Stage of Number One (2024) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

What did you trick her into?
Wanna be the scandal queen
every month, Kaeota?
What were you thinking
secretly auditioning for porn?
Who said you had permission
to use this place?
I haven't gotten my rent,
so no shooting.
Without Giant Company's support,
my movie would have folded.
I want the leading lady to be
my company's artist.
If you were me,
would you hold back someone you love,
or would you let her succeed?
You don't have a contract anymore.
We don't owe each other anything.
Go make your movie.
That's a wrap!
Welcome to Giant, the empire of singers.
Mr. Nop?
I never thought you'd be
this kind of person.
This is for keeping quiet.
You wanted to be the hero,
forcing the heroine to leave you, so you
acted like an asshole, so she'd hate you?
It worked, didn't it?
Khwanchai went back to finish her movie.
Hey, Nop, do you know
what a springboard is?
That's exactly what M Sound is.
All our singers moved on
to major companies.
Hey, we're
running a record company brilliantly.
It wasn't a compliment. The opposite.
He still asked "Really?"
What happened?
Khwan, where are you going?
I don't work for M Sound anymore,
so I have to move.
You two, stay here.
If you don't stay, we have to go with you.
We're here because of you.
But you and Mr. Nop
aren't mad at each other, right?
But we haven't seen Mr. Nop
since you went back to filming.
Have you seen him at all?
-Go on. Yay!
Wow, there they go, sis.
Make merits and help others
so you feel better.
Let the bad things
float away with the wind.
It's exactly as Ek said.
Make merits to restore mindfulness.
He was truly a monk's attendant.
Saoek is perfect in every way,
except for one thing. He's poor.
Look what happened
when I dated rich people.
There's nothing bad with that.
And they might make us as rich as them.
But Ek is patient, sis.
Mm. Oh! Someone's coming.
I went to see it with a man.
I like Khwanchai. She's cute.
-Yes, I wanna meet her.
I wanna ask her what she eats
to be this good.
Hey, speaking of which,
I heard the leading lady
was originally Kaeota.
I think Kaeota
would have made the movie fail.
-You're so bad.
-Let's make merits.
Huh? Where are you going?
Anywhere but here.
Wow. Hey.
It's huge.
Giant really is a major record company.
They provide accommodation to singers too.
They knew I didn't have
a house in Bangkok,
so Mr. Krit, the owner,
is letting me stay here for now.
Whoa. He's gonna work you
to get his money's worth.
Good. I wanna work every day,
so I can forget.
Forget what?
Forget I used to be unemployed, of course.
Come on, go unpack your things.
Use the rooms down here.
I'll use the one upstairs.
-Got it.
The first one gets the better room.
Hey! Oh!
-I'm taking this room! This one's mine!
-This room.
Despite having been abandoned,
the roses are still blooming.
I asked the gardener to take care of them.
My mom loved flowers.
I get wanting to make merit
at multiple temples,
but was it necessary
to come all the way here?
Jeez, it's far from Bangkok,
but it's close to our hometown.
How long has it been
since you were last here?
Jeez, I don't remember.
But to be honest,
this suspension is good.
We have so much free time.
It's good. Now I can
make merit for my parents.
Back in Bangkok,
I can only give alms to monks.
Yes. Let's go.
If being alone kills me, so be it
Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
But if being alone kills me, so be it
Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
But I won't die from loneliness
I won't die from loneliness
We'll see if I can't forget you
Thank you.
Khwanchai, I love you so much.
Yes, you're good at acting and singing.
Can I take a picture with you?
Take it for me.
One, two, three.
Look at her fans. Wow! So cute!
I'm happy for her.
Even since coming to Giant,
Khwanchai has gained more fans.
Don't you agree?
She's prettier too. Look at her.
Her hair, makeup, and style are perfect.
We don't even have to lug
our bags around after her.
We get our salary
just by accompanying her.
We should gloat about this to That.
Now that I think about it,
why have I never come
to this temple during the day?
You went to temples at night
only when there were fairs.
When you snuck out, you either went
to the market or to your wayward friends'.
You have a great memory.
You were bad when you were younger.
Do you remember
when you went to the market
to have your shoes fixed
and you didn't get back in time
to go on stage?
Jeez, sis, enough.
Gee, I thought you wouldn't remember me.
I saw you since you walked in.
What's up, troublemaker?
What's up, hell-raiser?
So what happened?
Why are you sweeping the temple's yard?
I'm a temple liaison.
Sis, do you remember Khun?
He went to my school.
Oh, the one who kept hitting on you
when you were younger?
That was a long time ago.
She used to run from her mom
to get drunk at my place.
Now that she's a famous singer,
she's been MIA.
Jeez, I'm here now.
What happened to you though?
Why are you sweeping leaves here?
I have to help with the fair
to accumulate good deeds.
I'm gonna run
for the SAO office next year.
Funny. I don't believe you.
Buying votes is outdated.
-Buying people's hearts?
I mean it. I need faith-based voters.
I've been sweeping since this morning.
I'm sweating like crazy.
You're gonna set up a charity?
Of course. A charity
or a fund of some kind, sis.
I think I want to serve my hometown.
Think about it.
Even Khun is a temple liaison right now.
He's serving the community.
Khun just wants to run for the SAO office.
Even so, sis. I wanna do
something good for a change.
I want to apologize to my mom,
but it must be too late now.
Now, I wanna do things
to make up for what I did to my parents
to everyone.
Washing away your sins?
I want to start over.
I really wanna do it, sis.
You're in every newspaper.
Not to mention the magazines.
Look at this one.
Lovely Home.
There are more.
Country Entertainment. Look at it.
And look at this.
Celebrity Kitchens.
Let me take a look.
What's in Celebrity Kitchens?
"Khwanchai's Favorite Dish".
This dish is
lotus stems with steamed mackerel
in coconut soup.
Hey! There's a quote too.
"Love is honesty,
consideration, and loyalty."
At Giant, reporters
don't come for interviews,
but the PR team takes my photos
and send them my answers.
That's good.
Now you can show them to your offspring.
When does she have time to make offspring?
She has three or four jobs a day.
As that's the case,
let's find scissors and glue
and make her a scrapbook. Come on.
Hey, I wanna be in these magazines too.
Get a new face.
Bring the remaining stuff to Nop's house.
Yeah, okay? Don't take too long.
Take whichever room you want.
You can stay in any room.
You gave up the office.
What's next for your company?
Whatever you want.
will you have some real food?
If being alone kills me, so be it
Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
But if being alone kills me
-I wanna watch.
-Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
-Forgetting someone
Might take a long time
-Have it your way.
-That's why I'm alone
And suffering
But I won't die from loneliness
I won't die from loneliness
We'll see if I can't forget you
Stop pouting.
Now. Come on.
Why are we here?
I don't have any jobs or money.
The longer you're shelved,
the more you have to show up.
Go on.
That's Kaeota. Kaeota!
-Hey, come here!
She's pouting.
it's been so long.
Have you been to the office?
I haven't. I've been too lazy.
Too lazy or in love? Hmm?
Even if you are, no one say anything.
This is a safe zone, free of reporters.
Hmm, who's Saoek with?
Mr. Saoek came with the new singer.
Arm in arm.
We didn't come together.
We ran into each other up front.
Saoek, can the company's artists
drink alcohol?
Don't copy bad behaviors.
Let the veteran singers do them.
This looks suspicious.
Nothing to be suspicious about.
Nothing at all.
The only suspicious ones are you veterans
who lead younger singers astray.
He's scolding us.
Who could be a saint like you, Mr. Saoek?
Right, Nok, Kaeota?
Hello, everyone.
I have an announcement.
In two months,
Country Expo will be held in LA.
The expo includes the Thai Night event
to showcase Thai country music.
I will be sending three of our singers
to perform on Siang Thong's behalf.
Whoever thinks they're ready,
prepare yourself.
That's awesome.
As for who will be going,
as the manager of Artists and Repertoire,
I'll let him decide.
Enjoy the party tonight, everyone.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Saoek must pick
Kaeota to go.
Can he? She's suspended.
Let's drink.
Why did I drive back here?
Sir? Where did M Sound go?
Oh, they moved out.
But I don't know to where.
-Thank you.
Mr. Nop?
On our school's behalf,
we'd like to thank Ms. Kaeota
from Siang Thong,
an artist who hasn't only
put our province on the map
but has also made contributions
to our community
as well as given scholarships
and food to our school.
Please welcome
Ms. Kaeota from Siang Thong.
Hello, Miss Director,
teachers, students,
and all the parents.
I'm so glad to have an opportunity
to create a fund for school lunches.
So today,
I'm setting up my own fund
in order to contribute
to the school by offering lunches
and scholarships.
Whoo! So lovely!
Sorry, I never take it to heart
Sorry, my heart is unshakable
It's fine because if you do it
The one getting disturbed won't be me
Whoever you want to go on a date with
You can
It won't ever bother me
Do whatever you want
No need to hide
I don't care, I don't mind
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
Do you want something to eat?
I'll buy you something.
No need. I'll get something
-at a curry and rice shop.
-Hey, gather Kaeota news clips for me.
I have to send them to producers
for image assessment.
You got it.
What image assessment?
Oh, Kaeota has been suspended for a while,
but her news has been good recently.
I think her suspension can be lifted.
Please excuse me.
you seem particularly interested
in the news about Kaeota.
She has done good, so I'm happy for her.
Go to your singing lesson.
-I have work.
The Thai Night event in Los Angles
is a gathering of Thailand's
leading country singers
who will perform there.
I heard Siang Thong
will send three artists.
Our company won't be upstaged.
Whoever is ready
My quota is three people.
is the new house we provided you okay?
It's very comfortable.
You're very kind, Mr. Krit.
You even gave me the car.
Newbies are always pampered.
All right, I won't keep you.
Please focus on your work
and remember:
I'm ready to support
every one of you in every way.
What's up, ladies?
For my next concert,
can I get backing tracks with my vocals?
I want to preserve my voice.
What singers want, producers provide.
Just lip-synch well.
You got it.
I wanna hide my voice sometimes.
The audience probably won't know.
Please do the same for me, Ton.
I can't possibly belt
every song at every show
like new singers.
I'd ruin my vocal cords.
I'll take my leave, Ton.
Thank you.
What are you writing? You're not busy?
Duh. I wrote this down because I'm busy,
so I can read it and enjoy this moment
when I get to work with an artist
with a schedule this full!
Are you tired, Khwan?
I'm not.
But you look stressed.
There are so many singers.
But I never planned
on competing with anyone,
It's hard enough competing with yourself.
Don't compete with anyone. Trust me.
Yeah, I totally agree.
They're perfect as they are,
both your movie and your music.
Both of us get to ride on your coattails.
"The school, therefore,
is asking for your contribution."
Sis, can you check
if they're really in need?
If that's the case, send them a donation.
Donated on behalf
of the Phlengphon Donsawan Fund
by Kaeota as usual.
As you wish.
But Kaeo, you've spent a lot already.
It's okay. I can make more.
Sis, it's Mr. Rong!
Hello, Mr. Rong?
Are you ready to come back to work?
I am!
Thank you, Mr. Rong.
Sis, I get to perform at Thai Night!
You're going to LA? Let me tag along.
You got it.
See? All the good deeds I've done
gave me this reward.
You're right.
From now on, I won't get
in the way of your charity.
Why does her voice sound weird?
La-la. La
What's wrong? Why are you quiet?
-My throat hurts.
All right, I'll bring you some warm water.
-Come on.
-Wait a sec.
I can't possibly belt
every song at every show
like new singers.
I'd ruin my vocal cords.
-Sore throat.
No coughing, just a sore throat.
Are you coughing up phlegm?
Uh, how long have you had the symptoms?
-Just now.
-Days ago.
Hold on. Calm down.
So which one of you is sick?
Uh, well
We're not allowed to sell you the medicine
because we need to know the symptoms,
how she got sick,
and how long she has been sick.
And ideally, bring the patient here.
-Yes. I'm going then. Thanks.
Next time, let's get our stories straight.
You weren't listening.
Can I lip-synch tomorrow, Ton?
I kind of lost my voice.
Sure, but if you're going
to the Thai Night press conference,
you can't be sick
No one can stop the rain from falling
No one can stop the sun from rising
Now that you fell out of love
I must let you go
Even if it makes me weep
I must give you up
Now that I don't have you
I must find a way to go on
I must accept the truth
I wonder about the people
Who have been dumped
If one must live alone
How hard would that be?
If being alone kills me, so be it
Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
But if being alone kills me, so be it
Since I can't give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
But I won't die from loneliness
I won't die from loneliness
We'll see if I can't forget you
During the holiday,
please report on Kaeota's activities.
She has just donated
scholarships to poor students
at three schools.
Oh, goodness.
-She's so generous.
you do know
these kinds of stories don't sell.
People prefer reading up
on celebrities' love lives
or scandals. Do you have that?
For example,
A is having an affair with B
who's dating C. Something like that.
That sells.
I don't.
All Kaeota has been doing recently
is doing good.
She's been participating
in charitable activities.
I rejoice in her merit, but
she hasn't had many shows,
unlike her sister.
Khwanchai, you mean?
Yes, but that one seems
to be taking on too many jobs.
She performs almost every day.
Last I saw her, I suspect
she probably lost her voice.
She lip-synched almost the entire show.
Not just one show.
Whenever I attend her shows for work,
Khwanchai loses her voice.
If she wasn't signed by a major company,
I would have asked her in an article,
"Why don't you get
your vocal cords healed?"
Is it really that bad?
Why am I wasting my time wondering, right?
I'll wait and ask her directly.
thank you for the coffee.
As for this story,
I'll take care of it. Please excuse me.
Yes, please.
-Thank you. Please don't forget.
-I got you.
-Thank you.
Kaeota, I have some new gossip.
Very interesting story.
-Thank you.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
What's wrong with you? Are you sick?
Are you so free that
you run into other people for fun?
I'm not. I'm here
to get a medical certificate.
I'm applying for a visa
to attend Thai Night in the US.
Hey, with a voice like that,
you won't be able to attend the event.
You think that stealing my film role
and leaving Mr. Nop for a major company
means that you defeated me?
I didn't leave Mr
Wait a minute.
With your voice like that,
you'll need a lot of rest.
Just keep lip-synching on stage.
If you want anything from LA,
let me know. I'll see to it.
We're still sisters.
By the way,
prepare for my upcoming good news
that will totally upstage you.
Is Kaeota really going to Thai Night?
That's what she said.
And she made fun of me
for losing my voice.
I shouldn't have gone to the hospital.
Seeing a doctor
got you the right medication.
Ignore Kaeota.
Thanks. Yes.
Mr. Jak, the reporter, called.
He wanted to interview you,
but I denied the request.
He wanted to ask more
about Kaeota getting
the Dutiful Child award.
She set up the Phlengphon Donsawan Fund
to give scholarships
on your father's behalf.
Doing good on her father's behalf.
She is such a liar!
Dutiful child?
Dutiful child?
I'm gonna unmask Kaeota's dutifulness
for the world to see.
Watch me.
Hello, everyone here and at home.
As you know, we're going to announce
the Thai country singers
who will perform at Thai Night.
This year,
two major record companies
are joining forces
to perform on a global stage.
But what are these companies?
Let's find out together.
Are you ready?
Oh, okay, I'm ready too. The first artist,
Miss Waeodao Sakaofa!
Miss Saifon Nakhonsi from Giant!
Beautiful! Gorgeous!
All right, the next artist,
Mr. Ekkarat Kaennakhon.
The first three are artists from Giant.
Gee, it's a shame Khwanchai Sidon
isn't going with them this year.
All right, I won't beat around the bush.
There are three more singers
from Siang Thong.
The first one, Chonli Chonlada.
Miss Suda Salawin.
And the last one,
Miss Kaeota Sidon
AKA Kaeota from Siang Thong.
And these are the six artists
who will perform at the Thai Night event
in Los Angeles.
I heard
Miss Kaeota has just received
the Dutiful Child award.
You're amazing.
Hold on!
Kaeota, is it true that six years ago,
your actions led
to your mother's death in a fire?
-Please answer.
-Is that true?
-Please answer.
-Is that true?
Is it true you killed your mother?
-Please answer.
-Is that true?
Get down here.
Kaeota, please answer. Is it true or not?
I ran away,
but this damned thing
is still coming after me.
I miss you very much, Mom.
Please root for me, Mom.
It's time for her to pay for her sins.
No need to do anything.
The only thing I want you to remember
is that everything changes.
Mr. Mahannop will take over
from Mr. Rong as president.
Welcome, sir.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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