Shake It Up! s01e02 Episode Script

Meatball It Up

You just saw now are of the hottest dancers in town on Shake It Up Chicago.
Thanks for joining us, and as the French say, see you next week! Do you smell that? Yeah, someone really stinks.
It's you.
No, it's you.
It's pay day.
Ha-ha, jump.
Jump like you're dolphins and I have a bucket of sardines.
Wow, we get to be on TV, and they pay us.
Now if they just paid us to go to school Oh.
Hey, what are you guys going to do with your money? What we always do- buy golden shoes and fancy pants.
It's called "investing in yourself.
" Ka-ching.
And this is our Shake It Up Chicago stage.
We've been shooting here for the last 11 years, and right over there are our two newest backup dancers, Rocky and CeCe.
Do they have Shake It Up in your land? Yeah, our "land" is Pittsburgh.
Oh, Aloha.
So you're the new girls, huh? Yeah.
Well, me and my friends dance a little.
Maybe you guys can give us some pointers.
Sure, but I have to warn you.
We're a little advanced.
But we'll see what you kids got.
Hey, Marco, drop something hot.
Synced and Edited By KesemB So, what do you guys think? Nah.
Who's ready for a pedi party? Me! Sorry, Elvis, but it's that time again.
Uh-oh, I see clouds rolling in.
That means it's time for Rain! Whoo! Mom! They're doing it again! All right, girls, girls, hey.
This is completely inappropriate.
You have to let your mommy go first.
Money! Money! Am I the only mature one in this family? Money, money, money, money, money, money mwah.
Okay, as fun as this is, there's a voice in my head telling me I'm not being a responsible parent.
It's not a voice.
It's me! Okay, time for Fun Mom to go.
Oh, wow, Fun Mom was here for, like, 20 seconds.
It's a new record.
I know.
We all like Fun Mom.
Of course, she's incredibly cool, and still hot at 29.
What? But Practical Mom is raising two kids on her own, and if she wasn't around most of the time, we'd be living in a box under a bridge.
That would be so cool.
Yeah? There's no cable in a box.
Hey, you know what? You guys have a decent amount of money.
I think it's time you both open bank accounts.
Try the bank on Sixth Street.
That one hardly ever gets robbed.
Love you.
Love you.
Flynn, cough it up.
Wow, this is my first time in a bank.
Not me.
I've been in here a couple of times to pee.
Excuse me, sir.
We'd like to open our first bank account.
First timers? Hurray! Sit.
I'm Phil.
Have a complementary pen.
Oh, thank you, Phil.
Entering the world of finance.
How exciting.
I know banks have gotten a bad rap lately.
Here, have a mouse pad.
I'm not just going to be your banker.
I'm going to be your friend.
And you know what friends do? They give each other free desk calendars.
Well, we feel terrible.
I mean, we didn't bring anything for you.
You brought me your business, the greatest gift anyone can give me.
I'll just need to see some ID.
Here you go.
Ah, thank you, Raquel.
You know that's my name, so why do you have to laugh every time you hear it? Oh, don't be so sensitive.
And now, Cecilia.
And where's your deposit? Oh.
Wow, there's about $300 here.
I bet I know the combination.
Elvis has left the building.
From now on, when you need money, you will use these.
Debit cards! Yep, there's about $300 in here.
Now, remember, these aren't toys.
You should be mature and responsible.
Just one question.
Yes? How do we get to the mall from here? Hey, look.
Bag ladies.
That's a lot of bag and not a lot of lady.
We just cleaned out everything cool at the thrift store With our brand new Debit cards.
Debit cards, debit cards.
Debba, debba, debba, debit cards.
What I'm sensing is you got debit cards.
Wait a minute.
You put your money in a bank? You could've given it to my uncle Poncho.
He makes money.
Make- How does he do that? With a machine, in his basement.
Okay, how cute is this? How cute is this? How cute are we? You know what would be really cute? If you got some stuff for us.
Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of bags.
Which one has our name on it? Oh, that would be the one right over nowhere.
Wow, talk about selfish.
What are you talking about? Why should we buy stuff for you guys? Well, I don't know.
If I was lucky enough to have a little extra cash, I'd spend some on my friends.
Yeah, it would be the nice thing to do, especially for your brother.
He's right.
That would've been the nice thing to do.
Well, congratulations, you guys.
You've completely ruined the surprise.
And what a surprise it was.
What was the surprise? We were planning to take you to a fabulous lunch.
This Saturday, before the show, we're going to take you to your favorite restaurant.
The Olive Pit? No, The Arm Pit.
Of course, The Olive Pit.
There's no other pit we take you to.
And you haven't noticed? We're the most generous girls you know.
Wow, thanks.
Sorry about calling you cheap, selfish jerks.
You didn't call us that.
No, but I was thinking it.
Thank you.
Oh, and, uh, keep the bread sticks coming.
Ooh, a whole dollar.
I'll be back to take your order if I don't retire first.
Hey, CeCe, who'd you get to watch your little brother? Oh, I hired the best babysitters money can buy.
I am Gunther.
And I am Tinka.
And we're here to sit you, baby.
You guys aren't from here, are you? We're from foreign land where you'd already be working in a factory.
Well, Gunther and Tinkle, in America, the babysitters serve the kid.
Let's talk food.
Which one of you can bake? Oh, that would be me.
Big shock.
Remember, it's your day, so if you're torn between ordering two things, order them both and take one home.
We have to dance in a little while, so we have to eat light, but you guys can have whatever you want because we have Debit cards.
Debit cards.
Debba, debba, debba debit cards! Oh, I have to take this.
It's Phil.
Our banker.
Hey, Phil, what's shaking? The name is Mr.
And nothing is shaking at all, Cecilia.
Your accounts are overdrawn.
As of this moment your cards are frozen, and I am rejecting your friend request.
What? Phil, you sound like a banker.
What happened to being our buddy? Till you put some more money in that account, we are no longer BFS, and I want my mouse pad back.
A moment, please.
Ow, hair, ow, hair, ow, hair, what? Our accounts are overdrawn, our cards are cut off, and we can't pay for lunch, but on the upside Yeah, I got nothing.
Well, CeCe, we have to tell them.
To CeCe and Rocky, the most generous and thoughtful girls we know.
Well, we promised the guys a surprise.
Together we only have $16.
Be cool.
We can pull this off as long as we don't eat anything and push the guys towards the cheap food.
I'll be climbing out the lady's room window, so tell me how your plan works out.
Hey, Ty.
I believe everyone knows my date, Tasha Brooks.
You brought a date? I assumed my invite was plus one.
Not cool, man.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You bring a date when I'm playing solo? I look like a dingle who can't get a girl.
You are a dingle that can't get a girl.
Oh, oh, you know what I hear is delicious? The unlimited salad bar for 3.
I checked.
There's garbanzo beans.
Don't worry about that, sis.
We ordered already.
What? Yeah, Caesar's Feast, the four-course, belly-busting tour of Italy.
How much does that cost? Only 19.
95 a person.
Are you kidding me? For that we could fly to Italy.
Can I get the veal "parmeezian" for my mom when she picks me up? I think it's pronounced "parmejan" You don't know what you talking about.
She's part Italian.
Anything you want, Tasha, it's on CeCe and my sister The most generous girls we know.
How was my strudel? Flakey, nutty, gooey in the middle, kind of like you guys.
This one is adorable.
There is no way he can be related to the other one.
What is this mess? Laundry that needs to be folded.
I'd do it, but in America, that's something the babysitters do while the kids watch TV.
Wow, this is a lot of work for $8 an hour.
You mean four.
In America, the kid gets half.
We are learning so much today.
Excuse me.
We're saved.
I climbed in the dumpster.
I found a roach.
Okay, I'm going to put this on our plate and scream and demand we get our meals for free.
Nice plan.
High five.
Ooh, never mind.
That's disgusting! Look what's on my plate.
It's called veal parmesan.
Excuse me, ma'am, it's pronounced "parmeezian.
" Wow.
Pretty and smart.
Where did it go? Ha-ha, CeCe, a moment? Ow, hair, ow, hair, ow, hair, ow, hair, what? We need to call your mom.
No, she'll chew me out, ground me for nine years, and take away my debit card.
Friends are going to find out we're posers.
The restaurant is going to throw us in jail, and then we're going to miss the taping of the show.
You have to do something.
I did do something.
I crawled in a filthy, disgusting, dumpster, and, Rocky, I wasn't alone.
Then it's time to end this nightmare.
We're telling them.
Guys, there's something we have to tell you.
Tasha, what's on your shoulder? Tasha, wait! Have them wrap my veal in one of those tinfoil swan thingies.
Can you believe that? Scared of a little roach.
Is there something on my shoulder? I'm not scared of a roach.
I'm not.
I am not.
Go ahead and tell me it's a roach right now.
It's the roach.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
What can I get for you? Can you tell me about the Big Fat Heart Attack? Oh, it's a special promotion we're having this month.
It's a 10-pound meatball on a big plate of spaghetti, but you finish the whole plate in an hour, your entire table's meals are free.
Um, excuse me.
My friend will have that meatball special.
What? Why me? Because I crawled in the dumpster.
Well, I'm a vegetarian.
Not today, you're not.
Someone is having a Heart Attack.
What? What is everybody looking at? Haven't you ever seen a 13-year-old girl having a Heart Attack? Relax.
I mean, how much food can it really be? Here we go.
You've got one hour.
Good luck, honey.
Whoa, I'd start eating before the thing eats you.
Tell my parents I love them.
Forty-five minutes.
Hiya, Flynn.
Oh, hello.
Who the heck are you? I'm Tinka.
And I'm Gunther, und we are The Hessenheffers.
We were hired to sit on your baby.
Sissy had them watch me.
I am so mad at your sister right now, but I'm torn because I really love coming home to clean dishes.
It has been an honor to remove the disgusting filth from your shabby home.
Eat, eat, eat Can't eat any more.
I'd run out on this bill if I didn't have spaghetti in my shoes.
They're my shoes.
Don't want them back.
You know what? This is our own fault.
We acted like idiots, and we were irresponsible with our money.
Tasha's furious with me for taking her to a roach-infested restaurant.
By the way, her mom still wants that veal parm.
Are you eating a possum? Tell him.
We messed up because we spent all our money on ourselves.
We can't afford this lunch.
Our debit-debit-debit cards are dubba-dubba dead.
We felt selfish and guilty and wanted to impress you guys.
We already know you.
It's too late to impress us.
Our meal's free if I can finish this meatball.
I'm sure we got enough to cover the bill.
How much you got? I got, like, 25.
I got, like, 15.
Six- Oh, all right, let's get this- New plan.
You're finishing that meatball.
Five, four, three, two, one! We made it! Who could've thought that a nine-pound girl could eat a 10-pound meatball.
Wait a minute.
There's another piece right over there.
Uh, that piece is moving.
That's not a meatball.
Wow, I ate so much I can barely button my pants.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I can hardly move.
Let's go Shake It Up Chicago.
ot "I just ate you, Chicago.
" Amazing.
Sure, they might have great talent and abilities, but we have Yeah, I got nothing again.
Give it up for our guest dancers from Shake It Up Pittsburgh! And we'll see you next week right here