Stage of Number One (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

The more they fight,
the faster we grow.
I'll be your assistant
and make sure
you'll be beautiful like an angel.
Please let us dance for you.
I want my music video.
And I will get it.
I've finished your song.
I have my own song now.
I won't wait for leftovers.
Thank you very much, Ek.
Because of you, I have come this far.
You're full so you shared it.
This is for you.
But I already intend
to write you a new song.
Compose a new song for me?
You gave it to her.
I don't mean anything to you?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you
about Khwan and her music album.
I didn't agree with her.
But she asked me to keep quiet.
She said she would tell you herself.
And she didn't.
She wanted revenge for me giving her song
to Kaeo without telling her.
Where is she staying, Auntie?
A place provided by the company.
Don't worry about her.
She's not alone.
She's with Maluli and Malila.
I see.
The is the house
where my mom used to stay.
She's not here anymore,
so I had housekeepers clean things up.
It's easy to get to M Sound from here.
If Thin or I can't pick you up,
you can call a cab.
Thank you very much, Mr. Nop.
Here, so we can call each other.
Thank you.
Despite having been abandoned,
the roses are still blooming.
I asked the gardener to take care of them.
My mom loved flowers.
What a beautiful bathroom.
You're gonna have a salary.
It's not that much,
but it's not less than Kaeota's assistant.
Kaeota has an assistant?
Yes, just got one.
She used to be in her band in Suphan.
Her name is
Thatsanai. Yes, that's it.
See? Just mix and match
and you'll be perfectly pretty.
How is my taste?
Inspired by Paris, just for you.
I'm not in a mood to enjoy.
You're still frustrated
over Khwanchai's music video?
Kaeo, it's today now.
Wouldn't you be frustrated?
Mr. Nop spent his budget on her.
Okay. You'll make it obvious
that you are against Khwanchai?
I'm in then.
Rivalry is what I'm good at.
First of all,
you must have your music video.
Most importantly,
it must be better and more popular
than Khwanchai's.
Mr. Nop has promised me one.
I asked him myself as well.
That's not all. I told him
that I would have
to manage everything myself.
Wow. That's wonderful.
Well done.
Do you think I asked him too much?
Was I not a good girl?
Don't ever think like that, Kaeo.
What you asked for was all reasonable.
Believe me.
It's weird how people change
from good to bad.
and then back together.
Nothing is certain,
especially people's minds.
You didn't dress as usual today.
You're not driving a taxi?
I'm off today. I'm gonna run some errands.
I have three grandchildren.
Two of them are now
following their dreams.
They have become singers.
And there is you.
If you don't want to drive a taxi forever,
you should also follow your dream.
Thank you.
Good luck.
I knew you'd be here, so I came early.
Every minute counts for you.
There are a lot of passengers
at this hour.
I'm off all day today.
Since the last time we met,
I could tell you don't want
to drive a taxi forever.
And I've been waiting
for the day you realized that.
I've known all along what I want.
I've been following my dream.
Just sometimes, it changed.
It went wrong.
But I'm steadfast
in wanting to achieve my dream.
If I had to guess,
your dream is to become a composer?
It is what you love,
and you're good at it.
Are you selling your songs?
No. I won't charge you a baht.
Would you do me a favor?
Please give this song to Khwan.
You composed it for Khwan?
I'll take my leave.
She's so famous now.
Yes, she is.
-I'll ask for her autograph.
-Get the pen ready.
-Take lots of photos.
-I'm so excited.
-I'm so excited. She's almost here.
She must be very beautiful.
Look at that.
Whose car is that?
Could be her, or no?
Whose car is it?
It might be her.
Kaeota's coming.
Kaeota. You're beautiful.
Can we take photos with you?
One more.
A lot more.
You're beautiful.
Look at her.
Wow, it's Khwanchai.
It's really Khwanchai.
-Can we take photos with you?
-Excuse me.
You're beautiful.
Please support her.
Please sign this for me.
-I've liked you for so long.
-Please sign this for me.
Yes, sure.
There you are.
I want to discuss your schedule.
Thin called and told me that
your album is selling well.
But it can be better.
Thin should've promoted it more.
And I should've had
my music video from the start.
Calm down, we can fix this.
When your new song is released,
you can record your music video
as you wish.
That's good. I already have some ideas.
Let's discuss them.
-The fans wouldn't let us go.
-That's right.
They didn't want you to leave.
-Hello, Mr. Nop.
Are you having a dancers party here?
It's called bodyguard.
Sis Kaeo.
Don't call me Sis Kaeo
like some hillbilly.
Oh, my! You prefer Bitch Kaeo?
Hey, hey! Keep calm, everyone.
I don't know your previous grudge,
but you're all in the same company now.
That's why you shouldn't fight.
And both of you should talk to artists
more politely than that.
Mr. Nop.
I apologize on behalf of Luli and Lila.
Regarding your fans,
you can ask Kaeo for advice
because she's had experience.
Having them swarm you is actually good.
It means you're on the right track.
Keep them.
What would you like me to do today?
I want to discuss your schedule. Please.
Do you want to discuss
music video ideas, Kaeo?
You can do it now.
We can share ideas.
That's fine. I can take care of my job.
I don't want to interfere. Excuse me.
"I know what I'm supposed to do."
-So annoying.
Come on, Khwan.
What are you doing here?
Running some errands.
You're here to see your work?
What work?
You brought that girl to Mr. Nop.
I'm glad to hear
you've been here to compose songs,
but you also brought her to stay here.
You can't be mad at me for that.
I didn't even know Khwan would be here.
Don't make excuses.
I don't want to see your face.
That's why you should go your own way.
I will go mine.
I want to
talk to you about one thing.
You might not be aware that
when we give our songs to radio stations,
we're supposed to pay them
to play your song.
Is that so?
I've never been aware of that.
So how do you feel?
I think it's an investment
for advertising.
I can agree with this deal.
But if my song becomes popular,
they'll play it for free, won't they?
Being famous in music industry
is not so easy.
That's true.
I myself just learned from Kaeo's case.
But for you,
it's not just songs and dance.
I'll take you to grooming.
It's how
you organize your body, image,
costumes, hair, and daily lifestyle.
I want to bring out the best in you
to let your fans know
your real self and to love you.
But please don't make me become like Kaeo.
Kaeo is Kaeo. And Khwan is Khwan.
-Auntie Phanna.
-Please come in.
Have you had dinner?
Where are you going?
I'm going back to Suphan.
Both of my nieces
have become singers like they wished.
I'm worry free now. My job is done.
Actually, you can stay here.
I earn money by driving the taxi.
You don't have to do anything.
Why would I use your income?
You must not think too much.
You've been doing very well,
and you even helped both girls
achieve their dreams.
There might be obstacles.
Look at them as things
to spice up your life.
If you want to go back Suphan,
I'll drive you there.
You already helped both sisters.
Now, you're about to help me.
Saoek, don't forget to bring yourself
to where you want to be,
to achieve what you've dreamed of.
Khwan, this is Cotton,
my college friend from Australia.
A young singer from Suphan
named Khwanchai.
Try this way.
No need to make her a Bangkokian.
People feel compassionate
toward country girls.
So marvelous, so dazzling.
-What are you talking about?
Making it trendy among singers.
Kaeo, you need
to revolutionize this industry.
Country singers today
don't have this modern look.
You will be a country singer
who stands out from the crowd.
You look cheerful,
polite, but deep down,
you're ready to fight.
Sexy both upper and lower?
This is the opening dance,
focusing on her fingers.
Focus on her breasts
when the camera zooms in.
How is my work?
Always the best. No one can top you.
Nice. Look at the camera. One, two
Welcome to Blinking Stars.
Our guest today is a rising star,
Khwanchai M Sound.
Oh. There she is.
She's coming. Hello.
What will you have?
The same.
Lotus root curry.
Lotus root curry? Want to eat that?
Yeah. Cancel the noodles.
-Hey, Ek.
The song that Kaeota sings,
is it the one you composed?
I knew it.
That's what I thought.
But they changed it
-by making the tempo faster?
So it means you sold that song?
I didn't sell it.
-I gave it to them for free.
Are you crazy?
How could you give it to them for free?
I knew it was for Kaeota,
so I gave it away.
A brainy guy like you should be valued.
Make your work worthwhile.
Make money out of it.
-We both
Ud, tell him what we do for a living.
We work as Art Di,
art directors.
We work
on art and background sets
for movies, music videos,
-everything related to filming.
Now, I'm making the background
for a music video of Siang Thong.
-Stop. It's here.
-This is it.
-That's right.
Let's go.
Ek. Get out of the car.
Look. Don't do this.
If you don't get out,
I'll ask the security to drag you out.
I'll tell everyone
you didn't give me change.
-Come on.
-I'm coming.
Come on.
Listen up.
You're here.
Opportunity won't knock twice.
This is the company.
You must do it.
Follow me. You'll be fine.
-Look there.
It's Mr. Jeng,
the producer we're meeting with.
He just arrived. Mr. Jeng!
Mr. Jeng!
Mr. Jeng is here. Hello.
Are we going to park here?
It's okay.
-Come on.
-Hurry up.
-I'll manage.
-Mr. Jeng.
Here we are.
What is it?
Hello, Mr. Jeng.
-This is Saoek.
He's a composer.
He's really good at it, Mr. Jeng.
Send me some song demos.
I'll take them to the meeting.
The executives might like them.
Should we continue our talk
at the meeting?
-Let's go.
We can do it.
Come on.
Hello, Mr. Rong.
-Is this your crew?
-These are
Uddie and Id, my Art Di.
This is Saoek.
He's applying for a composer position.
He composed "Hug Myself" for M Sound.
"Hug Myself"?
That song is very famous.
Thank you.
Where did you train?
A couple who owned a music band
fostered me.
They taught me.
I also like to write songs.
So you were in a country music band.
Please answer me
if you want to make a song catchy,
what would you do?
Especially for a country song.
In my opinion,
country songs are
Thai people's life.
All of the most-famous songs
are mostly derived
from traditional Thai songs.
Existing songs which sound familiar
are easier to understand.
To write a song and make it catchy
and easy to understand,
you must be sincere,
use simple language.
When a song catches your ear,
it catches your heart at the same time.
-I have one question.
"Hug Myself" is very famous.
Why didn't M Sound retain you?
How come they let you drive a taxi?
They didn't ask me to.
I don't want to work with them.
Would you like to work with me?
Be a composer here.
You'll have a salary
and your cut from sales.
-Say yes.
-Just say yes.
-Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Welcome to Siang Thong.
-Thank you very much.
-It's fine.
We're from the same hometown.
We should help each other.
-I have to go to a meeting now.
Please go.
Let's hug.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
-Yeah. Go.
Don't forget me when you're famous.
-Let's go.
Your decisions are always fast and sharp.
Recruitment never takes long.
He has what it takes.
Polite but proud.
And not arrogant like
Don't compare him to Mr. Nop.
I'll teach him
how painful it would be when he had a gem
but didn't know how to use it
or how to keep it.
My motto is
you're born a human,
and you should do your job
as best as you can.
If you're a child,
you should be grateful to your parents.
Anyway, please be compassionate to me
and be kind to me.
I'll give my all in my singing.
Take a lot of photos of her.
I'll add them to our files.
What is it, Thin?
Kaeo's MV?
What song is this?
"Don't Cry Out Loud".
I chose this song myself. I like it.
Why this song out of all the others?
I think this one is not suitable.
We agreed that
you would let me make all the decisions.
I think
you can't do it.
You don't trust me?
I contacted a good director for her.
and a choreographer to design the dance.
That designed the costumes.
You don't want to involve me at all?
Well, you can
There's one thing you can be involved in.
Do you have anything that I can help with?
You can help with the promotion.
Is that okay?
Please approve the budget.
300,000 BAH
You promised me already.
That will do.
-Mr. Nop. Hello.
Can I talk to Kaeo?
Yes, sure.
-I checked the monitor.
We need to talk.
Just a moment.
How are you, Mr. Nop?
Are you free to watch me practice?
I thought you're busy with the new singer.
Do you really want to dance like that?
Mr. Nop.
Okay, I'll keep quiet.
Where's Thin? I'll ask him to watch you.
Thin was here earlier this morning.
I asked him to go back.
Oh! Hello, Mr. Nop.
No more practicing. Put on
some makeup and we'll start filming.
Please do what you have to do.
I'll do what I have to do.
Girls, put on some makeup and get ready.
-I'm hungry.
-I'm hungry too.
Come quick.
-Let's sit here.
-What shall we order?
-Here's the menu.
I'll come back to take your order.
-Take your time.
-Let's see.
Please sign this for me.
-Yes, sure.
-Here's the pen.
-I like you very much.
-This page?
-She's famous.
Yes, right here, please.
-Thank you.
Can I take a photo of you?
Yes, sure.
-Right here.
-Just go.
-I'll get the camera ready.
-Take her photo.
-Take her photo.
-I'm excited.
-She's pretty.
-One, two,
-So pretty!
-She's pretty.
-Very beautiful.
Two, three.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I really like your songs.
You sing very beautifully.
When will you release your second album?
I listen to the first one so often
that the tape is stretched.
If it's stretched,
put it in my house fridge.
-Can I?
-You're cute.
Don't get bored of me.
She's nicer than Kaeota.
Yes. Are they really siblings?
You're totally different.
You mean Kaeota is prettier than me?
No, Khwanchai is a lot prettier.
-She welcomes her fans, doesn't she?
Kaeo must be tired from her work.
Please don't judge her.
You just made me like you even more.
-You defended your sister.
I think that's all for now. Thank you.
Thank you.
-Share the photos with me.
Me too.
You've got fans everywhere.
-Your treat then.
-What about fried pork?
-Yes, it's good.
We'll get fat. Don't eat it
or we'll become ugly.
This one is pretty.
-Try it on.
-It fits me.
-It's cute.
Try this on.
Isn't it too big?
Yes, it's a little too big.
But it's beautiful.
It's a shame it's too big.
Did the MV editing team inform
when they would send us
the finished product?
They already sent it.
That's good. I'm free now. Let me see it.
I already distributed it
to every station that you said.
Why did you do that?
You couldn't do that
without me checking it first.
You were too late.
I watched it, and I like it.
So I asked Nam to send it.
I wasn't late!
You can't just send it yourself.
What's all this about? I already sent it.
Don't be stressed.
I know you're hurt, I know you're sad
But please stop, please stop crying
-Men are easy to find
Please stop crying
That's enough
Throw away your pain
Throw away your suffering
You're much too sad
Your crying is overacting
Don't cry out loud
Our neighbors will hear it
You should be ashamed of the house spirits
You cry too loudly
You might become known for it
You'd be ashamed of it
Everywhere you go
-You always cry out loud late at night
-It's good!
Our neighbors might think
You're doing that
I'm begging you for the thousandth time
For my sake
That's enough
Throw away your pain
Throw away your suffering
You're much too sad
Your crying is overacting
Don't cry out loud
Our neighbors will hear it
You should be ashamed of the house spirits
You cry too loudly
You might become known for it
You'd be ashamed of it
Everywhere you go
Wow. Just wow.
how did you release it?
I didn't. I hadn't seen it either.
The one who released it is Kaeota.
Why did you do that without consulting me?
You allowed me to manage everything.
So I thought and did everything by myself.
I helped you and Thin out with your work.
Did I do something wrong?
Do you really think it can be released?
Why? What is bad about it?
What's wrong with it?
-I think it's good.
Don't worry.
What is it, Nam?
Your music video
is banned on every station.
How could it not be? Look
Those sexy dances
and costumes
It's way beyond sexy.
Westerners have done more than this.
They could still broadcast their MVs
without problems.
That's not an excuse. This is Thailand.
I've lived abroad,
but I know this wouldn't work here.
What do we do now?
All the budget you got was wasted.
If our company loses,
it's your fault.
Kaeo. If it can't be broadcasted,
sell it underground.
That's where it belongs.
Send it to pirated CD shops
and let them work for us.
Just like those cheap, copied VCDs.
Write on the cover
"Banned Music Video".
People love to watch the banned ones.
When it spreads, we'll be famous.
Is it gonna work?
Kaeo, do you want your work
to just disappear?
Leave it to me.
Here it is!
The music video of Kaeota M Sound
that was banned.
I saw it everywhere in the flea market.
-Let me see.
Ms. Rabeangkaew condemned it, didn't she?
It destroys all the good tradition.
Let's watch it.
I'll watch it too.
She really did this?
I know you're hurt, I know you're sad
But please stop, please stop crying
Kaeo intended this.
-This is her plan.
-Men are easy to find
No matter what she has to do,
all she wants is to be famous.
That's enough
Throw away your pain
-Look at her.
-Throw away your suffering
You're much too sad
Your crying is overacting
Don't cry out loud
Our neighbors will hear it
You should be ashamed
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I guess
you're thinking about how
to make M Sound's bad news
become our good news.
Come in.
Please come in.
Yes, Mr. Rong.
I want to hear what the composer thinks.
What would you think
if I recruited Kaeota to work with us?
Congratulations on your success.
If I already hate someone,
I can't never love that one again.
Hey, Nop.
Why did Siang Thong call?
-They're recruiting me.
I know Nop would send Kaeota to us.
I want to grow. I hope you understand.
You betrayed him but staying at his place?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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