Succession (2018) s03e08 Episode Script


Could Logan just get five?
Welcome. How's your dad?
Oh, pretty good.
He hopes to make it
in person to the next one.
-Oh, sure. Send him my best.
-I will.
But still, you're here,
and that's nice.
Thanks. I feel the same way.
Great. We're all over
the fucking moon. What is this?
Yeah, so, we are in discussions
to acquire GoJo.
-How advanced?
-Oh, not that advanced.
Just getting to outline terms.
So pretty fucking advanced!
Well, we didn't wanna bother you
until we have some protein.
But we didn't wanna ambush you
in the boardroom.
We wanted to
let you know in here.
But you are still ambushing us.
LOGAN ROY: No, no, no.
We are not ambushing.
STEWY: Well, no, I mean,
if you jump out
on someone on the road
in the middle of the night,
hit them on the head and shout,
"I'm not ambushing you,"
it's still a fucking ambush.
I love my business.
But we've had our throats slit
on ads for 20 years.
We're bleeding out.
Another five of cord-cutting
and we'll be dead
on the fucking carpet.
This is a transformative deal.
Yeah, but, uh, just obviously
this is not okay.
We were supposed to be
inside deal-making.
Well, you know,
we're moving very fast,
and it's all very sensitive,
-but I assure--
-I think they're assembling.
LOGAN: Right. Shall we?
Okay. How-- How will you feel if
Matsson starts
micro-dosing and tweeting
about angels again?
(SIGHS) Matsson's a visionary.
'Cause he's trippin' balls.
No, and he has a team
we can do business with.
This is bigger than anything
you've ever contemplated.
It will reshape
the company entirely.
Well, if you guys really,
really don't like it
(CLICKS TONGUE) Sure. Kill it.
Well, we didn't say that.
LOGAN: So, shall we? Finally!
Wh-- Where is Shiv on this?
Why isn't Shiv here?
Oh, because this is
just inner circle.
That's a joke, I'm kidding.
I think the president will be
joining us, so
So, I think
they're gonna eat it.
Sandi is processing,
Stewy loves it,
Roman led. No Karl, no Frank.
Um Sandi wants your take,
Gerri's trying
to fill your boots,
but I don't think
Sandi's buying it,
and I'm just following them
now to the boardroom.
Are you in the car?
No. I'm gonna call in.
Well, that works.
Is everything okay, honey?
SHIV ROY: Yeah, I just
I'm feeling the way
I was feeling still, so
What about your mom's wedding?
I'm not feeling great,
so there's nothing really
to say.
Right. Right.
Well, maybe you don't even
really need to go.
(CHUCKLES) To Mom's wedding?
Oh yeah!
Fuck that,
I'd never hear the end of it.
Can you imagine?
So, the board members
not physically available
will be joining by phone,
including Siobhan Roy,
who sends her apologies.
She's working on strategy.
-And Kendall Roy--
-SHIV: Hey.
Hey. And Kendall Roy who's not
attending due to illness.
-And we're gonna lead off--
That's not actually true.
And we're gonna
lead off with an update
on the promising developments
in the ongoing investigation
from which portion
of the meeting
Kendall and Logan Roy
are recused.
And then we'll move on
to discuss acquisitions.
Is he gonna watch?
I feel like I'm taking a shit
in the Guggenheim, y'all.
Could we make a note in the
minutes that he's watching us?
Hey, I know you.
Didn't you used to be
Siobhan Roy?
You sounded dumb
at the board meeting.
At least, I showed up.
What were you doing?
Brunching with some other sock
puppet girl-boss presidents?
You haven't got a date?
Did no one on Raya
wanna come to Italy
and sit on your Ricotta dick?
So, just to say, I had, uh,
Peter Onions rat-fucked.
Oh, what a lovely
wedding present!
The guy's a fucking
slime badger.
Um Three bankruptcies,
two marriages, four children,
and five shell companies.
He's a big investor
in shitty nursing homes,
tipping applesauce
down their gullets
and telling them
they had a four-course dinner.
-All the hits.
So, I've asked Mom
if we can talk to her,
and I think
we should do it together.
Do what?
"Do what?" Uh-- Like,
ask her if she should be
doing this, you know?
It's like, five months since
Rory was supposed to move in.
SHIV: (SCOFFS) Whatever.
Or we can at least
check that she's getting
a prenup.
You know, there's a lot of shit
in there from the divorce,
the holding company
and everything.
And the guy is clearly
on the make, so, yeah?
Fuck it.
Ser-- Fuck it?
Hm. She's probably
in sexual thrall to him.
-He's driving her wild
with his sugar dick.
-ROMAN: Nice.
-So there's nothing
that we can do.
Uh-huh. All right, fine.
Let him kill her
for her emeralds and
screw us out
of the fucking firm.
See if I care.
-TOM: Hey, Rome! About the deal!
TOM: I was talking
to Karl and Frank.
Yeah, no, but you're not really
a part of that, either of you.
SHIV: Well, I am.
Well, I can't quite
fire you yet, Shiv,
because I'm still
a little bit scared of you.
But my thinking is,
when I take over,
I'm gonna put you
in the office next to mine,
and you're gonna be
my sexy secretary.
SHIV: The fuck is
wrong with you?
ROMAN: I dunno.
We're working on it.
Ongoing process.
GREETER: Welcome. Follow me.
Oh! Uh-- Just a minute.
-KENDALL: Hey, Mom.
Hello, welcome all!
(CHUCKLES) Goodness me!
Did you just come back
from the front?
Yeah. Just felt like it.
-I'm stripping down.
(CHUCKLES) It's nice.
Hello, darlings! How are you?
How lovely to see you!
Don't you look lovely!
So, um, you're all going to be
taken up to the house.
I'll be there in a minute, guys.
CAROLINE: You look rather tired.
KENDALL: Thanks.
You wanted a word?
Right. Yes. Um
So, listen.
What I wanted to ask you--
You'll see when you go up
to the house
that Peter has printed out
this awful sort of itinerary
of events.
You know, all the welcoming
and then the rehearsals,
and the ceremonies, and--
I wondered if we couldn't
slightly divvy them up?
-As in?
-As in
your father would rather not,
as I understand it,
be together with you, uh,
as far as possible.
And so, what-- what--
what is your son getting?
And what is your ex-husband,
who you hate, getting?
Oh. Please don't get
on your high horse.
It's not me,
I don't mind. It's
He's got his heart set
on having
all the important people
at his wedding. (CHUCKLES)
He's such a little tart.
Well, I don't know
if that works.
CAROLINE: Please, have a think.
You know,
I'll still see you tons.
Come and say hello to Kendall!
Kendall, like the mint cake.
-Yeah. Pleased to meet you.
-PETER: Absolutely.
Okay. Mom, I'll check
the schedule, uh,
maybe see you next month.
-Come on, don't be so dramatic.
-Nice to meet you.
It's gonna be
about four hours, Kendall.
Hello. I am Gerri Kellman.
-Viola. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
This is very nice.
What a place!
Italy! Pizza, pasta, and popes!
You ever met the pope, Con?
-Yeah, uh-huh.
I met one.
Couple of popes back, with Dad.
-He was a real full-fat pope.
Complete pope.
Very religious.
WILLA: I guess he really drank
the Kool-Aid, huh?
It's pretty.
Everything okay, Con?
Yup. Yeah.
Just, uh
the guy from Politico, uh,
asking regarding his piece.
Your full name and,
like, your employment history,
-and whatnot.
-Oh, right.
-You think he's digging?
-Might be friendly.
But, you know,
probably not. What do you think?
Yeah, it's probably friendly.
'Cause journalists are
so fucking friendly
in my experience. (CHUCKLES)
-Going to the welcome drinks?
Sure. Uh-- Let me just, um,
check on Laurie, and then
you and I can put our heads
together on the GoJo price.
-Mm. Okay.
-GERRI: It's ticking up,
but nothing scary.
Laurie, Laurie, Laurie.
You just will not stop
going on about him.
I think you're obsessed,
and frankly, it's disgusting.
Um-- Laurie,
we're gonna walk down.
-Can you catch up?
-Yeah. Okay.
GERRI: Okay, cool.
-Okay. So, look,
-I need to talk to you.
-I-- I need
to ask you something.
I need you to stop sending me
the, um, items.
The which?
(CLICKS TONGUE) The dick pics?
You don't want
pictures of my dick?
Kind of offended. Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm sure.
I'm fucking serious, Roman!
I'm not so sure, I feel like
you do want them,
but you're being kind
of typically minxy.
I think this happens when
you're under pressure or
But you need to find
some other outlet, Roman.
Look at you,
trying to get inside my head.
Don't open Pandora's Box.
There's just more
dicks in there.
PETER: No, she has
a lovely house, quite.
-Hey, Mother. Sorry.
Roman, you know Peter.
-Yep. Oh.
Peter, Roman's worried in case
I'm throwing myself away.
-He thinks I'm in thrall to you.
Other way around.
Well, how you doin'?
Very excited about all this.
Yeah, yeah. Of course. Me too.
And, uh, how's, uh, business?
I hear you're big
in the old silvery gulags!
(LAUGHS) Yes. Helping to, uh,
turn around
a nursing home group.
We, uh-- It's very rewarding.
look at the operations,
trim the fat.
-ROMAN: Yeah.
-CAROLINE: He means the nurses.
She's very rude. I don't know
why I put up with it.
And I'm very rude to you!
He is awful,
I can obviously see that.
No. No, no, no, not at all.
He's actually just your type.
Another in the line of post-dad,
posh, English phonies.
He's not posh.
His father's a doctor.
Bought all his own furniture.
Yeah, he's a grasping little
scholarship boy.
Well, take it easy there,
That's my stepfather
you're talking about.
he's forcing me into
all of this, this Toscana bit.
But he is tremendous fun.
I mean, look at him,
fizzing away over there like
a bottle of cheap prosecco.
-Hmm. Very cheap.
Uh Mom? Um
Well, you know that I'm not
a big one for saying things
but I'm just gonna say,
are you
are you sure?
The guy has, like, four kids.
He's got a lot more
than that, my darling.
Oh, great. That's fantastic.
There's a prenup though, right?
Oh, come on.
Don't be so unromantic.
Mom, just-- I'm concerned
that maybe you're rushing this.
So what do you
expect me to survive on?
Macaroni and memorial services?
Uh-- Yeah, she says
she can't live off
and memorial services.
Poor old Eleanor Rigby
wants to eat dick
and drink champagne for
the rest of her life instead?
Yeah, apparently,
we're meant to hate Peter
because he was smart enough
to get a scholarship
and bought his own furniture.
What else do we got?
Any-- Any requests?
-Any offers?
-No, not really.
Uh There's a sit-down.
Like a podcast (CHUCKLES)
-uh, that's basically
like ex-Globe journalists
who are doing sort of like a--
Kinda like the Kennedys.
"Curse of the Roys," deep dive.
Uh-- They're doing
Connor's mom, and
uh, your dad
and someone named Rose
and then the tabloid suicides.
There's like a kid
who was bullied,
and was it an accident
or did he kill himself?
He was the caterer at your
sister's wedding, I guess.
Do you know about this?
Uh-huh. Sure.
Right, so they're
spraying requests
around the whole family.
-keep tabs on that one, okay?
Fucking bottom feeders.
Um So unless it's weird,
I might fuck off?
Yeah. Whatever.
-Clock the fuck off.
-Very nice. How-- How we doin'?
-Good, great. Yeah.
I'm great--
Oh, shit.
-Phone stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah. Sorry.
No, no, uh, go for it.
-Thank you.
-Well, congratulations, Greg.
Yeah. Punching above
your weight?
-Oh, Comfry?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I like her, I like her.
I do wonder
-SHIV: Can you hold this?
-is there depth there?
-TOM: Sure.
-Like, is-- I don't--
is there substance?
Oh my God!
The man dying of thirst
is suddenly
a mineral water critic?
Does Comfry not sate
your lust for wisdom, Greg?
It's such a shame Sontag's
not still alive.
You could take her
to the drive-though.
-GREG: Maybe, I wonder,
when she gets to know
the quote-unquote "real me,"
uh, will she stick around?
Well, I guess either way,
if doesn't work out,
she's a great date ladder.
Wh-- Excuse me?
As-- As in?
Well, you know,
people will see her with you.
And no offense, but they'll say,
(CHUCKLES) "What the fuck's
going on there?"
TOM: "Why is he with her?"
Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I'm aware
of what you're saying.
-TOM: Okay.
-SHIV: It still could work
for you.
Date ladder!
Play the date ladder game!
What-- What about her?
-She looks nice.
-SHIV: Well, yeah.
TOM: Hmm. Yeah.
-I mean, yeah, why not?
-She's pretty.
-She is very pretty.
She's also a princess
or a duchess or something.
-But sure. Yeah.
-Why-- Why not?
-Why not?
We put a man on the moon.
-TOM: Oh
-GREG: Okay.
-SHIV: Okay. Wow.
Poor woman, she probably
She thinks she met
a fun guy at a wedding.
He should be colored red
like a dangerous lizard.
Oh, no. Scary Poppins
is on maneuvers.
Can you, no, just--
-just block me from her?
-TOM: Blocking you.
SHIV: You know, she knows
that I'm not in a good place
and then it's all (INHALES)
House of Flying Daggers,
you know?
-TOM: Sure.
-"How's your marriage going?
Are you gonna have children?"
How is your marriage going?
-Are you gonna have children?
-Okay. Ha-ha.
SHIV: Mm. Karolina.
Uh-- Tom. Matsson.
-What? Going to Macao?
-The fuck!
Feeling lucky?
What the fuck is that?
GERRI: You see this thing
from Karolina?
It's off the radar and now this?
Is it-- Is this a move?
It, um, could be
It could be nothing, you know?
Fucking social media fireworks!
"Going to Macao, feeling lucky."
GERRI: Is he trying
to boost his price?
SHIV: Is he just
rocking the boat
or trying to blow up the deal?
I mean, has he got good
-subscriber numbers coming in?
-Maybe he's just going to Macao
and he's feeling lucky.
ROMAN: Hey, Lukas! Call me!
Are you high?
I think you should put down
the venti ayahuasca Big Gulp.
Uh-- We need to be inside track
on these tweets, man, okay?
Call me.
I don't know,
it's like it's his thing.
He's a--
He's a trickster.
SHIV: Okay. Well, sounds cool.
Is he gonna, like,
steal our watches and saw
the fucking deal in half?
ROMAN: Maybe.
You're supposed to be
inside this, Rome.
I am inside this. Leave it.
Hey, nice work, Rome.
-Matsson going nut-nut.
-ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
KENDALL: Keep hold
of that shit, bro.
ROMAN: It's all under control,
-Yeah. Where are you off to?
Naples, score some junk?
No, just our mother
throwing me out of her party.
ROMAN: Oh, nice!
-Good. Well, so long.
-Where are my kids?
Hey, hey, guys!
Where the fuck are my kids?
What a surprise!
Ken doesn't know
where his kids are.
-So look, um,
I've been thinking.
Who knows what'll happen?
Maybe I won't ignite?
Uh Maybe the two-party system
isn't as rotten as it looks.
-But I have to plan
for success. So, Willa
this is a difficult
conversation to have.
Oh, okay.
-So, you're okay?
Yeah, I don't-- Just, uh, no,
go on and just
We can go back underground.
Me in my apartment in the city.
You come visit. It's
kind of romantic!
That doesn't work for me. No.
-Maxim had an idea
which is
Will you make me
the most happiest man
slash most bulletproof candidate
in the world?
(WHISPERS) Oh okay.
-WILLA: Oh, no. I-- No, I mean--
People are looking, Willa.
Well, then
I'd be pleased to say
Yes, yes, yes. Can I
Can I have a little think on it?
If it's okay
-I'm smiling now
like you said yes.
-WILLA: Okay.
-CONNOR: So, take your time.
-WILLA: Right.
-So, GoJo's price
is moving up and fucking up.
Yeah. I think
he played you, Rome.
-SEC's gonna be all over this.
Ooh, yeah!
Oh, my goodness!
Gummy love bite
from the fucking toddlers.
I think he likes us, I do.
I can feel that in my gut.
Okay. Uh another one.
Emojis: controller,
fingers crossed, eggplant.
Maybe he's trying to fuck
a gaming site something with
SHIV: Look, Rome.
This is bad.
I I think we're good.
Oh, yeah? If he blows this deal,
then who is left for us exactly?
We could become the fucking
Pan-American Waystar-Blockbuster
Video dial-up Corporation.
Here he comes.
SHIV: And here she comes.
He does not give a single
-solitary fuck.
-TOM: Maybe it's all fine.
Maybe they just share
a big bed together
and they watch Friends reruns
and drink milkshakes-- Oh.
Well, your father made it,
it would appear.
SHIV: And you know the story?
What? The skunk, the porcupine,
and the concubine?
It's probably the best wedding
present I'll ever get.
But so disgusting.
Is he still fucking Marcia,
do we think?
-Uh-- I think not, is the word.
-CAROLINE: Hope not.
Poor old fellow would probably
keel over with the effort.
Oh, well, I gotta go around
telling everybody
to be very discreet. (LAUGHS)
-Oh, and Shiv.
-SHIV: Uh-huh?
You know about this
awful thing later on?
Oh, uh
Yeah, uh, Rome and I
have got a big--
We're working on a big deal,
and so, um-- We just got hit
by a torpedo
-and it's not a thing
that I can--
-Oh, Shiv. Don't be silly.
Go have fun with Mom.
I can manage.
It's-- She's not even
that involved.
-See you later.
-ROMAN: Hmm. You're welcome.
-Fuck you.
-Logan, you came.
How you doing?
Staying ahead
of the Inland Revenue?
(CHUCKLES) Welcome to Toscana.
Oh, glad to be here.
Anything I can do,
just let me know.
PETER: Very kind.
When we get the chance, I wanted
a discreet word with you about,
uh, your-- your contacts
in the UK government.
-PETER: It's just, I'd
like to give something back,
you know, the chance to serve.
-LOGAN: Hmm.
And what did he want?
LOGAN: He wants me to get
the dipshits in Downing Street
to make him Lord Fucking
Seat Sniffer Pantyhose.
-Did you read the tweet?
-Have you spoken?
-Uh-- I tried, but--
LOGAN: Well, I'm not used
to negotiating via eggplant.
I'm not sure he wants the deal.
He might just run
a fucking moussaka.
You want to try
calling him again?
ROMAN: Um Okay.
As long as he doesn't come here.
Uh-- No. Hey, hey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. Hey, Dad?
Um-- Ken, he doesn't wanna
see you. He doesn't wanna
talk to you.
Yeah, well, this
is all total horseshit.
We had a deal. Jesus Christ.
KENDALL: Let's just
have it out, okay?
I wanna see you, Dad.
I wanna see you for dinner,
and let's just nail this, okay?
On your own. Yeah?
He's busy.
-(SCOFFS) Sure.
-We'll get back to him.
-We'll get back to you.
-KENDALL: Oh, you'll--
you'll get back to me?
-ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
You prick.
LOGAN: Should I go?
I don't know,
maybe wear a stab vest.
I mean, it'll be okay,
maybe you should go.
Get him out of the firm.
-You want me to come with you?
-LOGAN: Oh, fuck off.
I'm not scared.
Get me some rooms.
I wanna get Matsson
on the phone.
Welcome, welcome!
CAROLINE: We're almost there.
SHIV: Hey.
-Sorry, just--
-CAROLINE: Oh, hi.
SHIV: Hey, just busy.
Managed to tear yourself away?
What do you think
of Peter's daughters?
They're both in interior design.
They're unemployed.
offered to take photos
and I think they exported
my address book.
The bachelorette party!
My mother would
turn in her grave.
Uh Hey,
Rome is kinda concerned.
You do have
a watertight prenup, right?
Do you think he's gonna do me in
for Granny's fake Rubens?
You've got a good lawyer,
at least?
Yeah, sure. I'm actually having
to open up the divorce agreement
with your father because Peter
loves the Eaton Square flat.
Has he not got one of his own?
He had a bit of bad luck
with a salmon-smoking business
and he lost
his place in Pimlico.
Quite the business brain.
Got a very big heart.
Well, I suppose
opposites attract.
Should we just enjoy a fag?
And not do any sniping
for a bit?
Or have you come
to get some attention?
Me? Attention from you? Oh, no.
That ship sailed long ago.
Yeah. I might have been
a bit of a spotty mother,
but you've been
a shitty daughter, so
You weren't a spotty mother,
you were just
an absence. But I'm fine.
I moved back to bloody New York
so I could be near you,
and I never fucking saw you!
Mom, it's okay.
It's fine.
You let Dad take us
and it was probably best.
I gave him custody
so you could keep your shares
and I could protect
your interests.
You chose.
"I'll have the carbonara
and Daddy, please."
I didn't choose anything.
You tend to get
what you want anyway.
SHIV: And you don't?
I don't think I've ever won
a single battle
in my whole life.
I was ten, Mom.
I was a fucking kid.
CAROLINE: You were 13.
And you knew
how to twist the knife.
You knew then,
and you know now.
And I might cry.
Oh, yeah, where's the onion?
You were quite a piece of work.
You were my onion.
-You are my onion.
-SHIV: Yeah, well,
you're my fucking onion.
Truth is, I probably should
never have had children.
You made the right decision.
Some people just aren't made
to be mothers.
I should've had dogs.
Well, you could've had dogs.
not with your father.
He never saw anything he loved
that he didn't wanna kick it
just to see if it
would still come back.
ROMAN: Okay, what's this?
Okay, so your dad called a bunch
and Matsson won't
take the calls.
Matsson hates the phone.
That's nothing. I told Dad that.
-He left me a voice memo.
The tweets were just
fucking around.
His lawyers have given him
the Reg FD scares.
He's flying back
to his Swiss place.
There's clarification coming.
Yeah. Well, your dad thinks
Matsson's trying
to humiliate him.
Well, he's not.
So, Dad just needs
to ride it out.
I don't think we
need to panic, Gerri. Okay?
-I'm not panicking!
-I think you are!
Because you're interrupting
a great night.
I'm getting very pally
with Laurie.
I might try to fuck him,
see how that
fits into our disgusting mess.
GERRI: Do not try
to fuck Laurie.
What do you think
about going to see Matsson?
Yeah. Sure.
Does Dad want me to?
Yes. Your dad wants the deal.
But, you know,
they need a translator.
Logan needs reassurance
before the banker meet.
Okay, so you want me
to save the deal?
Why didn't you say so?
Piece of cake.
Save the deal, fuck Laurie,
lead the company
into the promised land,
fuck Gerri
It's gonna be a great week.
I-- I thought this
was gonna be private.
I'm across
a lot of shit and, uh,
she's monitoring.
KENDALL: Hang out wherever.
You-- You guys can wait inside.
So I hear you were asking
all about the menu and my chef.
Some things are off the menu
for me health-wise.
You scared I'm gonna try
and Jim Jones you with an olive?
Well, I-- I think they've
brought some food
that's good for me. (CHUCKLES)
Yeah. It seems a shame.
You know, Marco's a great chef.
So, we checked in with your doc
and got the requirements.
(INHALES) So, what is all this?
You know,
I-- I got a lot to do.
As ever.
GoJo price is spiking
and your pal, Matsson,
has got a screw loose.
I just wanted to talk to you,
I suppose.
Look, I don't wanna
get into it all right now
because if it's bullshit,
I'll just leave. (MURMURS)
Can we be civil
and not pull our guts out
all over the table?
Uh-- That-- That--
That one's for him.
-Where are the kids?
-They're inside.
LOGAN: Iverson!
I'd like to say hello.
Hey, kiddo!
How you doing?
You like mozzarella?
Um Not much.
Try this.
There you go, try it.
IVERSON ROY: Yeah. It's okay.
Off you go, go on.
Kerry has got something
for you in there, I think.
-KENDALL: Good night, buddy.
-IVERSON: Night.
Who do you think I am?
You think I want you dead?
I'll be broken when you die.
How's the boy doing?
Is he getting better?
KENDALL: He's-- He's fine.
So, look
my thing is
I want out.
I think I thought I was
a knight on horseback,
but, yeah,
that isn't panning out.
Life's not knights on horseback.
It's a number
on a piece of paper.
It's a fight
for a knife in the mud.
(SCOFFS) Like,
I don't really know
where my life goes from here.
Maybe, I
I don't know.
But I can't do jack shit.
So, here it is,
I wanna get a premium payout
from the holding.
Two-bill and a chunky asset.
Something you can realize
without shareholder input.
I don't know, outdoor
advertising, podcasts.
I keep Fikret, Jess,
and I'm gone.
I'm a ghost, divested,
off the board,
complete disinheritance.
Won't even speak
at your memorial.
We're done.
Well, I need to think about it.
KENDALL: Well, you--
you already--
You offered at my birthday.
-That was, uh, for fun.
(GRUNTS) we can't do
this bullshit forever.
Maybe I want you close.
You can do the mail,
keep you rattling around.
KENDALL: I can't.
I tried, but I-- I thought
that I could change things.
But I'm not as
There's things you're able to do
that I can't.
You've won
because you're corrupt
and so is the world.
Hmm. Well
KENDALL: I'm better than you.
You're-- You know,
I-- I-- I hate to say this,
'cause I love you,
but you're kind of
Don't talk about things
you don't understand.
KENDALL: Well, you're smart,
but what you've done is you--
you've-- you've
monetized all the fucking--
the-- the
American resentments
of class and race
And I thought I was just
telling folks the weather.
KENDALL: You've turned
black bile into silver dollars.
Oh, you just noticed, did you?
Yeah, maybe I did.
LOGAN: Oh, fuck off.
Fine, you know what? (SCOFFS)
I don't give a fuck.
Not everyone can live this life.
I'm a great revolutionary.
A bit of fucking spice.
Bit of fun.
A bit of truth.
Okay. Truth, okay.
I fucking know things
about the world,
or I wouldn't turn a buck.
-KENDALL: Maybe.
-Not necessarily nice things.
KENDALL: Look, whatever.
Let me out.
Pay up and let me out.
I don't wanna be you.
I'm a good guy.
How long was that kid alive
before he started
sucking in water?
Couple of minutes?
Three, four, five?
Long time? Two minutes?
What were you even doing, huh?
Chasing a bit of tail?
Hey, are you queer?
Did you try to fuck him?
Or was it just the drugs?
I'm better than you.
LOGAN: Sure.
You're my son.
I did my best
and whenever you fucked up
I cleaned up your shit.
And I'm a bad person?
Fuck off, kiddo.
Good night.
We're out of here.
SHIV: Hey!
TOM: Hey.
How was your night?
Awful, you?
Yeah. Roman implied that Peter
might have killed his first wife
and then he tried to goad Laurie
into talking indelicately
about Gerri.
Let's have a baby.
-SHIV: Uh-huh.
-I'm gonna fucking fight, Tom.
(INHALES DEEPLY) Yeah. You don't
just get given these things
in a house in
the fucking Hamptons.
-Right. Right.
You don't just get given
the top job, or ATN.
I'm gonna have to fight for it.
Gotta fight Gerri
and Roman and Ken.
But I can 'cause
I'm smarter than them.
-Yes, you are. Yes, you are.
-SHIV: Yeah!
SHIV: I'm gonna fucking do it!
And fuck Dad, he can kick me
as many times as he wants.
Like, ten or five years.
Get rid of Cyd, remake ATN.
-TOM: Yeah.
-And destroy it.
-Raze it to the ground, yeah?
Right. I mean, except me.
-Yeah! Yeah, except you!
You know, and Matsson's
got Dad spooked,
so I'm gonna have to find him
a better deal, a bigger one.
I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna
fucking nail it, too!
And what-- (HESITATES)
Uh-- What about me?
-Uh-- And the--
-Together! Yeah!
Because we can't let
the dirty little pixie
become king.
-Yeah? Blow up Roman,
and I'm the only candidate
left in the field.
Let's do anything, yeah?
What do you
-Yeah. Uh
-What do you wanna do to me?
-You're so fucking hot.
-You're so fucking hot.
-Just tell-- tell me anything.
Do anything to me.
Um-- You-- You
You say anything to me.
Go on
Siobhan Roy.
Go on.
You're not good enough for me.
Oh, right.
Oh. I see.
-Well, let's see about that.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
No, I'm way out
of your fucking league.
-Oh, you think so? Yeah?
That's why you want me.
-That's why
you love me.
Fuck you.
Even though I don't love you.
SHIV: But you want me anyway.
-You crept out!
(SIGHS) Sleep well?
Oh, yeah. Really good.
Lots of sleep.
I'm sorry for waking
you to ask, but I'm curious
Yeah. No worries. Yeah.
Yeah, s-- still thinking.
-Still thinking?
-WILLA: Yeah.
Big decision.
Real-- Real life decision.
-CONNOR: Yeah.
-So, just
-Right. Right.
-thinking away. (CHUCKLES)
Just, this much thinking
could start to get unromantic.
-Yeah. No.
-Just sayin'.
-Oh, wow.
Is that the time?
CONTESSA: Excuse me?
Oh, just-- just checking
the old watch there.
-I can't believe it, um
What are you--
What are you up to today?
Um I don't know. Work shit?
Okay, because
I thought, or I've overheard,
actually, that-- that you, uh,
not to-- not to intrude, or--
But-- But I thought
maybe you were part of the
the whole-- the--
-the titled monarchical, uh
sort of situation, if--
if that's not too--
too bold to say?
No, sure,
but I do a bit of, uh--
I'm an online brand ambassador.
A fermented yogurt drink.
Fermented yogurt?
-Well, I've-- I've had that.
Yeah. It's good. It's really g--
It's, uh--
It's a--
It's a gut-cleansing treat.
-CONTESSA: Really?
-Hey, dipshit? Hands off.
I'm just off to save the world.
Should be back for dinner.
Would you please keep
the contessa company? Um
But don't look at her.
Everyone knows
what you're thinking,
and it's disgusting. Bye-ya!
Sorry about him.
Laurie, how the hell are you?
-I'm good.
-GREG: Yeah!
-ROMAN: Good to see you.
-GREG: Yeah! My cousin!
-A very rude man.
SHIV: GoJo price has lurched.
(SCOFFS) And held.
Uh-huh. Power of the tweet.
Yeah. By midweek, their market
cap is gonna be close to ours.
I don't think that Rome can find
a landing zone for this.
-You okay?
TOM: Uh-huh.
That was pretty-- pretty
spicy pillow talk last night.
-Yeah. You ready?
-TOM: Yeah.
Thank you.
But it did, uh--
It got pretty, um
It got pretty-- You know,
when you-- when you said,
"Say something filthy"
or "Do something dirty."
Yeah. I was just being horrible
for fun, you know, dirty fun.
No, it was--
it was dirty, but
this morning, you know,
I feel a little, um
a little afterburn, you know?
I was thinking
more like love beads,
or, you know,
-I'd be a sexy fireman, and
it was--
kind of got into the realms
of that you don't love me.
(SCOFFS) Okay. Well,
what happens in Sex Vegas
Right, right, yeah.
No, I know, but then
sometimes I think, um
sometimes I think,
"Should I maybe listen
to the things you say
directly in my face
when we're
at our most intimate?"
You can't Oh, my God!
You can't ask someone
to say terrible things
and then get all
That's a bit manipulative.
-TOM: Right.
-SHIV: Yeah?
TOM: But did you mean it
about the baby?
Yeah, I
Yeah, I think so.
One way or another.
You know,
we should freeze at least.
You know, embryos survive
way better than eggs. So
we should
put it together
and then see where we are.
Okay. And-- And when do you--
when do you think that might be?
Well, I don't (SIGHS)
(CHUCKLING) know, Tom. It--
It's important
that the-- the-- the--
the host chamber is willing.
Well, they keep them
for ten years and then,
you know, you can do what
(INHALES) you want,
but it-- it-- it--
it's different if one of us dies
or is in a long-term coma.
-And-- No, it's-- That's what--
It's true, you d--
you decide beforehand
what you would want
to happen, and
You know, I don't just
automatically get them
if we divorce (CHUCKLING)
or something like that,
if that's the thing
that concerns you.
No, I just-- I wo--
I wouldn't have necessarily
thought about all of that.
Oh. Uh-- Well,
I just think it's smart
-to bank some embryos.
And then, you know,
we can see where we are.
So we could be looking at,
like, ten years?
-That's-- That's like--
-Oh, well
Ten years is like
two-and-a-half Olympics.
SHIV: Actually, when you put it
like that, it's (CHUCKLES)
It'll get clearer.
I just think it's a good option.
And then if something
happens or, you know,
you change your mind,
they destroy them,
it doesn't bind you.
I would want you to have
my babies if I died.
Aw, thank you.
And if you died?
Would I want-- Um
Yeah, I think so.
-Can I think about it?
You know, Tom
I may not love you,
but I do love you.
You know.
I know. I do know.
I do know.
SHIV: Well
baby popsicles.
-Baby popsicles.
SHIV: Uh-huh.
-Don't fall in!
want me to hold your hand?
LUKAS: Come on,
I'll hold your hand.
Piss off!
Amazing place!
-I don't-- I don't know.
It kind of freaks me out,
to be honest.
Oh, yeah?
When I got it,
I wanted everything
to be absolutely perfect.
Now, I'm sleeping
on a camping mat
on the floor
until I get a deep dive
on the best mattress
in the world.
Ah, it's-- it's great.
It's great, but
I'm just not feeling great.
I mean, I'm f-- I'm fine.
-Well-- But not really.
Maybe let's leave the little
feely-feelings out of it, uh,
'cause I'm gonna
give you nothing.
-All right.
-ROMAN: Nothing!
So, you got a view here
-of the lake.
-ROMAN: Water and boats.
-ROMAN: Have a gander.
-Right. A lot of water.
Hey, what are you worst at?
Uh Me?
Success doesn't really
interest me anymore.
-It's too easy.
analysis plus capital
plus execution. It's--
-It's fucking
-ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
LUKAS: Anyone can do that.
But failure
-That's a secret.
Just as much failure
as possible
as fast as possible
Just burn that shit out.
-Mm-hmm. Well, I
-That's interesting.
am not telling you
a single one
of my weaknesses, ever.
Ever, ever, ever.
-Never ever.
-That's smart.
I know. I'm smart.
'Cause I ream people.
Juice them like oranges.
No, look, seriously, I
I get way too into people,
and then, they disappoint me.
Hey, I'm, uh
I'm thinking of doing like a
quarterly up-or-outs
at the company.
-Oh, yeah.
Firing people is like 85%
of why I get up in the morning.
But, uh
do wanna ask you
about that tweet,
if you don't mind.
Oh, the (CHUCKLES)
-That one?
-ROMAN: Yeah. Seriously. Yes.
You got, like,
big shit coming your way?
(CHUCKLING) are you, uh--
Are you asking me for material
non-public information?
I mean, I don't know.
Were you trying to give
your share price a pop
by tweeting
unverifiable information
outside normal
disclosure channels?
You're not allowed to do that.
-Yup. Yup.
-LUKAS: So mean.
ROMAN: The thing
I need to know
is: do you want this deal?
Are you into it at all?
-Yeah, I am.
-ROMAN: Okay.
I'm just a little Swedish,
you know?
-I'm, uh, into equality.
-ROMAN: Okay.
I like getting into bed
with people,
but I also like
sharing it equally.
Okay. It's just, um,
I'm heading to Milan
to lock things down
with Dad and the bankers.
the tweet just
didn't feel great.
And if you're hoping to just
blow this whole thing up,
just tell me, okay?
I just wanna get myself
the best of everything.
Fuck, yeah. I get that.
-ROMAN: Hey!
-ROMAN: So, I think it's over.
Yeah, I don't think Matsson's
interested in getting acquired.
I think he's angling
for a merger of equals.
-GERRI: Okay. Fuck!
-(INHALES) So, it's dead, right?
-GERRI: Well?
-Are you sure?
I mean, I don't wanna pile
on the pressure, Roman,
and obviously there are always
multiple ways forward
-and I don't wanna
overcook this, but
-ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
in terms of deals
that make sense,
if we don't beef up soon,
I think we end up
someone's lunch.
Well, thanks, Ger.
I'm already so stressed
I'm jerking dust.
You want
to tell him together?
I'm not really inside
the details, so
ROMAN: Okay. Sure.
Well, it was nice
knowing you, then.
So, before we get the whole
three-ring circus in here,
just among friends,
I wanna get a sense
of what's going on.
Is he a Twitter panty-flasher?
Or is he a serious person?
Uh-- Well, he is
a serious person.
SHIV: You're certain?
ROMAN: Yes, Shiv, he is serious.
But, Dad, he, um,
he thinks there's value
that hasn't been priced in yet.
Matsson's gunning
for a merger of equals.
So, I guess, you know,
that probably
SHIV: Uh-- Merger of equals?
Yeah. Like, he's got 12
of the prime Asian
sports leagues
signed up for GoJo,
and he's gonna fold it all
into the platform.
Live sports, games, betting.
It's a fucking growth bomb.
Okay, but (HESITATES)
Full 50-50 board, all stock,
Dad, what, splits control?
ROMAN: Yes, Siobhan.
-SHIV: Well, I don't--
-I know.
I don't think-- Dad?
But the guy isn't a fuckhead?
ROMAN: No. The--
The tweeting was a move.
Well, he's not some big baby
who shits for clicks?
No. No. He's a--
He's on the snake.
You know, I know people, Dad.
I'm-- I'm a people-sniffer.
Because I can win any bout
with a boxer fuck,
but I don't know
how to knock out a clown.
He's not a clown.
He's a motherfucker.
It's what you
would have done, right?
He just maximized his leverage.
Yeah, but merger of equals?
-No such thing.
-Always a top dog, right?
ROMAN: Sure.
And, I mean, he wants the label,
but I think we could still be
the puppy fuckers here!
Uh-- The family stake will be
-seriously diluted.
ROMAN: I think he'd let us
craft it so that we keep
balance of the board.
I think he just wants
the freedom and the status.
GoJo Royco.
I mean, who gives a fuck?
Let him have the logo,
we take the wheel.
Yeah, I mean,
it would be real scale.
It's a legitimate way
of staying relevant.
It's a big upheaval.
Yeah, I mean the top team,
You know, you'll be obviously
be fighting for your lives.
ROMAN: But I'm sure
you can trust Dad, guys.
KARL MULLER: (ON TV) Obviously.
Merger's really
a state of mind, right?
Dad, Gerri, you stay
with your hands on the tiller.
I mean, their--
their price rise? It's real.
It's a proper fucking streamer!
And the future is
movies, TV, music, games,
sports, eSports,
VR, AR, betting,
fucking everything,
for everyone, and Matsson knows
how to get there.
We can't afford
to walk away right now.
Must be worth
a conversation, son.
-ROMAN: Uh-huh!
-LOGAN: Bring them in!
Let's get the banker fucks
in here on this.
ROMAN: Okay.
Fuckin' A.
KERRY: Right this way.
This is Tom Wambsgans.
He's the Chairman of ATN News.
-TOM: Hi.
-BANKER 1: Hi.
-TOM: Tom. How are you?
-BANKER 2: Good.
KERRY: Shiv Roy, President
of Domestic Operations.
-BANKER 3: Glad to meet you.
-GERRI: Gerri Kellman.
Sit wherever you're comfortable.
I need five.
Uh-- Jesus. Fuck.
Um-- Yeah, that's his dick.
sent you a picture
of his dick by mistake.
Well, it's pretty obvious.
Uh Yeah, he meant
to send it to Gerri.
-I don't get it.
Uh-- Well, he--
Honestly, he's, uh, he's--
he's weird about Gerri.
SHIV: Everyone knows it, and
and frankly, I think
it's fucking disgusting.
Yeah. Yeah, Gerri
is probably just
not stopping it for leverage.
You know, banking it as ammo.
Isn't he just Roman being Roman?
Uh No.
No, I mean--
No, I think it's a
potential problem.
There's issues, you know?
Everyone says that he
used to get jerked off
by his personal trainer.
And now,
there's this Gerri thing.
-It's a
It's a track record, you know?
So, I think, you know,
moving forward,
-perhaps we should--
-Oh, ho-- Okay. Okay. Okay.
Well, thank you.
Uh Thank you, Pinkie.
-Uh Go on.
-(SCREAMS) Roman!
-Jesus, fu
Hey, put in a good word for you.
ROMAN: Thanks.
Are you a sicko?
-What is this?
-Oh, Jesus.
-LOGAN: Why do you send them?
-God, it's just, you know,
it's like
"Here's my dick."
Oh, what? Like a-- a "fuck you"?
People just send each other
pics of their dicks.
LOGAN: People send each other
pics of their dicks?
Yeah. Have you heard
of dick pics, Dad?
Well, we do publish a number
of popular newspapers,
so yes, son.
Uh We probably invented
the fucking words.
But why?
Why-- Why? I don't know.
It's just like,
"Here's my dick," I guess.
LOGAN: You got a problem?
What happened to that nice
piece of tail you were with?
ROMAN: Uh Tabitha?
Yeah, she's amazing.
We're having some issues.
And, um
LOGAN: What interests you
in Gerri exactly?
Jesus, Dad. I'm fucking--
I'm screwing around!
I don't like things going on
I don't know about.
She's a million years old.
It's fucking disgusting.
You're a laughingstock.
Oh, go on.
Oh, go on, fuck off.
(HESITATES) So, like,
what happens now?
I don't want her hanging around
like frozen fucking piss.
ROMAN: Gerri?
Uh-- I'm not a radical feminist,
Dad, but I think
perhaps we should not fire her
for receiving pictures
of my dick.
Are you gonna come back?
Sorry about all this, Gerri.
It's just something
I wanna get (INHALES DEEPLY)
you know, really clear
about what's going on, you know?
And most importantly,
to see if you're okay.
It's-- It's not a big deal.
Okay. Yeah, I just wanna get
things clear to--
For my dad, you know?
God, this must be
so hard for you.
-It's fine.
-Do you wanna
No? Okay.
Uh-- So, has this or something
like this happened before?
I can't recall.
SHIV: Mm-hmm? And if it did,
uh, did you ask him to stop?
Let's talk about this,
uh, tomorrow, okay?
Uh-- I just need to check in
with some people.
Okay. Well, sure.
I mean, it's not
not as if you were
welcoming these,
-uh, items.
(CHUCKLES) Were you, Gerri?
Shiv. (SCOFFS)
Look, it's just something
for your well-being
we need to get
really clear about, because
you know.
With all this potential
and you being in such a delicate
position as interim CEO,
if you can't deal with your own
sexual harassment,
then it's not a good look.
I can cope.
Okay. So, do you wanna
make a formal complaint
against him regarding this?
Well, that's for me to decide.
SHIV: Mm-hmm. I just think,
Gerri, that
you should report him to HR,
because if you don't,
it could be argued that you
welcomed these photos
and that just undermines
your position.
It's just-- That's my concern
for you here.
I wonder if we shouldn't
just kick this
all the way up to the board.
Well, thank you for giving this
so much thought,
and, uh,
I'll think it over, okay?
-So, I'll see you back inside.
-Mm-hmm. Let me know.
Hey, Dad? I think I'm gonna
head inside with Soph.
Okay, buddy.
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