Stage of Number One (2024) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

I'm begging you
to treat her with fairness.
Right now, there's a tumor
on your vocal cords.
How can a singer
without a voice be a singer?
Khwanchai is seriously ill
and won't see a doctor.
Only you
will be able to convince her
to see a doctor.
I want to know why you spread the story
that Mom died because of me.
Because I hate you!
Mr. Nop.
So there's a side of you
that I never knew about.
Shouldn't you listen to her first?
I heard with my own ears
that Khwan was the one
who leaked the story that hurt Kaeota.
Yes. She shouldn't have done that
because it would cause many problems.
But that's business between sisters.
We're outsiders.
We have no idea
what kind of pressure they went through.
And their mother
was their band's lead singer.
She might have pushed them so hard
that these two sisters
ended up in a zero-sum game.
I suggest you don't judge them.
So there's a side of you
that I never knew about.
I'm me.
I'm someone who never gives up.
Everything I've done,
I have my reasons for doing it, Mr. Nop.
Just stop.
Mr. Nop!
Mr. Nop!
I wish Mr. Nop didn't overhear that.
Luli, this is between me and Kaeo.
Mr. Nop has nothing to do with it.
You're right.
What about you, Lila?
Do you think I'm in the wrong?
Jeez, Khwan.
Don't overthink it.
If we didn't agree with you,
we would have stopped you.
-Am I right, Luli?
I feel bad for her.
What's the future gonna be like?
Her future?
She probably scared off Mr. Nop.
He probably won't come back.
I'm talking about our future.
Duh. Our future depends on her future.
If Mr. Nop abandons her,
she won't thrive in this state.
She has no voice. She can't sing.
She's treating me
like I'm not her sister, Ek.
Is she really going
to compete with me until we die?
I think maybe Khwan
just doesn't want to lose to you.
Don't make up excuses for her.
It's not an excuse.
I'm just giving you some perspective.
She's a singer,
and she's in trouble right now.
Your sister has vocal nodules.
A singer who can't sing.
What do you think that's like?
Serves her right.
Look me in the eye and tell me again
that you want to celebrate her fall.
You two only have each other,
just you and her.
Is Mr. Krit done being mad at me?
Never mind that.
I wanted to ask if you saw a doctor.
How's your voice now?
The company's concert is this Saturday.
A concert?
Would you let me perform?
I saw a doctor.
Are you sure, Khwan, that you're ready?
Your sponsors have been withdrawing.
If you don't treat your vocal cords
I said I was ready, so I'm ready.
You can tell my sponsors
I'm ready to perform in a concert.
The show Country Stars
is looking for new stars in country music.
But the contestants won't just sing
and be judged by judges.
We're going to use public votes
via SMSs.
Singers around the country can apply,
and nine will be picked for the show.
After that,
they will be divided into three groups
to receive intensive training
from our celebrity coaches.
And we'll let the public vote.
That's something new. Uh, and
do we have any people in mind
to be the coaches?
We're looking.
I'll buy.
Let's proceed.
Thank you very much.
I'm counting on you guys.
You got it.
Oh, Kaeo.
I texted you about work.
Why haven't you answered?
Will you take it?
I'm here to give you the answer.
I don't want small gigs.
I'm not a trainee
who would sing for 20 to 30 people.
But that's all you've got, Kaeo.
Your gigs right now are small events.
I just said no.
Let me see.
Then no one else will hire you.
Big concerts where you're the headliner
don't sell anymore.
I don't believe you.
Your job is to find me gigs, so do it.
No AR rep would want to not sell
their own artists, Kaeo.
You can ask other AR reps.
Or do you want Thatsanai's help?
I think you should listen to Ueng.
Smalls gigs are better than no gigs.
Small or big, we have
to maintain our fan base.
It's better than zero income.
No one can stop the rain from falling
No one can stop the sun from rising
Now that you fell out of love
I must let you go
Even if it makes me weep
I must give you up
Now that I don't have you
I must find a way to go on
I must accept the truth
I wonder about the people
Who have been dumped
If one must live alone
How hard would that be?
But if being alone kills me, so be it
That's why I'm alone
And suffering
But I won't die from loneliness
I won't die from loneliness
We'll see if I can't forget you
You're so cute!
She's done.
Cancel the rest of them.
What now?
-If she's done, we're done.
You said you got your vocal cords treated.
Mr. Krit has been notified.
There's an order to terminate
your contract at the end of this month.
Terminate my contract?
How can he do that?
I didn't do anything wrong.
You're a singer,
but you won't get treated.
The contract stipulates
artists must take care of themselves.
That's what you did wrong.
I want to see Mr. Krit.
He flew overseas last night.
That's not true.
Actually, the company can sue you,
but Mr. Krit wants it to be amicable.
Oh, there's something you need to know.
After you leave, you can't perform
the company's songs.
I don't belong to anyone
Nobody owns my heart
I'm feeling sorry
What did I do wrong?
I want someone by my side
When my heart gets cold with loneliness
Embrace me
Hold my hands and warm my heart
Make me feel worthy
You got Kaeo a gig this small?
No one would hire her for big events.
If she wants to work,
she must take small gigs.
All I can do is keep waiting
Sometimes I can't help but cry
The one I'm waiting for
How long do I have to take
these types of gigs, sis?
Come on now.
You're lucky you still get gigs.
I heard Khwanchai failed miserably.
How, sis?
Insider news is faster than lightning.
They say Giant terminated her contract.
Your beloved sister
is now unemployed.
There's an order to terminate
your contract at the end of this month.
You're a singer,
but you won't get treated.
The contract stipulates
artists must take care of themselves.
Khwanchai, dear sister.
The two of us thank you
for giving us a chance
to work and redeem ourselves
for our wrongdoing in the past.
We've gone this far because of you.
If we had stayed,
we would have been a burden to you.
It's time
for us to help you by quitting
and finding work.
We wish you luck.
Take care of your health.
From your Maluli.
From your Malila.
You're just abandoning me?
How many contestants
do we have for the first round?
Twelve from which we'll pick nine.
They will be divided
into three groups of three.
And what you said
about making our singers the coaches,
have you chosen them yet?
The first one we think
we'll absolutely use is Suda.
Suda. She's perfect for this.
And the other two?
We're not sure yet.
But I have one.
But her popularity
has dropped significantly.
I don't think we can sell her.
Right, Toey?
Her popularity is one thing.
But understand that she's
a professional.
She's been working for a long time.
She has enough experience and capability
to coach younger singers.
But the coaches we choose
have quite an impact on the show.
What do you think, Saoek?
if we have her release a song
or make an album right now,
I would oppose that decision.
But if we make her one of the coaches,
that could have interesting results.
In my opinion, Kaeota is someone
who has had both success
and failure.
If she can combine them both
and use that to coach younger singers,
it's very interesting.
And this is what we sell.
I'm not sure if she'll do it.
You're right.
Because don't forget,
if she takes this job,
it means she accepts she's in decline.
If that's the case
I'll leave it to you.
Make her see this as an opportunity.
Sure, I'll talk to her.
Now, we have two coaches.
Who should the other one be?
We'll make the decision later,
and we'll propose it to you.
Is next week okay?
Thank you, everyone, for today.
We're adjourned. Let's get back to work.
Mr. Nop.
I need your advice on something.
Please don't think
I'm siding with my sister.
I understand
you're mad
at Khwanchai for doing that.
the person most affected
by her action is Kaeota.
Let them sort it out as sisters.
And I feel
Khwanchai has been punished enough.
How are you doing?
Have you seen her at all?
I understand you.
But don't forget
loving means forgiving.
Hey, Nop.
Have you heard?
Heard what?
About Giant and Khwanchai.
Giant terminated their contract
with Khwanchai last week.
She couldn't make them money.
But they'll probably say
she'll be an indie singer.
Closed for a new renter? Where's Khwan?
Khwan, my dear.
What's wrong, dear? Why are you crying?
What's wrong, dear?
Please let me stay with you for a while.
Of course, you can. This is our house.
As you see, I've spent
the money you sent me
on repairing the roof
and fixing the doors and windows.
Don't you hate me, Auntie,
for wronging Kaeo?
Let what happened in the past
stay in the past, dear.
I'm a bad person.
That's enough. Don't talk.
You sound all hoarse.
I'll brew you some Indian gooseberry tea
and add a little honey, so it tastes good.
-Yes, Auntie.
-Wait here.
I will.
Saoek? It's me.
Khwan's there, right?
She's here,
but she looks so sad,
so I wanted to know what'd happened.
Well, her gigs have dried up lately.
Please take care of her for now.
I think
she'll get better.
I'll take care of it.
Is something wrong, sir?
Are you free? Tag along with me.
Competing as teams?
Who's the coach?
Not just you.
There'll be three coaches,
one for each team.
My time is up, isn't it?
I won't do it.
Hold on, Kaeo.
You have to understand.
Everything has its own time.
What goes up must come down.
You must accept it, Kaeo,
and look for things
that suit you best right now.
You think this is a good idea?
No one knows for sure.
All I know is this thing
is the last and best opportunity
for you right now.
I don't want to be forgotten.
I believe you.
Please help me.
Come on now. I'm taking you to get food.
Hello, everyone.
I'm a Ban Don native
whose family has lived here
for generations.
I'm Khun Bamrungdon. Please remember.
Khun Bamrungdon, number one.
I'm volunteering to manage
and look after your wellbeing.
needs someone who means business.
-Number one, everyone.
That's Khun.
Just vote for number one
-to be
Everyone, it was Khun
that Kaeota, the famous singer,
asked to orchestrate a fight
in front of her mom's stage.
-That's not true.
And someone threw a Molotov cocktail
which started the fire
that killed her mom.
That's why there're news about
Kaeota killing her mom.
Khun. Are you trying to bother me?
Hey! Are you picking a fight?
We'd better go now.
Let's leave. We'll watch it later.
Here you go.
-Thank you, sir.
Let's eat.
we were there when they fought
and caused the fire.
You dragged me out.
Yes, I did. No point in dwelling on it
as we don't know if Kaeo caused it
since we didn't witness it.
And Khwan wouldn't let it go.
She saw her sister succeed,
so she leaked the story.
What's the result?
It ended them both.
So Khwan has been holding
this grudge for a long time.
She saw a chance and didn't hold back.
Business between siblings.
I'll never understand. I'm an only child.
All I know is
they're both wrong. They just
look at it from different angles.
I call that understanding it.
The more I do, the more I wanna see Khwan.
-Are you full?
I haven't eaten yet.
-What the heck?
-Thanks, sir.
Eh? Hey! Nop!
Sir, the money's here.
What's with him?
I wanna know where Khwanchai went.
I wanna know too.
She probably retired.
Khwan, dear.
Steamed cakes, your favorite,
and Indian gooseberry tea with honey.
Take a few sips, so you sound better.
Thanks, Auntie.
With a sore throat, try not to speak.
You must fix the problem
from its source. Do you understand, dear?
You have a visitor.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, Mr. Nop.
It's nice to see you.
Is Kaeota in some kind of trouble?
Kaeota's not in trouble. I'm here today
about Khwanchai.
Do you remember when she used to work
for my small company before making
a movie and moving to a big label?
I remember
because I stayed with her in Bangkok.
Once she signed with a label
and got her future sorted out,
I left and came back home.
So is she in trouble, Mr. Nop?
Ma'am, may I talk to her alone?
What are you here to yell at me about?
I don't have any excuse.
I'm tired.
I'm not here to yell at you.
I'm worried.
You should get your vocal cords treated.
Have the surgery,
so you can get your life back.
And one day, when you're healed
and still want to sing,
you can do it with Siang Thong.
Does that mean
you're not mad at me anymore?
If you're referring to your business
with Kaeota, I'm staying out of it.
But if you're referring to us,
all I have for you is love and goodwill.
let's go see a doctor?
What if I have the surgery
and I don't get better,
and my voice gets worse?
No matter what happens,
I won't let you go again.
Once you're healed, I have a job for you.
What job?
No. I'm not working with Khwanchai.
No way.
What were you thinking
getting someone dumped by Giant
to work on par with Suda and Kaeota?
Do you have anyone else, Ueng?
To be honest, Kaeo,
this is about marketing.
We couldn't sell you alone,
but the sponsors were generous,
saying that if Kaeota and Khwanchai
who were rumored to be feuding sisters
were to compete as coaches,
they'd finance it.
So you're making me help Khwanchai?
Or vice versa.
Getting Khwanchai to sell Kaeo?
We'll schedule the surgery
when you're ready.
I'm ready.
One day, a star might shine its light
Welcome to
Country Stars,
the show which aims to find
new stars in country music.
From over a hundred contestants,
only nine have qualified.
And all of our nine qualified contestants
are with us right now.
All nine qualified contestants
look really good,
but only one will be crowned
the new country star.
And let me tell you,
this show wouldn't have been possible
if we didn't have our celebrity coaches.
Please give a big hand
to our three queens of country music!
Kaeota Sidon!
Suda Marati!
And Khwanchai Sidon!
I hope those two won't fight.
Now, let's find out
which one out of these nine
will be a new country star.
You all know
winning this show
depends on the public's votes,
so we have to deliver
the best performances.
Today, I'm gonna teach you
about eye contact.
Just now,
when I looked at each of you,
you all avoided my eyes.
That makes the audience
feel you're unconfident,
nervous, unsure of yourself, not charming,
and afraid to communicate with them.
Because when we sing a song,
it's like we're telling a story
and our feelings through that song.
if the singer doesn't understand
the message and doesn't feel it,
the audience won't understand either.
Music is a bridge
Dreams are motivation
No matter how tired or how hard
This star will be bright
Shining, standing out, resounding
Toward the Stage of Number One
How was it? The first day of shooting?
Even though they are all talented,
they need a lot of training.
But I think
it's up to us coaches too.
If we're serious
about passing on our knowledge,
they will be great.
Please vote for my contestants,
numbers four to six.
Please vote for my team,
numbers seven to nine.
As for me, I won't plea. If they're good,
the audience will vote for them.
Take this shot.
Mr. Pek?
Was that necessary?
It was. That's how we make waves.
Let's go.
I looked up online.
Our show's very popular,
especially with the feud between coaches.
It's drawing a lot of attention.
Well done, Mr. Jeng, Saoek.
Oh, Mr. Jeng, what about the vote tally?
My team just told me
the tally was excellent.
And we made a fortune from voting.
Especially the fans of the bottom three.
They voted incessantly.
I think with this huge income,
going forward, we should
make music for online listeners.
Wow, Jeng.
This kid is very popular.
Move if you're not going in.
Yes, right now,
the votes for Bell
are far ahead of the others.
I think
the money from her votes will translate
into more than one million cassettes.
One million?
Current singers who are famous
haven't even sold one million.
Kaeota, Khwanchai, Suda,
none of them have sold a million.
I think Bell is a new rising star
who will eclipse all the other singers.
Yes, I think so too.
When I first applied,
I was asked what talents I had.
I can tell you now that I don't have any.
I didn't get good grades.
I don't play sports.
I'm not good at anything.
But there's one thing I'm okay at.
That's singing.
And today, I have a song I wrote.
I'd like to share it with you.
This kid is the total package.
She's fresh
and very unique.
Don't look at me with daggers in your eyes
Don't look at me like that
I was minding my own business
I never seduced him
It was your man who kept coming around
I ran, and I backed off
But I couldn't get away
What was I supposed to do?
Your man kept coming
You can blame me
I'm saying sorry
But don't be mad about my presence
I just snuck a taste
Just forget about it
Don't take it to heart, girl
That I took him for a joyride
Let's both have him
Let's share this thing
Come on, will you let me have him?
Let me have him
I'll give him back when I'm bored
Losing a man won't kill you
Losing a man won't kill you
What is this?
Uh, well
We're celebrating our first shoot.
I watched the edited version.
I'm telling you, this show will go viral.
You said this was a celebration.
So where are Jeng, Suda, and the staff?
Uh, Mr. Nop.
I think it's time to reveal
that you had something else to tell them.
What's that?
-The Stage of Number One.
-The Stage of Number One?
A prestigious award in country music
given out once every ten years.
It's been ten years.
The event will be held in December.
That's only a few months away.
Yes. Country Stars will be followed
by the Stage of Number One event.
Mr. Nop and I had a meeting
with the organizers.
We were told there's been a change
in the evaluation system.
all points come from judges.
But this year, half of the points
will come from the judges,
and the other half will come
from public votes.
Public votes?
Like our show?
That's not fair.
What about older fans
who don't know how to vote?
What about unpopular singers?
There are ways to get you two nominated.
You two have
to release new songs as soon as possible.
-They'll never become hits.
-I agree.
There's another way that will draw
a lot of public attention.
You two have to release a duet.
-A duet?
-A duet?
Can you stay still? I can't focus.
You can't sing, so you blame me.
For Mom,
I'll do whatever I can.
If life was more generous to me,
I wouldn't share this award with you.
This is the recent poll
about country music singers.
This decade's
Stage of Number One award
goes to
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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