Stage of Number One (2024) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Temple fairs are our base.
They bring in good sales.
Kaeota is performing on the other stage.
You understand now, Mr. Nop,
why I hate her so much.
No matter how terrible
the thing that she does is,
you will not see it until the day
she betrays you.
There's someone who deserves
to see these photos.
Deliver them to his hands.
Has something been troubling you
that you want to tell me?
A watch?
This is Ek's watch.
This watch is my promise to you
that the two of us
will spend quality time
together from now on.
Why are you here?
What's with you?
Why did you give me back the watch?
You're seeing someone else.
That's why.
Tell me I'm wrong.
-I'm just having fun with
-Am I having fun too?
What are you doing?
I hate liars.
Let's break up.
I'm not doing it.
What else do you want? Huh?
Let's just break up. Please leave.
Ek, let go of me.
I'm not doing it. Ek!
Prideful. Wouldn't pick up.
can't cut me out of his life.
Are you sure about that?
It must be Saoek, sis.
Wait a minute.
Are you going out there in that?
If it's not him, you'll be embarrassed.
Stay here. I'll check myself.
It must be Saoek.
What's that, sis?
Look at this! Look!
"Enjoy this collection of romantic photos
of Kaeota from Siang Thong Music
and socialite Geng, a billion-baht heir."
Oh, this is a gossip magazine.
Look at it. You're famous!
She's even more famous.
Yeah. It's a fast-track shortcut.
She caught a socialite.
She won't have to sing for money anymore.
But I don't think
Kaeota would quit singing.
She's just using Mr. Geng
to pave her way to stardom.
Hello, Ek.
I saw the news
about Kaeota with another man.
How are you doing?
I'm fine, Khwan.
It's just as you said.
Someday, she would betray me.
Right now,
you probably want to laugh at me.
No. I'm just worried about you.
We're still family.
Feel better soon, Ek.
The more you love her,
the more it hurts, Ek.
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
Thank you.
Want to know the color of my lipstick?
Ask the Manie saleswomen.
Hey, reporters are waiting
to interview you.
They probably want to ask you
about those photos.
What do I do, sis?
I never wanted it to go further.
Act reserved. You're a woman.
Don't mention it if you're not asked.
How's it going today?
-I have so many questions.
-This way, please.
Here she comes.
She's here.
Hello, everyone.
Thank you very much, guys.
A lot of you came today.
I'm very happy for Manie Cosmetics.
Thank you very much.
Those leaked photos of your sweet moment
with the high-class Geng,
do you have anything to say about them?
What photos?
I haven't seen them.
The photos of you
with socialite Geng on a yacht
having a tender moment
in the middle of the sea.
That was nothing. We're friends.
What about the photos
of you buying a diamond bracelet?
Do friends buy each other diamonds?
Did you get all that?
-It was nothing. We're really friends.
-Mr. Geng?
Mr. Geng, can we talk?
Do those leaked photos
have anything to do with Miss Kaeota,
the Manie Cosmetics presenter?
-Mr. Geng is my boyfriend.
Please, Dad.
And I'll tell you guys the good news here.
We're getting married.
This is Mr. Geng,
one of Manie Cosmetics' executives.
Those leaked photos were just for work.
That's right. It was just work.
Since you guys are here,
I'm inviting you all next month
for our new product launch.
She's humiliated beyond repair.
Yeah. The world really is small.
Miss May happens to date Mr. Geng.
If you ask me, karma works fast.
She stole the presenter job from Khwan.
-Serves her right.
-All right. Cheers!
Didn't Artist Relations tell you
who Mr. Geng was to Miss May?
They said he was one of the owners
and executives.
Who told you that?
There's a rumor of you
stealing your client's boyfriend.
Who's gonna hire you now?
It wasn't my fault.
Mr. Geng invited me, and I played along.
Have you forgotten who got you that job?
This company got me the job.
The company gets the money.
Did you think through
what you just said to me?
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
You've probably heard
about artists being put on the shelf.
They exist but don't have any new work.
Most cases happen because of these things.
If you don't want that, behave yourself.
I will.
You're dismissed.
Kaeo, did you get heads or tails?
My mistake wasn't that serious.
Don't worry, Kaeo.
You're the public's sweetheart.
Mr. Rong can't put you
on the shelf for long.
Hey, Pla, that's Kaeota, your idol.
She's a homewrecker.
Do you still like her?
You're right. Ignore her.
It's a waste of time.
I heard Kaeota
is being cancelled right now.
Fans don't like singers
with those kinds of scandals.
It's so satisfying.
Planned to ride a socialite to fame.
Now, she's living in shame.
Mr. Nop? Thin?
Mr. Nop, how long
do you have to live like this?
This is a lot worse
than I thought, Mr. Nop.
This won't last long. We'll get
the money from your appearances.
We'll produce new songs
and get back into the market. Okay?
You're gonna get your condo back, right?
So you can stop sleeping in the office.
Breaking news.
Master Thian is in the hospital.
What happened to him?
The news said he rode a bike to a market
and fell, hitting his head
and fracturing his arm.
I'm gonna see him.
Wasn't Master Thian
writing songs for me, Mr. Nop?
Yes, he was.
Let's just Don't ask him
about the songs just yet.
Let him rest.
Someone put up this poster
in front of the office.
Let me see.
What poster? Let me see.
"One female lead wanted
for a giant movie project
called A Country Singer."
"Criteria: a woman
of 20 to 27 years of age
who can sing country songs well."
Someone in this room is at the right age
and meets all the criteria.
I'm gonna apply.
Do you mean it?
I do.
your remaining 15 presenting jobs
have been cancelled.
Why is that?
You should know why.
Miss May, Mr. Geng's girlfriend
canceled them.
How could she do that?
Doesn't canceling abruptly
violate the contract?
It wasn't abrupt.
And even if she's in violation,
do you think we'd dare sue her?
If we sue our own client,
who's gonna hire us again?
We're lucky she didn't ask
for her money back.
You're gonna be out of work for a while.
Didn't Artist Relations tell you
who Mr. Geng was to Miss May?
You probably heard
about artists being put on the shelf.
They exist but don't have any new work.
Most cases happen because of these things.
If you don't want that, behave yourself.
Why do you want to act in a movie?
You've never done that.
I want to be famous.
Khwan, you're already famous as a singer.
She's so cute.
I wanna ask for her autograph.
You're already a household name.
But if I get to be in a movie,
I'll get my fee, make a name for myself,
and make our company money.
It's gonna benefit our company,
right, Mr. Nop?
Besides, you'll stop struggling.
We're still okay. We're getting by.
But you've fought enough for us.
Please let me help the company.
But you've never acted.
How do you know you'll be able to do it?
I didn't know I could sing either.
Please let me try.
At worst, I'll go back to being
your burden.
-But if I succeed,
we'll thrive together.
We must fight.
To win, we must fight, right?
Some free time is good.
I'll sleep as much as I want.
You really think that?
It's all your fault.
You said a rumor with that socialite
would benefit me.
Look at it. Everything's ruined.
I have to pretend and repair my image.
I won't make appearances for months.
People are gonna forget my face.
Hey, Kaeo,
I just saw an ad
for a female lead in a Thai movie.
Since you're free,
why don't you audition for fun?
Audition for a role?
I'm Kaeota.
I don't need to compete
with other people for a role.
They should be contacting me.
But you
Enough. Stop talking, sis.
I want to shower and go to bed.
Go ahead.
Feel free to become Sleeping Beauty.
I'm a proper lady
Who's sweet, diligent, and not lazy
When I date someone
I want to love them for a long time
As long as I live
Making garlands from my heart
I have to use the toilet.
Oh, go ahead.
Hundreds and thousands
Coming and going
Innocent faces can't be trusted
Go lie down if you're sleepy.
Was it okay?
This is okay.
When you get into it, you can emote more.
You won't have to worry later.
Siang Thong keeps launching singers.
But Master Thian
still can't write songs for Khwanchai.
And we can't afford
to launch a new singer.
Give it some time.
The bank called and said
they'd approve our loan soon.
Wait, Nop,
did you really mortgage
your mother's house?
Do you have a better idea?
That's why I want to be in the movie.
Just let me audition.
She's right. Let her do it.
You know it's the rainy season.
There are no temple fairs.
Even if they hire us,
you know they pay only half.
Mr. Nop,
look at the movie title. Country Singer.
It's so me.
They must want someone who can sing.
I'm gonna sing for the judges.
I just don't want you
to be disappointed again.
When the sun
Steps into twilight
Birds fly back to their nests
They make me miss the paddies
They must be hoping
Waiting for me to come home
Now, I'm living in the capital city
My heart yearns only for fame
In the hope that
I will become a star
I'm struggling
But I'm keeping my head down
Before I left home
My friends' words humiliated me
Jeez, if I was a judge,
I'd give you full points
since the first line.
Hey, do you agree with me?
It's up to you.
I'll do my very best.
I'm booking another session for today.
And another thing
I woke up late today.
Thai desserts were sold out.
-And here.
I passed the front desk.
They were getting mail,
so I volunteered to deliver it.
They already called me.
Come, give them here.
Work Film sent me
this letter to tell me that
they want me to be
one of the casting judges
for the movie A Country Singer.
If you're one of the judges,
maybe I should audition.
So you're gonna quit being a singer?
You got it. I'll tell Jeng
to cancel this project.
Don't do that.
I see you more often when I'm a singer.
-Is it time?
-It is.
Then go practice.
Let's go.
Or do you want to be an actress?
Being a singer is better.
This one might work.
We'll let you know. Please.
See? In the end,
you've made it to the final round.
Prepare to be a leading lady next.
You can see me off here.
Do your best.
Do your best.
Do your best, Khwan.
Hello, please register here.
Here you go.
This way, please.
You can do it.
Do your best, Khwan.
-How's your shop?
-It's doing well.
-There's nowhere to sit.
Are you excited?
I'm excited.
-Ud! Id!
-Oh, Khwanchai.
What are you two doing here?
We're assistant directors.
Are you two doing well?
I'm so excited. I showed up here
and haven't seen anyone.
-Wait a minute.
-She's shaking.
Calm down. Relax.
Talk slowly. Don't be scared.
It's a musical film. It's your forte.
Oh, Miss Kaeota. This way, please.
Number one, please!
-Let's see. Number two.
This way, please.
Why is she here?
She should have known
someone rumored to be a homewrecker
could never get the lead role.
You're right. Go do something else.
She's good at many things.
So what if she adds being a leading lady
to her résumé?
No way.
In my opinion,
you two are jealous of Kaeo
for being so talented.
She can sing and dance.
Plus, she's done a TV commercial.
Khwanchai is the complete opposite.
What kind of singer is she? A nobody.
Who's gonna make her a leading lady?
She'd need so much promotion.
So she should work hard to make the news
for being a homewrecker?
It's called being a charming woman.
Oh, really?
Where did she put Saoek?
Weren't they dating?
-Who told you?
-Anyone with working eyes could see it.
Oh, don't bother asking her, Luli.
Saoek must have already dumped her.
Saoek's the one getting dumped.
We'll wait and see. Fine!
-You think you outnumber me.
Wait and see
the result of today's audition.
It's me, Kaeota.
I think everyone already knows me.
Please introduce yourself
in three sentences anyway.
I wanted to be a singer.
I have one sibling.
I started singing when I was a child.
And I wanted to be successful
for my mother.
So sing us a song, please.
Do you prefer a slow or a fast song?
Any song is fine.
One you're good at.
You got it, Mr. Saoek.
You keep getting up, sitting, walking.
I can tell you're nervous.
You've performed on so many stages.
Why are you nervous?
I was just wondering
why this world was so small.
I keep running into her.
That's siblings for you.
Look at me and Id.
We're not siblings,
but we couldn't go our separate ways.
You two love each other.
But it's not like that for me.
We might be rivals until one of us dies.
By the way, Khwanchai,
did you know Saoek
is one of the judges?
That's right.
They work for the same company,
and they're
This is unfair.
Hey, don't worry.
Saoek is a professional.
He'll judge on the merits.
Are they gonna be done soon?
She might have danced
and fell off the stage.
Good language is for good people only.
That's right. Bad people get bad things.
No one wants them.
Who are you talking about?
Who got dumped and fell from paradise?
It beats being a singer
of a trashy record company
that hires dumb, has-been dancers
as their artist's managers.
You're the dumb one!
Always have been, always will be!
You're dumb to back the wrong girl!
You're wrong to back the crazy one!
You're crazy to back the stupid one!
You're stupid to back the loser!
You're the loser to back trash!
Hey, stop!
What's wrong with you guys?
You're being too loud.
Number two, please.
They're calling you.
-Do your best.
-I will.
Get it together.
Keep it together.
I'm gonna go, guys.
Is everything okay?
Hello, Miss Khwanchai.
Can you introduce yourself
in three sentences?
One, I grew up in a family
with a country band,
and I have one older sister.
We loved each other a lot
but also fought a lot.
I came to Bangkok to compete
in a singing contest
and become a professional singer.
Okay. Thank you.
Actually, you don't have to act today.
We already saw you in the previous round.
What we wanted more today
was to hear your singing.
Because in this movie, if you're chosen,
you have to use your real voice.
Start whenever you're ready.
-Oh, she's out.
-Thank you.
Khwan, how did it go?
The audition was fine.
I'm worried about the judges.
Huh? Why is that?
Saoek is one of the judges.
No wonder.
That's why Kaeota walked out
with her head held high.
How could they accept a judge
from the same company?
I was wondering too.
Come on now. Calm down.
Well, Saoek isn't the only judge.
If Khwan doesn't get
the part in this movie,
prepare to sell your car
and close the company.
But let's look on the bright side.
If Kaeota gets the part,
we'll benefit from it.
When we have concerts,
Kaeota won't harass us there.
Am I right? I'm a genius. Applaud.
Let's just leave.
Let's go.
Some people just run their mouths.
Can you think before you speak?
What did I do wrong?
Very hard to choose.
Their looks, voices, personalities.
They're very close.
But I think Kaeota's acting
is more versatile.
Most importantly, she's more famous.
But to me, Khwanchai's personality
is more in line with the character.
But Mr. Saoek, you'll probably pick Kaeota
because you work for the same company.
That's true.
I think it was wrong
to invite him as a judge, Od.
I believe Mr. Saoek
is professional enough to choose
the right person for this role.
But I still don't think it's fair.
How about this? Let's take a short break.
After, we'll decide who's going to be
this movie's leading lady.
Thank you.
I think each of you expects
this movie to be a success.
My expectations are as high as yours.
My hope is that
you will decide based on my abilities,
not personal matters.
I really want to be in this movie,
and I think I did my best today.
From now on, it's up to you guys
whether or not
I'm the one you're looking for,
whether or not I'm right for this role.
Please choose me.
Honestly, I still can't decide.
Both are good. Both would fit.
Actually, I have to say both of them
are extraordinary talents.
Actually, I invited you to be a judge
because I knew
they would make the final round.
And you're the only one
who knows both of them well.
Is there anything else you want to tell me
about those two?
Kaeota, on the outside, she seems harsh.
But deep downs she's very determined.
Emotionally, she's a little fragile.
As for Khwanchai, she seems gentle
but is very good at hiding her feelings.
Emotionally, she's quite
As for the decision,
I'll leave that to the other judges.
That would be better.
-Can you manage?
-Sure thing.
Why hasn't the movie company
let me know the result?
Or did I not get the part?
Don't think that way.
I think they'll call soon.
I don't recognize the number.
Is it some psycho? I'll take it.
Yes, what's going on?
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
are the leading lady of A Country Singer.
-Mr. Nop!
I invited the other judges
because I wanted their opinions.
But the right to choose is mine alone.
And right now, I'm giving you the right
to choose the right person
to be my movie's leading lady.
I came to Bangkok to compete
in a singing contest
and become a professional singer.
What we wanted more today
was to hear your singing.
Start whenever you're ready.
When the sun
Steps into twilight
Birds fly back to their nests
They make me miss the paddies
They must be hoping
Waiting for me to come home
Now, I'm living in the capital city
My heart yearns only for fame
In the hope that
I will become a star
I'm struggling
But I'm keeping my head down
Before I left home
My friends' words humiliated me
Before I left home
My friends' words hurt me
"You'll be a singer just to be groped"
Their words are still piercing my heart
I won't return there
as long as I'm a nobody
Every night, I cry myself to sleep
When will my luck come?
When the sun
Steps into twilight
I'm coming home
Only when I'm a somebody
No matter how much I struggle in life
This country singer
Will serenade her people
And her fans
I'm asking, if you can,
please kiss him for real.
I'm here just to act in this movie,
not to do anything else.
I'm auditioning for a foreign movie.
Someone invited me.
I am Kaeota.
I want to be a superstar.
Mr. Nop?
Real life is just a melodrama.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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