Teen Titans (2003) s05e09 Episode Script

Revved Up

[MUSIC PLAYS] [GASPS] What's buzzing, cousins? You're going to hand over what you stole.
Chill out, cool cat.
The Ding Dong Daddy ain't cruising for a bruising.
The prize is yours.
All you gotta do is race me for it.
What does he mean, "prize"? One hundred percent titanium alloy.
Bulletproof, fireproof, blastproof.
Encrypted lock.
And here's the real kicker: [GASPING] Robin, when you said we had to stop a crook I think you left out a minor detail.
- You were the one robbed.
- It doesn't matter.
Last chance.
We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
How about my way? You want it back, you'll need to beat me in a race.
That's if you have the wheels for it.
You're challenging the T-Car with that thing? Oh, you are on.
Then I'll see you at the finish line.
Be there or be square.
[LAUGHING] BEAST BOY: Dude, this map makes no sense.
That's because you're holding it upside down.
I knew that.
ROBIN [ON MONITOR]: Forget the map.
Just follow that case.
I don't know how Ding Dong Daddy stole it, but we have to get it back.
- What's so important about a briefcase? - It's personal.
RAVEN: This is a waste of time.
Let's just fly past him to the finish line and get it over with.
Yes, victory will be ours.
No can do, kitty-cats.
Daddy's code of the road says, "Flying's for squares.
" [GRUNTING] [MUSIC PLAYS] You swingers want the goods you gotta cross the finish line with rubber touching the road.
ROBIN [OVER COMMUNICATOR]: Raven, Starfire, report.
- We've been grounded.
- Unh.
Ding Dong Daddy used some sort of neutralizer beam to bring us down.
ROBIN: I'm sending Cyborg back to pick you up.
No, keep going.
We'll catch up.
Robin out.
RAVEN: Starfire? - Over here.
I have found us transportation.
[LAUGHING] It just keeps getting better and better.
[MUSIC PLAYS] Daddy's putting a shout out to the cat in the groovy metal threads.
Yeah? What do you want? The junkyard called.
They want their scrapheap back.
[LAUGHING] [GROWLS] That's it.
He's going down.
Sorry, kids.
Daddy's just too smooth.
Then it's time to rough you up.
Ha! Cyborg, you aim, I'll drive.
I told you before, Beast Boy, you're not driving the T-Car.
ROBIN: Good shot, Cyborg.
I'm making my move.
Uh, Cyborg? What kind of car is that? [HORN HONKING] That's no car.
It's a pit stop on wheels.
No matter what you do, I've always got the crew.
[BABBLING] It's coming after us.
[GRUNTING] Heh-heh.
Lost them.
[STARFIRE LAUGHING] I did not know that chickens could be so adorable.
They smell, they're noisy, and their feathers get everywhere.
Nothing about them is adorable.
[SNEEZES] Gulufnog.
Whatever is in that case, it better be worth it.
Do you think it could be a present? It's some kind of secret, and a big one.
[GIGGLES] [CAR ENGINE ROARING] Raven? We need to find something faster.
I got it.
I know what's in Robin's case.
A secret ninja training manual.
I don't think so.
What about his diary? Or? Or embarrassing baby pictures? Or? If he wanted you to know do you think he would've locked it in a briefcase? [GROANS] I have to know.
Face it, Robin keeps things to himself.
We're gonna have to accept it.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Something's on our tail.
[WHOOSHING] Whoa, dude.
What was that? - I don't know, but we'd better warn Robin.
- Leave that to me.
Breaker, breaker, one-niner.
This is Green Machine and Chrome Dome calling Rubber Duck coming at you on the flip-flop.
Bear Bait dusted our britches going full throttle in the monster lane.
- Come on back.
- Give me that.
Yo, Robin.
You got company.
[LAUGHING] Just a little bit closer Aah! RED X: Not so fast, Robin.
I'll be winning that prize today.
Red X.
This is beyond hopeless.
We're never going to catch up.
[SNEEZES] - Gulufnog.
- Oh We know him.
- Gizmo? STARFIRE: You, stop.
Hey, I didn't do anything.
We require the use of your vehicle to race Ding Dong Daddy who has stolen Robin's most secret possession and now offers it to the winner.
[SIGHS] Oh, really? Thanks for the tip, suckers.
Perhaps I have explained too much.
[GROANS] Attention all bad guys.
Bird-boy Robin's secret stuff is up for grabs.
All you have to do is win some stinking race.
Start your engines.
Things are about to get a whole lot uglier.
- Oh-oh! - Oh! Go.
You take them, I'll take the wheel.
For the last time, you're not driving the T-Car.
Huh? [ROARS] [LAUGHING] [SCREAMS] Look what they did to my baby.
Sweet, we're a convertible.
- Aah! - Oh, not again.
[MUSIC PLAYS] RED X: So, what's in the case? - You'll never find out.
RED X: We'll see about that.
Well, razz my berries.
That's about a gazillion-foot drop straight down to the bottom of Nowheresville.
BUS DRIVER: All aboard.
Ah! Look.
We have located the wheels to finish the line.
Ah! - Starfire, those are bad guys.
- I have a plan.
Excuse me, friends.
I have subdued a Teen Titan.
Oh, no.
I have been captured.
Who are you two supposed to be? I, uh am the doctor Amazing Mumgon the Terrible.
And this is my henchman, uh, Henchie.
Well, Dr.
Amazing Mumgon, you're not on the list.
This is because we are new here.
Yes, we have come from Easttown to do evil here as we are evil.
[GROWLS] Extremely evil.
[SIGHS] Go on.
You ought to think about ditching the boss there, Henchie.
I'll keep that in mind.
[GRUNTING] This little birdie can fly.
But guess what, daddy-o's.
So can I.
RED X: You don't think I plan on making this easy for you.
[GRUNTING] Cool moves.
That cat's a blast.
Why are you doing this? You're only helping him.
You've got it all wrong, kid.
I'm only interested in helping myself.
That case is up for grabs, and I'm gonna grab it.
It means nothing to you.
It's only valuable to me.
I wouldn't be so sure.
I can think of a few people who might like to buy it off me when I win.
STARFIRE: And then, after I took control of the city I required my likeness to be carved from solid cheese in every home.
WOMAN: That's a really good idea.
MAN: That would scare a lot of people.
STARFIRE: With the assistance of Henchie, of course.
[MUTTERING] MAN: Get them.
[YELLING] Oh I don't feel so good.
- You better not get carsick in here.
- Look at me, I'm green.
I mean, greener than usual green.
[HORN HONKING] [GRUNTING] Aah! The T-Car can't take another hit like that.
Neither can I.
Aah! Step on it.
There's nothing left to step on.
- That's it.
Beast Boy, take the wheel.
- Dude, are you serious? Oh.
[SCREAMING] All right, you little grease weasels, it's time for some payback.
BOTH: Aah! Aah! Get off me.
Aah! [BABBLING] Why are you looking at me like that? [LAUGHING] Oh-oh.
GREMLINS: Aah! CYBORG: Aah! It's one thing to mess with my car but nobody goes auto-shop on me.
Aah! Cyborg, tunnel! Time to go.
The T-Car is still in the race.
[HORSE WHINNIES] [BABBLING] [YELLING] There you go, daddy-o.
You're getting warmer.
Much, much warmer.
Wow, man.
You're, like, radioactive.
It's time to chill out.
Code of the road: There ain't no prizes for second place.
Later, gators.
RED X: Saving me was a mistake.
The briefcase really means that much to you? - You have no idea.
- Then go get it.
[BEEPING] - Whose side are you on, barf brain? - Mine.
GIZMO: Crud! [BOTH SHRIEK] Need a lift? Tell Robin we're even.
For now.
[MUSIC PLAYS] The Daddy's eyeballing the finish line, pals and gals.
Not another coupe in sight.
If I'm lying, I'm crying.
Then you better start crying.
What a drag, cool cat.
You got no wheels and you got no chance.
Your car might be the first to cross the finish line but you won't be in it.
[GRUNTING] What do you say, cool cat? Rematch? Steel City or bust.
The prize belongs to the Daddy.
Code of the road: There's no prize for second place, daddy-o.
You have won.
We're glad you got your whatever-it-is back.
That's right.
Nothing can stop the T-Car.
Uh, what T-Car? [BEAST BOY GROANS] It was a sweet ride while it lasted.
Don't sweat it, B.
We'll build another one.
The important thing is we're all back together.
BEAST BOY: I guess that's a pretty good prize.
Actually, I've got another.
All of you took a risk to help me protect this.
It's only fair that I show you what's inside.
You don't need to do that, Robin.
Sometimes secrets aren't meant to be shared.
Even with your best friends.
I used to think that, but not anymore.