Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Isn't It Hard On Your Ass?

1 Good morning.
Ah, Prez! Good morning, Prez.
Good morning, Tsuda-kun.
The weather's nice today.
Keep up the good work at the Student Council today as well.
Good morning, Tsuda-kun.
Oh, Shichijou-senpai.
What's wrong? Why are you standing there looking all confused? Well, I thought the Prez looked pretty serious today.
That's right.
Shino-chan's always very serious about her duties.
That's why we have to try hard to keep up with her too.
Eh? Well then, see you later.
Prez? Shichijou-senpai? In order to improve the school life, the Student Council still needs to- What happened to the event plan from earlier? I gave the planned event forms to Yokoshima-sensei for that- Excuse me! What's wrong, Tsuda-kun? What's wrong with you guys? What's wrong? What do you mean? Isn't this kind of weird? What are you talking about all of a sudden? What's weird? Because Because The Prez and Shichijou-senpai not making any obscene jokes is just plain weird! Tsuda-kun is this some new form of sexual harassment? That kind of stuff is unacceptable, Tsuda-kun.
Eh? You're terrible.
I never thought Tsuda-kun was such a rude person.
I've lost all hope in you.
Just fire him already.
What a shame Wh-What's going on?! J-Just a dream huh? What a nightmare.
More like why would I say something like that in my dream? Taka-nii, it's time! You have student council work today, don't you? Ah, you're right.
Ta-Taka-nii?! Ousai Academy's Student Council rules: Five! Play with it in moderation! Eh? With what?! Isseiichidai Ichinenhokki It's once in a lifetime, be determined and accomplish something We'll round up the whole lot of you Issaigassai Ichimoudajin We're one in body and soulwait body? Isshindoutai Doutai? ONLY ONE! No.
1! OSAI GIRLS AND BOYS!! Be pure and pretty Junjoukaren de are Aspiration is a beautiful thing Uruwashiki koujoushin Gutto mune ni kizande so engrave it well into your heart Maegami skirt no take Your bangs, the length of your skirt Kousoku junshu shimashou let's follow school rules Pin to shisen tadashite Stretch and stand up straight Seijitsu ni uketsugitai wa I sincerely want to inherit them Those gallant teachings are Ririshii oshie wo in the present, past, or future, Genzai kako mirai the policies that Nadeshiko used and never lost with Nadesico no makenai policy S.
, S.
! Don't be shy!! Yay! Be proud and don't get washed away Hokorashiku nagasaretari shinai yo by myself Let's bloom it slowly Yukkuri to sakasemashou Kiyoku tadashiku Purely, correctly Keep your pace!! Ichiban no mikata ha jishinjibun Your greatest ally is yourself Everyone, be more and more beautiful Minna motto motto utsushiku are Let's go straight forward! Massugu ni susumimashou WE LOVE OSAI.
WE ARE SYD! What?! Tsuda caught a cold? Yes.
We received a call from his house just now.
Why are you so surprised? It might be my fault that Tsuda's sick.
Did something happen? Well I'll be fine.
See you.
H-Hey! Probably because he got wet in the rain back then That's not really your fault, Shino-chan.
That's right.
It's his own fault.
But you're worried, right? Why don't we all go pay him a visit? A visit, eh? That might be good.
But wouldn't we bother his family if we all came barging in? That is true.
Then how about one of us goes there as a representative? Sounds good.
Then I guess I'll go there after school.
isn't it a mess? Your rear, I'm home.
Taka-nii, are you okay? Yeah.
I'm feeling much better now that I've slept.
No need to worry.
Thank goodness.
I brought you a sports drink.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, and a lot of other stuff too She's become a lot more dependable.
And this! Ero-Manga Island Ero-Manga Island Ero-Manga Island Ero-Manga Island Ero-Manga Island You're that when you're tired, right? That! You don't have to be unnecessarily dependable.
Eh? Would you prefer some 3D instead? That's not the point.
My fever's going up again For some reason, the dreams I have in this state seem strangely real.
Like the one this morning Ouchie! Yes, indeed.
Like this Huh? Could this be the human world? Ah Yeah, yeah Yay! Great success! My dreams sure are amazing.
Oh? Who are you? I guess I should wake up for once.
I wonder if this kind of stuff is my destiny Yes? Hello.
My name is Amakusa Shino.
I came to visit Takatoshi-kun.
You must be from an escort service! House visit play that's pretty original! Huh? It's nothing serious like a cold.
It looks like I got a fever because I was too tired.
But It's not because I came home wet.
You have nothing to feel bad about, Prez.
I see But, it's true that I overloaded you with work to the point of exhaustion.
I'm sorry.
Though it's their jokes that get me tired more than the actual student council work Well, I'll refrain from saying that.
Hi! It's tea time.
Hi again.
This is my sister, Kotomi.
I'm Tsuda Kotomi.
Please take your time here.
By taking your time, I didn't mean that my brother takes too long to come! Please ignore that.
Oh, so you don't? Go away.
Here's a get-well gift for you.
Please accept it.
Wow, thank you very much.
Pervert Magazine You're that when you're tired right? That! Did you want a loli one instead? That's not the point.
Oh, well Then I'll give you the regular gift.
Please give me that one to begin with.
Get-well gift Get-well gift Aria and Hagimura wanted to come along too, but Get-well gift Get-well gift Get-well gift Get-well gift Get-well gift Get-well gift Get-well gift We thought that having a bunch of people over would be bothersome for you.
Thus, I decided to come as a representative.
You didn't have to be so considerate.
But Aria was planning to bring her ten-man doctor team to check up on you.
Thank you very much for being so considerate.
By the way Since you've been sleeping for two days, you must be backed up.
Excuse me? I-If you're fine with me I'll make you feel better.
Ow! Prez, please put it in more gently.
It's because you moved.
Have faith in my technique.
How is it? Does it feel good? Yes, it's very good.
I'm really good at ear cleaning.
Well, I knew this was coming Well then, see you at school tomorrow.
Yeah, see you.
Take care.
Taka-nii? Your rear, isn't it a mess? This My little sister's going through puberty.
Now On Sale Tsuda, what are you staring at? I see.
So you like short hair.
Not in particular.
Though I was staring at her Well, you sure get to see a lot more bras through the shirt that way.
Why are you getting mad in such an incomprehensible way? I'm just sexually frustrated! Shichijou Aria, the Student Council Secretary.
Senpai, what are you doing? Oh, I get it! Schools don't have automatic doors, do they? Keep your ignorance at a moderate level, okay? Moderation is a good thing He can't get his ass off from Jane's bust.
No- Not there Sensei, what are you doing? Oh yeah, yeah! Ah, I was wondering if I could make him have a wet dream.
Ah, perhaps a little more Oh yeah, darling! Get on with the class! This is studying too! Hey, hey! You're really smart, right, Suzu-chan? I guess so So then, what's 1289451 + 3293876? Don't test me if you don't know the answer yourself.
Err, sorry.
It's useless if it's not something I can figure out as well.
Then I'll give you one from the textbook.
Book Title: World History I Who's the famous artist from Spain, famous for his works such as "Guernica"? Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.
Who? By the way, it's correct Ah, I know! I'm good at literature.
Let's see Please write "rose" in kanji.
rose Correct! This one's incorrect.
You don't know it, after all.
E-Err? Student Council Room Excuse me I'm going to the bathroom.
What's wrong with Tsuda? Isn't it a stomach ache? Can we really be sure about that? Eh? If he has such a huge penis, it wouldn't be strange for his hand to be at that place! He must be really backed up.
That's impossible.
The average size for Japanese people is 13cm The swim classes start next week I'm not confident about my figure, so I don't like being in a swimsuit.
Speaking of which, I heard your breasts grow larger if you massage them.
Th-This is! I'm just sexually frustrated! That's a pretty bad excuse.
The pool opens tomorrow.
The weather's been hot recently, so it's perfect.
But tomorrow's chance of rain is 40%.
I'm a little worried.
You sure are looking forward to swimming.
Well, that's because everyone-! Excuse me, I'm Hata from the newspaper club.
As promised, I'll be taking pictures of you tomorrow during the swimming class.
Eh?! You didn't forget our deal from the other day, did you? So, I want you to participate in the photo shoot for the pool opening article, Prez.
How about it? Ah, no! I was half asleep whe- The president shouldn't have second thoughts, right? Well then, see you tomorrow.
The weather's nice All I want are some pictures of regular class scenes, so don't mind me too much.
I see.
Then for starters The scene where your body heats up when being ejaculated on by the male students.
You call that regular?! Isn't that the Prez? I wonder if she's doing okay.
She can't swim? Nah, she's just afraid of heights.
Shake, shake shake, shake Ah, that place does feel surprisingly high.
Oh, I lost.
I can't win against you, Shino-chan.
That's not true.
I can't win at some things, either.
Really? Last night I lost to my razor Poor thing Now that we've had a nice break, how about another swim? S-Sure.
Why is my butt-print bigger? Good work today.
I'm seriously exhausted I'd like some pictures of the guys too, so I'll be visiting your class as well.
By the way, it's on Yokoshima-sensei's request.
Right Um What about mine? The general public's been getting pretty harsh recently.
The fuck?! Unfreedom of expression I overslept! You still have time.
I have student council work.
I'll just have some bread.
Hold it, Taka-nii! Isn't a guy running to school with bread in his mouth kind of wrong? No, I'm seriously in a hurry bread in my mouth too! I have to go to school with Consultation Room Today at Shino-san's Today at Shino-san's Consultation Room I'm Shichijou Aria.
Consultee Shichijou Aria What is it that you need to formally consult me about? Actually There's someone in this school who I'm interested in.
Wh-What are you saying, Aria? Did you forget our school's rules?! Prez, dating at school is forbidden, but there's no problem if they do it at a different location, right? Tsuda My ears are sexually sensitive, so don't whisper into my ear! Prez, dating at school is forbidden, but there's no problem if they do it at a different location But he won't notice my feelings at all.
Yes, Aria is my precious friend.
I want to give her advice not as the Student Council President, but as her friend.
Though I'm clueless about matters of love.
Let's see How about changing your method of approach? You know what they say: "If pushing doesn't work, then push them over!" Wow! They don't say that.
So what's his name? No idea.
You don't know that either? Then which class is he from? I don't think he's in any class.
Eh? What is he like? He's very hairy.
What is?! It's a stray that started living around here recently.
Wow, what a peaceful sight.
Thank you, Tsuda.
What's this all of a sudden? Isn't it fine, isn't it fine? As you can see, I'm a stubborn blockhead.
If you didn't give me your advice back then, I would've only been able to deny it.
I wouldn't have been able to solve Aria's problem alone.
I'm really grateful to you.
So, I'd like you to use your turtle head to support me from now on too! Stop making up random words! I overslept! You still have time.
I'm on class duty today! All right, now that's it's come down to this I have to run to school with bread in my mouth too! A roll? A glimpse of bread Meeting End of classes assembly School It's almost time for exams Summer Vacation! FINALS! I haven't studied anything at all yet.
This kind of talk makes me feel better.
Student Council Room It's almost time for exams, but how are you guys doing? Nothing to worry about.
It's going fine.
I can't think of a single factor that could lead to failure.
Coming here makes me extremely worried, though.
How are you doing, Tsuda? Have you gotten used to the Student Council? Yeah, thanks to you.
I can keep up with the work somehow.
It's just that everyone around me is a girl, so I can't follow the regular conversation.
Your bra gets really sticky during the summer.
That's true.
If only we didn't have to wear one.
I can't follow, either.
Tsu da? Hey, is anyone around? Ah, Tsuda.
Good timing.
Sorry, but could you help me organize the reference room? Sure.
Reference Room Click.
C-Click? I was just trying to create the mood I won't do anything to you.
Stop the heavy breathing! Oh yeah, yeah, yes Don't come near me! Let me out! She won't be coming out for the rest of today Really? So this school is having its 50th anniversary? Yup.
So there are lots of legends going around.
For example, this tree in the courtyard.
They say that your love will be requited if you confess under that tree.
I see But wasn't this an all-girls school until last year? Yup! Well, I won't think too deeply about this Love Minus Ousai Academy Private High School There's a plan to create a Student Council section on the school's homepage.
Furthermore, the Student Council is to create it.
Really I've never felt the importance of the meaning of "reliability" than I do right now! So I guess you have no idea how to do it You type fast, Tsuda.
I do it quite often at home, when surfing the internet and so on.
What's this picture? It's the time of year when the end of monsoon season seems too far away; how are you all doing? This year our high school will have its 50th anniversary, and the activities of the Student Council Did you draw it yourself? You're good! It was included in the package.
I see We don't get to do this very often, so do you want to try playing with it? W-Won't it break if I touch it?! Have some faith in modern science, please.
You can create a star symbol if you convert "star.
" Push this.
Whoa, PCs are incredible! You really are a beginner, eh? Tsuda.
Yes? Typing "anal" doesn't give me the appropriate mark.
Don't play with it.
Good job.
Did you finish the homepage, Shino-chan? Well, I learned the gist of it from Tsuda, but How should I say it It's difficult.
I have an idea.
Hm? Well I see! Ousai Academy Private High School Ousai Academy Student Council What do you think? Everyone's going to want to visit this, right? It took a lot of effort to make this.
No way we can use this.
By the way, if you click here- We can't show you any more Ha! Yada asa da Ha! Oh no it's morning Hi! What time is it? Hi! Ima nanji? Fu! It's okay just five more minutes Fu… Mada heiki ato gofun He? I need to hurry He? Isoganakya With some hot milk Ho-t milk de Go! I'm totally ready for the day Go! Ichinichi ha danzen banzen Toast kuwae magari kado Going around the corner with toast in my mouth, Gottsunko de I fall in love and crash, that's where I fall in love Cho w anime no misugi ja nai? Stop, aren't you watching too much anime? My hobby is fantasizing! I am a common Mousou ga shumi I am shomin Yeah yeah The first lesson is also a type of training Hai hai! Shigyou aru shu no shuugyou is all part of the days of youth Seishun no hibi yo Yeah yeah first period in the pool so ridiculous Hai hai! Ichigen pool ariene These days you really have to say "good job" Good gob na hibi yo Guguttari Googling hai! hai! hai! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Wikittari wikittari Use your voice more Motto voice wo Jouhou shakai It's an information society hai! hai! hai! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! If I swim and use up unnecessary strength then the drops would splash too in the blue spring Oyoide muda ni ne tairyoku tsukau wa shizuku mo hajikeru aoi haru Second period, I'm already hungry Nigen de sude ni hungry Digestion, absorption? I agree Shouka kyuushuu ni I agree Mattemashita lunch time I've been waiting for it, it's lunch time Housoubu anison nagasu! The Broadcasting Club sends out anime songs Yeah yeah love affairs I've had crushes too Hai hai! Ren'ai koi ni koishite! Yeah yeah let me borrow your notebook it's a give and take Hai hai! Note wo kashite yo, give & take Aitai! Kare kara mail kita teki na It's like an e-mail "I want to meet you right now" from a boyfrend Yeah yeah It'm my technique i've been modestly pride about Hai hai! Kenkyo ni jiman technique The sunset Yuuyake ga Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! brings about sorrow Aishuu sasou Motto voice wo Use your voice more In the classroom Kyoushitsu de Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Imifu na tawagoto uketari hiitari doui ga ureshiii aoi haru Talking and listening a meaningless nonsense… I'm happy that someone agrees in the blue spring Next Time Preview Tsuda, why are you watching that music video show? Ah, this is the band that's going to appear next time, Triple- Tsuda! That's still a secret! Next time on Seitokai Yakuindomo we'll cover pages 113 through 130 in volume 1 of the original comics.
So you're using the escort service insinuation play this time, Shino-chan.
Tsuda-kun doesn't read them! He uses them! If there's one receiving then there's one giving.
No, wear your clothes.