Stage of Number One (2024) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

I heard Kaeota
is being cancelled right now.
Planned to ride a socialite to fame.
Now, she's living in shame.
There's a rumor of you
stealing your client's boyfriend.
Who's gonna hire you now?
Let's break up.
"One female lead wanted
for Country Singer."
I'm gonna apply.
I just saw an ad
for a female lead in a Thai movie.
Why don't you audition for fun?
My hope is that
you will decide based on my abilities,
not personal matters.
You are the leading lady
of A Country Singer.
Take the pictures.
Are you excited?
You're the lead in your first movie.
I'm very excited.
I really wanted to be in the movie
because this movie
is about a country singer
who has overcome many obstacles.
It's similar to my
Turn it off, sis.
Hold on. Wait and see
how far she's gonna get.
Please support me
Eh? You should have watched
to see what's what,
so we wouldn't lose to her.
How are we gonna fight her?
I'm out of work
because of that freaking socialite.
Hey, where is the determined
and ambitious Kaeota?
Don't lose confidence
and control over this!
Life goes on!
I'm making you watch her
not to get discouraged
but to fight back.
How will I do that?
Tell me when you figure it out.
I'm going to bed.
You're Mr. Nop, correct?
That's right. I'm Mahannop from M Sound.
Wow, the owner of Khwanchai's
record company is here in person.
How can I help?
The thing is
Is it possible,
for your movie, A Country Singer,
that M Sound could provide the music?
Actually, it should have been possible
since Khwanchai is
already your company's singer.
However what?
Here's the thing.
I invited Mr. Saoek
to help cast the lead
because we had an agreement
that he would be
providing all the music.
Understood. So
there was a prior agreement.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
I just thought I'd ask.
So you're telling me
you're gonna make music
for A Country Singer,
which isn't financed by us?
But you're my company's employee.
I'm well aware of that.
If it bothers you,
you can take my fee from the movie
as your company's income.
I just didn't want you to stop me.
Do it.
I'm making an exception for you
because you just finished a big album.
Thank you, Mr. Rong.
How much do you think
this movie will make?
In my opinion, this movie
should make a lot of money.
No matter what, country music
has always been with Thai people.
If Siang Thong ever wants
to invest in movies,
I'll give you all the info.
I appreciate that.
Make some good music for them.
Our name will get out there too.
You got it.
Yay. I'm gonna be in a movie, Mr. Nop.
That's right.
They're gonna pay you half the salary
on the day you sign the contract.
You're gonna be a millionaire.
Thank you very much
for supporting me.
In both good times and bad times,
you've never lost faith in me.
It's because
you've showed me determination.
And about record company
Sometimes, it stands tall.
Sometimes, it falls, but
as long as you and I
have faith in each other,
it will never fail.
Who would have thought
a country singer like me
could become the leading lady
in a Thai movie?
Do you think I can do it?
Yes. And you'll do it well.
And who would have thought
I'd propose to a leading lady?
What did you say?
What did you hear?
It couldn't be true. I misheard.
Then I'll say it again
slowly and clearly.
please marry me.
Please support me
and please support this movie, everyone.
Please support us.
You were great.
I want to see the movie already.
We just had an oblation ceremony.
Don't be impatient, Mr. Nop.
Well, I'm proud of you.
The leading lady is embarrassed.
When's the wedding date?
I still want her to follow her dreams.
I can wait.
Mr. Nop, I'd like to give all my fee
from the movie to M Sound.
You can't do that.
Just give us the usual 30% cut.
But M Sound is struggling
right now, Mr. Nop.
Khwan, you should be paid for your work.
let's do 70/30.
I'll give M Sound the 70% cut.
-Let's do 50/50.
-I agree, Mr. Nop.
Let's do 50/50.
That way, you can pay off all the debts,
for both this building
and the utility bills.
50/50 is very fair. Do you understand?
If we both get half,
the singer will survive,
and our company will survive.
We'll use the money to make new music
and find a new singer.
Our company will move forward.
He's right, Mr. Nop.
We'll move forward together.
Let's do it.
Come on.
Let's fight together.
Fight together.
Thank you.
Is this the dialogue I have to memorize?
No need to memorize it.
We just have to understand
and interpret the script,
both the story and the characters.
I want the actors to act naturally.
The main thing is you have to feel it.
I'm gonna try my best.
But I'm gonna need so much help, Mr. Don.
I'm not that good either.
But if you do your homework
as Od suggests, everything will be faster.
Are you gonna leave me
after you sleep with me?
With Heaven and Earth as my witnesses,
I will never break your heart.
How much can I trust you?
I will never trick or lie to you.
Are you gonna leave me
after you sleep with me?
With Heaven as my witness,
I will never break your heart.
How much can I trust you?
All right.
I'll shoot from the other side.
One more take?
-But this time, Don, kiss her for real.
-You got it.
Khwan, here's the thing.
Inside, you love him so much.
You'll give him everything he wants.
You have to feel it that strongly.
Yes. You got it.
Actually, you can turn
your head away a little.
Will that work, Od?
How about this? My request is,
if you can, please kiss him for real.
But if you can't while the emotion
is there, I'll give you a pass.
-Yes, Od.
Kai, shoot from the right. Help him.
Okay, mop up their faces again
before we shoot.
Who? Who's keeping watch?
I'm not. I was nearby,
so I thought I'd stop by.
I was curious how a film set worked.
Hey, I have to go. Yeah.
Uh, excuse me. Where are they filming?
-Oh, I saw them over there.
-Over there?
-Yes. My pleasure.
-Thank you.
Are you gonna leave me
after you sleep with me?
With Heaven as my witness,
I will never break your heart.
How much can I trust you?
I think they should be done on time.
Oh, of course they will. We taught her.
Eh, who's "we"?
The two of us, of course.
We've been with her since she was a kid.
What did you teach her?
I gave her singing and acting lessons
when she was a kid.
-You did?
-Yeah. Oh?
-Guys, hello!
Hey, come here!
Wow. How did you get here?
I heard you made the music for this movie?
-Wow, really?
Then sit down. Have a drink. I'll buy.
Pretty lady, can we
have three waters?
Sure thing.
Hey, are you well?
I'm well. What about you guys?
We're getting by.
Hey, Saoek, have you seen Kaeota lately?
Well, it's been a while.
Right, it's too bad.
She shouldn't have made news
with that socialite.
Oh, Khwanchai?
They're taking a break?
Hey, you're the lead.
You don't have to get water yourself.
Jeez, guys, I can get it myself.
Ek, are you well?
I heard you made the music for this movie.
You've gotten a lot prettier.
They put makeup on me.
Anyway, thank you very much.
Thank you for choosing me
when you were one of the judges.
I thought you'd
I had to pick you
because you seemed like
the right girl for the part.
Right, guys?
Ms. Khwanchai, the set is ready.
They're calling you? Go on, girl.
So you can leave early.
-Yes. I'm gonna go.
-Here you go.
I think this song's pretty.
If Khwanchai sings it
Khwanchai's in the newspaper.
"Real Kiss Shakes the Set.
Getting a hard scene on her first day,
Khwanchai nails it."
Don't overdo it, Nam.
Eh? Aren't you interested?
Ever since she started filming,
she's in the news daily.
You're still talking.
Go read it where you were.
Okay? Yeah.
I think we
should start looking for a new singer,
so our company can grow.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
But there aren't any singing contests now.
Singers are hard to come by.
Should we try schools and universities?
Their music clubs?
I think our singer should be a bit older.
Country singers should have it rough,
so they'll have stories to tell.
Then we have to go back to our first spot.
I'll never love
Come back to me
I'll never have eyes for anyone else
They keep singing
Khwanchai's and Kaeota's songs.
Yeah, I like that.
They're famous.
Sitting here like this reminds me
of when I ran into Kaeota here.
I miss those days.
She came looking for us,
but you ran into her here.
Have you heard this saying?
A butterfly is like love.
If we
chase it, it will fly away.
But as soon as we stand still,
that butterfly will land on us.
Singers are like that too.
What kind of philosophy is that?
I think it's nice though
please marry me.
How is it, Mr. Don?
Do you know your lines?
I think so.
Ms. Khwanchai? Phone.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Nop?
I'm about to do a scene.
It's nothing. I just
I just missed you.
Do you have filming tomorrow too?
No filming tomorrow.
But I have to discuss
the music with Saoek.
Mr. Nop, I have to go.
I have to prepare for this scene.
Okay. Do your best.
Jeez, what the heck is going on?
Tell me.
Who said you had permission
to use this place?
I haven't gotten my rent. Pay me now.
Oh, look at that.
Big trouble. The props aren't paid for.
The investor ran out of money.
Hello. What's the problem, ma'am?
There's a problem.
Who gave you permission to
put cameras and lights here?
I haven't given you permission.
But the location department said
they asked.
They did? So where's the rent?
We agreed at 20,000 baht a day,
paid before shooting.
But so far, I haven't gotten my money,
so no shooting.
So what now?
No money, no progress.
Take those back! Stop setting up!
If you don't, I'll take them all.
Stop setting up. Take everything back.
Here. Put them in the box.
-All done.
All right, everyone. Let's call it a day.
Okay? Use what we've got so far.
Tonight's call sheet is cancelled too.
As for the future call sheets,
maybe make sure before we continue?
Okay. So Don?
Let's cancel tomorrow's call sheet.
-Okay. So I'm gonna go.
Khwanchai, bye.
-Guys, goodbye.
Mr. Don, please.
What the heck? Calling it off suddenly.
What do you call this?
Calling it off suddenly like this.
It's a cancellation.
The investors can't pay,
so they have to cancel the shoot.
Come on. Figure it out
when you're at home.
Please wait here, Ms. Khwan.
A van will pick you up.
Thank you.
Oh, Ek?
Why are you here?
The shoot was cancelled.
I heard.
I got a call on my way here.
But since I was coming,
I decided to come anyway.
I wanted to see you too.
I'm about to leave,
but I'm waiting for a van to pick me up.
About the music,
I'm not doing it anymore.
The investor slashed the budget.
What do I do, Ek?
All my plans are gonna be ruined.
I have so many plans,
both for myself and the record company.
Don't worry about it.
In my opinion, you've done your best.
Other things aren't in our control.
There's nothing we can do.
If the money comes,
we'll get to continue the project.
But if it doesn't,
think of this as an experience.
You're so optimistic.
Why would we hurt ourselves
by being pessimistic?
Is this how you see everything?
I mean
what you went through
with Kaeo.
Sis, when will Mr. Rong
take me off the shelf?
Come on, Kaeo. Think of it as a vacation.
People will forget about me.
Jeez, it's too quick for that.
Even if you don't do appearances,
you still have to go to the office.
Practice dancing and singing
every day to show them
you're fit and beautiful,
physically and vocally.
No matter what, the sales team
would always want to sell you.
You'd better be right.
I'm right.
I completely forgot. Tonight,
I have to party
with the costume and styling teams.
I gotta go.
-Go ahead.
-Here I go. Hey.
Don't go home late. Don't drink too much.
You have practice tomorrow.
Mm, very good.
That gentleman ordered it for you.
May I sit with you?
I'm John. I'm a filmmaker.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
According to the insiders,
they stopped shooting
the movie Khwan is in!
They say the investor
has been sued for something,
so they pulled out of the project.
-Really, sis?
This is why there's that saying,
"People can compete on anything
as long as it's not luck or fortune."
-So true.
-Hey, sis,
I'm auditioning for a foreign movie.
Someone invited me.
Mr. John.
We met last night.
Not through the company. On my own.
Don't tell anyone, sis.
Keep it shut.
Without Giant Company's support,
my movie would have folded.
The money's ready.
Do your best, Mr. Od.
Thank you.
Now that I've invested in the movie,
I want the leading lady to be
my company's artist.
Take care of that.
I will.
No, I can't go to another company.
I'm here just to act in this movie,
not to do anything else.
I'm gonna let you think it through,
Khwanchai, since can't force you.
Then you can give you the answer
that I'm not going.
Listen to me.
I'm the captain, and I'm doing my best
to avoid abandoning the whole crew.
Actors, crew members,
how many people have invested
their energy into this movie?
Everyone wants to keep working.
And Mr. Krit, the new investor,
is ready to support us.
Now, it's up to you
to weigh everything up.
But I must stay with M Sound
who supported me since I was a nobody!
But we have a contract.
You have to finish this project.
Otherwise, you might not get your fee,
and you might even be fined.
So if you're gonna continue filming,
you have to go to Giant?
What did you tell him?
I'm not like Kaeota
who would leave my old record company
for a new one which has more money.
Most importantly, I love you.
What are you gonna do?
If you don't go back, other people,
the film crew, would be out of work.
You talk exactly like Od did.
Think it through.
Don't let me be an obstacle.
You're not an obstacle.
You're my emotional support.
But they called to say
they'd continue filming tomorrow.
But I haven't said yes.
But if I have to go to Giant
in order to continue filming,
there's no way I will go back.
She's not coming? What did she say?
She said she wouldn't come back if she had
to move, that it wasn't what you agreed.
Damn it. Okay. I'll deal with it.
I think you're the only one
who can talk to her.
If you won't do it for the crew,
please do it for her.
How could she stay in this industry?
Who would hire her?
I'm counting on you. Excuse me.
Khwan doesn't wanna go anyway.
It should be up to her.
You heard everything.
Nop, pull yourself together.
We lost Kaeota to Siang Thong.
Now, we're gonna lose Khwanchai to Giant?
let me ask you this. If you were me,
would you hold back someone you love,
or would you let her succeed?
It's up to you
because you put your money
into this company, you started it.
It's up to you which direction it goes.
Why are you so indifferent?
Other people are in trouble.
I already told you I wouldn't go to Giant.
I still have a contract with M Sound.
You don't have a contract anymore.
We don't owe each other anything.
Go make your movie.
It's you who should go.
Lila, please see him out.
How was it?
I ripped the contract,
but she wouldn't go.
I don't want her to miss out
on opportunities in life.
If you ask me,
Khwanchai is not just
our company's singer.
She's your girl too.
That's a strong knot that
ties you two together.
You must find a way to untie it yourself.
Auntie, go wait outside.
Mr. John wants the actress to focus.
I can stand here quietly.
You can't.
He'll take a long time
to see her try many different roles.
What kind of roles are we talking about?
It's for a foreign movie, shown globally.
She must be able to play them all.
Come on, go wait outside.
Are you okay with this?
-Are you sure you can be alone?
Come on.
Mr. Nop?
Mr. Nop?
She's gonna have so much fun.
That hurts.
I'm so jealous.
I wanna be her so much. Oh!
You're screwed, Kaeo.
What do I do?
I can't call anyone.
What now?
That foreign pervert.
Who knows how far he will go.
I never thought you'd be
this kind of person.
I'm this kind of person. Always have been.
You just didn't know.
Take off your clothes.
-Who's there?
-Who's there?
I'm dropping off some clothes.
Fine. Leave them at the door.
I can't. They'll get dirty.
Give them
Come on!
Hey, what did you trick her into?
She came on her own.
A star, my ass!
The whips and handcuffs are all here!
Don't you dare. Stop!
Or I'll call the police!
You want that? Let's go, everyone!
Don't follow us.
I'm warning you.
I'm a Lumpinee boxing champion.
Don't follow us! I'm warn
Ah! Don't come any closer!
Wanna be the scandal queen
every month, Kaeota?
What were you thinking
secretly auditioning for porn?
I didn't know it would turn out this way.
You were wrong
when you did it without asking.
You didn't consult us.
You love breaking the rules.
I'm being put on the shelf.
I wanted to work. I wanted to sing.
I wanted to make movies, to do anything,
so people would see me.
Do you want to be on a shelf
for another year?
No one would see you.
Mr. Rong, please.
I won't do it again. I'm sorry.
Can we cover this up?
A Siang Thong singer
secretly auditioning for porn.
Don't let anyone print that.
It's been dealt with, Mr. Rong.
Don't worry.
You always do this.
You cause trouble daily, Kaeo.
Stop preaching.
You've been grumbling all the way here.
I learned my lesson.
keep a close watch.
Don't let her do anything crazy again.
Why am I so unlucky, sis?
This is not bad luck, Kaeo.
This is recklessness.
Recklessness begets foolishness.
Go to a temple
so you'll be properly mindful.
Thank you.
You're not seeing anyone new, right?
I'm gonna go.
Okay, that's a wrap!
Thank you, Mr. Krit.
Welcome to Giant.
Thank you.
Let's talk about our next project
-so we can get started.
Thank you. Thank you for coming
to our last day of shooting.
Are you happy with the finished product?
I'm so happy. But I have to ask
you guys if you enjoyed it.
Oh, of course, we did,
but we're wondering about
your relationship.
How has it been, Mr. Don?
You should ask Khwanchai.
Mr. Don is a good colleague.
He helped me with everything.
Especially in the love scene?
No, you guys. I meant in every scene.
Will you quit singing
now that you're in movie business?
I definitely will not.
Please wait for the good news
about my music. Thank you.
This is for keeping quiet, okay?
But if I find out,
and it leaks and hurts her career,
I'm gonna hunt you down. Got it?
Real life is just a melodrama.
Welcome to Giant, the empire of singers.
Khwanchai Giant.
You will become a superstar
as you dreamed.
What's next for your company?
With a voice like that,
you'll definitely lose this job.
Just keep lip-syncing on stage.
I get to perform at Thai Night!
These are the six artists
who will perform
at the Thai Night event in Los Angeles.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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