog Pizza.
It doesn't matter.
Why do these papers have clips if they're inside a folder? It's called organizing.
That's my income tax, see? I can look after myself.
Yes, it's organized, but not my way.
I use color coding.
Chronologically is much easier.
Easy is for people who are not ready to do things themselves.
Mommy is going to help you live up to your potential.
I'm not sure, let me think.
You were right, the furniture was better before.
You can put everything back.
Just because I told you to.
A huge hit! The phone won't stop ringing.
I don't think this is what I wanted.
Look at this picture You're great.
Your best angle is furious! What if I just make an official statement? - Samantha, let me tell you something.
- What? One night, an angel came down from Heaven to wake me up.
He looked me in the eye and said, "No!" You are proving to be a great friend, Marcinho.
After Dodoi destroyed your plans to conquer Paraguay My sabbatical period away from the spotlight, - the time I ran you over - I had forgotten about that! Now go, fly, you're late! Fly, warrior angel! Go where? I got you on a show, Wronged Successful Women, with that model who's a TV host now.
Oh, okay.
But what about that Fly! You have no time to waste.
Careful, the roads are packed with lowlifes.
Fly, my swallow! Let me know about the show.
You got it.
Forget about the seat belt, just go.
- No! And let me know about the show.
- Okay, bye! - I need to know the time - Kisses! - I've got a plan.
- To help me or to destroy me? To help you, of course.
You are proving to be a great friend, Marcinho.
Son of a Hello? Yes, she's gone.
No, the road is not dangerous.
If you hear some noise, don't worry, it's gunshots.
You've arrived? The orange trailer is my office! I knew it! This cartoon is for adults too.
Lelé's Patrol, Brendon? - What about the post office? - You were right.
I can't publish a book that won't do any good.
I'm useless.
As your main, and only, investor, I'm going to help you.
You just lent me your lunch money! We need to find a new cause for your book.
The failure of post-modern men is out of fashion.
And the examples abound.
Please, Cindy! It isn't ready! "Chapter 2: Cindy - The "ad-wan-tages" of being an invisible girl"? It's a compliment! "Advantages" is spelled with a V.
But, fine, you're just a kid.
What did you call me? We'll publish this together.
I'll help you change the world.
Yes! Books with causes have more chance of a Nobel Prize.
And tomorrow she will spend the day cooking with that parrot puppet.
Yes, they made up.
Her schedule is full.
When we announce the actress, it would be great if they had a Twitter feud.
Do we need to stay here? It smells weird.
That's because the bathroom is built-in.
Have you decided on the actress yet? Because I have a cousin who is a wonderful actress.
I also owe her one.
Apparently her son is mine.
If we can give it a thought Don't try to hide, Tico! I already saw you.
- This is a private meeting! - About you.
I only think of you, even in vengeance.
- Shut up, Tico! - I love the jacket.
Samantha, my Valkyrie, what are you doing? This is my office! I'm only making sure everybody wins.
I knew something was wrong.
It looked like you had feelings.
- I knew What is that weird smell? - The built-in bathroom.
How much are you getting for making me talk about the movie? Do you think I'm doing this for the money? This is about our memory! I should have backed up the car when I ran you over! I'm promoting the movie for free for these two.
And you're making a profit! It doesn't cover half of my debt.
Admit it, Samantha.
You lost, and there's nothing you can do.
There's nothing you can do.
There's nothing you can do.
The Plimplom Gang is brought to you by Ruffles.
Samantha! Open the door! We're trying to keep the program on the air.
That's what the sponsors want.
- I need to go to the bathroom.
- No! I am not wearing a sausage outfit! Picture a waterfall There's already that stupid song about growing up! You want to destroy the Plimploms.
But I won't let you! Great! Then you're not singing! What do you think about "Porky's Diner"? It's time you had your own single.
You should have stayed quiet.
Quiet, quiet, quiet Why is she quiet? I'm going to do something I should have done a long time ago.
- Nothing.
- What? You can't do that, Samantha! Samantha! We hired two soap opera heartthrobs to play us! - Samantha! - Come back, angel! Angel! Thank God I'm back.
A man your age keeping your clothes in your son's closet! The closet is Samantha's, it's the only thing she wouldn't share.
Let's take a break.
I'm starving.
Fasting is good.
That way, you'll listen to me.
Let's go over your qualities and decide on your future.
- I've always been really - Charismatic! No, I was good at sports.
That's good, but charismatic is better.
- Well, there's the fact that I'm - Famous.
That's true.
You've always been famous.
No, I was going to say honest.
You were arrested.
Let's go with "charismatic" and "famous," that way everyone agrees.
Any ideas, suggestions? There's radio broadcaster, but I've already failed at that.
A political career! It brings power, respect.
- That's how I've always pictured you.
- As a politician? Great idea! Councilman to start.
Then Congressman.
And then President! Samantha tried getting into politics, but I knew you would find your path.
Are you giving me back my image? There's a registry office nearby.
Put the suit on, then we'll talk.
- I know what's missing! - My own closet? A beautiful fountain pen.
I want my son to live up to his potential! Get dressed, my son.
The Brazilian Obama! When I became a meme, I had two choices: I could get angry or I could get rich.
I told you, I have limits.
Samantha, the only celebrities with limits are the talented ones.
Exactly! I'm glad you got it.
I'm so tired, I have to go.
Bye! - Where's your father? - Out with Grandma.
I hope he comes back without her.
Why can't you get along with Grandma? This house only has room for one woman! Oh, I missed you so much! Laila, what the hell is this? Let go of me, woman! Family! Laila, you are not family.
You are not even a guest.
Sometimes I use hashtag #MyKey to come here and have some "me time" in our bathtub.
- Give it back.
- That's my key! I was grounded for a month for "losing it"! Oops! Hashtag #StoleIt But you can have it back.
Brandon, let's go to your room.
Is this a bad time? To break into my house? This attitude of yours, Sam I missed you.
Seeing you, up close Then see me and beat it.
Why are you here? I found a deadly fungus.
Another one? No, this one is in my bathroom.
So I came to my second home.
To spend the day with you.
I'm craving some time with my hashtag #FriendFromTheHeart.
Being your shadow.
Laila, I'm having a really bad day.
Which we will make better together.
What a nice pen.
It matches the new Dodoi, a man who has found his path.
With my help, of course.
Son, I know you're probably thinking that I'm that controlling, abusive woman.
Use the indicator! But I've changed.
I just want to look after my baby.
Check the rear mirror! Hey, don't yell! Then learn how to drive! That's enough, Mom! I spent the day trying to please you.
I want my image back! Now! I even agreed to this politics bullshit.
What do you want to do, Dodoi? - I I don't know yet, but - You never do! Politician, end of story! Your cousins are already counting on this job.
I knew it.
You haven't changed! Always manipulating! It's for the family.
Politicians need advisors.
- Your Aunt Claire - Is dead! Exactly! Do you know how hard it is to get a job in her condition? I don't want you deciding my future! What can a man your age with no college degree be? A politician.
Then I'll go back to school.
It's decided, I'm going to college.
I can't imagine anything sadder than an adult doing a college prep course.
I'll pay to get in.
Even sadder! Honey, listen to your mother Without me, you are lost.
You are incapable of taking care of your life.
You said that the last time we were in a fight.
Are you kicking me out of your life again? You better hope that I'm still alive when you realize you need me again.
I never should have encouraged you to start speaking.
Never! Our robes are the same.
Yes, because they're both mine.
That robe is from when I was a kid.
Thanks for letting me take a bath and use the handheld shower.
We don't have one.
Can you give me some space? I'm claustrophobic.
Sure, honey.
Just tell me, what are you checking on your phone? If there's any new gossip about me.
Oh, I do that too! And? - Nothing.
- Do you want a hug? No! This is actually great.
I need to stay out of the media for a while.
I'm abstaining.
Oh, no! We just shared the same bathtub water! Abstaining is when you choose not to do something you like, - because it harms you.
- Like a diet? Exactly.
" Have you noticed how similar we sound? - No! - Who said this, me or you? Honey, don't you have any other girlfriends? Let's make a video of us, twins! My followers will love it! Hashtag - #Laila-Is-Samantha.
I left my phone in the bathroom.
Bye, you nutcase.
What a day.
There's no need! - You came here to - Do a bootcamp for the part! Yes.
It would be an honor to play you.
Samantha, I'm desperate! This is my last chance as an actress! I must curse all my movies.
None of my movies have been released! Wait.
They weren't released because of you? Technically, I only set fire to one of them.
It's not my fault that I'm intense and end up developing a psycho-sexual romance with the crew.
My last two directors are in mental institutions.
Laila the part is yours.
What? But I just told you that I ruin movies! - Everyone deserves a second chance.
- Fourth chance Yes.
The production team owes me a favor.
Now I have something to ask in return.
I wouldn't trust this part with anyone else.
Only a brilliant artist could play "Samantha!" - Samantha.
- "Samantha!" Ta.
I just made a few corrections to your orthography and ideology.
Small things.
No more than 80% of the book.
And I changed a few drawings as well, they were too old-school.
Female characters as triangles with hair? They weren't female characters.
They were you and Mom.
I don't know if I want to send this.
It's not what I wrote.
Maybe I'm just not good enough.
You are good enough.
I shouldn't have changed anything.
This book is you.
If I want to change the world, I have to use my own voice.
Mom already told you, you weren't born to sing.
I'm not talking about that.
I mean figuring out where I belong.
There's a radical feminist group Great.
I'll put the old books in the mail then.
Bye! It was a kaleidoscopic saucer A flying saucer Sparkling A mighty sight! Samonster! Stop! You're going to hurt the children! You're too big! Porky, the only big person here is you! I know this joke doesn't make sense now that you're thin and have turned into a handsome, sexy man It's not good, Laila.
Seduce the camera.
Unleash your fury.
You're lacking sex appeal.
- Come on, go again! - Do you think so? Sure, honey.
Let all that desire out.
It's your biggest weapon as an actress.
I know this joke doesn't make sense now that you're thin and have turned into a handsome, sexy man Don't be afraid to be a little over-the-top.
- Take off your bra.
- I never wear bras.
Great, and, remember, you are not going to be with anyone on set, okay? Can't seduce anyone.
Even though Tico and Porky are magnetic sex symbols.
Think about what's best for the movie.
- The movie - Yes.
Family! I have a surprise! I'm going back to school What is she doing here? Dodoi, I'm in the middle of a rehearsal.
Laila is going to play me.
Your two biggest loves, immortalized on the big screen.
- Can I talk to you? - Sure.
No, this is real life, remember? I'm still me.
Real life Samantha, what's going on? I'm a grown woman who knows how to separate things.
People have their flaws, that's pretty much all Laila has, but they are who they are.
What if people want what's bad for you? People love us the only way they know how.
I can't force anyone to be who they aren't.
But people need to do their part as well.
Not if they can't.
If life is a journey, and Laila is my companion, I can't leave her in the middle of the road.
So - One more time.
- Okay.
It was a kaleidoscopic sau Don't forget to show your cleavage.
That was quick.
But you can go away.
I'm fine right here.
I met a great kid.
He could be my son.
He lent me this bench and gave me this free treat.
It's not free! You owe me three bucks! I came to apologize.
You have your flaws, but you're my mother.
And if life is a journey, I can't leave you in the middle of the road.
What's the magic word? I need you? But I also need to make my own decisions, okay? Let's go home.
Not home.
Let's stop by a registry office first.
- Come on! - Really? Laila has just signed the contract.
Everyone loved the idea! Now I can go back to doing some publicity.
No need for that anymore.
The girl has 14 million followers.
But I am A small fish.
This girl is truly famous.
And younger.
She's getting along well with Tico and Porky.
- I'm sure they're really close.
- Samantha? Is that Samantha? Let me talk to her! Sam, I followed your advice.
I'm cured! No more sex, no more mess.
Hashtag - #Abstaining! This movie will be a hit! Mom, every TV channel is talking about the movie! Subtitle translation by Guilherme Gama