Stage of Number One (2024) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

I love you, Kaeo.
You're a superstar.
Your fame is on the rise.
You shouldn't date anyone.
We put so much effort
to make songs,
then somebody copied and sold them.
Why don't we go
to the factory?
So we can root out the problem.
He told me he was gonna pitch my name
as the presenter for Manie Cosmetics.
I wanna do it.
Tell the Artist Relations team
to accept this job.
It's Miss Khwanchai.
I want her to be our presenter.
Your company M Sound
will have more money
to expand its business.
What is it?
You think
that what she's doing
will help her save up to ten million?
Ask him.
Sis. I see you cook all day
How many millions do you have?
If I had just one million, I would stop.
I'd be relaxing and watching TV.
I'd watch something joyful
or go to concerts and chill.
Concerts? Whose concert is that?
Who's your favorite singer?
There are many that I like.
Do you like this one?
Khwanchai M Sound.
Sure, she's pretty.
-Oh, my!
-Oh, so we'll order
two more papaya salads.
I'll give one to Khwanchai.
Make it spicy.
What about Kaeota Siang Thong?
Do you like her?
I like her so much.
Nice answer.
I'll order three papaya salads
with extra crabs.
And about Kaeota,
Kaeota is so famous right now.
She's become more beautiful, hasn't she?
-Do it.
The two papaya salads I ordered,
just cancel them.
Oh, what the hell.
Look, our Khwanchai will be
famous in the future.
She'll be a presenter and have her photos
all over the country.
Oh, wake up.
Are you daydreaming?
We're awake now.
She's been offered a presenter job
for an advertisement.
What ads?
-It's Manie Cos
Sis, Manie Cosmetics' products are okay.
Not okay. I'm not okay.
Why are you not okay with them?
You bought them for me to use.
I'm not okay
because I heard that Khwanchai
will be the presenter
for that cosmetics brand.
Who? That's not true.
Mr. Bom said it would be me.
I don't know that. But I heard
from Luli and Lila, those twins from Hell.
They clearly said that
the brand already contacted Khwanchai
to be their presenter.
Actually, by company policy,
I can't tell you who the candidates are.
But since you are siblings,
you two must have talked.
I heard from Khwanchai's house.
But why did Khwanchai get this job?
If we compare our reputations,
I am way more famous.
It's about budget.
The price?
That's all I can tell.
That's not difficult.
You can just lower the price
to be competitive.
Is that all right? Then I'll earn less.
Do you want the job?
You'll be on highway billboards,
on buildings. You'll appear on TV ads.
People will see you all day.
You can promote yourself
and make money. Do you want that?
No matter what,
I'm under the company.
I have to ask them first.
Hey, just negotiate with the company.
Less money but no one would know.
Or you'll let Khwanchai
have those giant photos
sneering at us all over the country?
This is about your dignity.
I won't give in.
Someone contacted me.
They wanted Kaeota to be
a presenter of Manie Cosmetics.
Did they contact us, Ueng?
Yes, they did.
But when I sent our quotation,
they went silent.
Was it too expensive, Ueng?
We have our standard price calculation.
You are of high value now.
We quoted according to that.
But Kaeo is the one who works, Ueng.
Kaeo is not entitled
to choose her job at all?
I understand,
but this is the rule and how we work
in the company, Kaeo.
And it is the policy.
Thank you, Jeng.
Thanks for the answer, Ueng.
Let's go.
I don't think Kaeota is that difficult,
but her follower is.
They keep referring to rules and policies.
What do we do now, sis?
Producer of artist manager
is a staff member.
He has to do what he's supposed to.
Moreover, I know this policy
was established by the executives.
So what? You want me to talk to Mr. Rong?
If talking to staff members doesn't work,
we should talk to someone with authority.
You must do it yourself, Kaeo.
You want a presenter job?
Yes, Mr. Rong.
But I'm afraid I would lose this job
because the company
quoted the price too high.
Do you know?
Before an artist becomes so famous
that their market value
is high enough to sell,
the company must spend quite a lot.
Think about it like this.
We make songs for you.
We make shows for you.
How much do we spend to hire all the crews
to make you famous?
This path you are walking
has been laid with the company's money.
That's why we have a standard rate.
So it's not fair to the artist.
Why can't the artist choose what to do?
The artist has feelings.
We're not just a product
that you can sell by kilos.
Why did you say that?
Don't forget who Mr. Rong is.
I'm sorry.
But I really want this job, Mr. Rong.
What product is that?
Manie Cosmetics.
Manie Cosmetics
Owned by Miss Aree.
Do you know her?
The owner is my friend.
If you would kindly allow me
to get this advertising job,
I think it would be beneficial
to Siang Thong.
I'm willing to do more projects.
Please let me see the new world, Mr. Rong.
If we allowed you to breach the rules,
other singers would do the same.
It's going to affect the company.
There are always exceptions to the rules.
Why would I give you
the exception, Kaeota?
Because Miss Aree, Manie Cosmetics' owner,
is your friend.
A discount for a friend
so that Siang Thong gets the job.
-I am the by-product.
No more negotiation.
Just leave.
One more thing.
My rival for this job
is Khwanchai from Mr. Mahannop's M Sound.
If I don't get this job,
M Sound would instead.
-You mean your sister?
Khwanchai from Mr. Mahannop's M Sound.
From now on, when we go out,
we'll see Khwan's photos
on buildings and billboards.
-She'll be super famous.
-You're dreaming too much.
That's too much.
But it would be nice.
I will do every job to make money.
That's good.
Aim high, shoot for the stars.
Well, for your job today,
is Mr. Nop or Mr. Tin driving you?
Come on, just use your head!
It has to be Mr. Nop. Don't you see?
Roses around the house
are blooming,
waiting for Mr. Nop night and day.
What a smart mouth you have.
I feel sorry for Mr. Nop now.
There's no income.
Our M Sound will be in trouble.
If I get this ad job,
our company can keep operating
for many more months.
I truly admire your thought.
Mr. Nop is here.
Yes, Mr. Nop. I'm ready.
What? They didn't choose me?
Who will they choose? Who's my rival?
When the agency called me,
they didn't say who. They just said
That it wasn't me.
Khwan, I understand.
We hope, and we get disappointed.
If you're not in a mood to work today,
let's postpone the interview.
It's not a big deal.
Go. Let's go.
You know, our big boss
miraculously lowered an artist's price.
He said we must get
the Manie Cosmetics' job.
Who else? It's Kaeota.
She wanted this job so much
that she approached Mr. Rong.
When Mr. Rong knew the rival was
M Sound's singer, he agreed.
He messed up our system.
Hey! Speak quietly.
I'm on the phone with reporters.
Thank you very much, Khwanchai,
for giving an interview
at our editor's office.
With other singers,
setting up an interview with them
was like a chase and run.
It's my great pleasure.
I've become famous
because you published the news about me.
can I ask you for a favor?
It's about pirated CDs.
Please let the fans know
if they still want me and the team
to continue making music,
they should please buy the original ones.
Got it. I'll including that in the story.
How about sales now? Are they good?
But my fans
still welcome and are kind to me.
You're so nice.
I think you shouldn't have lost
the ad job.
You mean
This morning,
I talked to Siang Thong's PR team.
They gossiped that Kaeota
snatched the ads from an M Sound singer.
What's the real story?
Your larb is served.
Put it here.
I'm moody.
Manie's lipstick is very good,
isn't it? They have vision too.
They've chosen
the right presenter for their ads.
Here it is.
Sis. No papaya salad today.
I'll order duck larb, pork larb.
Make it spicy.
I'll celebrate Kaeota's good luck.
What luck is that?
All of a sudden Kaeota,
will be a presenter
of Manie Cosmetics.
Get ready for face and skin jobs.
My Kaeota is so talented.
Thank you so much, sis,
for telling me to ask Mr. Rong directly.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have been chosen.
Just believe me and you'll be fine.
I almost forgot to tell you.
While I was buying food,
I met Lila and Luli.
So I kinda bluffed to them
that you were already chosen
to be Manie Cosmetics' presenter.
How did they look when they heard that?
They were shocked.
They must be running like dogs
to tell their master.
Come to think of it,
their whole company must be sad now.
You know.
"Siblings rivalry
to be the presenter of the cosmetics brand
with the highest sales at the moment."
Nop, did we lose this job?
-Come on.
-What are you doing?
What are you reading?
Let me see what it is.
I want some of these newspapers
to wrap mangos at home.
Can I have it?
Me too. The mirror at home is so dirty.
I look so bad in the mirror.
I'll use it to wipe the mirror.
I'll share some with you.
And this.
And this.
Why did the newspaper
have to publish this?
It's already bad that I lost this job.
They even compared our photos
to make me look worse.
This is not about Khwan and Kaeota.
It's about Siang Thong
that's trying to beat M Sound.
If it was someone else,
I wouldn't be hurt this much.
Why does she have
to beat me in everything?
If it wasn't that company,
I wouldn't be this mad too.
If Khwanchai wasn't my artist,
would you have stolen this job for Kaeota?
How much profit have you lost?
And you're not bothered at all?
You understand now that it's competition?
Big fish have bigger lungs
than small fish.
They're also stronger.
They can eat small fish
whenever they want.
So you admit that
you intentionally did this to me?
And you also admit that
you've learned a lesson.
Dad, I know how to stop reporters
from writing headlines
saying that I'm a tiny company
run by Mr. Rong's son.
What are you gonna do?
I'll stop using Mahasuwan as my last name.
I will use my mom's last name.
You can use
whoever's last name you please.
Get out of my company now!
With pleasure.
Mr. Nop.
You had an errand here?
Yes. I'm done now.
What's wrong?
You must've known
that Kaeota got a cosmetics presenter job
by stealing it from Khwanchai.
I saw the news.
I know it's business,
but I believe a kind man like you
doesn't want siblings to fight anymore.
Please tell Kaeota if you can.
You shouldn't have had an argument
with your dad like that.
You might not understand that
having a father you can't fully respect
is awkward.
I was angry whenever he tried
to teach me business.
When he should do it
and spend time with his son,
he did something else.
Mr. Nop.
I'm sorry.
I brought
I brought this up
and made you uncomfortable.
I was really mad
because he stole your job.
I got over it.
Just think that
it's not our time yet.
You're right. It might not be our time.
When do you think that time will be?
Do you believe in me?
I'm in this music industry because of you.
I have fans, I have a place to stay,
I have shows
because you did everything for me.
I'm sure, and I really believe in you.
If you believe in me,
I promise
I will make it our time someday.
Khwanchai's time.
Please have a seat.
So this is Kaeota.
You chose her.
You can't say you never saw Kaeota.
Lots of people said that the real me
is not quite like in photos or on TV.
Yes. When Kaeota knew that
she was going to be a presenter
for Manie Cosmetics, she worked out
and prepared her skin for this job.
That's good.
Because you'll have a lot to do.
Advertisements in motion, print,
and events
My dad and I have to go now.
We have another meeting.
Let's go, Dad.
Khwan is in the bathroom.
Want me to tell her who's calling?
Okay, just a second.
Who's calling?
Miss May.
Miss May, the owner of Manie Cosmetics.
-Miss May, the owner?
Hello, Miss May.
Don't say sorry to me, Miss May.
It's the owner's right
to choose whomever they want.
Having this opportunity to see you
is my honor already.
Oh yes, sure.
If Manie Cosmetics wants
to hire me next year,
I must thank you in advance, Miss May.
Yes. Have a safe trip. Bye-bye.
What did she say?
Miss May apologized to me
for not choosing me.
But she likes me a lot.
But Kaeo
asked Mr. Rong, Siang Thong's owner,
to force her dad to choose her.
She's tricky.
At least now we know why we lost.
You must have heard that
I will be the new presenter, right?
A job which was supposed
to be Khwanchai's.
How did you get this job?
So what?
It's a deal between both companies.
I have nothing to do with it.
I understand how management works, Kaeo.
Come here.
I don't understand.
You're siblings.
Is it necessary
to be such aggressive rivals?
All this time,
she's the one who
has wanted to compete with me.
The song you composed for me,
she got to sing it first.
When I came to Bangkok and struggled,
she enjoyed her life
being the band leader.
How can you say she enjoyed her life?
I was there with her. I saw it.
You're taking her side again.
Didn't you see when I made
the album with Mr. Mahannop
that she tried to take me down?
Don't you think Khwan also wants
to compete with me?
Don't you know that
you're way more famous than Khwan?
Basically, you're in a bigger company.
They can give you everything you want.
So I have to sacrifice
everything to Khwanchai, your dear sister?
I have my goal.
I must be number one.
Therefore, there can't be two number ones.
You should have known that
Khwan thinks the same way.
Don't you know
how much I want
the Stage of Number One award?
There's a long time
before the next announcement.
But I must work hard from today forward.
Although it's not now,
someday, I'm gonna reach the goal.
It's just another step toward it.
I understand now.
Thank you for understanding me.
about the presenter job,
what are you supposed to do?
Well, next week there will be
a shooting for an ad.
And I have to make some appearances,
quite often.
Well, that's good.
They're gonna be good days of your life.
I'll take my leave then.
You are the new artists of our company.
You must practice seriously
in singing and dancing classes
until you're ready and pass the test.
Then you'll get to make your own album.
There you are.
This is Mr. Saoek,
a rising star composer.
Although he doesn't have
a lot of famous songs yet,
our singers all want to sing his songs.
Other, older composers are upset now.
You're exaggerating.
Don't call me "Mr."
Just call me by my name.
Are you going to compose songs for me?
Regarding the songs,
I have to discuss with Jeng
and Pek first.
It depends on many factors
such as who suits the market
at a particular moment.
Then I'll choose that one.
So if I pass the test,
can I ask you to compose songs for me?
I'll compose songs for everyone.
Today is the introduction day
when we get to see each other.
If you see me outside, just greet me.
Ask me anything.
-That's all for today?
Okay, I'll go back to work.
As you please.
See you around.
Tape and action!
Lipsticks are your lip's costume.
Wondering what color to choose?
Just ask Manie Girls.
Add a little bit of lip color.
More red.
Now, reset.
Write it down.
Hello, Geng.
-Hello, Geng.
Who's that man in the brick-brown jacket?
Mr. Bom said his name is Mr. Geng,
one of Manie Cosmetics' shareholders.
Why didn't I see him
during the first meeting?
Seems like he just came back from abroad.
I see.
Take ten and action!
Lipsticks are your lip's costume.
Wondering what color to choose?
Just ask Manie Girls.
Cut! Thank you.
Oh, my goodness!
Come on.
How was it, Director?
Give me some time to check it.
Please wait.
Very beautiful.
Thank you very much, Miss Kaeota.
Miss Kaeota.
This is Mr. Geng,
one of Manie Cosmetics' executives.
Mr. Geng, hello.
How was it? Was it okay?
Did I do it all right?
As I said,
very beautiful.
Director, Kaeota's scenes are all good?
Yes, they're all done.
Okay. We'll meet again
for poster and stills shooting.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Let's go, Kaeo.
"Wondering what color to choose."
"Just ask Manie Girls."
The script was funny,
but actually, it's somewhat catchy.
Tonight, I might talk in my sleep
saying "Wondering what color to choose"
Did you notice?
Mr. Geng, that good-looking guy
who said you're beautiful,
he's one of the company owners.
He looks young though
and also good-looking.
Anyway, how did you know?
Ueng told me. Look,
he might not just want to see you work.
He might also want to court you.
-You're crazy.
-I mean it.
That's enough.
Don't make me get a crush on him.
We just met him, didn't we?
You're daydreaming, sis.
Let's go home.
Stills shooting is tomorrow.
If a good-looking millionaire
stared at me like that,
I would make him mine right away.
-Let's go.
-I'll take him if you don't.
Saoek called.
Mr. Geng, that good-looking guy
who said you're beautiful,
he's one of the company owners.
He might also want to court you.
That is so funny.
Ice, check Miss Kaeota's hair for me.
You might be exhausted
over these days, Ueng,
because Kaeota
has both ads and stills shooting.
It's my job anyway.
If Kaeota can do it,
I can take care of her too.
Come to think of it,
the product owner
seems to like Kaeota a lot,
doesn't he?
The product owner is coming!
Hello. Kaeo!
Are you ready? Lighting is done.
She looks good in fuchsia.
She's shining on the camera.
Do you like it?
Excuse me for a bit.
Why is poster and stills shooting
way more exhausting than a concert tour?
I can't believe it.
Can't believe what?
That high-class Geng.
First, he acted like he liked you.
I saw him looking at you with hungry eyes.
Then he just disappeared.
How come?
Just don't care. It's all in your mind.
I don't think it is.
I saw it.
Who's that? You ordered something?
No. Go check it.
Or maybe Saoek skipped out on work
to see you again?
He wouldn't.
Flower delivery.
Thank you.
For whom, sis?
Oh! Kaeo.
Look at this. Read it.
Read the sender's name.
You see? It's not just in my mind.
Why keep looking at it? Call Mr. Geng now.
His number is on the card.
Call him.
Why would I call him, sis?
Just receiving the flowers
should be enough.
Call to tell him that
you've received them.
Like "The flowers are beautiful.
Thank you, Mr. Geng."
Something like that.
-I'll call him.
-I'd better not.
He might think I'm flirtatious.
He sent you flowers.
How would you be being flirtatious?
Hurry up, come on.
I'll dial his number.
I'm calling now.
Go ahead.
Will he answer?
Hello, Mr. Geng.
It's me, Kaeota.
I'm calling to thank you for the flowers.
I've received them.
They're very beautiful.
Well, dining out?
You can.
Well yes, I can.
Japanese food?
You like it.
-I like it.
Yes, go.
Yes, I can go.
Yes. That's all.
Is it all right, sis?
Very good. How can you say no
to your customer?
You must be well-mannered.
I want to give you a thank you meal.
That's okay.
Just the flowers were enough.
The flowers are for paving the way.
I want to know you better.
Normally, I don't have many friends.
Nobody is free to eat with me.
So let's say
I'm giving you company for this meal.
I'm about to launch a new product,
a healthy drink for women.
Would you like to be a brand ambassador?
Brand ambassador?
It's similar to a presenter.
You'd just need to make
some beautiful appearances.
I also plan to promote it abroad.
So I want a country singer
to represent Thailand.
I don't see anyone
as fit as you, Miss Kaeota.
You can talk with my company.
I barely remember my work schedule.
So you must be working hard.
You need to rest.
I have a yacht in Pattaya
and another one in Phuket.
Whenever I'm bored or stressed out,
I always sail on it to relax.
Are you interested in joining me?
If you don't have much time,
Pattaya is fine.
Let's say you'd give me some company.
It looks delicious.
About the sailing,
what do you think?
Let me think about it.
Go ahead. He offered his friendship.
You should accept it.
Two good opportunities
arrived at the same time.
You'll also be a presenter
for the next product.
We must take this opportunity.
You won't regret
being with a high-class guy.
But Ueng said
I have a job in Pattaya on Saturday.
This is such a perfect opportunity then!
Destiny is doing its job now.
What should I do?
Do what? First, you must
He's approaching, Kaeo.
If he asks you out, say yes. Don't say no.
Here it is.
Hello, Mr. Geng.
I have a job in Pattaya this Saturday.
Yes, I can. See you.
-He'll be waiting for me in Pattaya.
How nice. A prince and a princess,
together in a yacht.
I want to go with you, but no,
I don't want to interrupt you.
Happy birthday in advance.
Now, Princess Kaeota
might be able to decide what to have.
I want to keep them both.
-She's testing me.
Temple fairs are our base.
They bring in good sales.
This is M Sound's way out.
What is happening?
Tell Khwan the truth.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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