Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s04e15 Episode Script

Doop-Doop; Britta's Taccos

1 It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird, gonna have a good time I ain't from round here, I'm from another woo-hoo Yea-ah I'm talking rainbows, I'm talking puppies Puh-puh-puh-puh- puh-puh-puh-puh It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension Hmm Whatcha looking at over there? Oh, it's, uh, Alphonse's Atlas of the Multiverse.
Tom gave it to me so I could circle places I wanted to go on our trip.
But, man, I didn't realize how many places I've already been to.
Well, in that case, might I recommend Pie Island! One taste of our pies, and you'll be hooked! Oh, Pie King.
I remember him.
Oh, look at me, I'm the King of Pies, and I'm going to make pies out of you! Nom nom nom nom.
Uh, Star? Hmm? I should, uh, probably get going.
Oh! Yeah! Heh heh.
Of course.
Gotta head back to Earth.
Still I can't believe I'm going to be a big brother.
You're going to be such a good big bro.
Hey, Diaz.
Gimme a hand with this stuff, would ya? Janna, what is all that? I've acquired a few "souvenirs.
" Always lift with your back.
Hey, Star, you almost ready for our trip? These bags are pretty heavy.
Aren't they, Petey? Heh heh! Maybe just a little, Master Thomas! Hi, Petey! Have a great trip, guys! Aw, thanks, Marco! You better send some cheesy postcards! Oh, you know we will! Yeah, you've got some Limburger coming your way, Janna! Bon Voyage! Ooh! Thank goodness for portals.
I'd never be able to get this stuff through airport security.
So are you stoked for our trip? Oh, I am so ready for some time away! I am done being a princess.
I can finally do whatever I want! Ha ha! Oh! Okay, I just need to say a few goodbyes, and then we are outta here! Hey, no rush! We got all day! Heh heh heh.
All day.
Hey, Petey, look alive! Yah! Aah! Wow, Monster Temple is goin' off! Yeah.
It's pretty cool to see things going so well in the kingdom.
Yoo-hoo! Star! Tom! Well, hello, you two! Oh! What is this, li'l baby Meteora? Meteora made you a going-away card.
Oh, baby, it's perfect! Globgor and I have a little something for you, too! Surpriiise! We baked it ourselves! You baked us a Mewman? Yes! Oh, heavens no! It's a cake, darling! It's vegan! Oh, you guys! Mm, that's good Mewman.
Oh, my goodness! I love you so much.
We're very sad to see you guys go.
But even so, though it may be a new chapter for Mewni, it is also a new chapter for you.
So get out there and write.
Write the rest of your marvelous story! - Thanks, Eclipsa! - Bye! Bye-bye! Bye! Where are they going, anyway? I don't know.
Oh, like, you guys! Our lives are totally changing, or whatever! Like, you're going on your big trip with your handsome demon-boy.
And then it's just, like, little old me, like, what am I left with? Are you kidding? You've got The Ponyhead Show! That's right! Seahorse! Yes? Get a close-up of my tears, fool! Y-y-yes, of course, my dear! Ponyhead, why is Seahorse wearing that blinking bracelet? Oh, he's on probation.
If I go outside, I'll explode.
All right.
Good show.
We gotta get going here.
I'm gonna miss this so much! Oh! I love you, Ponyhead! Oh, I love you, too, babygirl.
You crazy kids have fun now.
- We will! - Bye, Ponyhead.
Seahorse! Tell me you filmed that fond farewell! All right, Katrina, let's see what you got! Oof! Aaah! Star? You can still take a tackle! Uh! And you are stronger than I remember.
Hey, hey! That my girl, eh? Strong like bull uh, frog.
Here ya go, Star.
It'll be worth a lot of money someday when I'm a famous athlete! There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll be the next Cornball Queen! Oof! Is funny thing, Star Butterfly.
One moment you are young, having whole life ahead of you.
And next kaboomski! You are fat old Buff Frog with teenagers for boss! Ha ha ha ha! As parent, I live for my children's choices now! Oh, Buff Frog, that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
Come here, you guys.
Ohh! Okay, see ya! We are almost out of here! We just gotta say goodbye to your folks.
We should really get going.
Hey, demon-boy, one more thing.
You watch out for Star on this trip, or you will answer to me.
Oh, I I will, sir.
Great! Go and have a good time! - Bye! Bye, Star! - Think fast, Petey.
Ooh! So, you probably don't approve of me going on such a long trip, huh? On the contrary, dear.
You're going to experience so much! How about you and Dad, what are your plans? We're actually very happy where we are.
I would never have imagined that I would be comfortable living in a house made of sticks and leaves, but there's a beautiful simplicity to life in a yurt.
And, of course, your father has his hunting class to keep him busy.
Now, hunt me like you mean it! - Raaarrh! - Ooh! Aah! Help! Rarr! You are being mauled by a bear! C'mon! Aah! Aaah! So, uh, that went pretty well actually.
Yeah! And we've said goodbye to everyone, right? - Uh, yeah.
- Great! Oh, no, wait! Uh, maybe, uh Maybe we, uh Maybe we didn't, um, get get everyone.
Oh! Doop-Doop! Uh, what? Doop-Doop, Doop-Doop, Doop-Doop, Doop-Doop!! Oh! Oh! You have to, uh make a doop-doop? Oh, I already did in here! Doop-Doop! Oh! You know I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to my first magic spell! Hello? Hey ya, buddy! Ah, Doop-Doop, what's new? Uh Oh, Star! Oh, well well well, nothing's new since you abandoned me in here, roasting in the sun all these years.
Pretty hot, huh? Okay, well see you later, Doop-Doop.
Uh, but we really have We gotta get going.
Yeah, yeah, we should go.
We gotta go.
To Apple Jeff's! Apple who?! Apple Jeff! Duh! The last last person I need to say goodbye to or is he? - Ahhh! - Oh, c'mon! He's really close! Oh! Oh, yay, an adventure! All right, let's get going! Whoa whoa! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! I fell down! Just like a regular broom! Star, okay, what what's going on here? Are we taking this trip or not? Trip? Oh, yeah, of course we're going, Tom! It's just there's more friends to say goodbye to.
More people than Apple Jeff, who I never heard of before? Well, yeah, like Rasticore, that robot guy who used to hang out with Meteora.
Or is he dead? Okay, okay, all right, all right.
Petey, let me see that atlas.
Ohh! You didn't circle anything.
Isn't there anywhere in here that looks cool? Well, Tom, it's just I don't know where to go! Um Oh.
Yeah, okay.
Well, that's fine.
We can pick a place together.
No, I really don't know where to go or what to do.
Star! You're acting like you don't want to go.
You do want to go, don't you? I think I'm really excited to not be a princess, and now that Mewni doesn't need me, now that I'm free, I think I need time to figure things out.
But I Ohh! Oh! I wish you woulda told me this sooner! Oh, Tom, please.
Don't be upset.
No! Not upset! I don't wanna pressure you or anything! Oh, you are upset! I can tell! Okay, okay, I'm upset, but I'm allowed to be! Just like you're allowed to be, uh, you know Ohh! Look, you should take your time.
If you want to.
If you need to.
You don't have to go.
Oh, I'm gonna go.
I don't know where, but you know what? It's gonna be great.
I'll leave my phone on.
Let me know when you've figured it out, okay? Okay.
Master! Don't forget your bags! Shhhh! Oh, Tom.
Star! Star Butterfly! - Ooh! - Look who came to visit! Star?! You're here?! You're here! - Uh-huh.
- Awesome! Hey! Close your eyes for a second! - Got 'em! - Okay.
What's going on? Star, meet Mariposa, my new baby sister.
Sister?! I thought you were getting a brother! For how much money these doctors charge, you'd think they would be much better at their jobs.
It's so good to see you.
It's It's good to be back.