Stage of Number One (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

I want to sing that song.
I want to challenge myself.
What are you doing?
It's the song you wrote for me, isn't it?
Let me have it.
Khwan has just asked for this
You're the first listener of this song.
It'll be broadcasted here first.
How am I going to tell Khwanchai?
Thank you so much, Ying.
You can give them away to ten listeners.
Okay. I'll let the callers play a game
and ask them
to answer questions about you.
What shall I ask?
What province are you from, Kaeota?
Can you tell us?
Sure, I'm from Suphan Buri province.
I joined singing contests back then.
My teachers also asked me
to sing in class or represent the school,
and then I advanced
to provincial singing contests.
Then, Mr. Nop saw me,
and I came to be his artist.
Are you dating?
No. Mr. Nop is my boss.
I think we'd better talk about songs.
Our listeners want to know.
They might want to court you.
Mr. Nop, the owner
of M Sound Recording Company,
saw me.
I don't know what he saw in me.
-You should ask him.
-how much?
-It's 105 baht.
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
On the weary days
So you're here.
Yes, I am. I'm working as an artist here.
I have to be here.
I think I told you already.
Ek, you must be tired. Drink some water.
It's okay.
I'm here to talk about that song.
Oh, did you know the song
that you composed for me is very popular?
It's everyone's favorite
because you wrote it for me.
That's why it suits me perfectly.
I told you I would tell Khwan first.
Why didn't you tell her sooner?
What were you doing?
You said she came to Bangkok
for singing contests,
I don't see her effort at all.
Why are you criticizing her?
She's working on it.
Am I not working on it?
Or I'm not good enough for you?
So you don't want to give me that song.
It's not like that, Kaeo.
I already gave it to you.
If you gave it to me,
why do you want it back?
Who said I want it back?
What do you want?
I understand.
I composed this song for you to sing.
You can sing it or whatever you want,
but not this quick
because I told you already
that I would tell Khwan first.
Who will you choose between me and Khwan?
Kaeo, you're alone. Why is the door
This is Saoek.
Ah, Saoek.
Do I have to call you the composer?
Don't call me a composer.
I'm just a songwriter.
Saoek, this is Mr. Mahannop,
the owner of M Sound.
This is the guy I told you about,
the one who composes songs.
He's like my relative.
He's the son of a band owner,
but doesn't mind being
just a "convoy" staff.
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
When it comes to songs,
if you want them to suit your singer,
you need to compose them.
This is my business card.
You are the recording company owner
who gave me a name card in the taxi,
I remember you.
That's why you look familiar.
I remember a taxi driver told me that
-he wrote songs
and that he was a convoy. So that's you.
Let's have some dessert.
That's okay.
-I'm taking my leave.
You're so talented. Eat with us.
Mr. Saoek, the thing is,
I don't take advantage.
Take what advantage?
Composing fees.
How much for your song?
It's not for sale.
What do we do, Kaeo?
Saoek said his part.
What about friendship price?
I'm buying the copyright to this song
for Mr. Mahannop. Is that okay with you?
How much is acceptable for you?
Is this okay?
I'm not selling it.
Mr. Saoek, let's do this.
If you haven't thought about it,
just call me later
when you come up with the amount you want.
But don't make it too high.
We both just started this up,
and this is a new company.
We don't have much money.
Excuse me.
Are you dating him?
No. I told you we're relatives.
Really? There was something weird
when he looked at you.
I'm buying the copyright to this song
I'm Mahannop, Nop for short.
I'm the owner of M Sound.
Hear me out, Khwan.
Khwan. Hear me out.
-Khwan, please.
I can explain. Hear me out.
The thing is, I gave that song to Kaeo
because I feel sorry for her.
You know well
she's still unknown even though
she already released lots of singles.
I didn't think that
Kaeota's song would release this soon.
Kaeota's song?
Well, she said that song suits her better.
It doesn't suit me, does it?
You were with me.
You composed this song for me.
it was for Kaeota from the beginning.
But when you wanted it,
I intended to give it to you.
And when Kaeota asked for it,
You betrayed me.
That's the point. Do you understand?
The point is you gave my song to her,
behind my back. That's stealing.
Listen to me. Nobody stole from anyone.
I wanted to tell you, but
I forgot.
You forgot?
You forgot? How could you forget?
-You forgot.
-You gave it to her.
I don't mean anything to you?
I'm sorry.
-Khwan. I'm sorry.
-I don't mean anything to you?
Go ahead. Beat me.
-You fool!
Can I write a new song for you?
Just to say I'm sorry.
No. Get out of here.
Nop, hey. Look at the sales.
Yesterday, I checked at the big stores,
and sales weren't bad at all.
Sales was better than we expected.
Our effort was worth it.
We aren't even
in the top 20 best sellers yet.
I don't want to be in the top 20
or anything else.
I want to know who is number one.
I want to be number one.
"New record company on the rise.
Singer to greet fans
at every radio station.
A song which has had great sales."
Nop's record company can make it.
Nop must be very proud.
But she's just a one-hit wonder.
I've checked their sales this week.
M Sound's sales are better
than those of Siang Thong Music and Giant,
despite having been released
for a month already.
Are you Kaeota?
Can I ask for your autograph?
-Excuse me.
Yes, please.
So we'll leave them be for now?
Let Nop learn his lesson
and wait for him to merge
his company with our Siang Thong Music.
That's surely the way. He's arrogant.
He never listens.
Let him see the real world.
He'll learn that what he's doing
can't even come close to matching us.
It's like we're celebrating
the sales that are skyrocketing.
Are you Kaeota?
-Please sign for me.
-What about this?
-It's fine.
Thank you.
Please sign for my friend, Jib.
Thank you.
Please sign for me.
I'm eating. Watch your manners.
The thing is,
Kaeo isn't feeling well.
She hasn't eaten since yesterday.
We'll see doctor after this meal.
Come on, give me that.
After the meal,
she'll sign and return it to you,
all right?
Khwan. I really want to ask you.
You've won many prizes
at singing contests.
Why are you still washing dishes?
Why? You don't want me to do this?
Madam still hires me,
and I work for money.
But this work is hard.
Nobody has tried to recruit you?
Actually, there have been some.
Back at the singing contests,
there were people recruiting me.
But no one really meant it.
Those who said they would recruit me,
all they did was talk,
all lies and betrayals.
If it was me, Jamjaew,
who won the first prize,
I would apply directly
at record companies.
And see how it goes.
Do you like me?
I'm not crazy like you, Jamjaew.
I'm not crazy. I speak the truth.
I love you
Love you with all my heart
Yeah, that's how.
-Why are you stopping?
-Just a second.
Can I borrow your pen?
-Borrow my pen?
-Thank you.
And it's done.
You must not act like a witch
to your fans.
Because you're clearly a good girl.
Yes, and a good girl
doesn't just have a beautiful face.
She must have good manners and be polite.
But it was a bit too much.
Kaeo, for our fans,
nothing is too much. They love you.
They want you to be nice to them.
Imagine if you loved someone,
and he did this to you.
How would you feel?
You would want to scold him like that?
Just like what you're doing to me now?
But Kaeo doesn't love you.
Thin, it's a metaphor
for what Kaeo did.
Do you understand that
you need to cherish your fans?
You must promise me that
you won't get mad like that in public.
-I promise.
Because I'll bring you to meet
lots of people in the media.
You want to be number one, don't you?
Please take care of her.
No need, she's already famous.
I will take lots of photos today.
Does this pretty Suphan girl
have a plan for her next song?
Yes, Mr. Nop has planned it.
He'll keep you informed.
What style will it be?
-Mr. Nop.
I'm a social news reporter.
Can I interview you?
Yes, sure.
M Sound is your company,
and you are the son of Mr. Rong, right?
You are the apple under the tree.
You started the business with a leg up
because your father
owns Siang Thong Music.
You must have learned a lot from him.
Excuse me, but please don't involve
my father in this.
His business is not mine and vice versa.
If you want to ask about M Sound,
don't go off-topic.
Don't associate me with Siang Thong Music.
Excuse me.
Do you have more questions?
No, and we got enough photos.
I'll write the news article and submit it.
Sure. Thank you.
Thank you.
You taught me to control my temper.
Why did you
push that reporter away just now?
"Apple under the tree."
I heard Nop was angry
with the reporter who called him that.
You sent that reporter to do it.
Wasn't that too cruel?
He's too arrogant.
If you meet him, tell him
that the more he says he's
unrelated to Siang Thong Music,
the more the reporters
will associate him with us.
If he's good, he must build his reputation
without reporters associating him
with Siang Thong Music.
Hello, Mr. Mahannop.
Are you meeting the boss?
This way, please.
What do you want from me?
That should be my question.
I don't like your game.
Someone told me that
you sent the reporter to provoke me.
Was he successful?
I'm not a rookie.
But I don't like it.
You can use mom's money for the expansion
of whatever you want. I don't give a damn.
But don't mess with me.
I named you Mahannop.
It means "ocean".
When you studied business management,
they must have taught you that
the ocean is divided into two colors.
Red Ocean and Blue Ocean.
Someone who's theoretical
and stupid like you
just jumped into the Red Ocean
which is so wide and full of competitors,
such as Siang Thong Music,
a market leader.
Why wouldn't a no-name company like yours
go to the Blue Ocean?
Dominate the niche market.
Wow. So you are theoretical too.
But why do you keep following
your gut feelings?
Why don't you put your theory to work?
But don't you worry.
I'll be putting theory
and my own gut feelings to work.
Do you think you're that good?
That will never grow you
into the market leader.
You have your own way.
And I have mine too.
One you would never understand
because a guy like you
sees only money
and takes advantage of others
even a woman who loved
and trusted you so much that she died.
You can't send people
to trigger me anymore.
Because I will never give in to you.
The one who can forever be triggered
is you.
It's the weak point of a sinner.
How dare you to speak to me like that!
-Calm down, sir.
I think you should calm down, Mr. Nop.
I already am calm.
Please tell your boss to calm down.
But I understand that
the inferno is hot.
I walked in here and didn't shout.
I already respected you.
I hope that, from now on,
I will be respected too.
Why are there so many expenses?
What do you think
if I sign another artist?
Here's the key.
All done.
Why do you want a guitar?
Do you play music at night?
You're hard-working.
I'm heading off now.
Mr. Nop.
What's the matter?
I called you so many times.
You didn't answer.
If someone wants to talk to you,
he must only hold up and wait for you?
I have nothing to discuss with you.
Do you decide
on the amount for the copyright?
I told you already.
It's a no. That song was for my sister.
If Kaeota is your sister,
what about Khwanchai?
Why ask about Khwanchai?
I was told Kaeota
has a sister named Khwanchai.
But she doesn't like to talk about her,
so I have to ask you instead.
If Kaeota refuses to mention her,
I also have nothing to tell you.
I'm in a hurry.
Hope you don't follow me onto the bus.
I wrote a verse.
I'll play it.
I was about to write the song name
But I
Happened to write her name first
When I saw your face
You made my heart yearn
I wanted to write the song name
But it turned out to be your
-I'll get one of these.
‪Thank you.
Hey there.
Were you singing somewhere, singer?
You're so late.
I'm sorry, madam.
My brother talked to me for too long.
-Please wait a moment.
-Really? Brother?
You want to offer me those garlands?
I'm not a house spirit.
-I'm sorry.
I think if she fires you,
just release your own single then.
-Believe me.
You're always on her side.
Go tend to the customers. They're coming.
Go to the kitchen. I'll take orders.
-Thank you.
What would you like to have?
-One hot coffee.
Hey, Thin. Are you sure?
Yes. I was there for a few days.
They were together,
the songwriter and the singer from Suphan.
So you really plan
to make both sisters yours?
-Are you crazy?
You're not going anywhere today?
I've got a lot to do today,
so I asked Thin to be your manager today.
You want to be one, don't you?
Take Kaeota to the dance class
at the studio.
The class is already booked.
You're not going with us?
I will next time. I have to go now.
Don't forget
what to say and what not to.
Kaeota too.
Yes, sir.
Of course, friend.
Are you ready, Kaeota?
This way, please.
Are you Khwanchai?
I am Mahannop, the owner of M Sound.
I went to see you at Suphan.
I called you before you came here
for the singing contest.
Oh, right but why are you here?
I'm here to say the same.
I'd like to invite you
to become an artist of M Sound.
Do you mind that my company is small?
A company that has released popular songs
and has signed talented singers
wants a rookie like me?
You were the first artist
I wanted to work with.
But you rejected me back then.
If you agree this time,
I'd be more than happy.
I have one condition.
Please say it. I'm open to everything.
You're the best.
How was my dancing, Thin?
Wow. You dance like
a ballroom dance champion.
Ballroom dance what?
This is pop dance.
You're so out of date.
Come on, Kaeota.
I've only seen singers standing still
while the dancers do the dancing.
But you don't even need dancers.
You can dance, sing, and perform.
I think you're really the best.
Is Mr. Nop coming to pick us up?
Or do we need to grab a cab?
Nop is probably not coming.
He's meeting Khwanchai.
Mr. Nop is meeting Khwanchai?
What do I do now?
Kaeo, please calm down.
Wait for Nop to come back
and talk to him then.
I got some snacks for you.
They're your favorites.
Can I talk to you?
What's that stain on your shirt?
My passenger puked on me.
I think you should go shower first.
I'll bring a shirt that I already washed
for you to change into.
Take it off.
Thank you so much.
I'll wash it.
Okay. I'll be right back.
Ek, is Mr. Nop there?
I asked if Mr. Nop is there.
Why? Are you afraid
that Mr. Nop is here for me?
If you want to know, come here.
There might be something you can steal.
If this is how you sing my stolen song,
you'd better not sing. It's a waste.
Who was that?
Wrong number.
Mr. Nop.
-Hello, Khwanchai.
I'm glad you're here today.
Khwanchai, I promise that
this will be where
you can do what you want.
I hope so.
Please have a seat.
Mr. Nop.
What's she doing here?
I brought Khwan here because
I want to make hay while the sun shines.
If I don't get a music video,
I will not sign the contract.
I'm about to have my own music video.
It will be good and popular too.
The more they compete,
the faster we grow.
Someone, call the police.
-There are thieves in here.
I promise that
I won't hurt anyone.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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