Schitt's Creek (2015) s05e11 Episode Script

Meet the Parents

1 (Bird caws, dog barks) Okay so, as we all know, I think surprise parties are tacky, and far too often organized by well-intentioned people with very bad taste.
But Patrick has always wanted one, poor thing.
So I am throwing him a surprise party tonight.
Johnny: Well David, these kinds of parties take time, and planning.
Now, when I planned that Casablanca-themed party for your mother's 40th, I had to quarantine the camels for a month.
- Mhmm.
- Yeah David, this is all feeling very sketchy and last minute-y.
I've actually been organizing this for quite some time, I'm just telling you right now because I know that none of you can keep a secret.
Oh! At 9 a.
it's a little early for character assassination.
Not one of you knows how the "Crows" movie ends.
You told me the day you got home.
You gave me the script.
And you were both sworn to secrecy, so David is right not to trust you.
Yeah, this is why I'm reluctant to tell you that there is an extra surprise tonight.
I invited Patrick's parents.
Oh my God, David! Oh, that is very exciting news, son! Meeting the parents! That's a big step.
Yes, things are certainly racing along at a dangerously rapid velocity.
Thank you so much, we're doing great.
Now, I will only be throwing one surprise party, and one surprise party only.
So tonight there will be a surprise.
And there will be tears.
Even if they're just my own.
Okay? How did it end again? Like, a crowmageddon? Crowpocalypse.
- But you didn't hear it from me.
- (Snickers) - So - Wow.
This is a really big deal, Johnny.
I mean, meeting my best friend's son's boyfriend's parents for the very first time, I am very touched that you wanted me to share this moment with you.
I asked you to mow the lawn three times, Roland, So you being here is more your decision than mine.
(Door latch clicks) - Oh! Clint Hello.
Oh, hi! - Hi.
- You must be the Brewers.
I'm Clint.
This is my wife, Marci.
What a special moment this is for all of us, huh? - (Chuckles) - You must be David's Dad.
Oh, no, no! I do get that all the time, though.
It's uh, you know, you've got David's handsome looks there, and then my face.
Yeah, I'm David's father, Johnny Rose.
Johnny, it's a pleasure to meet you.
- Yes, hi.
- Hi.
Now, Patrick tells me you run the motel.
More like, runs it into the ground.
(Laughs uproariously) Oh, we do have a lot of fun around here, don't we? We do, sometimes.
Roland, do you want to get the room key for them? Sure.
So this is all very exciting.
I assume we'll see you tonight? Oh you definitely will.
So Patrick has been keeping us up to date about everything he and David have been doing, and I think it's amazing how far they've come.
Yes, yes, yes it is.
But uh, I'll have to admit, I've been somewhat of a skeptic about those two.
This one isn't as progressive as the rest of us.
It's a generational thing with him.
I was talking about the store, Roland.
You know, mixing a business relationship and a romantic relationship, well, that's it can get kinda tricky sometimes.
I-I-I missed the last part of what you just said.
The uh Oh, well, you were aware they were in business together as well, right? We knew that part, yes.
Really? Because it kind of seems like the two of you just found out some really shocking information.
Did I speak out of turn? I-I think we'll just go to the room, and get ready for the big surprise tonight.
Oh, sure.
(Door latch clicks) (Door slams) Huh.
Correct me if I'm wrong here, Johnny.
But it kinda seems like they didn't know their son is in a relationship with David.
(Gasps) You're looking especially fresh and photogenic today, Mother.
Why thank you, Alexis.
Perhaps it's my excellent news.
I found a very promising revenue stream to help finance the little deficit we've accrued - on "Cabaret".
- What might that be? Well, according to the radio, there's a darling little medical clinic in Elm Grove.
Where if any one of us, say, you, or your father, participates in a few nugatory tests, we could be bringing in over $200 a week! (Gasps) Or, you could make $2,000 in one afternoon.
Ugh, which test is this? I'm talking about the soap opera fan convention that's happening today.
I looked at your calendar, so I know that you have the day off.
Working from home.
I already purchased a booth.
Your name is on the website, and I just printed out all of these headshots for you to sign.
Obviously I will be taking commission.
Alexis, there's a good reason I've avoided these conventions in the past.
Showing up, taking your picture with a motley crew of pale, dewy-faced salamander people.
I haven't hit rock bottom quite yet.
It's a matter of self-worth.
You did a commercial for adult diapers! In Japan! In full-face Kabuki makeup! Okay.
As your acting publicist, I'm putting my foot down.
We're doing this.
You need the money, and this is how you're gonna get it.
Look at you.
- Hmm! - Very well.
But there will be a safe word in case the gaggle of asymmetrical faces gets to be too much.
I'll start the car.
(Car rumbles) Okay, so I told Patrick that there's a salmonella outbreak at the cafe, so he will not be coming here until I tell him to tonight.
Is it possible you could maybe choose a lie that doesn't make the cafe look like it's in violation of health codes? I think it's a pretty good one.
(Panting) David! You said you were only gonna be half an hour.
(Panting) Did you run here, Mr.
Rose? No! Just a pleasant walk.
Okay, I'm on a site survey for the party.
Why, what's going on? Well, I-I just checked in "you know who's" parents.
What? They're not supposed to be here for another 11 minutes! Well, nothing to worry about.
Um, random question for you.
They're aware that you and Patrick are uh romantically involved, right? Of course they are.
Why wouldn't they be? Well, they're definitely aware that you're business partners, it's just that uh, if I recall, at one point Patrick was engaged ahem to a woman, so Okay, what did you say to them? Nothing, nothing! It's more how they reacted when I brought up the fact that you two were romantically in business with each other.
Ew! Yeah, they-they looked a little shaken.
- Shaken? - Well, upset.
- Upset?! - David, they know, right? Of course they know! I wouldn't have asked them to come here if I didn't think they knew we were in a relationship! They call the store all the time! I mean, what do they think, I'm just his business partner?! - Possibly.
- I mean, yeah.
Oh my God! Okay! Everybody calm down! Nobody say a word to anybody! - Well, that sounds reasonable.
- What did I just say?! (Car door slams, horn honks) A few things to expect.
Now, the fans will either want a signed picture, a picture and a handshake, or a picture either of you, or with you.
Well, that's reasonable.
Now, if they ask for pictures of your feet Hailey, you have been more than helpful.
If I might have a moment alone with my daughter? Slash publicist, thank you.
Alexis dear, now is bad a time as any to tell you.
There is a dark side to Mummy's industry, and I've tried to protect you from it your whole life.
You took me to the Playboy Mansion when I was seven.
And you had a wonderful time in the children's grotto.
But, this! Alexis, you shouldn't have to see this.
Thespians selling their autographs for money in cheerless convention centers.
- Mhmm.
- Oh God, no! We have to get out of here, Alexis! - What's going on? - That's Gloria Gregson.
Who's Gloria Gregson? Who's Gloria Gregson?! She only played Grace on "Touched With Grace" for 37 years.
The woman has 17 Emmys for playing a hot-headed nurse who healed people with her sexual touch.
I can't have her see me in a place like this! - Come on! - Moira? Mmm! No, no, it is the Gloria Gregson? Oh, darling! Well, look at you, you look gorgeous! I'm so glad you're here, darling.
I'm usually the only marquee name at these things.
I'm shocked by my presence as well.
And I am Alexis Rose, Moira's publicist and daughter.
Oh! Daughter? More like sister.
- (Laughs) - Ew.
(Insects buzz) (Key rattles in lock) Happy Birthday! Thank you.
Flowers are for you; the pizza's my lunch.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Mm! So, how's the store? Thriving.
But more importantly, how are you? You gotten some calls from some family or friends? Yeah, I talked to my parents a little while ago.
They're on like, a weekend getaway, so they couldn't chat long, but Did you tell them about dinner? Uh, they were actually just pulling up to their hotel so they had to jump off but Oh.
Um, speaking of your parents, I've been piecing together that I don't think I ever spoken to them outside of work.
Is that weird? Okay.
I'm sure you I'm sure you have.
Yeah Like, they know about me, right? Of course they know about you, what do you mean? What are you-why? Like they know about "us", right? Um Okay listen, David.
I've have been wanting to tell them about us.
I really have, I just was waiting to do it in person, and then I didn't go home for the holidays, and then I was feeling so comfortable with you, - and your family.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I-I don't know why I assumed, um So all this time, your parents thought they were just talking to your your business partner? Okay.
David, I know my parents are good people, I just (Emotional exhale) Hmm I can't shake this, this fear that there is a small chance that this could change everything.
That they might see me differently, or treat me differently.
But I'm gonna deal with this as soon as I see them next, okay? Okay, what you're dealing with is very personal.
And something you should only do on your terms.
Okay? That's why I brought this couple home one day in college, and just told my parents to deal with it.
(Laughs) I'm a take-charge guy, David.
I like to take charge of things in my life, you know that.
Yep, mhmm.
You're upset.
I would be, too.
Uh, it's not about that.
Ahem heh.
You're gonna laugh yourself right out of the closet on this one.
You know how you've always wanted a surprise party? David, I don't think this is how surprise parties work.
Yeah, I know, it's just part of that surprise was inviting your parents here.
What? Yeah.
I realize that was a big mistake.
I-I should've talked to you.
I could be just your business partner tonight.
- If that will help.
- No, David.
I, I can't have you do that.
I owe it to us to tell them.
I want them to know.
(Laughs) Yeah, maybe this whole thing is a blessing in disguise, huh? - It's at the cafe? - Yeah.
The salmonella was a decoy.
Ooh (Preparatory exhale) (Knocks) Hi, Mrs.
Brewer, Mr.
I'm I'm David Rose.
Oh, David, come in.
Oh, thank you.
Um I uh, I brought you some things from the store as a welcome present.
We ran out of the body milk, so I threw in some extra lip balms.
Thank you, David.
I just wanted to come here and apologize for a very unfortunate miscommunication.
So you're not in a relationship with our son? - Oh, no.
I very much am.
- Oh.
Um, I was talking more about how you found out.
Was it something we did, David? - I'm sorry? - Honey, stop! No, I wanna ask.
Do you think if we'd done things differently, - that Patrick would still be - I understand that this news can come as a shock to some people.
But he is still the same person, and it's his birthday, and he David, we're not upset about Patrick being gay.
Oh my God, okay! For a minute I thought this was gonna get very dark.
Ahem! The thought that Patrick was feeling like he couldn't come and talk to us about this.
Is it because we were so close with Rachel? (Quiet knock) - Hi.
- David.
Oh, hi.
Hi, Clint, Marci.
I see you've met my son.
How are you, David? Happy, I hope.
Uh, 'cause at the end of the day, that-that's all that matters, isn't it? Dad, it's fine.
They, they are fine with Patrick being gay.
Oh, good.
Good, then no one really has to feel bad about how this information came out, then, huh? So what do we do now? Not go to the party? I don't want to make him uncomfortable.
No, no, no, we are all going to the party.
Patrick is planning on telling you tonight.
So I think the best birthday gift we could give him at this point is to just keep him in the closet until then.
I know that came out wrong, but we all understand what I'm saying, right? Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Whew! (Birds chirp) As actresses we have to do whatever it takes to survive.
Which is why I'm on the convention circuit.
I do dozens a year.
I still can't quite believe that.
Well, can you believe that because of them, I have a vineyard in the south of France? You may have tried my wine, "Touched With Grapes.
" - Oh my God, that's your wine? - Yes.
We used to use that for sangria, because it was like, so cheap, and so good.
So the fiscal sweetener negates any discomfiture one might feel exploiting their extremities for a $20 bill? $20?! I charge $50.
And just in case, I wear open-toed sandals.
Darling, I used to spend my entire time chasing after parts, worrying about what people thought of me.
It was exhausting! But no more.
These conventions are a godsend.
There is a freedom in letting go, Moira.
(Convention goers chatter) Okay Alexis, let's do this before I change my mind.
- Are you sure? - Mhmm.
I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you - into anything.
- Oh, I'm sure.
As Gregson said, to milk this for all it's worth.
So let's get it going.
I have some fans to meet! (Crowd cheers) Okay, here's how it's gonna go down.
It's 30 seconds each, tickets in hand, or it's back of the line, and no, she will not be clarifying any "Sunrise Bay" plot points.
- Ahem! Feet! - Oh yes.
And if we're talking feet, it's $75 for one, $150 for the pair.
(Crowd chatters) (Crickets chirp) He's coming, he's coming! Okay, he's coming, he's coming.
So are we on lights? Also, we're going with "Surprise.
" "Happy Birthday" was too wordy, and we couldn't nail it at rehearsal.
- Okay.
- Okay! Okay, great.
(Bell on door rings) - (Patrick sighs) - All: Surprise! Oh my gosh! David, I thought we were just having a casual dinner.
Johnny: Happy Birthday, Patrick! What is happening? I thought you guys were out of town! - Well, we are.
- (Both laugh) We're just so happy to be included.
You've got a really wonderful friend here, Patrick.
Yep, I'm just glad you could make it, Mr.
and Mrs.
Um well, I should leave you all to catch up, and spend some quality time with your son.
But might I recommend the crab cakes? I over-ordered, and they cost a small fortune.
Hey, could I just have two seconds with him? Sure.
What if they don't react the way I think they will? Then I will be here.
And we'll get through it together.
Okay - I love you.
- I love you.
(Inhales deeply) Well, I am suitably surprised.
Thank you guys for coming.
Clint: Well, we wouldn't miss it.
We just love you so much.
I love you guys, too.
- But um - Both: (Eagerly) Yes? Well, there's something that uh that I've been meaning to tell you.
- You can tell us anything! - Honey, let's just let him talk.
Uh, yeah.
So I guess this doesn't really come naturally.
Um David He seems like a really great partner, honey.
- Marci.
- In business.
Yeah, he is.
He's also a great partner outside of business.
We're together.
David is my boyfriend.
And I've never been happier in my life.
And so I just, I hope you guys can accept that.
Ohh! You are the only thing in the world that matters to us.
And if David makes you happy, then that's all we care about.
(Emotionally) Dad? I like him.
I like him a lot.
(Laughs) Me too.
I don't understand his clothes, but (All laugh) Ah, you will in time.
(Relieved) Oh man, I didn't know how I was gonna tell you guys.
Well, we're just glad you finally did.
Happy birthday, my sweet boy.
Thank you.
So I know that you're annoyed that the surprise got blown, but this party might go down as one of the happiest nights of my life.
Well, I guess that makes up for the fact that no one ate the crab cakes.
Well so how long have they known? - I'm sorry? - My parents.
How long have they known? About us? Um, I don't know, I don't know what you're talking about.
David, I know my parents.
They're not good actors.
They knew about us, right? Okay, my Dad might've told them, but he, he thought they knew.
And the gift basket that you gave them that I'm hoping you paid for, that had nothing to do with you trying to smooth things over with them? It was just a very messy day, And I was, I was trying to detangle things, and - and just make everything okay.
- Yeah.
Well, you made everything okay.
Twyla: Not to step on the moment, but uh, I do have to lock up in five.
- Oh.
- Right.
What a feeling in my soul Love burns brighter than sunshine
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