TaleSpin (1990) s01e12 Episode Script

Her Chance to Dream

[male voice]
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Spin it!
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Let's begin it.
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Friends for life through
thick and thin with another tale to spin
All the trouble we get in
with another tale to spin
Spin it!
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Spin it, my friend.
Oh-ee-yeah, oh-ee-yeah
Oh-ee-yo, oh-ee-yo
Oh-ee-yeah, oh-ee-yeah
Oh-ee-yo, oh-ee-yo
Spin it, let's begin it,
bear and grin it when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
when you spin it, spin it, spin it
Ha ha!
So spin it
TaleSpin! ♪
[Kit] "Spin-ick." There.
No, no, no.
There is no "ick" in "spinach", Kit.
You wanna bet? Taste it. Ick!
Spell it correctly, please.
[sighs] I don't even like to eat it,
let alone spell it.
And, finally, on my two zillionth try,
I spelled it right.
Oh, my aching hand.
You know, even back when I was in school
they made a big deal out of spelling.
So much for progress.
From where I sit,
spelling's like playing darts.
- Close is good enough.
- What do you mean, Baloo?
Well, supposing I spelled "cat" C-A-T,
you'd know
what I was talking about, right?
Wait. But "cat" is spelled C-A-T.
Like I said, just like darts,
sometimes you get lucky.
Baloo, don't fill
Kit's head with drivel.
Proper spelling brings respect,
self-esteem and, most of all, money.
Money? How's that?
Because we're going
into the sky writing business.
Sky writing is the way of the future
and I intend to lead the way.
Becky, sky writing's not only
a waste of a good plane,
it'll never catch on.
Pardon me. I saw your ad outside.
I need some sky writing done today.
What a silly way to spend a day,
sky writing "Happy birthday to you."
Let's see We start with H.
Are you sure you can write the message
without that?
Don't sweat it.
Any idiot can spell "Happy birthday."
Any idiot can spell "Happy birthday!"
Becky, it's the thought that counts.
Thanks to your spelling,
we'll never get another customer.
Ah? My name is Weasel.
I have an important message
for you to sky write.
We'd be glad to.
At precisely noon today,
you must write this.
- "Chicken soup?"
- What's important about chicken soup?
Er, it's to let my wife know
what I want for supper.
Yes. Well, I'm sure that is important.
We'll be on top of it, Mr. Weasel.
That's Wea-sel.
Becky, that guy's as shifty
as a 10-speed clutch.
Well, as long as his money's green,
who are we to judge?
Now, get it right this time.
"Chicken soup."
Right. Gotcha. Hunky dory.
Isn't there a U in "chicken soup?"
Yeah. And there's a whole alphabet
in alphabet soup.
You're spelling it wrong.
Hey, I'm a pilot, not a poet.
[alarm bells ring]
- Look. The message.
- Who spells "soup" with two "O"s?
Who cares? The code says the second
letter of the first word is important.
That would be the letter H.
It's the code to being phase one.
"Drop everything.
Report to launch sites." Let's go!
You're looking at a 14-carat genius,
- That's Wea-sel.
- Whatever.
Who else but I, Heimlich Menudo,
could have organized all the crooks
of Cape Suzette into one crime syndicate
to pull off the Heimlich Maneuver?
Only you, Heimlich.
Ah. This time
the police can't bug my phones
or intercept my telegrams
or capture my carrier pigeons.
And why? [laughs]
Because I am using a sky writer.
Yeah, but it was I who found
that foolish bear to do our dirty work.
You shall be rewarded, my son.
Why can't I have a big diamond?
Because they're mine.
Ooh. And I love them.
They sparkle, they shine
I didn't get the last part.
"I'm choking!" Ah.
That must be the code
to begin phase two.
You fool!
Didn't you see I couldn't breathe?
I was too busy thinking of your Heimlich
Maneuver to notice you was choking.
Detective Thursday here.
Request permission to enter
Headquarters by the front door.
But OK, OK.
I'll use the secret entrance. Over.
- Look. A flying bear.
- So?
A flying bear
that juggles bowling balls.
Morning, Girdleman.
I hate that entrance.
You hate it? How would
you like to have my assignment?
Boys, gather around.
Things are too quiet.
There hasn't been a major crime in days.
But isn't that good news, sir?
It can only mean trouble brewing.
But our contacts in the field would
have gotten wind of a big operation.
Unless the crooks are getting
their orders through unusual channels.
We may be up against
a brilliant criminal mind.
Brilliant, Baloo. Really brilliant.
What were two "O"s
doing in "chicken soup?"
- Er, the backstroke?
- Not funny.
You're jeopardizing my business.
Oh, Becky, we're not getting
any complaints, are we?
We're also not getting
any repeat business.
You were saying?
Here is your next assignment.
At precisely three o'clock,
write, "Eat at Joe's."
- Taking the missus out to dinner, huh?
- Yes, yes. That's it.
Well, how about I write, "Dinner
at the diner, nothing could be finer?"
No. Joe's. "Eat at Joe's!"
But Joe went out of business last week.
- Who cares?
- Well, your wife might.
Wife? I don't have a wife!
Just write the message and get it right!
Sheesh! Testy little weasel.
That's Wea-sel!
- I'd better apologize.
- Oops. Look what he dropped.
"Eat at Joe's."
Miss Cunningham says
you gotta get this one right.
- Oh, not again!
- What are you gonna do now?
Don't worry, kiddo. If there's
one thing I know, it's eating.
Any progress on the case, sir?
Negative. Our snitches can't figure out
what the crooks are up to
or how they're passing information.
That's strange. In the sky.
That plane. That message.
Er, spelt kinda funny, isn't it?
That's not the only thing that's funny.
Joe went out of business last week.
Maybe it's a message. A code.
Track down that plane.
There's the next message.
Would you look
at how that guy spelled "Joe's?"
It's the second letter that's important.
From the code, we launch the Heimlich
Maneuver in two hours. Come on.
It's a crime the way they've lowered
academical standards in this business.
I'm telling you, Baloo.
The way you spell is a crime.
Give me a break, Beckers. You're making
a federal case out of nothing.
- Are you the sky writing pilot?
- Yup. Sure am.
- You are under arrest.
- Hey, hold on!
You mean bad spelling really is a crime?
[siren wails]
Please, Detective.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Put a sock in it. A laundromat's
no place to air your dirty laundry.
There's that flying bear that juggles.
And chews gum at the same time.
Wait for a dryer like everyone else.
This dryer is a deputized member
of the law enforcement community.
- Kindly back off, madam.
- [crashing]
All right. We're going for a spin.
I want the truth about those messages.
All right, OK. I confess.
I'm the one you're looking for.
I knew it.
How long has this been going on?
Since third grade.
My teacher said I'd be sorry some day.
Started on the road to ruin young, eh?
Five will get you ten you're not
in this alone. Who are you working for?
Miss Cunningham.
Sky writing was her idea.
So you're the brains
behind this operation?
But she's innocent. It's my fault
those messages were spelled wrong.
Spelling? Was that part of your code?
What code? I thought I was here
because of lousy spelling.
- Don't try to throw us off.
- He's telling the truth.
He is a lousy speller. If you
don't believe it, give him a test.
OK, wise guy. Now you're in for it.
It's time
to launch the Heimlich Maneuver.
[Baloo] Stop! Please!
I can't take it anymore!
Now, spell "pizza."
Pizza. Er P-E-E
Er Just give me a hint.
Does it have one T or two?
Now do you believe he can't spell?
Nah. Doesn't prove a thing.
He could be faking.
I'm here, Baloo!
With the report cards you wanted.
[tuts] Pathetic. I've never seen
such awful grades in my life.
Hey, I passed recess with flying colors.
Look, I've proved I'm a lousy speller.
Now, what more do you want?
All I did was write a few messages
for Mr. Weasel.
You know Weasel?
Sneaky-looking guy in a bad suit?
One of this town's biggest gangsters?
Yeah, yeah.
And I can prove it. He dropped this.
Why, this is a book of secret codes.
I promise the next time Weasel shows up
to give us an assignment, we'll refuse.
Negative. Now we've got his code book,
I want you to play along.
You're working for us now, Baloo.
I don't remember the pilot's almanac
saying anything about an eclipse.
That's no eclipse. Look.
[Heimlich] Now hear this!
I am holding Cape Suzette hostage.
Every diamond in Cape Suzette
is to be delivered
to my tanker in the harbor.
And if this demand isn't met,
Cape Suzette will be bombed
by my fleet of blimps.
My boys will blast
those Led Zeppelins to kingdom come.
By the way, my blimps are filled
with an explosive hydrogen gas.
Any attempt to shoot them down
will result in the complete destruction
of Cape Suzette!
Ha ha! Think of it.
I will soon possess
every diamond in Cape Suzette.
It's been my lifelong dream
to build a mansion of diamonds
with a swimming pool
overflowing with diamonds.
The ice box will be made of diamonds.
The toaster will be made of diamonds.
- [phone rings]
- The telephone.
Yes. The telephone
will be made of diamonds.
No. I mean the telephone is ringing.
- [grunts]
- Good news?
The police
They have told everyone
to stay indoors and refuse my demands.
Oh, how terrible for you.
And the worse for them.
Take this to that stupid bear.
It is the code for an all-out attack
on Cape Suzette.
They will rue the day
that they scorned Heimlich Menudo.
Hey, Weasel, old buddy. Good to see ya.
For the last time, and I do mean
the last that's Wea-sel!
Here is the last message you'll ever
need to sky write. "Wait until dark."
OK. But if I write it after dark,
it'll be kinda hard to read.
No, you fool.
- The message is, "Wait until dark."
- Oh.
So long.
It's been unpleasant knowing you.
Nice sting operation, Baloo.
He just gave you the code
to blow up Cape Suzette.
He what? Hey, paying customer or not,
I ain't gonna do it.
Of course you're not, Baloo.
Here's the new substitute message.
"Weight until dark."
You must be slipping. That's
the same message Weasel just gave me.
Negative. You'll notice
it's a different spelling of weight.
This new code will signal the blimps
to scrub their mission.
So no spelling mistakes this time.
- It has to be letter perfect.
- Er, right.
And maintain radio silence.
The crooks may be listening in.
And to make sure
you don't lose this message,
I'm going to staple, glue,
tape and pin it to you.
You don't have to tattoo it!
What's the code again, Baloo?
From where I sit, it's upside down.
I'll have to take my shirt off
to read it right.
Oh, no. Gone with the wind again.
Do you remember the code?
Keep calm.
I know it's in here somewhere.
I got it. "Wait until dark."
And I know how to spell "wait."
Get ready to sky write.
- Wait!
- Check. Sky write "wait".
No, no. Wait on the wait.
It's the other kind of wait.
The "how much does it weigh"
kind of weight.
Oh. So how do we spell it?
You mean you don't know?
Even with all your studying?
What studying? You said spelling wasn't
important so I didn't do my homework.
[gulps] OK. Well, um Let's see.
It's one of those funny words
with goofy letters.
It's either I-E, E-I
E-I E-I E-I-O.
With an oink-oink here
and an oink-oink there
Old Macdonald had a farm
E-I, E-I-O ♪
Baloo! Wait a sec. There was
a little poem we learned in school.
"I before E except after C."
Then man your vowels and let's spell.
There's our instructions.
Check the code book for letter I.
He put the I first. He's giving the code
to attack City Hall.
How could he get it wrong?
OK. Orders are orders.
Who said you can't fight City Hall?
I never gave the order
to attack City Hall.
- [Kit] Uh-oh.
- What's the matter?
I just remembered the rest of the rhyme.
"I before E except after C
and when sounding like A
as in Neighbor or Weigh."
We gotta make those letters go
"return to sender" and fast. But how?
Here's how.
Ready to deploy the explosive device.
Wait! The "weight" is changing.
Come on, Baloo. For once in your life,
spell something right.
[Baloo] Hope this carries some weight.
What do we do now?
Head for the ocean,
drop our bombs and deflate.
Boy, this Heimlich Maneuver's
one nutty operation.
We have been double-crossed, Weasel.
Quick! Prepare my diamond-tipped
roto-scooter for liftoff.
Not until you call me by my right name.
Wea-sel! Wea-sel! Wea-sel!
- There. Are you satisfied?
- Most assuredly.
Go back, you fools! Go back!
Oh, I can't believe
Baloo did something right.
[air squeaks]
- Let's take her home, Kit. We
- [crashing]
You may have ruined
my Heimlich Maneuver, but
the choke is on you.
He's gonna plough right through us.
Maybe not, Kit.
I think I know how to spell "relief."
Here's mud in your eye!
We've got to land this thing.
First-rate work, Baloo. Exemplary.
- [sirens wail]
- I didn't think you had it in you.
Your spelling saved Cape Suzette.
Well, Beckers, it just goes to show
it pays to know your ABDs.
Now, Kit and I have work to do.
What kind of work?
Homework. When it comes to spelling,
close is not good enough.
Another tale to spin
Another tale to spin
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
Oh-oh oh-oh oh
[Baloo] Ha ha ha!
TaleSpin ♪
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