Stage of Number One (2024) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

Is it true your actions led
to your mother's death in a fire?
Please answer.
Wait, let us take some photos!
Mr. Rong Mahasuwan passed away
due to a sudden heart attack.
Mr. Mahannop will take over
from Mr. Rong as president.
Let's welcome him warmly.
I don't want to see reporters.
Someday, all will be forgotten.
I feel bad for Kaeo.
When she left home,
I was still in the hospital.
Why does everyone think that
Kaeota killed her own mother?
That day,
what I saw with my own eyes
was Kaeo trying to push her mother
out of the way of the burning beam.
But as they say
it was her time to go.
Does Khwanchai know this?
She does.
I told her about this
when I was in the hospital.
Even though Khwanchai knew
Kaeota didn't do it,
why did they fall out, Auntie?
Please come help me.
-Come on.
Come here.
The reporters are still here.
What should we do, Ek?
Where is she?
Over here, Kaeo.
Hello, Auntie.
Hello, darling.
Auntie, Kaeota came
to pay respects to Phanni's ashes.
But reporters were waiting there
to take her picture
and interview her.
I heard in the news
that your past was dug up
to discredit you.
That's right.
I felt I probably wasn't welcomed here.
Besides, everyone here probably hates me.
I never hated you.
And your mother never hated you.
She loved you very much.
But I was the reason Mom died,
as everyone says.
No matter how many times it takes,
I will always say this.
I will always insist
that you did your best.
You weren't responsible
for your mom's death.
You've been running away
from this for too long.
It's time you finally tell the truth
about what happened.
It wasn't my fault, right?
No, it wasn't.
You did your best. Trust me.
So I'm gonna let Mr. Nop know
that you're ready.
If you let me take care of you,
I'll do it until I die.
Hey, Nop.
Are we really closing M Sound?
I don't mind if you wanna keep it going.
I'd rather you help me at Siang Thong.
-Oh? Siang Thong?
Let me sleep on it.
What is there to think about?
The stress I got from M Sound,
a small company, almost killed me.
If I go to Siang Thong, a major company,
there'll be millions of problems.
I won't survive.
That's the reason why you need to help me.
Did it ever occur to you
to let me be reborn?
What did I owe you in my past?
Mr. Nop.
I'm here to tell you
Kaeota is ready for reporters.
Just tell me when you want
PR to set up the interview.
How about this?
I'll let Artist Relations
and PR set the date.
Are you sure she won't freak out
or run from reporters this time?
I don't really trust Kaeota.
Don't worry about it.
We won't let her fight alone this time.
Come, come.
I'm so happy.
Are you gonna stay with us for long?
As long as necessary.
By the way,
why didn't you watch over Kaeota?
How could you let Kaeo
get criticized this much? Huh?
Goodness! In showbiz
and the entertainment industry,
there are all kinds of news.
Give it time. People will forget.
You're not me. You wouldn't understand.
Why wouldn't I?
I've been in this industry for as long.
We fled the reporters together.
Jeez. You two, stop arguing.
The day you tell the truth,
everything will end. Okay?
Yes, Auntie.
I should let you sleep.
Ek already met with Mr. Nop.
This thing will end.
I should be able to get back to work.
By the way,
does Khwan live very far from here?
Take me to her. I've missed her.
No, she's not nearby.
Khwan lives in a big house.
She lives with Malila and Maluli.
Those two are total ass-kissers.
They cling to her like leeches.
But Khwan is doing well, right?
She is. She's doing very well.
Yes. Her company is huge.
Don't worry about her.
But I think I should call her,
so she knows I'm in Bangkok.
No, you don't have to call her.
Your battery's almost dead.
I'll charge it for you.
That, take her to rest.
Phanna, come see your room.
It's very beautiful. Come on, take a look.
Come on, come in and take a look.
Don't call or see her yet.
Wait until the press conference.
Hello, members of the press.
I called you here today because I'd like
to address the story
that people are
interested in and following
regarding the past of the singer you love,
Today, she is ready
to tell everyone the truth.
Six years ago,
I was a singer in my family's band.
It was my mother's band
called Phanni Sidon Band.
Our band was set to perform at an event.
And thugs started fighting.
They threw a Molotov cocktail
onto the stage,
after which everything caught fire.
We ran for our lives in complete chaos.
I was one of the people who got out.
I saw my mother was still trapped
in the fire.
ran back inside to find her
-to get her out.
We almost got out,
in the end
the stage collapsed.
It collapsed on top of her,
killing her in front of me.
That was what happened.
And the woman sitting on the other side
is Kaeota's real aunt
who was at the fire
and one of the witnesses to this.
I saw with my own eyes
that Kaeota tried to save her mother.
I'm begging all of you
to treat Kaeota with fairness.
Don't listen to the rumors.
Please believe us.
But our source said
Kaeota was the reason
for the fire that day.
Is there any truth in that?
I didn't think they would bomb the place.
You brought them to burn our stage?
Can you please tell us
who your source is?
Instead of accusing her without proof,
bring your source
to talk to us in person.
Today, we've heard
from an eyewitness and from Kaeota
who has shared with everyone the thing
in her past that causes her pain.
I'm begging you
to treat her with fairness.
What are you so mad about?
Well, look at her.
Kaeota brought Phanna and made herself cry
like she's a heroine.
Oh? Why is Phanna siding with Kaeota?
Isn't Khwanchai her favorite niece?
That's the thing. And now,
she's in Bangkok
but hasn't said a word to Khwan.
Speak of the devil.
I had to come help Kaeo refute the rumor
because she didn't do anything wrong.
That's good. You did the right thing.
I know
that you're the one who spread the story.
I didn't do it.
Why did you think
I was the one who did it?
If you say you didn't do it,
that's good.
I will believe you.
-I'm gonna go.
do you love me?
What reason do I have to not love you?
Take good care of yourself.
Saoek. Let's go.
See you later, Khwan. I'll take her home.
I'm gonna go.
Have a safe journey home, Phanna.
In the end, they only care about
rumor and gossip
about love affairs and secret flings.
Our big press conference
got printed in a small box.
It got no attention.
When they smeared me,
they put it on a full page.
When they recant it,
they print it in tiny fonts.
On the other hand, if reporters
aren't interested in recanting,
they probably don't care at all.
Aren't you too optimistic, Mr. Nop?
Really? That's great.
Take all of them.
What was that?
I don't think I'm too optimistic.
Your gigs are coming back.
Clients have been calling to book you.
Check with AR so you'll know
what you have to do.
I will.
Can I give you a hug?
Thank you.
Sorry, I never take it to heart
Sorry, my heart is unshakable
It's fine because if you do it
The one getting headaches won't be me
Whoever you want to go on a date with
You can
It won't even bother me
Do whatever you want
No need to hide
I don't care, I don't mind
It's a tiny matter, my heart is calm
It's insignificant, minuscule
It's a tiny matter
No need to be surprised
I never want to poke my nose into things
It's so pointless
You're okay now, right? Are you sure?
I'm sure, Jaed. I can do it.
Let's go.
No one can stop the rain from falling
No one can stop the sun from rising
Now that you fell out of love
I must let you go
Even if it makes me weep
I must give you up
Now that I don't have you
I must find a way to go on
I must accept the truth
I wonder about the people
Who have been dumped
If one must live alone
How hard would that be?
If being alone kills
Give you up
I must live with it
Forgetting someone might take a long time
That's why I'm alone and suffering
You didn't take any gigs for a month,
but you're not getting better.
You lip-sync in every show.
You think this is good?
But I'm trying.
Why is your voice like this? See a doctor.
I saw a doctor.
Jaed, take care of this.
Yes, Mr. Krit.
I told you to rest, but you didn't listen.
Right now, there's a tumor
on your vocal cords.
Tumor on her vocal cords?
Those can be cured, right?
Yes, it's simple. Just cut them out.
-Huh? Cut them out?
-Huh? Cut them out?
And rest for two weeks,
then start vocal rehabilitation.
Will she be the same as before?
I can't guarantee that,
but they must be removed.
Goodness gracious!
How can a singer
without a voice be a singer?
It's her voice and her throat.
Why are you thinking for her?
Hey, I'm not thinking for her,
but I'm thinking for you and me.
If Khwan doesn't have her voice,
who will hire her?
You're right.
If Khwan doesn't work,
how will we feed ourselves?
To be honest,
Khwan is like our real sister.
When our sister is sick,
how can we do nothing
and not take care of her?
How will you drag her to get the surgery?
If I can't, someone else
must help me drag her.
Mr. Nop!
I can't make calls. I forgot to top up.
Fine. I'll call him myself.
I'm sorry. This number can't be
What did he say?
"This number can't be reached."
Now what are we gonna do?
We must go to him ourselves.
You're right.
We don't have a better solution.
We're going out for a while!
We'll be back in the evening!
It's dead. Do you have
a charger for this model?
I don't.
You're an executive now.
Didn't you think about contacting Khwan?
Mr. Nop, we're ready in the meeting room.
Okay, I'll be there.
Let's go to work.
Please, Mr. President.
If you call me that again,
I'll have you working in the parking lot.
I won't, sir.
But I'm not ready to work today.
I have other plans, sir.
Please, Mr. President.
Please, Mr. Nop.
Hey! Why are you here,
you twins from hell?
Jeez, I have to talk to Mr. Nop.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Get out of here!
Don't waste your time.
Guard, don't let these two inside.
-Find a barrier.
Sis, let's go.
Don't even think about it.
Hey, let us in just for a few minutes.
-You can't go in.
-Five minutes.
You can't.
How about two minutes?
-No! Get out!
Get out of here!
Oh? Luli and Lila.
What now?
I was packing up the office
and found your purse.
I meant to return it
when I had time, and that's today.
I threw it out.
You didn't have to come all the way here.
Really? I thought you were looking for it,
so I came to drop it off.
Oh, someone nearby told me you were
hanging around outside the office?
Here's the thing.
I've known Nop for a long time.
And I think I've known you enough.
And I believe you and Nop
haven't gotten over each other.
What makes you think
we're still not over each other?
You're mad at him over a woman, right?
Here's the thing. Don't tell him I'm here.
But I want you to understand
him sleeping with that woman
wasn't what it looked like.
So what was it?
Nop wanted to make you angry,
so you'd go back to filming
and have a good future with Giant.
Why do you think
Maluli and Malila went there?
I wonder too.
Or were those twins there to see Mr. Nop
to move their team to this company?
They can't do that.
It's our place, your place.
You can't let Khwanchai
push you aside. Don't let her.
I think it
it has become cyclical.
After developing artists,
we produce music and sell concert tickets.
Then we go back
to producing music and selling tickets.
I think we can't stay in this cycle.
But that's what the music business is.
That's because we believe it
to be just that.
Once we believe that, that's all we do.
I understand it's hard to innovate,
but I want us try
to come up with something,
something that's free from old beliefs.
We might find something
that's outside the box.
Mr. Nop?
Can I have a minute of your time?
Why? Is Kaeota in trouble?
It's not about Kaeota.
It's about Khwanchai.
Lila and Luli tried to get in,
but the security guard wouldn't let them.
They just wanted to tell you that
Khwanchai is seriously ill
and won't see a doctor.
They said only you
would be able to convince her
to see a doctor.
I'd like to help but
it wouldn't be possible.
She doesn't even want to see me.
What did you do to my sister?
A horrible thing.
Mr. Nop?
For a foreign-educated guy,
you're quite melodramatic.
Don't rub it in.
Let just say in this case,
I'd like to give you a suggestion.
I suggest you grovel.
There's nothing else to do.
Khwan, please. Khwan.
-I don't wanna talk to you.
Khwan, would you come back
and talk to me? Khwa
Khwan, if you don't come out,
I won't leave. I'll stay here.
Khwan, I know you're mad at me,
but please you come out and talk,
so we can find a way out, Khwan.
Get Mr. Nop out of my house.
What? You want me to kick him out?
Khwan, I'm not going!
If Mr. Nop doesn't leave,
you two can't stay with me.
If he won't leave, you'll fire us?
What do we do? Mr. Nop.
I'm sorry, Mr. Nop.
I'm just following orders.
We told her to see a doctor,
but she wouldn't go.
And she wouldn't talk to you.
I don't know what to do.
It's okay.
I'll wait here until she talks to me.
I'll get Khwan to go
for treatment somehow.
Mom, let's go.
What's the rush? We're still eating.
I have to go home to turn on
my computer to see how many votes
my idol got so far.
What will the winner get?
Fame, Mom. They'll become
a household name.
After that, they might act
or sing and become an artist.
Not only do you vote for them now,
but you'll have to buy their music too?
Jeez, Mom. Hurry up and finish your cake.
Did you know we can vote every hour?
"What if my friends vote for someone else?
I can't stand that.
Let's go home.
Is this how it is now?
Check that all the documents are here,
so we can take them
upstairs for the meeting.
Oh, Mr. Pek.
Oh, Saoek. I thought you were out.
Mr. Nop's request for new ideas,
I have something.
Then let's talk upstairs. Let's go.
I'm gonna unmask Kaeota's dutifulness
for the world to see.
Did you tell them everything?
I know
that you're the one who spread the story.
Watch me.
I'm gonna be the brightest moon
blacking out all the stars.
"The brightest moon
blacking out all the stars."
Damn it.
Yeah. I'm gonna water the plants.
As for you,
check if the newspapers arrived.
You're still here, Mr. Nop?
If Khwanchai kicks you out,
you can stay at my house.
What do we do?
You're so lovely.
If someone stood and waited
for me outside my house all night,
I'd love him to death.
Get out of my house.
Please talk to me.
Let's go.
Come on.
Me and that woman,
there was nothing between us.
-I just
-You just put on a show
to mislead me.
You knew.
I didn't stay stupid for long.
I realized you weren't a sloppy man.
So that means you're not mad at me, right?
I am.
At first, I was mad
because you slept with another woman.
Later, I was mad for being stupid,
and I was mad that
you thought me so gullible.
And now, you're
the president of Siang Thong,
and you're busy taking care of Kaeota.
You never thought of talking to me.
Khwan, I've thought about it of course. I
I didn't dare because I was afraid
you wouldn't forgive me.
Mr. Nop is unbelievable.
But he succeeded.
But did you know after a while
I realized that he wouldn't do
something so horrible.
So you knew all along.
I just trust him.
But that doesn't mean
I have to go back to him, Thin.
Wait a minute.
I'm so confused.
I wasn't the one putting on the show,
so I have nothing to say to him.
But if he wants to talk,
let him come to me.
Please forgive me.
You can call me as many names
as you want. Let's just get back together.
As for your voice,
you must hurry and get it treated,
so you can sing again.
But I'm afraid.
You don't have to be afraid.
I'll go with you.
But we work for different companies.
Aren't you worried about scandals?
Are you worried?
I'm not.
I'm not either.
It's ready?
Okay. I'll be right there.
You should go to work.
Then go take a shower.
When I'm done with the meeting,
I'll take you to the doctor, okay?
I think if we develop someone
who has existing fans,
it will help expand their fan base
and their audience.
You mean people who had fans
before they started selling their music?
In short,
you have to create a TV show
that gets aspiring singers together,
gets them to do fun activities,
and we'll let the audience choose
who they want to make an album.
Okay, so we let the audience
be the judges and choose.
How will they choose?
That's right.
The one with the most fans
gets to make an album.
And in the meantime,
we just develop our artists
to be at the top of their games.
So we're gonna produce country artists
endorsed by Siang Thong
and marketed through a reality show.
Okay, excellent.
Then Mr. Pek,
lay out the plans for this project.
Oversee the performances.
Mr. Saoek, I want you
to oversee the music of this show.
This show must have a theme song.
Where's Kaeota? I want her to train them.
Don't let me find out
you're coming to Siang Thong.
If I do, I won't have it.
If you have your answer, leave.
Lost your voice?
So the rumor
about you being suspended
and out of work is true.
Be careful. A singer without her voice
will be ruined.
Don't meddle. Sisters are talking.
Get lost.
I want to know
why you spread the story
that Mom died because of me.
-It's the truth.
-It's not!
Phanna already told you
that I even tried to save Mom.
But you still lied,
so the band members hated me
and kicked me out of the house. Why?
-Tell me!
-Because I hate you.
What did I do to you?
You never realized
because you only cared about yourself.
You never cared how much
what you did hurt other people.
But what you got in return was love
from Dad, Mom, and Saoek.
Unlike me.
No one cared about me.
So I had to destroy you.
As long as you're still here,
I won't know happiness.
You're a psychopath.
Mr. Nop.
So there's a side of you
that I never knew about.
There's an order
to terminate your contract.
Where's Khwan?
It was Khun
that Kaeota asked to orchestrate the fight
causing the fire that killed her mom.
The sponsors said if Kaeota and Khwanchai
were to compete as trainers,
they'd finance it.
Please give a big hand
to our celerity trainers,
three queens of country music!
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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