Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Die Rückkehr

The door was open. I
I just wanted to check on you, Mr. Larenz?
Mr. Larenz?
Mr. Larenz.
Mr. Larenz. Hello! Hello, can you hear me?
Damn it!
Stay with me.
I need an ambulance. Attempted suicide.
Schwanenwerder, Inselstrasse 29.
Mr. Larenz! Talk to me. Talk to me!
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
- How long was I
- You were out for over 13 hours.
You had a panic attack.
Where is Dr. Roth?
I have no idea.
I'll bring your breakfast now.
I got a patient who was uncommunicative
for over 24 months
out of his coma.
You're not asking me
to apologize for that?
It would be in order.
This isn't a game
with points for sticking to the rules.
Either you help your patients
or you don't.
The end doesn't justify the means,
Dr. Roth.
Not always. But sometimes it does.
You should be locked up for this.
If you think so, then sue me.
- I'm not worried about the trial.
- I wouldn't be so sure!
No one's being sued, Jeschke.
- Understood?
- Okay.
If we're done here,
I'd like to catch up on my rounds.
That will take place without you today.
You no longer work here, as of now.
You're kidding me.
You have half an hour to clean your desk,
or I'll have you removed.
But I'll make you an offer.
You will be paid
until the end of your contract,
you will receive a generous compensation
and a positive reference
pertaining to your work here.
Is that all?
I want you to promise something.
Everything pertaining to this hospital
will remain behind closed doors.
Do we have an agreement?
No, we don't.
Can I do anything for you?
No, I think that was all.
Thanks for everything.
You're a good person.
Perhaps you could help me
with one other thing.
You lost your job here?
No progress without risk.
I have you to thank for my life.
Thank you, Ines.
How did you do it?
Using the toxicological report
from your suicide attempt,
I carried out experiments
until I had the antidote.
Experiments? How?
On rats.
On rats.
Mr. Larenz, we don't have time.
Can you remember the day
you tried to take your life?
You said, "I'm sorry."
What did you mean?
I don't know.
I abandoned her. Maybe
Maybe it was that.
Mila often told me
that Josy felt uncomfortable at home.
She didn't specify.
Anna Spiegel.
Have you ever thought she might be
a construct of your subconscious?
The question is what does she represent?
What about the theater poster?
It triggered something in you, clearly.
Send me back. To Parkum.
What do you mean?
It's the only way to find out the truth.
That could kill you.
I'll take the risk.
Help me. Please.
No, I'm sorry.
Not at that cost.
Viktor. Nice to see you here.
Why are you sad? You were great.
I'm not sad. Everything's okay.
You have to take these, Mom.
- No.
- The doctor said you need them.
Please. Do it for me.
You're my entire world. Do you know that?
You're everything to me.
How long have you been taking care of me?
How long have you been taking care of me?
About two years.
Two years.
Now you're not lying down all the time,
your wounds are healing.
You're a real star, you know?
Everyone says it's a miracle.
Are you a fan of true crime?
Don't tell my boss.
They don't like to see that.
I won't say a thing.
If you lend me your cell phone.
That could cost me my job.
You know what?
I think I forgot
to give Ms. Neumann her tablets.
I'll be back soon.
Excuse me?
Is that really you?
Yes, Roth told me. I couldn't believe it.
How are you, my friend?
I wanted to see you,
but they told me
you're not allowed visitors.
A press statement?
The hospital said you don't work there.
Want to come in?
You live here?
Yes. Temporarily.
Didn't I give that to you?
Yes. In 2019.
So what?
Did they fire you?
Does it have to do with this?
"Viktor Larenz wakes from coma."
From when is this?
This morning.
I have a Google Alert for Josy Larenz.
It says you got him out of the coma.
Is that true?
Yes, it is.
That's what you did the last two years?
I owed Viktor Larenz.
And you.
A lot.
I was a bad father.
You still are.
Anything else?
- I don't know where to start
- Maybe we should get out of here.
This set-up is too much for me.
You're reacting well to physiotherapy.
I'm happy to see that.
Let me know if you need anything.
A phone.
My statement was released to the press.
So there's no reason
to withhold anything from me now.
- What do you mean?
- You
You're afraid I'll sue you for giving me
the wrong treatment for two years.
My lawyer, Wolfgang Riegger.
Professor Gessl.
Perfect timing. Professor Gessl.
I need all medical documents
referring to Dr. Larenz.
A list of his medications
and the doctors who were treating him.
I can give you that,
but you won't need it.
Mr. Larenz received
only the best treatment.
I'm sure he did.
I need the documents anyway.
Of course.
And before I forget,
I had to force my way in to see my client.
Let's get this straight, Professor.
Dr. Larenz isn't a prisoner.
He can get visitors any time.
That shouldn't be the case,
but we have very high security standards.
I see.
I want to talk to my client in private.
Risen from the dead.
I'm sorry.
I hoped Viktor Larenz
was the key to Josy's disappearance.
I was wrong.
Do you often think of Josy?
Every day.
She always wanted a dog.
His name was to be Sindbad.
But she never got one.
She was always locked up in that house,
and she didn't have friends before we met.
It was really sad.
The only time was Amsterdam.
She was happy there.
Your school trip was there?
There were no nosebleeds
or stomach cramps there.
But when she got back,
it all started again.
Why didn't you tell me that?
You were never around.
Mila, are you coming?
- I have to get going.
- Sure.
I'm happy you came to see me.
Me too. We can do this more often.
If you want.
Dr. Grohlke, it's Roth.
Listen, I need to take a look
at Josephine Larenz's patient files.
Yes, I'll come round.
Here. My number's saved already.
Does Isabell know
that I'm back?
She broke off contact.
Where is she?
I don't know.
What are you looking for?
toxicology report.
- Here.
- What do you need it for?
I need to know what I took back then.
The exact dose.
Do you have my prescription block?
Did you
In your desk, as you said.
Pen. I need a pen.
You need to do me a favor.
What are you planning?
Do you trust me?
Don't ask questions, please.
Viktor. Josy isn't coming back.
Accept that
and start living your life again.
My life?
What life?
You're going to her?
Please, Gustav, stay. Think of Viktor.
Please, wait. I love you.
Gustav. I need you. I love you.
Look at yourself. You're pathetic.
- Viktor, I
- Go now, please.
You can't be here when they find me.
You're my best friend.
I must tell you something, Viktor.
Please don't.
I know what I'm doing.
Hey, Sindbad.
I always wondered why people come
to the island at this time of year.
Apart from you,
there isn't a single tourist on Parkum.
Thanks for the company.
Do we know each other?
Is Anna Spiegel there?
Ms. Spiegel checked out this morning.
You're welcome.
Ms. Spiegel?
Calm down.
- Dr. Roth.
- Dr. Grohlke.
I'm sorry you had to wait so long.
- I'm leaving. Should I lock up?
- I'll do that. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Nice to see you, Dr. Roth.
Here are Josy Larenz's files.
We ran the standard allergy tests first.
No results.
Then we expanded on them gradually.
Josephine's complaints were chronic,
While she was being treated here, yes.
Dr. Grohlke. My daughter said
Josephine didn't have any symptoms
for a week during a school trip.
No fainting spells,
no nosebleeds, nothing.
Could that be a coincidence?
A lot is possible.
The question is if it's probable.
Come with me.
Let me get this straight,
in case I misunderstood.
We'd be talking about poisoning.
You said that. Not me.
Let's assume we have
a hypothetical poisoning.
What would you have to prescribe
to trigger these kinds of symptoms?
A lot. All sorts of things.
Let's start with the easy ones.
A blood thinning agent for the nosebleeds.
Exactly. If you give
that to kids regularly
Mr. Grohlke?
You know that medical substances
found in pills use carrier substances?
Such as corn starch?
If you are allergic
to those carrier substances
- What would be the symptoms then?
- Nosebleeds,
- stomachaches
- Fainting spells.
If you don't look for it,
it's impossible to find.
It would have to be someone
in constant contact.
Poisoning of this kind happens over years.
A close friend of the family,
a babysitter
A parent.
Mr. Roth. I think you could
be accused of stalking by now.
You'd know more about that than me.
Tell me,
does the Munchausen syndrome
by proxy mean anything to you?
An artificial disorder
where the perpetrator,
the sufferer,
makes other people ill on purpose.
That's correct.
Usually it's one's own children.
Josy Larenz was poisoned.
Over several years.
Either by someone in her family,
or someone close to the family.
Are you accusing me, Mr. Roth?
You're hiding something.
And I will find out what that is.
Sorry to disturb. Are you Viktor Larenz?
I'm Anna Spiegel.
I just need a few moments of your time.
I was better last time. Right?
No blankets to offer me?
Or one of your famous teas?
Sit down.
Let's swap roles this time.
Where is my daughter?
What did you do to her?
What do you think I did with her?
I'm just a construct of your imagination.
I want the truth.
The truth can kill you sometimes.
Mr. Larenz? Hello? Can you hear me?
Dr. Halberstaedt! We have an emergency!
We were talking about the girl
who was afraid of going home
because of the evil there.
She liked being home.
Why did she want to run away?
Was she that?
Or was she a child?
A child
who didn't want to be sick anymore.
When Josy wasn't at home,
she felt better.
I don't know what you mean.
You're afraid.
Of what?
Of what?
Allow it.
Who are you?
"And save me,
"as thou once from death didst save.
"So now, from living here,
"a second death."
- "And save me as thou
- Save me
- "once from death didst save.
- As thou
- "So now, from living here
- from living here
- "a second death."
- Second death.
- "And save me
- Save me
- "as thou once from death didst save.
- Did save.
- "So now, from living here
- from living here.
"A second death."
"And save me,
"as thou once from death didst
"So now, from living here,
a second death."
"And save me,
as thou once from death didst save.
"So now, from living here,
a second death."
"And save me,
as thou once from death didst save.
"So now, from living here,
a second death."
Pass me the ball, Riegger.
Hello, Viktor.
Welcome, Viktor.
- Pulse?
- No.
You destroyed my family.
That's impossible.
I only exist
in here.
Stop using me.
Stop it.
- Mom?
- Mom?
Stop it.
- Mom!
- Mom!
Stop it!
Don't leave me, Mom.
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me, Josy.
I was the evil at home.
You need to take the last step
to the truth alone.
It might be too late.
We're dying now.
- Charge to 150.
- Charged!
Charge to 170.
- Charged.
- Clear!
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