Stage of Number One (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

If you don't want to drive a taxi forever,
you should also follow your dream.
Be a composer here.
I'll take you to grooming.
I want to bring out the best in you.
Your music video
is banned on every station.
If it can't be broadcasted,
sell it underground.
What would you think
if I recruited Kaeota to work with us?
Does your interest in hiring Kaeota
come from her singing voice
or from her music video?
This singer is marketable
if her talent is polished
in the right way.
Your song made her popular,
so I believe you know
more than anyone how to do that.
You see,
Kaeota and I grew up together.
Her parents are the ones who raised me.
If you're asking how talented Kaeota is,
I can confidently say
that she is exceptional.
She's also very determined.
Exceptional and determined,
that's what we want in our singer.
You're our songwriter.
I trust your insight.
Thank you, Saoek.
No problem.
Okay, you may go.
Ah, Saoek.
I heard that our company's singers
love the songs you have written for them.
Keep up the good work.
Of course.
I'll take my leave.
Would you like me to contact Kaeota now?
Okay. Yes, I understand.
Everything is ruined.
Do you know how many gigs we've lost?
And because of what?
Because of this crazy song of yours!
I'm shocked though.
How on earth did the music video CDs
flood the market as pirated CDs?
You need to find out
where the leak came from.
Could be the recording room,
the station,
or even the director or the assistants.
What a mess.
We lost all the good gigs too.
There are still some modeling jobs,
aren't there?
What are you even saying?
Do you really think
I would let you model for a porn magazine?
It's not how you should be perceived!
So what?
Do you want me to sing in a turtleneck,
standing still like a wooden doll?
Stop being sarcastic.
Didn't I tell you that
those clothes and dance steps
would fail?
I told you since the start.
Don't blame her. It was my doing.
I chose everything myself.
So I will take responsibility.
Oh, you will?
Are you sure?
All right.
Then I order you
to stop accepting gigs for three months.
-You cannot do this.
-Why not?
I have the right.
Check your contract
if you have a problem with it.
You may go now.
Reflect on what you have done.
We can talk later.
So how did our CDs get into the market?
Miss That, do you know how?
Kaeo, wait for me.
It's only the music video that got banned.
Instead of using this opportunity
to make it even more famous,
he bans it himself.
Hmph, I told you.
The pirated tapes on the black market
got more people to know about you,
but the problem is
the company can't profit from it.
Actually, there're many other ways
to make money.
Enough of all this.
I don't want to hear about it anymore.
Answer the phone.
Oh, it's an unknown number.
Answer it.
Greetings, who would you like to speak to?
Who are you?
It's from Siang Thong Music.
What, Siang Thong Music?
The biggest record company in the country.
-Give me the phone.
Greetings, I'm Kaeota.
Of course, it's an honor.
See you later.
-Why did they call you?
They want to recruit me!
My goodness, this is amazing!
Oh, wait a second.
Isn't the owner of that company
Mr. Nop's father?
Then would Mr. Nop
be willing to let you go?
If you go, won't Mr. Nop feel heartbroken?
That's great.
Then, Mr. Nop will realize
that he should have prioritized me
over Khwan.
A three-year contract?
Do you have it with you now?
Let Suwit take a look at it.
I heard that right now,
Nop is publicizing the new singer
in place of the previous singer
who has been suspended.
She just released her first album.
I suppose it's normal to pamper her.
If he doesn't place importance on you,
why do you need
to place importance on him?
Kaeota can cancel the contract.
No need to wait.
Suwit has overseen
countless contracts in his career.
Siang Thong never makes mistake.
Throw it at him.
This You're willing
to throw such a large sum at him?
Does this mean you know that
I can bring you
much more profit than this number?
It's up to you
whether you'd like to join the more
systematic and professional workplace.
Five million?
In exchange for terminating the contract?
Kaeo, how could you do this?
It's obvious, Thin.
He has money.
He can buy her, so he did.
It's not personal.
It's transactional.
Thank you for building my career.
However, I don't want to be
a stunted plant in a jar.
Not only is there barely any fertilizer,
but there's also another tree
fighting over nourishment.
I want to grow.
I hope you understand.
Life must go on.
Thank you for everything.
This is goodbye, Thin.
Thank you very much, Mr. Nop
for making today possible.
You trust me, don't you?
That I can make you famous.
I trust you, Mr. Nop.
What about you?
Are you sure about me?
If we share the same dream,
I'll grow with you, Mr. Mahannop.
Kaeota wants to be a famous singer,
and Siang Thong
is competitive.
He's so wealthy already.
Why is he bullying his own son now?
Your mom must feel devastated from above,
especially by his
throwing five million at you.
Essentially, this five million came
from my mom's investment.
Then what if you
think of this five million
as a gift from a father to his son?
Khwanchai, you don't understand him.
He has cursed our company since day one.
He's afraid that we will overshadow
his golden brainchild.
What he is attempting to convey
by throwing money at me is
that I will never win.
You're going to rampage through
your dad's firm, aren't you?
I'm with you.
Don't worry, I won't go.
I won't play his game.
I'll just go to some quiet place to think.
I've seen Mr. Nop this stressed.
I knew that someday,
Nop's father would hinder him.
But why do they hate each other?
Back then, Nop was around eight years old.
I'm sorry, Nop.
His father was busy with work,
so he went to the beach with his mom.
They had to come back early
because his mom got sick.
But when they arrived,
they saw a woman's shoes.
Are these your shoes, Mom?
His mom immediately realized
that his father
-was sleeping with another woman.
Why are you back early?
Why did you do this to me?
You opened your company with my money
to take a singer to our bed?
This is who I am.
You dare to slap me?
So his mom fell ill.
I will take care of you, Mom.
Okay, dear.
A short time later, she passed away.
He didn't want to see his father again,
so he left home.
He decided to stay with his mom's family
and never went back to that house again.
I met him when he was in boarding school.
He transferred abroad soon after that.
To the left, more.
Yes, that's perfect.
What's this all about, Khwan?
You make us organize the place
like we're housekeepers.
What're you planning now?
I just want to make the office
look livelier.
Ah, Thin, what time will Mr. Nop come in?
He didn't come in with you this morning?
No, I didn't spend the night at his condo.
He didn't answer his phone either.
I haven't talked to him
since he angrily stormed out that day.
Hey, I have an idea.
Hey, Nop.
Where are you now?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
What "um"? Can't you talk more coherently?
What? All right, I won't bother you then.
What happened?
Why did you talk to him like that?
"What happened?" He's drunk!
He likely drank last night
and then kept drinking this morning.
I'll go see him.
Um, let me go with you.
Um, what about us?
Do we have to go as well?
It's all right.
You can take care of things here.
You can close the office in the evening
and call a taxi to get home, okay?
I'm going with you.
Watch your step and make yourself at home.
Hey Nop!
Mr. Nop!
-Mr. Nop!
-What happened?
-Mr. Nop!
The glass cut his arm.
What? Hey, Nop, are you all right?
Are you okay, Nop?
-Help me sit him up.
Be careful.
-Mr. Nop.
How are you feeling?
Clap your hands to the determination
of the newest artist
of Siang Thong Company.
I hope you won't leave me hanging here.
Our company never does that.
We are always ready
to support our capable artists.
That is our principle.
Organize a team for Kaeota immediately.
Then submit the marketing plan to me.
Of course, sir.
We need to strike while the iron is hot.
May I choose a song myself?
We have our own system here.
Everything is done in a meeting,
starting with brainstorming,
producing, and then promoting.
And don't worry, we are a big company.
We have sufficient media power
to guarantee your success.
Ask stylist Senmai
to adjust Kaeota's image.
Yes, sir.
I need to adjust more?
I won't need to make your clothes anymore
because you're going to have
that stylist Sen or whatever.
Come on, I'll try asking them again.
If they reject you,
I'll employ you.
Really? You're so good to me!
Oh, thank you!
I was a little drunk last night.
Oh, I don't think so.
You poured alcohol
directly into your veins.
Hey, it's too far from my heart.
Anyway, thank you, Khwan.
You did such a great job.
It looks professionally done.
You're lucky the wounds are superficial.
Don't let the wounds get wet though.
Bandaging them will help them heal.
You're back with us then?
No use getting so angry.
I'd better work hard.
Right, Khwan?
You still have me.
I won't leave you.
I am a grateful person.
I don't mean
you're ungrateful or anything.
You shouldn't let
the painful incident from your past
burden your mind.
No, I just told her
what she needed to know.
I'd better take care of myself.
I'll take my leave.
-Let me
-It's okay, my legs aren't injured.
After you.
Don't worry about him.
He will be back
to his normal self tomorrow.
-Oh, Thin.
I forgot my phone in Mr. Nop's room.
Can I go back to get it?
Of course. I'll wait downstairs.
Do you remember where the parking lot is?
-Great. Take this.
It's his room's key card.
See you in a bit.
I see. So this is why Mr. Nop
is taking special care to support you.
You have free access to his home.
Hey, you betrayed him
and ran off to another company,
and you still dare to live with him?
Didn't you see? I already moved out!
The room is available.
You can move in now.
No matter how many times
you go in and out of his room,
no one will find out that
this is how you became a famous singer.
There's no such thing at M Sound.
Though in Siang Thong, there is.
If staying there is not as you expect,
you should do as you've told me to do.
That's my advice.
What happened to your hand?
It's only a small cut,
nothing to be worried about.
Today, I came to return the key card,
just in case you want
to give it to someone else.
If you're talking about Khwan,
I don't need it.
She already has a place to stay.
Of course, she has.
You always love
gifting new things to new people.
From now on,
you can indulge her
to your heart's content.
It depends on our small firm's finances.
I never have an ulterior motive though.
Work is work. Friendship is friendship.
Does it mean that even after this,
we can still continue to be friends?
And that is what you cannot find
in a big company.
Its president is not a true friend.
If you can bring them profits,
they'll be your friend.
If you can't, they'll cut you off.
That's what I want as well.
It's my life, and I must carry on.
I want to compete with singers
from all over the country.
I want to succeed
and be the center of attention.
The main point is
I have to compete with your singer.
We are competitors after all.
Good luck.
You too.
The outside world is a deadly place,
so be careful.
I have something else to share.
It's about Khwan.
Khwan already has a lover.
They're childhood sweethearts.
You probably know him.
His name is Saoek.
Do Re Mi Fa
Sol La
Please come in.
Am I interrupting?
It's all right. You have perfect timing.
We're testing her vocal range.
Kaeota, this is Mr. Saoek.
He's our new songwriter
with golden fingers.
Mr. Rong favors him.
Our singers all want
to get their hands on his songs.
Kaeota, let's try again.
You might even get one of his songs.
Do Re Mi
Fa Sol
It's not too late for me
to apologize, is it?
If you
would like to talk about the songs,
there are other songwriters
in the company.
Won't you write a song for me?
I am in the same company as you are now.
It depends on the company's decision.
Whoever the board
chooses to give my songs to,
I will obey that decision.
But a song custom-made
for a singer's inner self
is way better, isn't it?
Just like
the song you wrote for me.
Excuse me.
I have
a meeting with Mr. Rong.
Geez, you haven't changed
the bandage at all.
Do you want it to get infected?
Do you want to have your hand amputated?
Don't you have a rehearsal today?
Then why don't you take this time to relax
or find something useful to do?
What? I'm taking care
of our company's president here.
I'm doing something useful.
May I ask you a question?
When you signed the contract
with M Sound,
why didn't you ask Saoek
to write you a song?
Maybe it's because
he doesn't know me enough
to write a song for me.
He got you into the industry though.
He's from the same town
and signed you up for the singing contest.
Let me ask.
like Saoek, don't you?
I'm not stupid. It's obvious.
I did.
Not anymore though.
You need to understand.
With my personality, if I hate someone,
I cannot love them ever again,
not even when they're my siblings.
You're pretty terrifying.
Will there be a day you come to hate me?
What could you even do
to make me hate you?
I believe that
you and me
do and will get along very well.
Like lifelong soulmates?
No, more like
a philharmonic orchestra.
I don't want to talk to you.
I will put these away and go home.
Absolutely, no problem.
Yes, thank you so much.
All right, goodbye.
How's the market survey?
Ah, Khwanchai's sales are great,
but Kaeota's sales are also
Note the number down separately, okay?
Send it to me when you're done.
I have to talk
to the accounting office, all right?
I'll leave it to you.
He's drowning in work.
He's probably even forgetting
his own birthday.
It's today?
His birthday? This is important.
Let's party!
-That's right. We need to unwind.
We siblings will take care of this.
Step carefully. Don't slip now.
Where're you taking me?
Don't swing your arms around.
What're you scheming now?
Ah, where's Khwan?
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you
-Come on, time to cut the cake.
-Wait a second.
May I sing to the singer and dancers here?
-I love this!
-Make way for me, please.
-Turn on the music. Yes!
-Go wild, Mr. Nop.
-Do it!
-Your dancers are ready!
Please tell me, just a little hint
My beauty, while you're at home
What food do you eat
-That makes you so beautiful?
-It shows how we should adapt.
-You're as beautiful as an angel
-What is that one? The first one.
-I'd like to give you my love
-We will oversee
May I love you?
Everything about you looks delicate
A radiant angel
When you glance at me
I feel nervous
Do you have a boyfriend, sweetheart?
Please tell me the truth
Whoever is your partner
Is the luckiest man in the world
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-And the costume
-Appease my curiosity
-Are you interested in being with me?
-Regarding the costume team, I want
What food do you eat
That makes you so gorgeous?
-The eternal goddess
-For example, the accessories
What food do you eat
That makes you so delicate?
The peerless beauty
-I meet your eyes when you glance at me
-My imagination runs wild
-My mind submerges in a daydream
-Feed him!
I'm on cloud nine
Thank you.
You're amazing
to have heard them out for so long.
Not really.
I have to do my job.
Listening to their opinions is essential.
You're still angry at me, aren't you?
You should go home. It's late.
Where is That?
She already went home at eight.
She was tired.
Care for a drive?
It's okay, I can call a taxi.
I'm not saying I'm gonna drive you home.
I'm telling you to drive me home.
Thanks for the drive.
It's late. You should go back.
You don't you want to live
in a better neighborhood?
Why would I?
You still care too much
about external things.
Outward appearances
are transient.
Do you know what I had to deal with
when I arrived in Bangkok all alone,
driven out of our town?
I lived on the streets.
My things were stolen. I was molested.
I had to be a café singer
and get molested again.
I was drugged and barely survived!
Did you know that? Of course not!
And now, you are berating me
for indulging myself,
for being shallow.
I'm only an ordinary person
who has survived long enough
so that you can see
my superficiality today.
If you want to hate me,
that's your own decision.
Oh my!
Kaeota, you're so gorgeous!
Among all the album covers, I tell you,
this will be the most awesome one!
What awesome? There's nothing fashionable
about my clothes or my hair.
This won't do, I'm telling you.
Okay, let's change everything then.
Why are you just standing there?
Get some new clothes!
-Yes, change!
And hurry up!
After six months of anticipation,
Miss Kaeota has returned
with a sexy appearance
and has released a new song
under Siang Thong Company.
Now, let us give it a listen.
I'll take this one.
Two hundred baht.
Sorry, I never take it to heart
Sorry, my heart is unshakable
It's fine because whatever you do
The one getting disturbed won't be me
-"A Tiny Matter" by Miss Kaeota?
-Whoever you
Want to go on a date with
You can
It won't ever bother me
Do whatever you want
No need to hide
I don't care
I don't mind
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
All right, I'm sorry
That I don't feel sorry
-Go away, it's time to leave, so hurry up
This is good, so don't be dramatic
Let's end it all and save each other
-It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
Being a big company has its benefits.
They've produced a music album
in only six months.
And to be broadcast
on every station like this
Mr. Rong must be spending a lot of money.
Saoek is their songwriter.
He's good at what he does.
Good songs are always popular.
You are a true opportunist, Kaeo.
We should practice feeling happy for her
because when we release a new song,
it will take the country by storm.
to the man with a new home.
How did you know?
Someone in Siang Thong told me that
you were organizing your new home,
so I asked them for your address
to come visit you.
Seeing this painting of a lotus
reminds me of when
you picked lotus stems for me.
I picked them for Phanna actually.
on your success.
And more importantly,
I'd like to thank you for working hard
and making my songs so famous.
I'd like to thank you as well
for giving me the chance.
My amazing man.
I'm busy. I have to go. See you later.
Why are there only vegetable dishes?
Are you
planning to toast with vegetables?
What do you want to eat then?
If it's steak, lasagna, or pizza,
I can't cook those.
That's not it.
I mean you could have said things like
"I want you to have a healthy meal
full of vitamins and calcium"
or something like that.
Those are merely empty words,
only good for selling products.
This is homemade food,
so it has to be sincere.
"Has to be sincere"?
Everything looks appetizing.
Mr. Nop, please take a seat.
There's another dish I've prepared.
Lotus stems in coconut milk soup.
In the past,
Ek always gave me lotus stems,
so I always got to eat this dish.
You don't need to have
this soup or whatever from now on.
I don't care
whether someone gave it to you
because I want to have
your stir-fried vegetables.
And I will come here every day,
so you can always cook for me, all right?
It's surreal.
Who would have thought that
a record company owner
would help me wash dishes.
What? We eat together,
so we have to clean together.
I won't let you do all the work.
My mom taught me that a man
needs to take care of a woman.
Is washing dishes included in that phrase?
I thought being good
at making money was enough.
Mr. Nop?
I like you.
If you let me,
I will take care of you.
We will succeed together
you and me.
Miss Kaeota,
the famous singer of Siang Thong Company.
I want this person to be our presenter.
Tell the management team to take this job.
It's time to make a CD.
If you have a lover,
you will lose your popularity.
Before doing anything,
consider whether it's worth it!
Eat this!
-Eat this!
-How's that?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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