Succession (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Too Much Birthday

SOUND TECH: That looks good.
If you search for tenderness ♪
Its isn't hard to find ♪
You can have the love
You need to live ♪
But if you look
For truthfulness ♪
You might just as well
Be blind ♪
It always seems to be
So hard to give ♪
Honesty is such
A lonely word ♪
Everyone is so untrue ♪
Yeah, I think we're good.
That's good.
-Yeah. I mean, yeah.
Pretty good, man.
That means funny, right?
I think good.
And then you're gonna do the--
-Your whole, like, thing?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I mean fuck it, right?
Just fucking go nut-nut.
Pure excess, full bore,
-What? No?
-No-- Yeah, I th-- I think.
No, it's like I've gone
I can--
I can accommodate anything.
If I start second guessing,
it collapses.
Right. I think that is right.
This is the full fucking thing.
It's gonna be epic.
This is the full fucking thing!
We're good, right?
All makes sense?
Mm. Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah,
this is great work, Rome.
Well, obviously,
the main thing is the
organizational cultural thing.
Mm. Mm-hmm.
I think, you know, everyone
agrees that GoJo makes sense.
No one needs persuading of that.
Ah, well, kind of regret
staying up all night
with my assholes then.
No. It's just about,
you know, us here who get it,
oiling the wheels
and making sure
there's no friction.
Well, of course.
I mean, I would say
we can handle the human stuff
without too much issue.
That needn't concern us.
That actually comes naturally
to some of us.
Which is why I focused
on integration benefits
and deal detail.
Great. Yeah.
I'm just saying, big picture.
Well, big picture is made
from small details, so
Guys, guys, honestly.
-Business lesson.
It's just nerves.
You've done really great work.
Let's go and help your dad
make the deal.
Yeah. All right.
-Nice rally call, Braveheart.
-I try, I try.
-And you're going tonight?
-Ken Fest?
-I wouldn't think so.
Uh, if Matsson does,
maybe for follow up?
Gonna be pretty horrific.
Your brother in a porta-potty
rolling down a hill.
-I might have to go
just to see how bad it is.
Aww, brudders.
Fuck you.
It's pure rubbernecking.
Okay. What's this?
maybe Mattson's here early?
Or she's gonna give birth
to Dad's baby while we chant
a Satanic mass.
It's like he's having
a midlife crisis, aged 80.
-It's fine.
-No, it's not, Rome.
He's fucking an assistant
who's 50 years younger than him.
It's not a crisis.
That's normal.
It's the opposite of a crisis.
We should all be
so fucking lucky.
That's so funny.
Oh. Okay. Champagne?
Uh, did you do it already?
Did you land GoJo already
without us, Dad?
We're not celebrating.
Long road ahead.
Lovely long open road.
Wind in our hair.
Wind in your hair?
We've had a vibration.
I've been speaking
to a contact
-with connections at DOJ.
Well, we have
a number of friends.
And the word is,
on the down-low,
that they've seen
everything now.
They've reviewed,
and they're happy
with how we're engaging,
and they're coming to the view
that Kendall overpromised.
And perhaps some men
were terribly naughty
back in the day,
but nothing systemic,
nothing sanctioned.
It's going to be a number.
-Just a number?
-Nothing custodial.
-For anyone.
-Uh, no prison?
Nuh-uh. Nope, we don't think so.
-LOGAN ROY: Here's to us!
-ALL: To us!
And to justice!
ALL: To justice. Yeah.
(EXHALES) I'll remember.
Well, congratulations, Dad.
You've done it again.
It's great. (CHUCKLES)
Let's just hope
you don't do it again, right?
(CHUCKLES) No. Lessons learned.
(GULPS) And here's to Tom!
Uh, long road ahead.
No premature celebrations.
Mm-hmm, absolutely.
Amen to that!
Top me up, why don't ya?
Take me home, country roads!
Just gonna run
to the little boy's room.
Okay. Okay. Enough, enough.
No more mooning.
No more backslapping.
GoJo! GoJo! GoJo!
-Hello. Oh-oh-oh-oh.
Hey, scooch over
a little bit, buddy.
Thank you, Greg.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
-Yes! Yes! Yes!
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Yeah, fuck yeah!
-What? What? (PANTS)
What is going on?
Wh-- Are you okay?
Apologies, Greg, I may have
gotten a little carried away.
But I just popped around
to say
that no one is going to jail.
Gerri spoke to the DOJ
and the Waystar Two
Okay. Is it real?
It was good news.
What are we looking at
in terms of, uh,
what are the responses
looking like?
Uh, I think about 80 percent
of your A-list is yeses
and 15 percent are maybes.
Okay. Well, maybes are nos,
let's not live in a dream world.
But, uh, who's in?
Off the top of my head,
it's great.
-Um, Dion, Barry, JP, David
Anna, Tom, Tory,
Jeff, Elon, Lukas,
Jennifer and Emma, yeses.
Chloe is still a maybe.
and the sibs?
COMFRY PELLITS: Um, yeah, uh
Okay. No. Whatever. Fine. Fine.
This is fucking cool, Comfry.
Hey, hey, listen,
you have a good time, too, yeah?
Like everyone,
servers, fucking
the imagineers, the DJ crew,
you know,
this is highly egalitarian,
like, do your job,
but fucking get your drink on
get your buzz on.
There's no boundaries
if you're cool.
Mission Control out!
Shit is about to pop off!
-It's my birthday! Fuck you!
Hey, hey.
(QUIETLY) There might be
a problem with GoJo.
Okay. Where's Matsson?
He's sent Sherpas.
He's not coming.
It's off. Tell these kids
to fuck off. Meeting cancelled.
(SCOFFS) Okay, well,
what's the downside, Dad?
You know, meet these guys,
could read petulant not to?
If he wants to send a nobody--
Well, his CFO and a whole team
of, uh, people
He's going to this
fucking party, isn't he? Huh?
Where is he?
Getting his nails done,
asshole whitened?
I think we might
have to court him
-a little, is the thing.
-Ah. Nah, nah, nah, nah.
It's bad fucking juju
to start like this.
Can we not at least talk
-to the nobodies a little
-No! No. We have other options.
Do we, though?
This could be our last chance
to avoid
the legacy media graveyard.
Frank's reached out
to Nan about Pierce.
What? Seriously?
We're going after Pierce again?
It's exciting.
Okay. That's it.
Everyone back to work.
The deal makes sense.
It's a great deal.
but he won't make the deal
because he's an arrogant prick.
Fine. Matsson's an asshole.
Fucking of course he is.
But do we burn
our only parachute
because of that?
LOGAN: It's just
smart business, Shiv.
I don't wanna pay over
the odds. And eventually,
the market will make him
make the deal.
-Unless someone makes
a better offer first.
Yeah, Dad, this is it.
We have a scale issue.
Our streaming platform
is for shit.
And-- and we have nothing
that looks like growth.
This gets us consequentially
into streaming,
it gets us into sports betting,
it gets us into social media.
We have a little window.
Miss this, and we end up
being a pilot fish
nibbling leftovers
from Bezos's fucking teeth.
Kerry? What was it, that thing
you said about Matsson?
He thinks he's a genius.
He's made one good piece
of tech. Fuck him.
We appreciate your input, Kerry,
but "fuck him"
-is not good tactics.
-It is good tactics.
Dad, please, if you don't wanna
talk to Matsson,
fine, but let me.
Or let me. Or we can both do it.
He's gonna be at the party,
-You're going?
Can't hurt.
Fine. But don't go in
too strong.
This is a black box
and I don't want to overpay.
Mm-hmm. Yeah. Got it. I'm on it.
Yeah, I-- I'll reorganize
my diary. I got it.
Since you're going
you might as well give him this
in person.
Oh, yeah. Okay.
What do you think?
Do you think he'll like it?
No, I just-- I feel amazing,
you know?
My senses are heightened,
the air smells sweeter.
And, you know,
it's like I can see the poetry
and all little mundane things.
-It's-- I--
I'm gonna get so fucked up.
-(CHUCKLES) Okay. Is that okay?
Yeah, you don't need
my permission.
Like, how fucked up?
-Hi, there.
-Hi, there.
-Tom Wambsgans!
-Not going to prison.
-We're asking everyone
to hand in their coats
and phones.
Kendall would like his present
to be everyone being present.
Yeah. Fuck off.
I'm not doing that.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, you're gonna
have to tase us.
-And your coat? (CHUCKLES)
-Uh, nuh-uh,
I will remain coated,
thank you, as is my right.
So come on. What?
What happened?
Ranch stuff.
What, a horse didn't want
you to fuck it? What?
-He had a fall.
Don't say, "had a fall,"
that sounds like I'm 89. No!
Maxim and I actually got
some polling results,
we shared a Cognac,
and then I slipped
doing a little Irish jig.
Okay, ranch stuff.
-ROMAN: Got it. Real cowboy.
SHIV: Oh, my God.
This feels disgustingly Kendall.
-So, where's Tabs? She busy?
-Again? Did you kill her?
It's going great,
I'll have you know.
She's just a bit boring is all.
That's all I'm saying.
Okay. The relationship
was fine sexually
and you're loving
the intimacy and all?
Yes. I love the intimacy.
I love people
really getting to know me.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Oh, like you're the fucking
catch of the day.
You're more fucked up
than I am.
NURSE: Congratulations!
You've just been born
into the world of Kendall Roy!
Okay. Immersive theater.
I mean, I could have consulted,
but whatever.
Oh, Jesus.
Uh, so if we've just been born,
then, uh
Oh, okay.
So I'm inserting myself
into my mom's vagina now?
-Is that what's happening?
Cold and inhospitable,
seems to check out.
I am repeatedly entering
my own mother.
Is that-- That's not right.
This is my mom's cooch,
so you know.
And, uh, you're implying
that it's massive,
so you might wanna
tighten my mother's vagina.
Hey, Tom Wambsgans, free man,
how's it going?
Gregory Hirsch, uh,
not going to prison.
-Pleased to meet you!
Look at you all gussied up,
you slick little fuck.
-Well, thank you. Nice.
-Uh, feeling good?
-Oh, yeah.
Say, have you seen,
uh, Comfry?
Ken's PR? With the-- the hair
always kind of in a
-TOM: Gregory John Hirsch.
You got a crush?
-Oh, my God.
She seems like a nice person.
Well, I mean, she's way out
of your league, man. I mean,
it's like a haunted scarecrow
asking out Jackie Onassis.
It's a suicide mission.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, sure, sure, Tom.
No, no, no. No, no.
This is not a razz.
Greg. She's a goddess.
And you're a-- you're a
nine-foot Cro-Magnon man.
I mean, you shouldn't even be
really thinking about her.
You're gonna put her
in a tough spot.
Look, I'm not unaware
of the discrepancy in terms of
-our physical circumstances.
-It's a chasm.
Well, I have an initial approach
which is
-"You're like a fascinating book
I'd like to crack open."
Okay. Well, how'd--
how'd you get Shiv?
-She's out of your league.
-Testy, Greg!
Well, Greg, I'll tell you. I got
a dick the size of a red sequoia
and I fuck like a bullet train.
Okay? Satisfied?
-Prove it.
SHIV: Okay, so where's Matsson?
ROMAN: Probably standing
in a corner somewhere,
-monitoring his biometrics
from his watch.
Should we just say hi to Ken
really fast?
-Just to get it out of the way?
-Uh, yeah. Oh, hey, hey, Berry.
-Where's Ken?
Uh, VIP.
Uh-huh. Okay.
You ain't know
She came for the skeet ♪
Got pipe for the cheeks ♪
I'm the life of the beat ♪
Fuck that
This year gotta eat ♪
B-bounce for the crown ♪
You be hating
And I still hold it down ♪
Today is pretty fucking iconic.
NAOMI: Yeah.
Bruh, man
That bitch need a pound ♪
Tip, tip, tip
Bounce out her gown ♪
Hands high to the sound ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second.
Who-- who-- who let you guys in?
-This is friends only.
-Oh. Shouldn't it be empty then?
-Beat me by one second.
-Happy birthday, old man.
Just to say, I'm only here
because I heard this was going
to be a five-dimensional
and I want to watch you
crash and burn.
-Come here.
-Oh. Yeah, all right. Hugsy.
Man, it's like you feel old.
Are you sure you're only 40?
You look like shit.
Man of the bounce, bruh
I see girls everywhere ♪
What? No card? I'm disappointed,
because you normally
write me such lovely letters.
Oh, yeah. No, I couldn't
find one that said
both "Happy Birthday"
and "Get Well Soon."
Well I'm glad you came.
-It says a lot.
it was a ten-minute drive.
Okay. Well, give me a hug
before you start weeping.
It's good to see you.
-CONNOR: Hi, Kenny. (LAUGHS)
-KENDALL: Holy shit.
-Holy shit. Gang's all here?
-Happy birthday.
-Thank you. Hey, man, what--
what-- what-- what's this? What
Well, little overexcited about
a political breakthrough, so
-CONNOR: Yeah.
But what-- what's with the coat?
You're not staying or
It's a coat. I like it.
So, what do you think?
It's cool. Can I ask you,
did you ask
for Mommy's permission
for the use of her, uh, squatch?
What? From a copyright
Well, it's just, you know,
call me old-fashioned,
but I think you should ask
before you construct
a giant replica
of someone's vagina. No?
Roman, relax. Yes,
you can take it home with you.
Okay. So. Go on, tell us.
Who's here?
-Who isn't?
-Your dad.
-Your mom.
-Your wife and kids.
ROMAN: Any real friends.
I mean business folks, yeah.
I mean, honestly, we could do
with building some bridges.
So, yeah, Lawrence Yee?
Lukas Matsson?
Yeah, yeah. They're all here.
Hey, I got something
to show you. This way. This way.
-ROMAN: Great.
-CONNOR: Hey, Will.
-Hey, Nay.
KENDALL: Nay, I-- I-- I--
I'm gonna show
these guys around.
ROMAN: Hey, uh, I actually
got something from, uh, Dad,
and myself, I suppose.
-What is it?
it's, uh, it's your baby teeth
and an iTunes gift card.
It's nice. No, it's a--
it's a nice thing.
We-- we hope you'll like it.
-Okay. Let me show
you some shit.
-CONNOR: Okay.
So, I consulted with
Gladwell and Harari,
and Lovelock and Popcorn,
and this in here,
it's, uh, it's pretty technical,
but this is the best
we could come up with
on the likely directions
of society,
so a little dry, but
accurate, I would say.
-CONNOR: President.
ROMAN: Hmm. Not a bad way to go.
Also, we got people in here
picturing me jerking off,
so who's the real winner?
Oh, man.
What if McCartney tweets this?
This is not-- I mean,
jokes are all very well and
Come on, man,
I'm breaking through.
Ken, I'm not sure that you're
aware, but Conn is polling
-very close to one percent so
-ROMAN: One percent?
-KENDALL: Really?
That's four million people,
and it's enough
to sway the race.
And I am interested to see
who comes crawling first,
Merkel, begging for me
to save democracy
or Soros serenading me
from the trees.
ROMAN: You did, however,
actually shit your bag.
Yeah, you know why? Because
I took you two fucking assholes
on a camping trip
'cause Dad couldn't be bothered.
-That's why!
-KENDALL: Okay, okay, okay.
-And I ate some
bad fucking fish.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-Okay. Okay. Okay. Hey.
-This is bullshit!
Hey, excuse me, hey, can we--
can we take down
the crap sack
Conner piece, please?
Conn? Conn? Conn?
It's coming down.
It's a joke, okay?
-Come on, man. Loosen up.
-CONNOR: I'm good.
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
-Lose the coat, yeah?
(LAUGHS) Okay.
All right, I gotta circulate.
We can check in later.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That'd be great
-I'd like that.
It's a great night.
I'm happy you're here.
-Fucking best birthday ever.
-SHIV: Mm-hmm.
Okay. Later.
Wow. Wow, wow.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Hey. Oh, I think there's a line
at the treehouse, actually.
Can you fix, please? Thank you.
-What's up?
-Hey, I'm glad I ran into you.
Yeah, yeah, me too.
Right, because I might have
to brief the press against you.
Oh. The-- the-- the whole press?
Yeah. Just Kendall's really
going balls-to-the-wall
-and you know,
you're on the other team.
But I'm gonna try to keep it
targeted rather than terminal.
Thank you kindly, ma'am.
That's-- that's very
kind of you.
How-- how can
I possibly repay you?
-PARTY STAFF: Hey, Comf?
-You're a very fair maiden
for-- for such activities,
uh, for such a kind--
A very evenhanded maiden.
You good?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, so-- so-- Dad sent me
something for my birthday.
NAOMI: Okay?
It's a little Trojan mindfuck.
He's trying to slip a maggot
in the candy apple.
He's offering to buy me out
of my share in the company.
Okay. Wow. Like, what is that?
In terms of a number?
Two bill. But it's a mind game.
He's just-- He's worried
I'm not gonna let him keep on
living rent free up here.
-And fuck him.
Right? Maybe I refuse to engage.
Mind game that, motherfucker.
Yeah. That's great. But
maybe you do take it.
Maybe, I don't know.
Yeah, may-- maybe-- maybe
maybe I buy you
a diamond the size
of the Ritz-Carlton
and a few
illustrious newspapers,
the Globe and Mail,
the LA Times,
I print a front page of my dad
eating dog dick
-every day for a year.
And we're living in Marrakesh
and I'm fucking you
and smoking hash and learning
how to turn a lathe?
-Um, all good.
But do we know
where Lukas Matsson
is right now?
Shiv and Roman have been
asking staff
for Matsson's location
and inquiring discreetly
about a private meeting space.
Is that okay?
Okay. Uh, can--
can the party team
get eyes on Matsson and ask him
to meet me in the treehouse?
(QUIETLY) Um, can you find
Lukas Matsson and tell
Hey, I have a location.
-Oh, great. Let's go!
-But don't fuck this, yeah?
-Oh, come on.
-Easy. No. Upstairs.
-Please, where are we going?
-What the fuck?
-ROMAN: Yeah. I know.
I think a 40-year-old man
who rebuilds
his childhood treehouse
should immediately
go on
the sex offender registry.
ROMAN: Are you letting me in
or what's the deal?
Do you have a rainbow band?
Yes, I'm-- I'm--
I'm a walking rainbow band.
-There he is.
-Oh, hey.
-ROMAN: Hey.
ROMAN: This guy's
not letting us in.
-You done downstairs?
-Yeah. We are done.
Hey, Ken, may we please
step inside
your mental disorder?
-Good one. (CHUCKLES)
-ROMAN: Thanks.
-KENDALL: Um, sorry.
-ROMAN: What?
-That's not possible.
Okay. Why?
(CLICKS TONGUE) Yeah, well,
because the thing is,
the treehouse is cool
and you're not cool.
Oh, wow, yes. The coolest
grown man's treehouse
-I've seen in quite a while.
Okay. Okay. No, seriously,
guys, just come over--
come over here for a second.
Let's go over here.
Just one second.
Sorry, but, like,
so joking aside
Great jokes.
There is actually
a real issue here
-and I need to be discreet
because there's a lot
of celebrities around
and if you guys were
in the treehouse, it kinda
kinda wouldn't feel like
the treehouse, you know?
-You're a Nazi lover.
-And you're a Nazi lover.
And I'm a defender
of liberal democracy.
-And this here is made
from George Washington's
cherry tree, so
-The fuck?
-Ya-da-da, da-da-da-da.
Are you actually
not gonna let us in?
Or are you just
gonna bullshit us a little bit
-before you let us in?
-To see Matsson?
That's why you're here.
You're trying to push
a deal here.
-SHIV: So?
-ROMAN: Who fucking
gives a shit?
Like what's the difference?
I just wanna talk to him.
High-quality personal conduct.
-Really top rank.
What's the difference? I wanna
talk to him. So what?
Yeah. And you know what happens
if we do talk to him?
Either we strike out
and nothing.
Or we succeed, Waystar benefits,
and your net worth goes up by
-several hundred million dollars
-You're welcome.
-SHIV: Yeah.
But I have to weigh that against
the consideration that
no losers are allowed.
-Oh my fucking God.
-Okay, I'm going in.
This is fucking stupid.
-Hey, bro, bro.
-This is dumb.
-Hey, look at him!
Oh my God.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Did you see that?
I just got moved. Um, all right.
-Oh, my God, bro!
-No, no, no. No, no, no.
-What? What is this?
-Bro. Bro, bro. Calm down.
Are you actually gonna what,
stop me?
-KENDALL: You're getting
worked up about a treehouse?
You know how ridiculous that is?
-Hey, come on in. Wristband him.
Yeah, wristband this guy.
Uh, what's his name?
-What is his name? Who is he?
-No idea.
-Good. So good. So good.
-See these two?
Don't let these two in, okay?
-This is my treehouse.
-You shouldn't be anywhere
near here.
-ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
-SHIV: What is happening?
Oh, hey, thanks
for the offer, Rome.
Really cool. Great headfuck
from you and Dad, thanks.
Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
-What's he talking about?
What offer?
-Oh, I hope he fucking dies.
What? Oh, God. That's nothing.
-SHIV: What is it?
-It's no-- It's a-- it's a--
it's a little move to ease him
out of the holding company.
You and Dad?
Well, he can only sell
to family, right?
And, yeah, I think Dad
put my name on there.
-It's housekeeping.
-Oh, "I think"?
ROMAN: It's a name
on a piece of paper, Shiv.
-It's nothing.
-Okay. So can I be the name
on the piece of paper?
I can't even do anything
with it. It's musical chairs.
I'm sorry. Just, historically,
who owns the fucking company
has been of some interest.
Dad and I handled it.
What, you wanna figure out
the financing?
-"Dad and I handled it"?
Wow. Oh, that's cute.
Yeah, I love that. It's great.
No, it's just fucking great.
Fuck you. Fuck this.
There he is. Lukas Matsson.
The Odin of codin'.
My man, my myth,
my fucking monolith.
What's up, bro?
-How are you?
-You having a good time?
Do I look like
I'm having a good time?
-No, you do not.
-I am not.
Still haven't figured out
the socials, huh?
Dude, you should get
your algo guy to fix your code.
Listen, heads up, my siblings,
they're looking for you now.
Well, maybe I need to find
an even more
exclusive area then.
Like a crawlspace or something.
-KENDALL: Yeah. Maybe.
They're like emissaries
from the Grand Old Duke of Old.
Dad wants to buy you, so he sent
his winged dildos to schmooze.
I shouldn't say anything.
Even the look on my face
is commercially sensitive.
But it makes no sense, correct?
Amtrak buys Tesla.
I mean, if anything,
you should buy him.
You think? Huh. Well, I really
appreciate your impartial read.
-Uh, Rava wants to say hi.
Sure. Not right now.
When I'm ready.
Listen, you should
stay up here, okay?
So you don't get
networked to fuck.
Uh, you need anything?
What can I get you?
Privacy, pussy, pasta.
Done. Reece can help you out.
Like pussy, coke, wristwatches,
fucking garganelli, he's like
a one-man dark web.
Yo, Reece! Reece, customer
for your candy store, man.
He's not a good guy. Enjoy.
KENDALL: Yeah, thanks.
-Hey. They said you were looking
for me.
-Hey. Yeah. Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
I, uh, I just wanted to say hi
before, you know,
everyone's too high.
Uh, we we, uh,
might go soon, so
Well, you can't go.
No, no. I'm doing--
-I'm doing a whole thing.
And we got
the Tiny Wu-Tang Clan.
These-- these kids we found
that do Wu-Tang covers.
It's-- it's better
than it sounds. Trust me.
-What? Are you not enjoying it?
Yeah. No, it's-- it's a lot
of people. It's-- it's huge.
Wow. Savage.
What you gonna do for yours?
Just Sarah and Orla and some,
uh, some pasta alfredo?
Three glasses of Chablis
if you're feeling naughty,
and lights out by 11?
That actually sounds
really nice to me.
But listen, um, Gary--
You-- you know Gary?
Yeah. Yeah. I-- I know--
I know Gary.
-Nice little poseable
action figure.
-Does he have any genitals?
-Oh, yes, yes.
-He does. Mm-hmm.
Gary has, uh, an early start.
Okay. Gary's gotta be fresh
for the big meet!
Okay. Uh, thank you.
Happy birthday. Um
Oh, did you, uh,
did you get the kids' present?
They've-- they've made
something for you.
What? No.
They made me something?
No, I didn't-- that didn't get
to me. What-- when?
When you arrived, who--
who did you give it to?
RAVA: Yeah, we-- I don't know.
We left it with
one of the people.
They said they would
give it to you, but
-Fine. Okay.
No, I'll-- I'll find it.
I'm gonna find it
because it'll be logged.
What did it--
what did it look like?
Um, like-- like a present.
It had-- it-- it--
It had rabbit wrapping paper.
All right. Got it.
-Fine, uh
-Thank-- thanks for coming.
You know, I might be getting out
from the firm finally.
So we'll, we should--
we'll talk more.
It's great, actually, because
maybe, you know, they'll, uh,
stop sending their goons
to the park
to talk to the nanny
about how often you lose
your temper with the kids.
Sorry. Obviously-- obviously
that's not-- that's not cool.
I'll-- I'll-- I'll handle it.
I'm sorry.
I'm-- I'm sorry,
I didn't mean
Uh-- on your birthday.
You didn't wanna burst my--
burst my birthday bubble?
-I didn't.
-Well, good job.
-Okay. Uh, rabbits,
rabbit paper.
-Got it.
Give my love to Kevin.
Why didn't that get to me?
Can we trace that gift, please?
-Priority one.
-Yes. Absolutely.
Hey, cool shoes, man.
Are they playing
from the approved playlist
in the main room?
Because my-- my-- my thing
was all bangers all the time.
Yeah? All bangers all the time.
-I think so.
They're stopping.
Let's read the playlist.
Listen, this is nothing.
It's-- it's-- it's nothing,
but can we-- can we get
Connor to lose his coat?
-Yeah, it's nothing.
He's-- he's souring the vibe.
And he's making everyone
feel cold. It's not cold, is it?
No. It's at a good level.
Exactly. So let's encourage him
to remove his coat, if he wants,
loosen this thing up.
Look, it just-- it just--
it just--
it just feels like
an asshole's birthday party.
And my thing from the very
first meeting was that
it shouldn't feel like
an asshole's birthday party.
-Hey, Ken.
-Hey, Greg! The snitch bitch.
You're-- Yeah. Well
Uh, I've had too much, uh,
can I have one--
one moment with you?
I'm about to do my set, so
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Let's ride. Um, yeah, I--
I was wondering about something
because, uh,
I was just about to
ask Comfry out
and then she said this slightly
worrying thing about, um,
how-- how she might have
to do, like, a press brief--
You were gonna ask Comfry out?
Comfry, my employee Comfry?
Um, yeah.
But-- but is that right?
I mean, are you--
Do you have to spin against me?
Because I feel like things
are kind of slowing down
in-- in that regard, right?
No. And she's
out of your league, bro.
Well, yeah, I-- I-- I--
I don't see it that way.
What if I wanna ask her out?
-Inappropriate. But no.
It's best you don't, okay?
Too complicated.
She works for me.
Clean lines.
Church and State, okay?
Okay. I mean, it doesn't-- I--
I don't think it really matters
-because, uh, things are
-Well, I said no, Greg.
-I said no.
Jesus, dude. Duh!
You're like the world's biggest
fucking parasite.
You're a human tapeworm.
Maybe stop feeding
on your own fucking family,
and try sucking some
blood elsewhere. Yeah?
-I'm kidding.
-KENDALL: Or am I?
-I have-- I have--
Are-- are you kidding? I
I'm not kidding. Am I, or am I?
What's up?
Fucking asshole, man.
Look at their faces.
So fucking dour.
It's a festivity.
People are supposed
to be festive.
It's fucking bullshit.
Roman and Dad
necking in the catbird seat.
Did you know anything
about this buyout thing?
Why is no one happy?
What-- what-- what is this?
Babe, you're harshing
your own mellow, just calm down.
CONNOR: I mean, that is
some substantial rigging.
-What do you think that cost?
-I don't know, baby.
Hi, Connor.
I'd like to offer you
a complimentary
cashmere sweater.
We're handing them out
to prestige guests.
I have my coat. I'm fine.
Well, the coat check
was supposed to take that,
but I'd be happy to.
Respectfully, I don't trust
those things.
I lost a Norwegian Wool
in a fusion restaurant
in Vancouver.
Kendall would really
appreciate it
-if you took the sweater.
Hey, my partner is cold
and he'd like to keep
his fucking coat on, okay?
And he's running to be
the next President
of the United States of America,
so maybe you should
show him some fucking respect.
She would not fuck off.
Yeah, she did.
Hi, I had to kill a man for it,
but step aside,
hombre, let me in.
I'm sorry, sir. I really can't.
He said you're not coming in.
Yeah. He was joking.
That's my brother, okay?
-You can Google it. It's not a--
Are you touching me?
This man is groping the guests.
You do not have my permission.
You do not have my permission
to touch me.
There you are,
fucking hiding from me.
Like a human VPN.
-How you doing?
-I'm all right.
I'm just, uh, you know,
you can fill in the blanks.
No, I hear you.
It's fucking life, right?
It's fucking exhausting.
I just wanna find a good pussy
and get out, you know.
ROMAN: Uh-huh.
-Mission, side mission.
-(LAUGHS) I hear you, man.
I fucking love pussy.
You see my mom's?
-(LAUGHS) Yeah.
You seen my mom's?
-(LAUGHS) Yeah.
-It's not-- it's not great.
No, um, sure. I mean,
not touching that one.
Um, question.
My old man got a little bit
grumpy this morning,
but you weren't trying
to humiliate him, right? I mean,
everyone says, I mean,
fucking everyone says,
last big legacy content library,
last fucking super app
streaming platform.
We fit obviously, right?
-People say we fit.
Well, I guess I do have
one question, though.
Yeah, hit me up.
When will your father die?
When will--
When will my father die?
Like, I don't wanna be rude,
what kinda shape is he in?
We're talking less than a year,
or it's more like five years?
-'Cause if it's five, that's--
-it's a long time.
It-- it would be better sooner,
wouldn't it?
No, no, no. I know, like,
we're-- we're laughing here,
but you know, that is my dad,
so, you know
-Right. Yeah.
-Go easy there, chief!
-LUKAS: No, I-- I can tell
that it's a bit weird for you.
-That's okay.
It's just I-- I don't like
the idea of a man
-hanging over me.
-Oh, fuck yeah.
No, I-- I can understand.
Who the fuck wants that? Yeah.
The guru guy who's fucking--
fucking bullshit, you know?
-ROMAN: Okay.
-'Cause it's--
-it's not my world, media.
-ROMAN: Yeah.
-His death would clear space.
-LUKAS: With due respect.
-Yeah. No, no, no. No, no, no.
I know. Um, I mean, like,
we're all obviously
hugely looking forward
to my father dying,
but, um, there-- there's
another shape to this.
How about you never ever
have to speak to him?
I mean, you work out of,
uh, Austin, London, Stockholm,
Geneva, whatever.
Totally separate
corporate identities,
-and StarGo we burn, obviously.
-Yes, please.
-Like burn the codes
and fucking
-acid bath those servers!
-Fucking we can do that.
We can do that together.
Let's do it.
-Absolutely. I mean,
GoJo full bore.
I mean, our library,
our firepower,
our relationships for content.
And like good shit,
you know what I mean?
Like not fucking gay moms
and wheelchair kids bullshit,
like popular actual good shit.
And on the occasion that
you need to send up
a fucking smoke signal
from Geneva,
then that goes through me.
You won't ever, ever
have to deal with him.
-All right.
-Or see him, or talk to him,
or hear-- nothing.
And you know that StarGo truly,
truly is a piece of shit.
It's a piece of shit. I know.
I like to open it just to see
how long it takes
for the landing page to load.
It is a piece of shit.
Hey, why don't we, um
Why don't we just, like,
take a big old piss on our app?
I'm going to open up the app
on my phone,
and we can stream some piss
on our little
streaming platform.
-How's that sound?
-Fuck yeah.
-Nineteen, twenty
-twenty-one, twenty-two.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, I can't piss near
other men due to
we don't know what reason,
but please. (CLICKS TONGUE)
-Go ahead.
-Don't mind if I do.
Yeah. Enjoy.
So, I know GoJo is your baby,
and we do not wanna interfere
with that at all.
-You're the genius.
-Damn right I am.
Yep, so bearing that in mind,
would you consider
meeting with my dad?
And you'd be interested
in selling to us maybe?
Yeah, well, if all this is true,
then yeah.
-How's Monday?
-Monday is great.
And if I were to shake your hand
right now, could I go
tell my dad that I basically
just bought GoJo for him?
But you can tell him
I'm in the conversation.
-Fucking A, I'll take it.
-Okay. Take this.
(CHUCKLES) Will do.
-Are we amazing?
I think I might be the best
businessman in America.
Hey, check this out.
Still fucking loading.
-You piece of shit.
-ROMAN: Fuck you! (SPITS)
Okay. (SIGHS) If you wanna
put on the harness,
you can tuxedo up,
step up onto the footrest.
Then we'll strap you in.
You'll have 30 seconds,
and the rig will fly you up
and into position.
You'll have a three, two, one,
and you'll see
the green light, okay?
That's the countdown
to the intro.
You ready?
You ready to crucify Billy Joel?
Yeah, yeah.
(CHUCKLES) I'm just kidding.
You're gonna be great.
Remember the thing he said
about the rig spiraling,
so just, like, keep still, yeah?
That sounded serious.
Okay. Harness, then mic.
Ready to rock?
You wanna get changed?
Yeah, you know what? Uh
I don't think I'm gonna do this.
You don't wanna do it?
No, it's-- it's-- (SCOFFS)
It's bullshit. No.
Because you did say
if you don't lean right in,
it could come across dumb.
And your speech
kind of tees it up
with a kind of ironic,
"This is the culmination
of my life's journey,
-to be crucified to save
you morons, and"
-I'm not doing it. It's-- it's--
it's like 15 layers
overdetermined master's degree
fucking hokum.
Let's just-- let's just pull it.
I mean, what-- what is it?
It's dressed in a tuxedo,
nailed to a cross,
singing "Honesty" by Billy Joel?
It doesn't make
any fucking sense.
Uh, what about the Tiny Wu-Tang?
(CLICKS TONGUE) Ah, fuck. Uh
I don't know. I don't--
You know what? I don't think so.
No? Okay.
Tell 'em they've got it
all ahead of them. Yeah.
That's a fucking relief.
Make a turn and dip
With the bass on max ♪
Yeah, they heard my shit
Yeah, they heard my shit ♪
Streaming, no CDs ♪
No burners skipped
Got the playlist ♪
There I don't burn and rip
On the M25 ♪
Yeah, I swerve and slip
Yeah, I swerve and slip ♪
Took a pop
And a car rolled up ♪
And they said, "Swear down"
And I said, "Don't gas me" ♪
They said, "Fam, you're a star
Can I get a quick pic ♪
For the 'gram?"
And I said, "Don't gas me" ♪
Messed around
One pretty brown ting ♪
Said she love me long time
And I said, "Don't gas me" ♪
I went shop
And the boss man said ♪
"Don't pay me, it's fine"
And I said, "What" ♪
You ain't gotta gas
I'm gas, fam ♪
Oh, hey.
-Hey, Comf, how's it going?
-Hey. Good.
-Yeah, it's good.
Ken had me try to call
Springsteen to rescue the vibe
and then that got countermanded
and now I'm working on a
jetpack for him to leave through
the retractable ceiling
that takes 48 hours
to move, so
Yeah, I mean a lot of the ideas
are jokes, but some aren't.
Very weird. Yes, indeed.
No, me-- No, nothing. Yeah.
Ye-- Yeah, um
It's stupid, but earlier, um,
before I heard you were gonna
a smear campaign against me,
I-- I was actually gonna ask you
if you wanted to
grab a drink sometime.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, but then, um, Kendall,
you know, Ken-- Kendall,
he said, um
COMFRY: He said what?
He just said maybe not.
Clean lines. Church and State.
Wrong time, wrong place. But--
but maybe
when-- when you're
not working for him anymore
and trying to destroy
my reputation
-and, and such--
-You know, I've spent a week
researching where to get
lunchboxes from the '80s
to serve canapes from?
Like the one he used
to take to school.
And then he decided that
he didn't want lunchboxes,
and so now I have
all these He-Man lunchboxes
in my apartment,
and I have to resell them
on eBay,
and his office wants receipts.
So if you wanna ask me out,
then ask me out.
-Do you wanna go out sometime?
Wow. She's--
she's really dancing there.
Very-- very emancipated.
No burners skipped
Got the playlist ♪
There I don't burn and rip
On the M25 ♪
Do you know what she's taken?
I don't think
she's taken anything.
Just getting the demons out,
I guess.
KENDALL: Hey, you found the gift
from my kids?
Um, I don't believe so.
No? Uh-huh. Well, uh--
Okay. That's not good.
Uh, will you give us
a moment, please?
They made me something
apparently, so I gotta find it.
Hey, Ken, it'll-- it'll turn up.
Uh-huh. Well, it won't turn up
if we don't look for it.
-Well, I know that.
-Sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm just saying.
Where the fuck is it?
Hey, Ken, take a break.
Would you like my gift?
Yeah. Yes, I would.
Yes, I would love that.
-NAOMI: It's a watch.
-Okay. Wow. Yeah. Thanks.
-Thanks, Nay.
-I'm, like, really bad
at presents. (LAUGHS)
-It-- I like it, all right.
-Just-- just give it back.
-No, I like it. I like it.
-No, it's fine. It's fine.
Thanks, Nay. Is it, uh--
Can I see?
Is it-- is it-- is it, um
-inscribed, or
-No, it's just a stupid watch.
Okay? I'll get you
something else.
Do you, uh want a blow job?
Hah. No, it's just
I don't wanna be a dick,
but I-- I have a watch,
you know, I have my watch.
It's a shitty gift, okay?
-I'm bad.
-No, Nay, listen.
Yeah, I'm just trying to get
inside your head and figure out
why you would give me this gift.
Yeah, it's fine.
-It's fine.
Hey! Ken, come on.
Ken, come on, seriously,
okay? Look
-I'm gonna look for that gift.
-Hey, stop.
Ken, Jesus. Hey, calm--
Stop, stop, stop.
-Just chill!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
This is so pathetic.
I wish I was
I wish I was home.
Let's go home.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay, Greg. Why do you
keep asking if I'm okay?
Well, just-- I haven't seen
you smile in, like six hours.
You don't have to smile
to be happy, Greg.
I'm enjoying very much
thinking about myself
and my own various skills
and abilities.
Shall we try
the compliment tunnel?
-It could be nice.
-Why are you so happy?
(CHUCKLES) Well, uh,
actually, because I, uh,
I have met the most
wonderful girl in the world.
You're just fantastic.
Yes, I am amazing. Amazing.
I mean, it's possible
she's only going out with me
due to, you know,
rancor or pique.
You're so full of grace.
-What's that?
-I think he said
you're full of grace.
That's a weird thing to say.
You being sarcastic?
-He being sarcastic?
-No, I think it's
Full of gra--
Full of fucking what? What?
-What did you say?
-Wait. Tom, To-- Easy.
He's just--
You're doing the job, right?
And he's had a little cocaine
tonight, so I think he's
Dude, don't say that.
Don't say that.
I'm a public figure who could
one day run for high office
or lead a Fortune 500.
Don't say that.
All right. He's a lovely guy.
You're doing great work.
You're so merry.
Well, yeah, it's just
I don't know. I-- I'm excited
about my date. I like her.
-What can I say? It's exciting.
-You're the best.
-GREG: Thank you.
-TOM: Fuck off.
You seem much happier
than me, Greg.
I feel happy, I guess.
It's not a finite pie,
-we can both happy.
-Uh-huh, sure.
But it's supposed to be me
that's happy, and it's you.
How did that happen? Huh?
I took the wrong drugs
in the wrong order,
and I can't get happy.
Well, can't you just
be happy you're free?
No, 'cause you've ruined it.
-How have I ruined it?
-I don't know. You just have.
-ROMAN: Hey, there she is.
-SHIV: Hey.
-ROMAN: Hey.
-What are you up to?
What's going on?
I heard you were speaking.
Did you get to Matsson?
Are you okay?
Onlookers reported you having
some kind of breakdown.
People were anxious that
you maybe swallowed your tongue.
Yeah, I was dancing.
I heard it looked like
a cry for help.
"The Dance of the Sugar
Plum Failure." (GIGGLES)
-Fuck you. You spoke to him?
-Uh, yup.
-SHIV: And?
-You mind if I don't say?
(LAUGHS) Are you f--
Okay, come on.
All right. Don't worry about it,
Shivvy. I'll handle it.
You can go cut a rug.
-Rome, seriously, come on.
-I am being serious.
I will talk to Dad and see
if he wants to loop you in.
He often does
like to loop you in.
Rome, just--
just fucking tell me.
This is important,
and I might need to finesse.
-Oh, you need to finesse?
Thank you. That's kind.
How would you finesse
something that's done?
What, by ruining it?
-No, by making sure you don't--
-The thing is that Lukas and I
have, like, a thing,
and I don't see how you fit in.
You know what? If you wanna
show off to somebody,
maybe do it to somebody
who gives a shit.
You're having a very bad day,
I know that,
what with hearing
that you have to continue
to share your apartment
with the old meat wardrobe,
but, you know,
try to keep your wig on, yeah?
-I'm the one
in a functioning relationship.
-Sure you are.
I saw you, you know, I saw
you sipping Dad's champagne
looking like you were
sucking a lemon.
I don't drink on workdays
-You don't drink on workdays.
-because I have self-control.
Okay. That's what that is. Okay.
I thought maybe you were
thinking about all the dick
you were gonna ride
-when he was inside?
-Oh, my fucking God.
You know what? No one likes
talking about me fucking guys
-as much as you do.
Do you know that?
SIOBHAN: Why is that?
Is that because
you're the COO who can't fuck?
Did you think Tom
was going to jail?
-Did you? Did you?
-No, I'm happy he's
not going to jail.
Oh, I'm sure you are.
You look really happy.
Did you think he was, though?
He-- There was a chance
he was going to jail?
Maybe Dad was gonna go to jail?
Fuck, maybe
I was gonna go to jail.
And because Kendall's
that it was all about you.
You thought it was ladies' night
and they were playing your song,
but guess what?
You were wrong! All the men
got together in man club
and we decided, sweetheart,
everything's fine, so just
-We got it.
-You know, he is using you
as a messenger boy,
but as usual
-you're too fucking dumb
to see it.
It's difficult. I get it.
It's very difficult for you
to have to do the dance for Dad
because you just suck
at dancing.
You're a piece of shit,
you know that?
ROMAN: It turns out he loves it
when I do the Daddy dance,
but I guess that's
because he loves me.
He loves fucking me,
and he just doesn't wanna
fuck you anymore.
What are you even talking about?
You're so gross.
(LAUGHS) Oh, Daddy doesn't
love his little carrot top
even when she does her
little Daddy dance.
-Dad-Daddy, Dad-Daddy dance.
-I fucking hate you, man.
Oh, shit. Look who it is.
It's birthday boy. Hey!
-Happy birthday, man.
-Enough, yeah?
Oh, okay. Yeah. Sorry.
Good night.
Neither of you should
be in here.
Oh my God, you're right.
Someone call the cops!
Intruders have breached
the masturbatorium!
You're both full of shit.
And you came here
to fuck me behind my back.
And you're ghouls
and you're disgusting.
-Sorry. Whoops.
-Can we get them out?
-ROMAN: Oh, get them out?
-KENDALL: Can we
get them out, please?
Um, it's a little late
for that, buddy.
I already spoke to Mattson.
Who hates you, by the way,
and laughs at you constantly.
Just stop.
ROMAN: Oh, what?
Go easy on birthday boy?
Did you come here to see me
at all?
You didn't, did you, Shiv?
Well, look, we haven't been
getting along that great lately,
so what do you think? Surprised?
-GoJo was my idea.
-You stole my idea.
-"You stole my idea."
What are you, fucking six?
Dude, you lost. No big deal.
No need to cry about it.
You lost.
You like the spying, Shiv?
On my daughter?
-On your niece? You like that?
-Okay. Lay off the drugs, Ken.
It's not a fucking big deal.
-Who gives a shit?
-We are spying?
ROMAN: Yes, of-- Oh, come on.
Of course we are.
It's a fucking party game.
He's in Dad's shit,
so we're up in his,
everybody's in the shit.
-Don't act like
you're fucking clean.
-No, okay. That is disgusting.
It's disgusting?
What, you're siding
with him now? Traitor?
I'm just saying
there's a line, bro.
-Fucking Sophie and Iverson?
They're kids.
-ROMAN: Oh, there's a line now?
There's a fucking line now?
No line for him,
no line for you,
but there's a line for me?
You're a bunch of stuck-up cunts
who can't fucking bear
to see me win. That's it.
That's all this is.
You're not a real person.
You know that?
You're not a real person.
You're not real.
Come on. Why don't you
hit me maybe?
-Come on.
-Come on, shitty Jesus.
You know you want to.
Just fucking hit me. Do it.
"I'm not a real person."
Fuck you.
All right.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Have a good birthday,
okay, fuckface?
-CONNOR: Hey, what is this?
-Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!
(LAUGHING) Are you okay?
Happy birthday.
Everybody just take it easy,
Take your coat off.
-Take your fucking coat off.
-That's enough. That's enough.
Take your fucking coat off!
-Like a fucking eight-year-old.
You're an asshole.
It's funny. It's funny.
You're gonna laugh at it later.
-Let's-- let's
-You're gonna wake up
in the middle of the night
-Let's go.
-and be like,
"That was funny."
To the birthday boy.
Hey, you wanna go
someplace else?
Like out, out? Now?
No thanks, honey.
I might be up for a while.
Hey, Dad. I nailed him.
I am the only child
you'll ever need.
You can kill the others.
Love you.
Hey, you can piss off.
I'm gonna walk home.
I think the party's over, yeah?
Yeah. Just a party.
Let it fizzle. Come.
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