Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s04e14 Episode Script


1 [upbeat music plays] It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird, gonna have a good time I ain't from round here, I'm from another woo-hoo Yea-ah I'm talking rainbows, I'm talking puppies Puh-puh-puh-puh- puh-puh-puh-puh It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension [Marco] Greetings, friends! We would like to cordially invite you to the coronation of Queen Eclipsa! It's gonna be held at the Monster Auditorium, [shouting] and there's gonna be food and music! You don't have to yell.
and a bounce house for the kids! So, can we expect to see you there? Heh heh! Oh, we're dying to go! Yeah, we'd kill for a front row seat.
Uh, did you guys say "of corpse" yet? Awesome! Love that enthusiasm! [Marco] Ugh, we still have so many invitations to hand out! How are we gonna deliver them all? [sigh] C'mon, here.
Let me show you how it's done.
Hello, sir.
Hand these out to 300 of your friends before midnight - or you'll die.
- Aaaahhh! She's joking! I dunno, maybe it's crazy to think my mom would go.
I think she'd be crazy not to go to the cornonation.
Wait, what did you call it? Corn-o-nation? That's what it says on the invitation.
What?! No, no! No no no no no! It's supposed to say "coronation.
" Rrrr! Marco! You were supposed to spell-check the invitation.
Well, if you think about it, Mewni is sort of the only dimension where that kinda makes sense.
We're pretty obsessed with corn.
Whoa, where did all these people come from? I think they all live here? [laughter] I hear she's still doing dark magic.
I am not surprised.
Well, I heard she keeps Globgor in a crystal and talks to him every night! What a monster fangirl! I wouldn't go to that cornonation if you paid me! See, cornonation! Totally works.
Wait a minute.
Is that Manfred?! Manfred! Star Butterfly?! It is you! How did you get all "unyadda-yadda'd"? Ugh, I don't want to get into that.
I'm just glad that Queen Moon has created this beautiful oasis for all those who oppose Eclipsa's reign! Wait, my mom did what? Manfred! There's no need for such divisive language here! - Mama! - Oh, please, Moon! All those who oppose Eclipsa, say aye! [villagers] Aye! All right, that's enough out of you.
Go make yourself useful.
That goes for you as well! - Okay.
- Yes, my queen.
Fine, Queen Moon.
Star! Tom! So sorry about that! Uh, yeah.
Uh, does everyone in this town really hate Eclipsa? Of course not! Don't listen to Manfred.
He loves his gossip.
Okay, cool, because I brought you this! It's an invitation to Eclipsa's official coronation! It would really, really mean a lot to me if you came.
It would send the message that Eclipsa isn't a villain.
- Oh, sweetie, I - [River] Absolutely not! I hate those stuffy royal ceremonies.
They make you wear itchy clothes and eat weird tiny food off those little plates! Besides, I already made plans to go Bogbeast hunting with Eddie! Oh! Thomas m'boy! You're a strapping young lad.
What say you come with us? Oh, I'm not really the outdoorsy Well, at least take a look at my bogging gear before you go! - [Tom] Okay, I guess! - Aah! Look, this will be the last thing I do for Eclipsa! Seriously, after this, I am out! I just want to be a teen again.
I don't even know what teens do anymore.
Like do they jet-ski? Do scrapbook? What do they do?! Oh, Star.
You've grown up so much.
Aww, Mom.
Your devotion to the kingdom is truly commendable.
- So you'll come? - I didn't say that.
I still have my reservations about Eclipsa.
Okay, and you don't have to support Eclipsa, but could you support me? [River] Avast! [grunting] Bogbeast straight ahead! I'll get him!! - [terrified screams] - [River laughing] [muffled] Whoo-hoo! Well, that's my cue to get going.
Lots more invites to hand out.
Good Good luck, sweetie! Thanks, Mom! Corn-o-nation? Somebody forgot to spell-check.
[expectant crowd noises] Here are your seats, Lord and Lady Spiderbite! [heavy footsteps] [chewing] Oh, dear, oh, dear! Five minutes to curtain, everybody! Five minutes! I dunno, Tom, are you sure I shouldn't wear my meat blanket? Dude, trust me on this one.
I'm just saying, it would be way cooler if you knew some Love Sentence covers.
Okay, seriously, who are you? Who is this person? Why is she here? Hey, has anyone seen Eclipsa? - [Ponyhead sisters giggling] - [gasp] Hey! Hey, no no no no no, Ponyheads, get away from her! Chill out, B-Fly! Your girl is in good hands, like, figuratively or whatever.
I swear to corn, if you are dolling her up in another one of those rocker getups, so help me Wait, baby girl! It's the reveal! Mm.
How do I look? Oof! You look like a real life queen! Thank you, Star.
You've been so helpful to me these past few months.
Oh, no, you would have figured it out.
I'm so glad you could come.
And Meteora is, too.
Meteora! Come say hello to Star! [growling and babbling] Aah! Oh, no no no no no Oof! Now, what did I tell you about climbing in your formal wear? Aww, look at you, li'l dressed-up baby! Aw, li'l baby, you all ready to be baby coronated? Well, you can't be coronated without a coronation song! Should we practice one last time, my Queen? Oh, of course! This song must go off without a hitch.
Goodness gracious, why do all our ceremonies have to have songs? Because that's the way that queens get coronated! They play the song, the people cheer, and voilà, a newly coronated queen.
Just sayin', coulda been a dance or something.
Oh, when did this happen? Seems we're having some technical difficulties.
I believe I have a spare set of strings back at the temple.
Won't take but a minute.
- No-n-no w-w-wait! - Wait! Ahh! Classic Eclipsa.
Star! You gotta see this! [gasp] Mom! She came! Hey, Mom! Mom! Mom! Over here! Mom! [loud whisper] Thank you! [Star] Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Oooooh, she says Dad is Bogbeast hunting.
And Ugh! Mom! [sigh] She says we look cute together.
Awww! Everything is finally coming together! Ahhh! I can't believe it! You're pretty excited, huh? Yeah! I mean, I know things with Eclipsa haven't been perfect Mm-hmm.
But after today, I feel like I can actually move on! Whoa, 'cause I've actually been thinking, we could move on to somewhere else! Maybe like a trip or something? Aww, Tom, that is so sweet! - Mmm! - Star! - Aah! - Aah! Where is Queen Eclipsa? Slow your roll, Rubes, there's no need to panic! Two minutes to curtain! Time to start panicking! But it wouldn't hurt to check on Eclipsa.
Eclipsa? It's almost time.
Where is she? Eclipsa! Uh, Eclipsa? Oh, Eclipsa! Huh.
Must have just missed her.
[crunch] Mmm, that's good, mmm-hmm.
[crunch] [gasp] [dramatic music] Eclipsa, what have you done? - [microphone feeds back] - Huh?! Attention, everyone! I'm afraid we must send you all home immediately.
Globgor has escaped.
- [crowd gasps] - What? [Eclipsa] Please, stay calm! Once we've evacuated you, return to your homes, lock your doors, bar your windows No! Everyone, stay where you are! Don't listen to Eclipsa! That's just what Globgor wants you to do! He'll pick you off one by one! [Eclipsa] What are you doing?! I'm trying to protect everyone! You're not trying to protect anyone, you traitor! [gasp] The Magical High Commission is officially declaring a state of emergency! All residents of Mewni must remain in their seats until further notice.
What's going on? We wait here until the threat - of Globgor is neutralized.
- Mama! That should keep her outta trouble.
- Oh - Come on, let's go.
Things do not look good out there.
[nervous whine] We need some sort of huh - Aha! A distraction! - Hey! Hey, everybody! What's more fun than a cornonation? [man] Sit down, kid! That's right! A talent show! Uh, hold on, Marco.
We are artists.
We can't just put on a talent show with no preparation I'm ready! - [Star] Rhombulus.
- Huh? I need a moment alone with the Queen.
Uhh, I dunno.
What if you help her escape or something? Do I look like I'm going to help her? Ohhh.
But I'm gonna be right over there, watching.
Star, thank goodness.
You have to believe me.
I swear I didn't let Stop! I don't know what to believe.
All I know is that I need to find Globgor before he hurts somebody.
Do you have any idea where he might have gone? No.
I'm not sure.
Ha ha! You think that liar is gonna tell you? She doesn't care about Mewni.
All she cares about is her freak monster family.
[sigh] [gasp] The bog! He He might be at the bog.
It was a special place for us.
You sure you shouldn't be with the family at the cornonation? And abandon you in your time of need? Eddie, you're stressed! You need me! I ain't stressed.
Of course you are! How could you not be? You live in the wild with danger lurking every night.
You have a sneaking suspicion that no one takes you seriously, including your own wife.
And then there's the case of your daughter.
Whom you love, of course.
- [scratching] - Why wouldn't you? Very much! But sometimes you wonder if you and Moon would have been better off if A bug.
Well, the point is, you have a lot on your mind.
Wowee, I am stressed! I wonder if it also has to do with that beast that's approaching.
Huh? - Aaaaaah! - Aaaaaaaah! - Aaaah! - Aaaaaah! Oh, that's not good.
- Globgor! - Rrrr! [River] Raah! Ha! Star, sweetie! Look at your old man! He's caught the Bogbeast! Dad, that's not the Bogbeast! That's Globgor! What?! Oof! Ah, well, when you're right, you're right.
Aaah! [supersonic roar] Dad! [music] - Whoa! - Aaah! [grunts] Good luck, sweetie! I'm proud of you! Globgor! You need to come with me! Now! No! You stay away from me! You know I can't do that! Don't make this more difficult! Oh, boy.
I said stay away from me! I'm just trying to protect my wife and child! [River] I'm a father myself! Her father.
Oh! Oh! Oh, okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Look, I have to go far, far away from here! If the Mewmans find out I'm free, they're just gonna take it out on my family.
So you're not gonna hurt anyone? What?! No! Of course not.
Look, Globgor, Eclipsa and Meteora are already in danger.
Well, what am I supposed to do? [sigh] I think I know.
But you gotta come with me.
Which, uh Which hand do I take? Annnnd here is this one.
I thought this was supposed to be a talent show! Posing is a talent! Thank you, Ponyhead! Next up, we've got Marco! I don't know about this.
I mean, I'm I'm totally unprepared.
There's no way I could perform in front of a crowd right this very second.
["Too Little Too Late" playing] We spiraled high on a gust of love And I knew right from the start Nothing could tear us apart [lute playing] Till the day you broke my heart And now it's Too little too late I like this.
Ooh-hoo Star! Citizens of Mewni! There is someone I'd like you to meet.
[crowd gasps] - Oh, boy! - Whoa! [click] Nice job, Eclipsa.
I get it now.
Please, stay calm! I know he looks scary, but Globgor doesn't want to hurt you! - That's Globgor? - Why is he in handcuffs? I thought he'd be bigger.
Globgor would just as fast eat you than look at you! But don't worry! I'll crystallize him right here on this stage for you all to see! [Omnitraxis] But that isn't enough! As soon as Globgor's crystallized, - Eclipsa will just set him free again! - Omni is right! We will never be safe if Eclipsa is allowed to be queen.
[snaps] Ah! My darkest star! [gasp] You! Hi, dear.
It looks like you've gotten - yourself into a bit of trouble.
- It seems I have.
Why did you set me free? I told you, this isn't what I want! I didn't do it, I swear! - [blast] - Ohh! Okay, that's enough! Back to the crystal for you! No! Wait! Please! [straining] Ohh! [gasp] [roar] Oh, boy, that's not good.
Haaah ah! Aah! Unh! Owie! Okay.
Raaaah! [screaming] Oh! Sorry! Sorry, my bad! Aah! No no no no no no, please, you guys have to stop! [both grunting] Aah! [gasp] Star, please! I don't want to see you get hurt.
Mom, I have to save Wait! Aaaah! Unh unh unh! Yaaaah! Aah! Aah! Whoaa! Hooah! [crash] [growling] [roar] Ba-ba! [straining] Dip down! Ohh! [giggling] [gasp] Meteora! No, don't go to Daddy! No, come to Mommy, baby! Aw, man! Don't go that way, baby! Go back! [giggling] [both grunting] Just give yourself up, Globgor! You and Eclipsa have struck terror into the hearts of Mewmans for too long! Hey! There's a baby in the fire! Baby? [crying] No! Meteora! Unh! [inhales] [crying] Ba-ba? Yeah, that's right.
It's Ba-ba.
[cooing] Awwwww! Huh.
Look, we don't need to fight.
Put me back in the crystal and let my family go.
[coos] All right, let's do this! [River] Over my dead body! [grunting] - Cut it out! - Watch it! That man was willing to stay in a crystal to keep his family safe! He's a dad just like the rest of us! Yes, exactly! Well, I mean, not everyone here's a dad, but Not yet.
I don't care if he's a dad, he's evil! He's a king of monsters! And Eclipsa set him free! No! Rhombulus, I don't think she did.
- Huh? - What did she say? Think about it! Eclipsa's gonna let Globgor out of his crystal on her coronation day? That doesn't make any sense! So what you're saying is Globgor let himself out! It was you! [all muttering] Man, what a juicy twist! You're the one who let him out! You're the crystal guy! You put him there in the first place! And you can't stand that she's out now and people are accepting her.
[nervously breathing] You got anything to say for yourself? Rrr! Rrr! All right! I did it! I let him out so you could see what a monster he really is! Yeah, that's funny, 'cause he didn't do anything but try and get away from you! Well maybe this time, he didn't hurt anyone, but sooner or later, he'll show his true colors! And so will Eclipsa! She's evil! I've seen it with my own eye! Are you kidding me?! We don't trust Eclipsa either, but if you think putting everyone here in danger was a good idea, you're the bad guy here! Guards! You know what to do.
- Hut hut hut hut hut hut! - Huh? No, no, wait! I can explain! Aw, pipe down, big guy! [Globgor] It doesn't matter who let me out.
I'm free, but I can't stay here.
These people are afraid of me.
But if they're afraid of you, why are they still here? Perhaps they should decide.
- [confused murmurs] - Wait, what do you mean, decide? You may not all love me, but you've accepted me as your queen.
Will you accept my husband as well? Wait, you want us to choose? This is a monarchy, not a democracy! Wait, what does Queen Moon think? Ugh, how many times must I tell you, I'm not your queen anymore! It doesn't matter what I think! Hmm I dunno.
Didn't he used to, like, eat people? Wasn't he just trying to protect his family from angry Mewmans? I don't know how to respond to this shift in the paradigm! I think we should give him chance! Is true, Globgor is free now.
For some is Mewman's greatest fear.
But now it has happened! And it not so bad! He seem like big proud papa.
Like Buffrog! Dude, we're fine.
You can put us down now.
Can't we all put the past behind us and make a fresh start? - Awwww! - Ohhh! Yeah, what that fish kid said! [cheering] Huh.
Well, I guess this is happening.
Uh, so does this mean I'm off the hook? Ha! Yeah, you wish.
C'mon, hotshot, we got a prison cell with your name on it.
[cooing] - Aaaah! - Oof! So, Queen! I know a lot just happened, but it's still your coronation! Shall we make this thing official? [babbles, giggles] [plays guitar] It's some kind of magic When we make it through the night It's some kind of magic When we face what's wrong or right And head to the future When nothing's quite so clear - But I won't even falter - Won't even falter When it's you I'm with, my dear 'Cause all I wanna do Is stay in Mewni with you And all I wanna see Is you right here next to me [cheering] [caws] She's a princess winning battles Through the break of dawn Don't worry when it's night 'Cause she will keep the lights on Ohh, there goes a shining star - Evil won't deter her - No, sir! - 'Cause magic flows through her - Star Butterfly! She is a shining star