Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

By the Way, Are You S or M?

1 Despite all the hustle and bustle, it's now been over a month since I joined the Student Council.
In that time, I was swung around every day by the new high school environment and the people in it, both of which I couldn't get used to.
Though, recently I've started to enjoy that as well.
The Ousai Private Academy Student Council.
That's what creates said environment and oversees the people.
Ousai Academy's Student Council President, Amakusa Shino.
Beautiful, talented, and skillful when handling chores at home.
The perfect female high school student.
But it seems like her brain hasn't grown out of puberty yet.
Student Council Secretary, Shichijou Aria.
Composed and gentle, she's a princess with a motherly feel.
But she likes to discuss discuss sex-related matters as much as the Prez.
Student Council Accountant, Hagimura Suzu.
A returnee with an IQ of 180; another talented girl.
But her body is not even close to that of a high schooler's.
What the hell?! Well, I do think that this is better than a plain, everyday life where nothing happens— Sorry! Excuse me! Does anyone have a pad? Here, take this! Thank you! I'm starting to get used to school life surrounded by girls.
Or so I think Ah, look.
Come on, come on.
H-Hey, stop it.
I'm telling you, now's your chance.
Ready, set—! What's the matter? U-Um Tsuda-kun! No, Takatoshi-kun! Why did you rephrase it? Do you have some time right now? Uh, I suppose Well, it's I have something to talk to you about.
Okay You see, I Yes? I I want to make one! The Ousai Academy's Student Council rules: Two! Be careful when losing your virginity.
That's a council rule?! It's once in a lifetime, be determined and accomplish something Isseiichidai Ichinenhokki Issaigassai Ichimoudajin We'll round up the whole lot of you We're one in body and soulwait body? Isshindoutai Doutai? ONLY ONE! No.
1! OSAI GIRLS AND BOYS!! Be pure and pretty Junjoukaren de are Aspiration is a beautiful thing Uruwashiki koujoushin so engrave it well into your heart Gutto mune ni kizande Your bangs, the length of your skirt Maegami skirt no take let's follow school rules Kousoku junshu shimashou Stretch and stand up straight Pin to shisen tadashite Seijitsu ni uketsugitai wa I sincerely want to inherit them Those gallant teachings are Ririshii oshie wo in the present, past, or future, Genzai kako mirai the policies that Nadeshiko used and never lost with Nadesico no makenai policy S.
, S.
! Don't be shy!! Yay! Be proud and don't get washed away Hokorashiku nagasaretari shinai yo by myself Let's bloom it slowly Yukkuri to sakasemashou Kiyoku tadashiku Purely, correctly Keep your pace!! Your greatest ally is yourself Ichiban no mikata ha jishinjibun Everyone, be more and more beautiful Minna motto motto utsushiku are Let's go straight forward! Massugu ni susumimashou WE LOVE OSAI.
WE ARE SYD! I want to make one! By the way, are you S or M? A Judo club! Huh? Yeah! Yes? I said I want to make a Judo club! Yeah, I heard that.
Why are you asking me, though? Takatoshi-kun, you're the vice-president, right? Could you help me out? Oh, that's what you meant! I got nervous for no reason! Me too! I sure got nervous! Student Council Room Shoot.
Nothing will ever get done if I, the president, am being so frivolous.
The Golden Temple So exciting.
How in the sunlight the bondage glitters.
It's gold leaf, not bondage.
Oh, I was dreaming a little too much and made a mistake.
Hm? Oh, it's just you, Tsuda.
There's someone I'd like you to meet.
Are you two getting married? What's your relationship to me? Father doesn't like those types I'm Mitsuba Mutsumi.
Takatoshi-kun's classmate.
Actually, I've been thinking about establishing a new club.
And what kind of club would that be? The Judo club! Oh, I know! The one with 48 techniques in bed, right? Yup.
You have no idea.
I actually wanted to make it a Muay Thai club, though.
Muay Thai? Well, I chose Judo since it's mainstream.
Do you like martial arts, Mitsuba? Yup! A clash of two bodies that have honed their skills! It's burning hot! Yeah, hot indeed! Prez, are you sure you're not thinking of something totally different? You need at least five members to create a new club.
Unless you meet the requirement, it will only be a fan club.
Why is there a kid here? Tsuda! Let me use your shoulders! Eh?! I am Hagimura Suzu.
Just like you, I'm 16 years old.
On top of that, I'm a student returning from a foreign country with an IQ of 180! I'm fluent in English, and I could do 10-digit calculations in my sleep! So? Are you still going to treat me like a kid?! Wow.
That's amazing.
At least think of a more complicated calculation! Could you lower the five member requirement to four for the time being? I already have three members! Of course not.
There's a valid reason behind this.
When you stretch, you do it in pairs, right? But with five people, there'd always be one person left out.
Wouldn't you feel bad? Hm You do have a point.
In that case, let's raise the requirement to six members.
Good luck finding more.
Huh?! Now it's even more difficult! What happened to the Judo club To be continued on the Web X It's a later story Tsuda-kun, have you ever participated in any club activities? Yes.
When I was in elementary school, I played baseball.
And then in middle school, I played soccer.
As expect of a boy.
You really like playing with balls, Tsuda.
A typical boy.
Something about that grates on me.
Now then, back to the main topic.
Next week will mark the beginning of midterms.
As you already know, our school displays the test results.
So all student council members are required to reach the top 20 within their respective grade level.
Eh? We'll be fine.
No problem at all.
Eh, er Make sure you all study well.
What's wrong, Tsuda? Lacking confidence? It's embarrassing to say, but my level is average.
You've got some guts to be going for the student council with that.
I believe it was you who forced me into it.
Top 20, eh? That's a little tough.
Student Council Room Well, this is a good opportunity, so I'll help you with your studies.
Thank you very much.
I'm going to be fierce with you, got it?! Y-Yes ma'am.
By the way, are you a sadist or a masochist? Huh? If you're a masochist, then I won't be fierce! You'd only be delighted! Oh, then masochist will do.
[Insertion] So you have an electronic dictionary, huh? Yeah.
It's useful.
I don't like those.
So you're an analog person.
It's difficult to lend it to people.
Well, it is a valuable item.
You see, it keeps a log of the terms you look up.
I can sense the effects of puberty in that one.
Even with analog you end up using a highlighter You, Hagimura of 180 IQ.
Please teach me math.
Just If we're going to do it, then let's go someplace where we can be alone.
Gosh, you suck at this.
I can't help it.
I don't have much experience.
People would think I'm the one being tutored if they saw us.
How lame.
Can't you figure out a problem like this in thirty seconds? Look, you made the same mistake again! There was a math problem I couldn't solve.
But Prez and Hagimura are scary, so I decided to ask the gentle Shichijou-senpai.
All right! Onee-san will gently teach you! Wait.
I'm not getting excited as I thought I would.
It was the moment when I realized that I was actually a masochist.
Midterms Day 1 Math Modern Social I accidentally shifted all my answers by one box, so I had to rush.
What an idiot.
My, my.
You're so careless.
The only thing you should be shifting is the bottom part of the school swimsuit! Those swimsuits don't exist anymore, though.
I see.
I'm sorry.
No need to apologize The one right now is fine as it is, too Komatsu Sakura Amakusa Shino Ishuuin Asae Igarashi Kaede Takasu Rina Satou Erika Shichijou Aria Midterms Overall Grade Ranking Chart I guess that's about it.
Shino-chan is on the top again.
Though I'm better off than Shino-chan concerning this top.
Aria says funny things as usual Right? An unanswerable question has appeared the top is aimed for The Academy where Suda Takatoshi-kun from class 1-A, please come to the Student Council room immediately.
Suda Takatoshi-kun from class 1-A, please come to the Student Council room immediately.
They're calling you.
Prez, please stop using the school-wide broadcast to call me out.
It's embarrassing.
I had no other choice.
Do you expect me to go all the way to your classroom to get you? I'll give you my phone number, and my e-mail address too.
Oh, I see.
That's unfair! Stop it! Give it back! Ousai Academy School Rule: Cell phones prohibited on premises We're having a meeting during lunch.
Bring your own lunch box.
Y-Yes ma'am.
In that case, I shall test that strength of yours So there's the athletics festival next week.
We get busy during the festivals, so it's pretty stressful.
I like festivals though.
Prez, are there any events at the academy that you like? The one where you run through the school to avoid being late, and you crash into your fated one at the corner of an intersection.
I'm not talking about events in adult games.
You forgot the "with bread in your mouth" part.
Maybe the one where the antagonist was defeated, but it turns out that he was the first pupil of the four godly kings.
At least keep it on average life terms, please.
You have to provide a glimpse of the last boss, too.
How about a fiancé who's sword dancing outside of the party grounds— Why don't we call it quits already? Did you make this lunch box yourself, Prez? Yeah.
Wow, you really can do anything.
I don't want to be a cheap girl who's all talk, after all.
But being high up would feel kind of arrogant, too.
So, I'm aiming to become a girl who's within a reasonable reach.
You're ultimately getting pretty cheap then.
My lunch box is full of leftovers from last night.
Aren't the lunch boxes you bring to school supposed to be like that? You're right.
Mine is all leftovers too.
Steak The reason I had you gather during lunch is none other than this: I want to ask you guys to organize the unused room on the second floor.
Carry related material from this room to the respective classrooms.
We will use our lunchtime of three days to do this.
I know it's a big job, but I'm counting on you.
Oh, it's the cry of a pheasant.
It lives on the hill out back.
We kept some animals at the elementary schools, but I guess that doesn't happen in high school.
I, for one, am thankful for that.
I don't like animals, after all.
Aww, this again? You're such a tsundere, Suzu-chan.
How did you reach that conclusion? Don't you wear underwear with animal print quite often? Shut that mouth of yours! My, my.
You know, that's cute too.
A kid I'll rip off your mouth, goddammit! Storage Whoa, that's quite a lot.
All right, let's get to work.
It's heavier than it looks.
Shichijou-senpai, I'll take it for you if you like.
Would you? As I thought, having a man around is really helpful.
Leave the muscle work to me.
In that case, I shall test that strength of yours! I'm feeling rather heavy today anyway.
It's been a month since the last time, so I was kind of expecting it sometime soon.
You look like you can do anything perfectly, Prez.
I have my share of failures as well.
It was during an English test in middle school Translate the following Japanese words into English: Translate the following Japanese words into English.
As punishment for cheating, I left that one blank.
You sure have a tedious way of life.
Hey! Who are you? This place is off limits to unauthorized personnel.
Um, and who would you be? I'm the teacher supervising the Student Council.
Yo, Amakusa.
This place is off limits to unauthorized personnel.
Huh? Who are you?! Well then, one more time.
I'm the teacher in charge of supervising the Student Council, Yokoshima Naruko.
Now that you mention it, you were indeed our supervisor, Yokoshima-sensei.
You wouldn't come at all, so I totally forgot.
You two And? You're the new student council member? Yes.
If you have any questions for me, you're free to ask whatever you want.
Let's deepen our relationship.
Uh Well then, how old are you, Sensei? Hey, hey That one already? It's rude to ask a woman's age right off the bat.
You said I could ask anything It's all right, Sensei.
In those cases, you can tell them your mental age! Oh, so you're saying my mental age hasn't reached 25 yet? Then, why did you become a teacher, Sensei? With that, moving on Because of dramas, I suppose.
I was hoping for a story where I would be placed in charge of a class full of problematic students, and I'd set them on the right path.
How simple minded But it's hopeless.
The students here are too diligent.
There's no way any problems would occur.
Besides, I almost feel like I'm going to cause a problem because of this co-ed education.
Likes Younger Men Crap, this person's seriously dangerous.
Leftovers The food at your house seems pretty extravagant, Shichijou-senpai.
I actually prefer more common food rather than this expensive stuff.
I'm especially bad with abalone.
I see.
Because I feel like I'm eating my own private parts.
Whoa, your jokes are heavy as always, Senpai.
Oh, right, the elementary school I used to attend is going to be closed down this month.
There are apparently only two classes' worth of new students at my old school.
It makes you realize the effects of a declining birth rate.
Let's do everything in the Student Council's power to counter this problem as well.
In the future, whenever you conduct sexual activity, always cum inside! It's pretty amazing how she doesn't even hesitate when saying that.
I can say it, if it's at this speed! The sound of footsteps coming from behind gets me really worked up.
I get worked up when I hear footsteps closing in from behind when I'm masturbating, too.
No way, no way.
This thing of yours that sparkles so brightly, what is it? Organizing Third Day It seems you finally memorized the positions of buildings around the school.
My little sister is going to take an exam for this school next year, too.
I'm just making sure, but she isn't a little sister only according to a twisted setting of your brain, right? She actually exists.
Shino-chan, did you watch the drama yesterday? Yeah.
It was quite a shock that the main character's mother wasn't related to him by blood.
Well, those surprising secrets of one's birth are limited to dramas.
It would be quite tough if it truly happened.
Oh, I was told actual secrets of my birth.
Apparently when I was conceived, they were having sex outside.
So they're the outdoor type.
Prez, you aren't taking the punch line correctly.
What? We just thought they seemed heavy.
They're heavy Senpai, I'll hold those for you.
Eh?! That's sexual harassment, Tsuda-kun! Eh?! All right, it's all clean.
Good work, everyone.
You can spend today however you like.
I brought some snacks as a reward.
Why are you doing these teacher-like things? I am a teacher Recently, I've been troubled by a dry eye.
What's that? Hm, you don't know, Tsuda? Well then, chic things are in style recently so I'll give an explanation with a question.
It won't get wet It won't get wet Please insert the matching word.
This is just him moaning Hagimura, are you studying French? I was thinking of studying abroad once I graduate.
Along with French and English, I can speak a total of 5 languages, including Italian and Spanish.
Well, in this global age, you have to be able to do that much.
I can speak two languages too.
Wait, you were here? Hauuu, I'm sorry, Master You just hopped past dimensional borders, not country borders.
So we, the juniors, will be on a school excursion starting tomorrow.
I'm reluctant to leave the school, being the student council president, but it's a student's obligation to participate in these events, so there's no other choice.
Yay School Excursion!! No other choice, was it? Yup! During that period I will leave the student council to you two.
Yes ma'am.
Prez has some childish aspects to her as well, eh? That's right.
When a mature person has a childish side, they look cute.
And yet I wonder why they think a child-like person acting mature is cheeky.
Right? I don't really think so As of recently.
Bondage Yay, yay, bondage! Shino-chan's getting it wrong even in her dreams.
after all She wasn't that wrong So this is the real Bondage Temple This thing of yours that sparkles so brightly, what is it? Go on, say it.
Tsuda-kun and Suzu-chan I wonder if they're okay They're fine! Ha! Oh no it's morning Ha! Yada asa da Hi! What time is it? Hi! Ima nanji? Fu! It's okay just five more minutes Fu… Mada heiki ato gofun He? I need to hurry He? Isoganakya With some hot milk Ho-t milk de Go! I'm totally ready for the day Go! Ichinichi ha danzen banzen Going around the corner with toast in my mouth, Toast kuwae magari kado and crash, that's where I fall in love Gottsunko de I fall in love Stop, aren't you watching too much anime? Cho w anime no misugi ja nai? My hobby is fantasizing! I am a common Mousou ga shumi I am shomin Yeah yeah The first lesson is also a type of training Hai hai! Shigyou aru shu no shuugyou is all part of the days of youth Seishun no hibi yo Yeah yeah first period in the pool so ridiculous Hai hai! Ichigen pool ariene These days you really have to say "good job" Good gob na hibi yo Googling Guguttari Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Wikittari wikittari Use your voice more Motto voice wo It's an information society Jouhou shakai Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! If I swim and use up unnecessary strength then the drops would splash too in the blue spring Oyoide muda ni ne tairyoku tsukau wa shizuku mo hajikeru aoi haru Second period, I'm already hungry Nigen de sude ni hungry Digestion, absorption? I agree Shouka kyuushuu ni I agree I've been waiting for it, it's lunch time Mattemashita lunch time Housoubu anison nagasu! The Broadcasting Club sends out anime songs Yeah yeah love affairs I've had crushes too Hai hai! Ren'ai koi ni koishite! Yeah yeah let me borrow your notebook it's a give and take Hai hai! Note wo kashite yo, give & take It's like an e-mail "I want to meet you right now" from a boyfrend Aitai! Kare kara mail kita teki na Yeah yeah It'm my technique i've been modestly pride about Hai hai! Kenkyo ni jiman technique The sunset Yuuyake ga Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! brings about sorrow Aishuu sasou Motto voice wo Use your voice more In the classroom Kyoushitsu de Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Talking and listening a meaningless nonsense… I'm happy that someone agrees in the blue spring Imifu na tawagoto uketari hiitari doui ga ureshiii aoi haru Next Time Preview Prez, please do the next episode preview.
Very well.
Next time on Seitokai Yakuindomo we'll cover pages 57 through 60 in volume 1 of the original comics.
Oh, it's our school excursion.
Golden Temple! And hot springs! I wrapped it up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself.
Prez! Please widen your hem! Are you full already!? Eh? Just 4 pages' worth?