Stage of Number One (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Five million?
In exchange for terminating the contract?
Please don't be mad at me
because this is business.
I applaud your determination, Kaeota,
Siang Thong's newest artist.
I like you, Khwan.
If you let me take care of you,
I'll do it until I die.
-All right.
Keep on fighting!
Don't break our glasses.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
This is Mr. Rong's pub, sis?
Oh, that's Miss Chonly.
And Su too.
I'm a fan of their music.
You're right.
Kaeo, you should befriend them.
I wouldn't dare, sis.
Kaeota! Come here!
Hello, Chonly.
-Hello, Su.
The sales
Hello, Mr. Somphop.
Kaeo, Mr. Rong.
That and I are gonna say hi to Mr. Rong.
-We'll do better than projected.
-Mr. Rong, hello.
-Mr. Suwit, hello.
how has it been?
Getting along with the crew?
-Let me know if you need anything.
Come take pictures with us! Come on!
Please excuse me.
Make yourself at home.
Please excuse me.
Come on here.
One, two
Give me another one.
Ah, yes.
-Oh, Mr. Rong, hello.
-Oh, Saoek.
Come here.
-Enjoy. Make yourself at home.
-Thank you.
Mr. Saoek, wanna take pictures with us?
It's okay.
Aw, that's too bad.
Oh, Ek!
How are you?
Looks like you enjoyed yourself.
I did.
If you like it,
Mr. Rong usually has
business meetings this way.
Some days, they last till morning.
You probably don't approve.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
But I can't do it forever
or I'll become a Roman.
You'll always be yourself.
You like coming here to write songs?
I thought you liked
paddy fields and the forest,
nature with something green.
I love the forest too.
But we're currently in a concrete jungle.
Having a place in a high-rise
with a great view
at least inspires songs in me.
Kaeo, you are my muse.
I'm glad I can write songs
that make people happy.
do you love the songs or love me?
Or because you love me,
you can write songs?
I love both.
The magic of music gives me solace
As a nectar for the heart
I don't love anyone but you
I long for you every minute
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
The magic of music gives me solace
As a nectar for the heart
I don't love anyone but you
I long for you every minute
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
The magic of music gives me solace
Faithful to one another, never shed a tear
My happy place is here
Please, baby, my love is strong
Don't forget our nights together
Faithful to one another, never shed a tear
My happy place is here
Please, baby, my love is strong
Don't forget our nights together
The magic of music gives me solace
I love you, Kaeo.
Kaeo, have you thought
about going home to visit Phanna?
No, Ek.
I'm not her favorite niece.
Give me your hand.
Why are you giving me this?
It's my gift to you.
A gift for what?
Because you
helped me and wrote me songs
that made me a household name.
You actually didn't have to.
I already write songs.
And I'm happy I get to do it.
This watch is my promise to you
that the two of us
will spend quality time
together from now on.
I don't have anything to give you.
If you date me,
you can't see anyone else.
-What is this?
-Be careful. Someone might see.
Come on, Kaeo.
You're so pretty. Can I take a picture?
Another one?
Saoek, you go home.
I'll take Kaeo home myself.
Go on. Go.
Yes, I'm in my apartment.
Yes, we'll talk later.
You two are dating now?
So what? Why can't I date?
You're a superstar.
Your fame is on the rise.
You shouldn't date anyone.
Oh, you're so outdated. What year is this?
The world has changed.
You can't forbid singers to date.
It doesn't matter what year it is.
Don't forget
your livelihood
depends on your popularity.
If you have a boyfriend,
your popularity will decrease.
-What about
-Stop and listen to me.
Don't forget how hard it was for you
to get to this point.
Everything is going great,
but it'll be ruined, and for what?
For your urge to have a boyfriend?
Think before you do something
if it's worth it.
I don't want to be just someone close
Just someone to ease your loneliness
‪I don't want to hear you say "us"
‪With her hidden in that word
Why are sales plateauing?
This entire month,
in Bangkok and other provinces,
why isn't this album selling?
the cassettes probably sold
as much as they could.
And this is Khwanchai's first album.
You can't expect to sell
a million cassettes.
You can make money from her appearances.
I think we have to make CDs
because cassettes are outdated now.
You can't do that. CDs are expensive.
Let big companies make CDs.
Siang Thong has the money,
so they can do it.
If Siang Thong does it, I'll do it.
I just told you not to do it.
Why can't we do it too?
They have the money. We don't.
We shouldn't be outdated.
-We're a newcomer.
-What are you arguing about?
Nop's stressed out about sales plateauing,
and he's insisting on making CDs.
Making CDs? That's good.
Right, Mr. Nop?
There. See?
Khwanchai agrees it's a good idea.
CDs will get us a new market.
That's modern. Understand?
I think it's time for us to make CDs.
All right, you contact the factory.
We already have the cover.
Get it done quickly.
Tell me how much you need.
Fine. Okay.
It looks much fancier when it's a CD.
But with the price this high,
how many will it sell?
Thin, why haven't these CDs
been sent out to shops?
None of them ordered more.
And they said if the CDs they ordered
aren't sold this week,
they'll send them all back.
What's this, Thin?
This is the reason
our cassettes and CDs aren't selling.
What the hell is this?
Our song too.
We just released it yesterday.
It's in this compilation?
They say that sometimes
songs recorded today
become MP3s the next morning.
We worked so hard, but in the end,
they steal and sell it.
What do we do now?
Are we gonna let them do this?
We invested our money and energy
just to produce one song.
Some strangers are copying and selling it.
Give me
the Khwanchai M Sound album.
You want the master or the bootleg?
A bootleg.
I'll look.
Every shop answered
that they have the bootleg.
Here you go.
The master is 199 baht,
but this is 99 baht.
You get 50 hits from every company.
You want it? Or I'll take it back.
Bro, what's the hurry?
Officers, please.
Arrest him. What's in your hand?
No, it's not mine.
Here. Take him. Let me look around.
Today, the police
confiscated a number of CDs
containing MP3 files
in violation of copyrights.
Even if the arrested
are only small shops,
this is another clear warning
-the entertainment industry
-Will these people really learn?
-won't tolerate stealing.
-They're sold everywhere.
Shopping malls,
flea markets, roadside stands, everywhere!
Officer, how can we be sure
they won't do it again?
It's very hard to tell right now.
They're everywhere.
I make arrests every day,
but they keep popping up.
Why don't we go to the factory?
So we can root out the problem.
Isn't that too big a job for us?
Oh, Kaeo.
I wanted to take you to the movies.
PR said there'd be
a press screening today.
I got two tickets.
We haven't seen a movie together
since we got here.
Great. Let me tag along.
Sis, I only have two tickets.
Hey, you two expect to go alone?
I only have two tickets.
Well, Kaeo?
Ek, I can't go.
That's okay.
Kaeo, you're meeting with PR, right?
When is the appointment?
You shouldn't go anywhere alone with him.
Buy three, get one free. Take a look.
Clear image and sound.
These songs are hits right now.
How much did you buy them for?
This stuff, you have to find
the source yourself.
Bro, I'm asking for a good reason.
I run a bootleg factory too.
I want to know how much you paid,
so maybe I can sell you them cheaper.
Are you for real?
Geez, bro, why would I lie?
But you have to tell me first
how much you paid.
A piece of cake. How about this?
I'll sell you at half the price.
But I have a condition.
What's that?
You're good, Thin.
They make clothes as a front,
but you figured out
they produce bootleg CDs.
How did you manage that?
Have you ever heard,
"There's no honor among thieves"?
To raid a thief's den,
we must use a thief's tactics.
Please give a big hand to Chonly!
All right, I'll let
the next performer entertain you.
A female singer
with a great voice and style,
Kaeota Siang Thong!
Sorry, I never take it to heart
Sorry, my heart is unshakable
It's fine because if you do it
The one getting headaches won't be me
Whoever you want to go on a date with
You can
It won't ever bother me
Do whatever you want
No need to hide
I don't care, I don't mind
What are you doing in my house?
To see for myself
that shitty people like you
steal and sell other people's work.
So what? I'm smart.
All right, I'm sorry
That I don't feel sorry
Go away, it's time to leave, so hurry up
This is good, so don't be dramatic
Let's end it all
And save each other
Hey, how do you like it now?
Hey, let's welcome our guests.
Whoever you want
To go on a date with
You can
It won't ever bother me
Do whatever you want
No need to hide
I don't care
I don't mind
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
Hey, were you the one
who threw a box at me?
The police are coming. Let's go.
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
Come on. You can take pictures.
But you must come to very concert.
Which camera?
That camera. Kaeo, that camera.
Thank you, everyone,
for always supporting Kaeota.
Thank you.
Ah, go ahead. Take more pictures.
You're so pretty.
Yes. Which camera? Please tell us
which camera, so you get good pics.
Let's go, Kaeo.
Kaeo, let's go.
Kaeota, I haven't got a picture!
Mr. Nop.
Mr. Thin.
Mr. Nop, you raided the place yourself.
Did you think you were Superman?
He was impatient,
said he wouldn't allow
your work to be stolen.
They deserved it. They're thieves.
I'm telling you,
I wouldn't lose a one-on-one.
Mr. Nop.
But you have to learn
your lesson, Mr. Nop.
Don't risk your life like this again.
Next time, don't put yourself at risk.
What would I do
if something happened to you?
Jeez, love smells bad.
Does it?
If it does, feel free to leave.
can you change his mind about the smell?
Enough. Stop right there!
Don't come any closer.
Things would get out of control.
You asshole.
I'd better leave and call
my subordinates about work.
Mr. Nop was on the news yesterday.
He raided a bootleg factory
and got beaten up.
I knew about that.
Actually, we've lost
a lot of money to bootleg CDs.
Do you want us to do anything?
Suwit, do you think
we can get every one of them
if we hunt them down?
-No, sir.
-That's right.
Besides, Suwit, we can't fight the world.
Technologies have changed.
We can't control them.
cassettes and CDs will die out.
what should we do?
If we still want to be in this industry,
we have to profit from appearances
instead of sales.
We'll use our advantage
of having many artists,
by promoting them together,
amassing each of their fans,
and profiting from sponsors instead.
Oh, I saw the late-night news yesterday.
CD bootleggers were arrested.
And I think I saw Mr. Nop there.
What was he doing there?
He probably led the police there.
I think
you should call and check on him.
Ugh, no. He has nothing to do with me.
at least you used to work for him.
I left, Ek.
I don't wanna get involved with them.
Oh, Ek,
go wait for me at the coffee shop.
I wanna browse these shops for a bit.
Don't wanna walk with me?
I'm worried we'll make the news.
The company doesn't want
people to know I'm dating.
Please understand me.
Kaeota, right?
You're the reporter
from Country Entertainment.
What are you doing here?
Just taking a walk.
I'm glad I ran into you.
I was meaning to ask for an interview.
Are you free?
Yes, I'm free.
Where should we do this interview?
That table should work.
Please take a seat.
Give me a minute to set up my equipment.
All right. I'm ready.
I want to get you on our cover
People might see us.
Are you mad at me?
What can I do?
Dating a superstar
I have to get over it.
We have to sneak around, don't we?
It has to be this way.
Can you do it for me?
Of course.
You're cute
when you sulk.
What's this?
-So cute.
-Don't do that, Kaeo.
I finally got your pics.
Let's take one together.
Come on.
Returned by every shopping mall?
They said they didn't have storage.
Oh, when I was at one of the malls,
I saw Kaeota with a man.
What? With a man?
Was he her boyfriend?
She called him Saoek.
They were all over each other.
-What? Saoek?
-What? Saoek?
I don't care.
But I hope they make it.
Honestly, I'm not surprised
because Saoek is
that crazy about Kaeota.
It's not strange for them to date.
But they have to sneak around.
Probably worried it'd make news.
Don't look at me.
I'm gonna leave.
Please do.
I'm actually feeling fine. I'm just
staying here to get
my health insurance money's worth.
I can take a cab home tomorrow.
Are you sure?
So, Luli and Lila, let's go.
What took you so long?
Where have you been dawdling?
Don't tell me you went out
with Saoek again.
I wasn't dawdling, sis.
I ran into a reporter.
She asked for a short interview.
That's great.
Did you know that
a lot of advertising agencies came today?
It's good you showed up.
They might make deals
to have you as their presenter.
This time, you'll get
both famous and rich, Kaeo.
You're so pretty.
-Let's get some drinks.
Hello, Miss Kaeota.
I'm Bom, an advertising agent.
Oh, really?
That's great. Perfect timing.
I was about to get Kaeo a drink.
-Do you want anything?
-No, thanks.
Okay. Please take care of her.
Here's my card.
I've seen you sing many times.
You listen to country music?
I like some songs
and some singers.
But I have to look at the big picture
in case product owners hire us to make ads
and want certain types of presenters,
so we can pick someone fitting.
Most of my clients
sell cosmetics and female products.
I've never been a presenter in an ad.
I'm new.
The newer, the better.
You're not under contract with anyone yet.
If you're interested,
feel free to contact my company's
AR or Artist Relations team.
I'm excited for new jobs.
I will.
May I take your picture?
Just stand there.
Smile, please.
Here, are they good?
Very good.
May I take one of us?
-Is it good?
-It is.
-The lighting is okay, right?
-Yes, very good.
You look very good in this.
Thanks, buddy,
for drinking with me.
I have no one else.
Damn it!
Obsessed with the lights of the city.
My wife. Who else? Back in the day,
I took her to live in Bangkok
and work together.
We struggled together.
Then she went off to work,
always came home late.
You know, these days,
she yells at me if I walk to close to her.
Go wait for me at the coffee shop.
I wanna browse these shops for a bit.
I'm worried we'll make the news.
The company doesn't want
people to know I'm dating.
You're drunk, buddy.
Check, please. He's drunk.
Calm down, buddy.
Don't use violence.
I'm sorry. He's a little drunk.
It's okay.
-Probably fought with his wife.
You listen to me.
That is not going home with you today.
Make sure you lock your doors.
I will.
Are you okay, Ek?
You didn't say a word on the way here.
You didn't enjoy the event?
It's not that.
You know I don't like these events.
But I went with you to keep you company.
Oh, I appreciate it.
Drive home safe.
I'm gonna go. Good night.
What's going on, Ek?
You left it in my car.
Where have all our pictures gone?
Oh, you looked through them?
the memory card was full, so I
So you deleted my pictures?
To take pictures with someone else.
We were just taking pics for fun.
You want it that way?
Manie Cosmetics' products
target women in rural areas
or women who travel to work in Bangkok
or other cities
such as female factory workers.
As for the TV commercial we're making,
I think using a country singer
as your presenter
will speak to our target group.
And the most interesting singer right now
is Kaeota,
a famous singer from Siang Thong Company.
Siang Thong?
That's a big recording company.
What's her fee?
Do you remember the event
with the advertising agencies?
Which one?
The one where we met Mr. Bom.
He told me he was gonna pitch my name
as the presenter for Manie Cosmetics.
That's amazing, Kaeo!
He called me today
saying I shouldn't have
too many competitors.
Tell the Artist Relations team
to accept this job.
I wanna do it.
Tell them to set my fee high.
Sure thing.
I'll whisper it loudly.
I want you guys to be kind to me.
I want my fans to be kind to me.
-This girl is interesting.
-And I will do my best.
I want her to be our presenter.
Didn't they pitch Kaeota in the meeting?
We can't afford her, Dad.
She's too expensive.
So I had our team
look for someone fitting.
Miss Khwanchai
is also a country singer.
Good image, no scandal.
I'm not well-versed
in celebrities and singers.
Talk it over with our team.
-I will, Dad.
My CDs aren't selling at all?
I told you not to make CDs.
They're expensive and hard to sell.
Plus, they provide audio files
for the bootleggers to copy.
If this keeps up for another three months,
your company will go belly up.
Oh, that's right.
Khwanchai is in our care.
Is Mr. Nop free today?
Oh, he is.
I will. Thank you very much.
Nop? Khwanchai?
We have an urgent meeting.
As I said on the phone,
I'm in charge of advertising
for our cosmetics.
We've been pitched different names
for our presenter,
but we're interested in you.
Are you interested in her
for her music or her look?
I read your interview.
Your image is interesting,
so I wanted my dad to meet you
before we make our decision.
You're a singer.
Can you sing a little bit?
I don't want to be just someone close
Just someone to ease your loneliness
I don't want to hear you say "us"
With her hidden in that word
Who does this hug
Actually belong to?
Although it's warm
It's not real love anyway
All right, I'll let you decide, May.
One more thing, May.
This ad must have a song.
We'll discuss the details later.
You got it, Dad.
I'll take my leave.
I'm so happy, Mr. Nop.
They're letting us think it over, Mr. Nop?
That's right. Big decision, huh?
Hey, Thin, lay out for us what's what.
You got it. Per the contract,
Khwanchai must be
in pictures with Manie products.
Those pictures will be
on huge billboards all over the city!
Not only that,
but your pictures will also be
on every city bus.
And there will be folded posters.
And you'll be on a TV commercial.
Wow, that's amazing.
Your company M Sound
will have more money
to expand its business.
You're happy, right, Mr. Nop?
Whoa, a kiss.
So when are we going to sign
the contract with them?
Right now.
Shouldn't we play hard to get?
Why would you play hard to get?
Just say yes before they go
with someone else.
You make a good point. How about this?
Let's do it tomorrow.
Call them at eight in the morning.
You got it.
Good. Our lives will change tomorrow.
If I don't get this job,
M Sound will get it.
"Family Feud over Cosmetic Presenter Job."
I believe a kind man like you
doesn't want sisters to keep fighting.
Please warn Kaeota.
I have full confidence
and trust in you, Mr. Nop.
See? It wasn't all in my head.
I want to get to know you.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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