Stage of Number One (2024) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

My rival for this job is
Khwanchai from Mr. Mahannop's M Sound.
Miss May apologized to me
for not choosing me.
Kaeo asked Mr. Rong, Siang Thong's owner,
to force her dad to choose her.
This is Mr. Geng,
one of Manie Cosmetics' executives.
Mr. Geng, that good-looking guy
who said you're beautiful,
he might also want to court you.
-You're crazy.
-I mean it.
I always sail on it to relax.
Are you interested in joining me?
I have a job in Pattaya on Saturday.
Great. Destiny is doing its job now.
Ueng, I was thinking about you.
What is the job in Pattaya this Saturday?
It's our client's annual internal party.
It's held at a seaside hotel. Why?
I wanted to tell you that
I will drive there myself.
After the job,
I'll hang out with my friends.
Actually, the van can wait,
so you don't have to drive back and forth.
That's okay. I want to drive myself.
Okay. Up to you. Drive safe.
Thank you for the snack.
I ate it. It was delicious.
Are you free this Saturday?
Let's have a meal.
We can go somewhere less crowded.
I'm scheduled to work this Saturday.
Next time then.
Okay. Next time then.
I'm going to the meeting now.
See you around.
Namkhang. What did you buy?
I bought some snacks.
Could you help me carry them?
What if I don't?
You have to. They're so heavy.
-I'm about to go upstairs.
-See you around.
Can we really sit here?
It's not open yet,
and the manager isn't here.
Do you make good money?
Do you want to join me?
The salary is not that much,
but there are tips
from high-class customers.
The day before,
there was this high-class guy, Geng.
He was here with a singer from Suphan.
I thought both of you would know her.
Her name is Kaeota.
Kaeo is dating a high-class guy?
Who is that high-class guy?
That high-class guy is
the owner of the cosmetics company
where Kaeota is the presenter.
What did you say?
You heard it right.
She got both the job
and a pathway leading
to the high-class millionaires' society.
What about Saoek?
A rich husband is better than a poor one.
They might not be serious.
Kaeo always aims high.
Don't you see through her?
You're too optimistic.
Thank you very much
for scheduling Kaeota for us.
Our staff members like her so much.
Thank you very much too.
If you have a company party next year,
please don't forget me.
I'll book your schedule in advance then.
Let me say goodbye
to you here.
-Yes. Goodbye.
We can go now.
Are you leaving now,
or should we have lunch?
No. We'd better hurry back.
Yes. We're done.
Please pick us up at the ground floor.
What do we do? Mr. Geng is almost here.
Okay, okay.
I want to go now. Where's the van?
Coming. They're loading stuff.
Don't wait here. Let's go to the front.
Let's go now.
-What about Kaeo?
-Her friends are coming.
Come on.
Your office rent is three months overdue.
Water supply bill. Electricity bill.
Nop, we're broke now.
Do you know we spent all on
Are you reminding me of the CDs
that didn't sell at all?
Let me tell you this.
Khwanchai's trivial appearance jobs alone
are not enough to feed us all.
If there's a presenter job
Again? Why do you keep talking
about the past?
What do we do now?
Return the office, pay off debts,
isn't it? Just stop if it's too heavy.
Go our separate ways.
I can't do that.
I promised Khwanchai
that I would help her achieve her goal.
What are you gonna do?
The office landlord is
only giving you one week.
Looks like I just kidnapped
a princess from her palace.
You're exaggerating.
Am I a princess?
Not exactly but close.
Do you often sail on the yacht
with your friends?
Not often. Usually, I'm not free.
I have four to five companies
to take care of.
Wow. I envy you so much.
Nothing to envy.
It's not easy to do business.
If you want to learn
or want to do business,
you can ask me for advice.
I want to be successful
in my career as a singer.
Mr. Saoek, are you still here?
Didn't you go to Pattaya with Kaeota?
I did, but Kaeota
didn't come back with me.
I just dropped That at the alley entrance.
Where was Kaeota going?
I heard she was going out with friends.
Let me put away the stuff.
Are you back now?
How was the yacht trip?
What yacht, sis?
The Titanic.
I was reading the Titanic article.
What is it, Saoek?
-Where did Kaeota go?
Didn't she come back with you?
is asleep now. She's exhausted today.
What is it?
I thought she looks exhausted lately, so
I bought vitamin supplements for her.
Make sure she takes them.
These flowers from her fans have withered.
Please throw them away
because you might breathe
pollen into your lungs.
Okay. I'll throw them away now.
I think you should hurry home.
If someone saw a man coming
to Kaeota's condo late at night,
it could make a headline.
Did you say that
because you care for Kaeota's image
or because you hate me?
Are you crazy? Who hates you?
My job is to care for Kaeota's image.
I have to do my job.
I'm going now.
Please tell Kaeota to turn on
her phone when she wakes up.
Gosh. Saoek.
How was it?
Thank you, Mr. Geng.
It was fun today.
I'll have my driver
drive your car back here.
Next time, let me pick you up,
so you don't have to drive yourself.
I might feel bad.
We're close friends, aren't we?
No need to feel bad.
Okay then.
-Good night.
Good night.
Who was he?
He was on my client's team.
Why didn't you come back
with Ueng and That?
He asked me to go eat.
I couldn't say no, so I asked
Asked That to come back first?
-I don't understand.
That said you're asleep.
That might not want you to worry.
I was about to reach the condo,
so I called and asked her
to go to bed first.
Is that so?
Next time, That doesn't have to lie to me.
I'm not here to nitpick anyone.
I'm here because I'm worried.
Don't be worried.
Good night. Go home now.
You go to bed. See you later.
See you later.
Sis, I feel like I'm Rojana.
Princes are presenting themselves
for me to choose.
So will Rojana choose a prince
or a poor life with a Sakai?
The prince has a yacht.
He owns many kingdoms.
I mean he has many companies.
Handsome, single,
-and rich.
-That's right.
But the Sakai didn't do anything wrong.
I want to keep them both.
It's up to you.
Opportunity is knocking at the door,
and you let it go. It's up to you.
The Sakai was just here to see Rojana.
I told him Rojana was asleep.
I met him downstairs.
-What did he say?
-He didn't say anything.
He gave you a bottle of supplements
to boost your health, that's all.
Why wasn't it me who gets
to choose a prince?
Namkhang. What are you doing in my office?
Are you the one who put snacks here?
Last time, I couldn't find
Thai sponge cake,
so I got a toddy palm cake instead.
Did you eat it? Was it delicious?
Look. If I was a guy from Chiang Mai,
I would have to eat
Thai sausages and pork rinds.
Or if I was a Southern guy,
I would have to eat bitter beans all day.
It depends on
what province you're from.
Or did you bring me snacks
to bribe me?
Nothing like that.
But it's good if I can.
I attend singing class every day.
If there's a sharp-eyed producer
and a composer to make music for me,
that would be nice.
You'll be noticed for sure.
I have to attend the singing class now.
My voice quality is poor in the morning.
It should be in the evening instead.
I'm going now.
What are you doing?
We both will move here.
This is M Sound's way out.
The house my mom gave me
will be mortgaged to raise funds.
But it'll be quite a while
before the bank approves it,
so while waiting, we'll move out
from the condo and put it up for rent.
Are we both moving out to stay at M Sound?
-Actually, I think
-Let's do this.
Pack your stuff at the condo.
A new tenant will move in within two days.
Kaeo, your schedule.
-Thank you.
-Let me see.
-Why is it so tight?
They're all trivial jobs,
even temple fairs.
They're jobs in our sponsors' contracts.
Another 30 sessions for Manie Cosmetics.
Another 30 sessions?
Miss Kaeota,
flowers for you.
For Kaeota?
Gosh. How grandeur.
Hold them for me.
The vitamins I gave you,
have you taken them?
Yes. Thank you, Ek.
You don't want them to know
you were under the sun.
You're wearing long sleeves.
Well, I
I was looking for you. I want your advice.
Kaeota. Hello.
You greeted me. Greet Saoek too.
I met him this morning already.
No need to greet
every time we meet, right, Saoek?
What is it?
I want to sing and ask for your opinion
if that's all right.
you must learn how to sing
with a singing instructor.
Class is over now. I have homework to do.
Can you listen and teach me, Saoek?
I'm going now.
I put the flowers in the car already.
What's wrong?
You look so moody.
I want to slap that apprentice, Namkhang.
She flirted with Ek. She's testing me.
I told you
that the prince has lots of gold.
You keep caring for the Sakai.
When he transforms,
he might not have any gold.
Why do you keep talking about Ek that way?
Let me see my schedule.
Is it tight next month?
Why? Are you afraid of not having time
for your new friend?
-Bring me my schedule.
Just a second.
Wow. They're all beautiful.
I'll get one for my mom.
But I don't know what women want.
I'm just a country girl.
I don't know much about expensive things.
You don't have to know much.
Just use your feeling.
Try it on and see which one you like.
I'll try it on then.
Let me try on this one, please.
Keeping me company might be exhausting.
I'm having fun.
I got a chance to see
and choose diamonds too.
Please take it home.
I can't accept it.
It's a thank you gift
for choosing one for my mom
and happy birthday in advance.
Your hand, please.
I'll put it on for you.
It fits you perfectly.
Who put all the clothes in the back room?
They're to be donated,
so I dropped them here first.
-Right, Thin?
I don't believe you.
The back room has wardrobes,
a tent, and sleeping bags.
Most importantly,
there are underpants hanging too.
It looks like someone got kicked out
of their house and moved here.
What's really happening?
Khwan, the thing is Thin and I
decided to move here
because it's easier to work here.
You can tell me the truth.
Nop, tell Khwan the truth
that you put your condo up for rent
so you could make money
to keep the company alive.
Don't speak anymore.
Right, don't speak.
Are we in this big trouble?
We're not in that big trouble,
right, Thin?
We still have our office,
work, and temple fairs.
Our CDs are still selling.
We still have income.
Just somewhat decreased.
So it's our job to find
more work for Khwan
while making new songs.
Oh, that one.
You're booked the day after tomorrow
at Don Thong Tare Temple.
It's a three-day-three-night fair.
Your show is on the first night.
Thin, can we take all three nights?
Or lower the price.
I'm okay to sing
all three days and nights.
One is enough, or you'll be too tired.
Make it three.
We can sell cassettes and CDs
with my autograph.
We let those pirated CDs
take our money for long enough.
Let me do this.
It's not difficult for me
compared to what you are facing.
It's not that bad for us.
Things will get better. Don't worry.
We'd better practice.
The show is coming up soon. Okay?
Let's go.
Happy birthday in advance.
Why does everybody give me
birthday gifts in advance?
Who else?
my fans.
Thank you.
let's unwrap it in the office.
Do you like it?
When you were a kid, you wanted it.
It's cute and fragile.
Do you think I'm fragile like this doll?
I mean love.
Sometimes, love is fragile.
And we need to handle it with care.
Right, Kaeo?
Probably, yes.
I don't really understand
your thoughts though.
Where should I put it?
has something been troubling you
that you want to tell me?
I just work too hard.
Right, since you became a presenter.
I'm booked every day, Ek.
I know you're exhausted.
And sleepy too?
It's okay if you want to be here.
That's okay. Take your rest.
You must be so tired. I'd better go.
Now, Princess Kaeota
might be able to decide what to have
between a diamond bracelet
and a low-quality doll.
If it's not about price,
I think
Ek's doll has sentimental value.
Gosh. You're free to choose
between diamond and ceramic.
Where is Mr. Gent's card?
These flowers from her fans
have withered.
Let's go. Careful.
The appearance fee per session
plus targeted sales
should cover next month's expenses.
Yeah, appearance jobs will make profit.
You must take good care of her.
She's an artist.
What's important for an artist
is whatever makes them feel at ease.
Let's go.
Temple fairs are our base.
They bring in good sales. Let's go.
Let's go.
welcome to the entertainment
where you can also make merit.
Three days, three nights.
Tonight, you'll meet
the singer with the crystal-clear voice,
Khwanchai M Sound.
All fans are invited
to join this cheerful event.
Step in, everybody.
-It's almost time for the concert.
-There's a lot of food.
-After that, it's an autograph session.
How many pieces?
Please buy garlands over there
to encourage Khwanchai.
Let's go.
-How many pieces, auntie?
-How much each?
It's only 99 baht.
People are gradually coming.
My first show is a temple fair, Mom.
Thank you for teaching me, Mom.
I'll sing to make my audience happy today.
I hope they buy lots of CDs, Mom.
-Khwanchai, I'm here.
-Are you ready?
There she is.
She's coming.
We're so close, but I'm still lonely
There's still a picture of her
In your eyes
I hate that I'm nobody
I'm just someone to replace her
It's such a pain
It can't be erased from my heart
I know you love me
And you still love her
-And wait for her to come back
-Come on.
-Here you go.
-One, please.
-They're 99 baht each.
-I'm restless all the time
-Wait for your change, please.
-That I might lose you to her
-Here you go.
I wish you beauty and wealth.
Enjoy listening.
-Please come in.
-How much?
-They're 99 baht each.
-Please go inside.
Your body is with me, but your heart
Never belongs to me
Can I make just one request?
She gave a 500 baht note. Give her change.
there's another stage over there.
They're giving away gifts too.
Let's get some.
Come on.
Oh, wait.
Sis, what is the giveaway?
-I don't know.
-I don't know.
I'll go check it.
Check it. Go quickly.
Hey, that music sounds familiar.
Sounds like Kaeota's song.
That's crazy.
I saw the singer lists of all three days.
That couldn't be her.
Tell us what's happening.
Kaeota is performing on the other stage.
Sorry, I never take it to heart
Sorry, my heart is unshakable
-Hold on.
-Come back.
It's so bad.
Kaeota is singing over there.
They're giving away gifts too.
This one is for you. Come on.
This is Kaeota from Siang Thong Music.
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
We didn't sell everything.
We still have a lot left.
We have to carry them back.
-Are you all right?
-Yes, I am.
at first,
Kaeota wasn't scheduled to perform.
All of a sudden,
Siang Thong sent her here today.
They had sponsored gifts to give away,
plus merit-making money for the temple.
The temple couldn't even say no.
The temple wanted money.
I believe they wanted to trouble us.
I don't understand. She's your sister.
She acted like
she's holding an old grudge.
You understand now, Mr. Nop,
why I hate her so much.
Let's go. Let's get back.
Khwanchai's stage was so quiet.
By the way, you're so charming.
Whatever you ask for,
Mr. Geng will magically make it happen.
It's good to have sponsors.
Then we have a budget for giveaway gifts.
But I wonder
if we didn't have the sponsor,
who would more people have been watching?
They would surely watch us.
You danced and sang with all your heart.
Nobody could beat you.
I almost forgot.
Any updates about Mr. Geng?
I can tell that dating him
is good for me, sis.
He said that if I want to be successful
in my career,
he can support me.
I think he could do it.
Do you believe me now?
Where's the work schedule I asked for?
Here, I've re-arranged it.
You're incredible. Thank you. Let me see.
Thank you so much.
The last show you swopped for me,
Kaeota really had a good time.
She was happy.
I saw it. I'm glad that
the artist was happy.
But I really want to ask
why you had to change the schedule
to crash Khwanchai from M Sound's show?
Kaeo wanted to prove that
she got a presenter job
because she has a bigger fan base
than Khwanchai.
And how was it?
Everybody flocked to see her alone.
Siang Thong finally won.
Khwanchai's face was so dull.
I have to go now.
I'll take Kaeota to a body spa session.
I'm going now.
-Thank you.
We wound win for sure.
Give away sponsored gifts surely,
everybody wanted to watch the show.
Is there such a thing?
It's normal in this industry.
I can't believe they're siblings.
Excuse me.
How are you?
Are you all right?
Let's get to the point.
What do you have to discuss with me?
All right.
I'm here today
to apologize to you on Kaeo's behalf.
Since she stole
the presenter job from you,
I've never felt at ease,
even for a single day.
I already let it go.
It's business.
A big company has more advantages
than a small one.
So you understand
about the same schedule
at the temple fair?
It is business too,
and it's about sponsorship.
You have
never changed.
You asked to see me today
to tell me I should give in to her?
Even if she never thinks I'm her sister?
Actually, Kaeo never intended
to destroy you.
Love really makes you blind.
-I know that you're dating her.
No matter how terrible
the thing that she does is,
you will not see it
until the day she betrays you.
You'll finally feel hurt
like what I'm feeling now.
Kaeota is asleep now.
She's exhausted today.
Thank you, Mr. Geng.
Next time, let me pick you up.
Has something been troubling you
that you want to tell me?
No. Everything is fine.
No matter how terrible
the thing that she does is,
you will not see it until the day
she betrays you. You'll finally feel hurt
This watch is my promise to you
that the two of us
will spend quality time
together from now on.
There's been so much work recently.
I feel so tired and stiff.
Too much work isn't something
you complain about.
I almost forgot.
This is from your fans.
How strange it was sent here.
Why didn't they send it to the company?
A watch.
This is Ek's watch.
Kaeo, go freshen up and get changed,
so you can take a rest.
What? Where are you going? Kaeo.
What you wanted to know is here.
There's someone who deserves
to see these photos.
Those leaked photos of your sweet moment
with the high-class Geng,
do you have anything to say about them?
Let's just break up. Please leave.
This is exactly what Khwan said.
One lead female wanted
for a giant movie project
called A Country Singer.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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