Stage of Number One (2024) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Why does her voice sound weird?
Just keep lip-synching on stage.
Kaeota has been suspended for a while,
but her news has been good recently.
I think her suspension can be lifted.
I get to perform at Thai Night!
Miss Kaeota has just received
the Dutiful Child award.
I'm gonna unmask Kaeota's dutifulness
for the world to see.
And the last one,
Miss Kaeota Sidon.
Hold on!
Kaeota, is it true
your actions led
to your mother's death in a fire?
You brought them to burn our stage?
your actions led
to your mother's death in a fire
Is that true?
Is that true?
-Please answer.
-Is that true?
-Answer us.
-What's the truth?
We have looked into old news.
It was all so suspicious.
-Please answer us.
-What's the truth?
-Answer us.
-Please answer.
-Please explain.
Please answer.
Wait, let us take some photos!
Where're you running off to, Kaeota?
Answer us.
All right, in a moment
It's live streaming, Khwan.
The reporter, Jak,
asked if Kaeota killed her mom,
just like that.
Let's take a short break
-before the next section.
-Did you tell them everything?
You can check the news from six years ago.
Back then, Kaeota brought people
to burn down the stage,
resulting in Phanni Sidon
burning to death.
If you don't report this,
then I will tell another channel.
Do you have problems
with someone out there?
Are they trying to sabotage you?
The last scandal just died down,
and now, this family problem pops up.
And it's about life and death.
Mr. Rong, it's just a rumor.
Mr. Rong, there are reporters downstairs.
They want to interview Kaeota.
Are you ready to declare to everyone
that this accusation
from last night is false?
Um, Mr. Rong.
We have a PR team for our artists.
Shouldn't we let them manage this?
-Go, take care of this.
-Yes, sir.
Let us interview Kaeota.
-We want to know the truth.
-We'd like an interview.
Kaeota is sick.
She can't give an interview.
-We want to know the truth.
-Just a short interview.
-Kaeota is sick.
-Can't you help us out?
Kaeota is sick.
-She really can't give an interview.
-Give us an interview, Kaeota.
-She really can't.
-We're sorry.
Hold on, everyone.
You want some news?
The answer is
what happened was an accident.
Were you there during the incident?
I'm Kaeota's family.
Can we hear from Kaeota herself?
Can we?
Let us hear from Kaeota.
We'd like to interview her.
-The public needs the truth.
-Hold on.
Let's say
if you really want to talk to Kaeota,
can you be patient?
We'll inform you
when she's ready, all right?
No need to wait. She's gone.
Oh, dear.
Kaeo, talk to me.
You were so silent in the van.
Go away. Don't bother me.
-What really happened?
-I don't want to talk.
Why? Why hasn't it ended already?
Why is it still haunting me?
I ran away,
but this damned thing
is still coming after me.
Kaeota's Dutiful Child award got revoked.
It's also uncertain now
if she'll get to join Thai Night.
Khwan, do you want
to go laugh in their faces?
To take revenge
since she looked down on you
at the pharmacy the other day.
It's time for her to pay for her sins.
No need to do anything.
We don't have to, Khwan?
Right. Let karma catch up to her.
-I see.
A reporter is calling to interview you
about Kaeota.
Hello, Khwan is not available right now.
I'm afraid nothing good
will come if we talk.
We tried to interview
Miss Khwanchai Sidon,
Kaeota's younger sister.
Regarding the incident, she said curtly,
"No comment."
However, this short non-answer
shows that
"No comment",
then why give an interview at all?
I want to talk to you.
About what?
We've known each other for many years.
Do you still think that
I caused my mother's death?
I thought we already talked it out.
I don't even think about it anymore.
The past is in the past.
One who drowns themself in the past
won't be able to carry on with their life.
But right now,
someone is looking into my past.
See here.
They said I was ungrateful.
They said I was a murderer.
They all said I killed my own mother.
Kaeo, keep calm
and consider it carefully.
When these reporters
unearth this incident,
who will benefit the most?
You killed Mom!
It was an accident. I didn't do it.
An accident that originated from you?
You know it.
You have just said it yourself.
Why are you here?
I'm here to visit you.
I heard you're resting your voice.
Does that mean you're sick?
can talk though.
Of course, I can talk.
Take a seat. I'll bring you some water.
It's tea.
I'm avoiding cold water right now.
Have you heard the recent news about Kaeo?
Are you really here
because you're worried about me?
I am worried about you
and about Kaeo too.
I'm worried about everyone.
But more worried about Kaeo.
That's right!
Ek must be more worried about me
than a traitorous woman like you.
It was you, wasn't it?
You revealed Mom's death
and caused those people
to shame me in public.
Why are you trying to ruin my future?
Someone like you shouldn't have a future.
Back then, you wronged the family.
You wronged the band.
Don't you feel any guilt?
What about you?
You tricked the band members
and chased me out.
Isn't that enough, wicked sister?
And you? Have you ever been
a good sister to me?
Stop your retort. Admit now
that you spread the story.
-No one but you
haunts me everywhere I go.
Who is haunting who now?
I'm in my own home, and you're intruding.
This is not about today.
It's about everything.
I came to Bangkok, and you followed.
I worked in M Sound, and you followed.
Now, I work in Siang Thong with Ek.
You work in Giant. You produce good music
and good movies.
Is your life not good enough?
Are you jealous of me?
Can't you bear to see me
even a little bit happy?
I already told you.
Come on. That's enough, Kaeo.
Say that to her.
It might even make her stop haunting me.
You act doe-eyed and innocent,
but your heart is blacker than black.
Remember this.
If I find out that it was you,
don't say I'm the one who is cruel.
Oh, my!
Is this a family reunion?
Who is your family?
Why are you here then? Wanna fight?
Let's go, Kaeo.
-Yeah, hurry up and go.
-Please take care of Khwan.
-Of course.
-What happened?
-Are you okay?
What did she do?
Are you hurt?
She didn't bite you, did she?
I didn't kill Mom.
I believe you, Kaeo.
Although I wasn't there,
I know that would have been impossible.
Everyone saw it.
It was an accident.
Khwanchai likely wants to ruin me.
Let's not focus on Khwan right now.
We'd better focus on
resolving the situation.
Well, I see two ways to end this matter.
First, you ask Siang Thong
to hold a press conference,
then you sincerely announce
that you didn't do it.
And the second way,
if there's really nothing we can do,
we have to let it pass.
But my name has been
dragged through the mud.
Mr. Rong won't let me join Thai Night.
I just want Mom to see from above
how successful I've become, Ek.
I believe Phanni knows.
I miss Mom, Ek.
This is called laryngitis.
You use your voice too much.
I will give you a new medicine,
but you need to rest.
Drink warm water
and avoid cold water at all costs.
Come back in two weeks for a checkup.
Thank you.
Khwan, it's crowded. Let's go this way.
Isn't that Khwanchai?
She's in a relationship
with Nop, isn't she?
Yes, but they seem to be on a break
since Khwanchai moved to Giant,
after she starred in that movie.
How's Nop doing then?
See the doctor first,
then I'll tell you what I know.
Hey, Nop.
Nothing has been happening recently,
so I'm going back home for a few days.
Are you leaving me too?
I'm not.
You want to rest your heart.
I want to rest my body.
Take care of yourself, friend.
It's only morning, Nop.
Why are you here?
To see a loser.
I didn't lose.
I'm resting.
Why are you bothering me?
Resting because your lover is gone?
Khwanchai, your company's only singer,
makes you lose your head this much?
Is this a one-sided love?
It's my business, not yours.
Of course, it is.
You are my son.
Even though you use your mother's surname
or even if you change
your surname a thousand times,
you are still my son.
What do you want, talking to me like this?
Are you mocking me?
I say you can't, because I didn't fail.
That's good then.
If you failed because of love,
you were a fool.
What right do you have
to teach me about this?
Someone like you
doesn't even understand
the definition of love.
I don't know
whether I understand love.
However, love can exist,
and it can fade away as well.
Don't cling on to it.
That's what you told Mom, isn't it?
Of course, I told her.
She didn't accept it.
She couldn't accept that
she wouldn't have
a complete family like others.
She chose to stay,
despite not loving me any longer.
And you blame Mom again.
I never blame her.
I never even think that she was wrong.
As for you, if you see I'm at fault here,
I won't make any excuses.
I admit that I wasn't a good lover.
I'm also
not a good father to you.
I know that
I have no right to ask anyone
for forgiveness.
Are you done talking?
I think you should go.
It's been so long
since I visited you, Mom.
You are my motivation in everything.
I love you so much.
When you sing,
the air must come from your stomach.
If it comes from your chest,
the air won't be strong enough.
Dear child, close your eyes and rest
You're still so very young
You're my sweetheart
-Isn't it pretty, Mom?
-You're always in my mind
-There, look at the cloud.
-I will not leave you
-It looks like a rabbit.
-A rabbit is on the moon.
-And wake up
-How can it be on the cloud?
-With a smile
-Don't be silly, child.
-Listen to the lullaby
I told you to not slack off.
-I told you to practice singing.
-Listen to your mother sing
-I'm sorry, Mom. Please forgive me.
-May the heavens protect you
-I won't do it again.
-Oh, divine guardians
My child is still young
Please take care of her
Sleep, my sweetheart
Your mother is here
Dear heart, be at ease now
My child, I pray for you
May all the good karma
I've accumulated
Enhance your safety
I pray to the divine guardians
May the heaven protect
My child from all harm
May the divine guardians protect my heart
Ueng couldn't contact you.
I happened to hear you say
you missed your mother,
so I thought you might be here.
Ek, you
always know me the best.
Sometimes, I know.
Sometimes, I don't.
Though if we knew everything,
life wouldn't be fun, right?
I will call Ueng later.
I think I should take a week-long break
while waiting for the US visa.
Sounds like a good idea.
Ah, since we're here,
let's visit Aunt Phanna.
No. I don't want to.
I want to go further than here.
Thank you, Ek,
for staying by my side.
I only want to run from the reporters.
I'm tired.
I don't want to see them.
Whatever happened,
all will be forgotten.
In this industry,
something new happens every day.
Before I came,
I heard Chonly wanted
to change her workplace,
to work at Giant.
And then Id and Ud
suddenly came to tell me
that they want to be employed
by Siang Thong.
Everything is always changing.
It's a circle of change.
It's like a wave from the sea
washing onto the beach.
It's followed by another wave
and then another, isn't it?
That's right.
Just like that.
You killed Mom!
Do you think she would feel hurt too?
I didn't do it.
I didn't kill her. Mom,
please tell them that I didn't kill you.
Mom, I didn't do it.
You need to forget.
Stay in the present.
I've made a decision, Suwit.
I won't allow Kaeota to join Thai Night,
so Saoek needs to choose another singer.
Tell him for me, would you?
Excuse me.
Mr. Rong!
Doctor, how is Mr. Rong?
The patient passed away
just before he arrived here.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I told you to clean,
and you really did.
You did a great job too.
Dad came to scold me.
Your father came here?
The same day you left.
Don't tell me it was the same day,
when you were moping around,
drinking beer?
You deserved the scolding.
Actually, he wasn't
quite scolding me
more like scolding himself.
But it
helped me understand him more.
Hey, don't tell me
he came to ask you
to go back to the company.
Hold on a second.
Hello, Uncle.
What did you say?
Dear audience, this morning,
the owner of the famous
record company, Siang Thong,
passed away due to sudden heart attack.
-His name was Rong Mahasuwan
-Hi, brother.
- and he was 64 years old.
-Are you interested in some old books?
He only had one son,
-named Mahannop Mahasuwan
-It's 80 baht.
-who established
-Thanks for your purchase.
his own record company called M Sound.
The death of this man, who was known
as the father of Thai country music,
brings sorrow to the artists
and others in the industry.
This is the tube
for pushing air into it. Try it.
-No sound, right?
-There's no sound.
Try again but press a key this time.
Hear that?
I did it.
Try again, okay?
Which one? Think carefully.
Think about our lesson.
How to move it?
-You're amazing!
-I got you!
You're so awesome.
Now, it's my turn.
The only thing I want you
to remember is that
everything changes.
When that day comes,
it will be up to you
how you'll carry on.
In Mr. Rong's will,
he bequeathed Siang Thong Company
and most of his wealth to you.
This is crazy.
You're probably confused
about why Mr. Rong put pressure on you
and often attacked your company.
It's because it was the best way
to help you learn
about the entertainment business.
Is this what we call
receiving a windfall?
If you're talking about the inheritance,
I don't care that much about it.
You can't do that, Nop.
Are you going to abandon
your father's empire?
He specified it so clearly.
The chance to show your abilities
is there, Nop.
Then what about M Sound?
Come on, it's a small company.
Even a recent graduate could manage it.
However, Siang Thong is a big company.
It's challenging.
But are you intimidated?
Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Miss Daranee, as his wife,
will you be able
to continue his life mission?
-What do you say?
Excuse us, Mr. Nop.
We heard that
you will step into your father's role
at Siang Thong.
Is this true?
Is that true, Mr. Nop?
-What do you say?
-Is it true?
Let's say that tomorrow,
I'm going to invite you all
to a press conference at Siang Thong.
Mr. Mahannop will take over
from Mr. Rong as president.
In fact, it was
the previous president's wish
to have him in the company.
And right now, it's time.
Let's welcome him warmly. Mr. Nop, please.
Greetings, everyone.
From what I can see,
many people here are the same age as I,
so let's see each other as colleagues.
Good comrades help one another
when one is in trouble.
Practically, I'm not the one paying you.
Employees like you are the one
who take care of the company
and yourselves, therefore,
we will carry on together.
wasted a lot of your time already,
so let's get back to work, all right?
No one has faith in me.
Give them time.
The rumor that the singer K
is the murderer of her mother
are preventing her
from releasing any new singles."
They're still talking about this?
There are more articles like this.
Some are even online.
People are having fun commenting on there.
People on the internet are deranged,
so uncreative.
Things are already problematic.
There are more problems?
It's about Mr. Nop.
I left him and his M Sound behind.
And now, he's leading Siang Thong.
Nevertheless, he's the president here.
It's his duty to help you,
one of his artists.
Help by chasing away reporters?
He's more likely to fire me.
Who would dare fire a talented singer?
The talented singer who once
fought against Khwanchai,
his favorite?
What? You were
in a different company back then.
Competition is normal in this industry.
Mr. Nop definitely understands that.
He's at the head of this company now,
and his artist is in trouble.
Mr. Nop will help you for sure.
It won't be as bad as you imagine.
I know that.
But my problem
is probably not urgent
for the new president.
Do you think
the new president will make it?
Well, he's inexperienced.
His own company is also a no-name.
I heard that he sees us
as comrades or something.
Hey, I also heard that
many managers and artists
-are going to resign.
-Are you serious?
-I am.
I should check
who in our department will resign.
How many people want to resign?
Twenty-five people
among the board members and employees.
As for the artists, eight people.
I don't know what I should do here.
I couldn't even
do my small company justice.
The difference between big
and small companies is the scale.
Everything is
about making the right decision.
If you'd like my suggestion,
I would say you should do
what you think is necessary.
don't brood over past mistakes.
The worst leaders are those
who don't make decisions.
Okay, um
Then Okay.
If anyone wants to resign, let them.
Let the artists who don't renew
their contracts leave as well.
They have no heart to stay anyway.
Then, what about their workload?
We will be downsizing.
If there's excess work, outsource it.
Don't hire more people.
Okay, as per your order.
if you have any suggestions,
you can tell me.
I don't have any right now
because if Mr. Rong were here,
he would do the same.
Mr. Saoek is here.
Mr. Saoek.
I didn't expect to see me here.
I didn't either.
It's good that you're here.
There's a situation that
Siang Thong needs to settle.
I would like you
to see if Kaeota is ready
to talk with the PR team.
We need to stop the rumors
by using the truth.
That's right. There's only one truth,
no matter what others thought.
we need to know the truth
from Kaeota's perspective.
She goes out every day
and doesn't let me tag along.
Where to?
If I had to guess,
she probably goes back to Suphan.
She'd be there right now?
I want to get the award for you,
but it's really not easy.
To get the Stage of Number One award,
a person has to be really talented
and loved by the masses.
It's really hard.
And recently,
someone spread such nonsense about me.
I don't know who did it.
Only you and I know
what really happened that day.
Right now, there's a tumor
on your vocal cords.
A tumor on her vocal cords?
Khwanchai is seriously ill.
Only you
will be able to convince her
to see a doctor.
I know
that you're the one who spread the story.
Why did you spread the story
that Mom died because of me?
Because I hate you.
So there's a side of you
that I never knew about.
Mr. Nop.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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