Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e37 Episode Script

Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star (Part 1)

1 "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star, part 1" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] Tonight, countless superheroes came out to prove [MUSIC] they have what it takes to impress our panel of judges.
Batman, Superman, [CHEERING] Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.
The search has officially begun as in, oh snap, right now! To find out who can fill one very important position on The Justice League.
[MUSIC] Big welcome to this year's competition, - I'm your host - Birdarang! That's my name, don't wear it out.
I cannot believe we are actually going to audition for the spot on the Justice League! - So many A-list heroes! - Ah, Wonder Woman.
[MUSIC] Wait! Ain't we already on a team? Yeah, but we want to be on, you know, a good team.
- Oh, I totally gets that! - I don't know.
Looks like a lot of heroes turned up this year.
Think you guys got a chance? Of course, we have a chance.
We are awesome! Check this out! Ka-blammo! And I can be any animal in the world.
Who else but the I can do the speed, the strength, and the shooting of the eyeball lasers? That's nothing compared to my dark magic.
[EVIL VOICE] I will destroy the competition! And I've got a sweet jump kick.
[EXCLAIMS] Oh, yeah, you don't have superpowers.
Well, you're in luck, because this isn't a superpower competition.
We're trying to peep someone who is not just super, - but super special.
- Ha! That's me.
I know, because my mom told me.
BIRDARANG: Once the auditions got underway, things went from bad to, "Oh, no, he didn't!" But despite the odds, one contestant seemed very sure of himself.
My name is Robin.
I'm a crime-fighting vigilante, and I have a very strong jawline.
Epic, yo! What do you think your chances are to win? Let's just say I'm pretty good friends with one of the judges.
But you probably want to hear my very sad and melodramatic back story.
You see, I didn't have a regular childhood.
[MUSIC] I grew up in the circus.
I was 8 years old and doing the tightrope without a net.
Gosh, growing up in the circus sounds super fly! Yes, it was Wha? Wait, no.
There's a sad part, too.
What's sad about riding unicycles and chilling with clowns? I know growing up in the circus sounds fun, but it wasn't! I need you to feel sorry for me so I can win, please.
- Feel sorry for me.
- No diggity.
Yo, Batman! What's up, bro-ham! You better not play favorites, big man.
Wink! Wink! [GIGGLES] Uh, so, for my talent I'll be doing a motorcycle trick! [OPERATIC MUSIC] [ROARING] [ENGINE REVVING] [SCREAMING] [AUDIENCE GASPS] [GASPS] Wait, please [BUZZER SOUNDING] Don't you touch that buzz [BUZZER SOUNDING] You can't do this to me! [BUZZER SOUNDING] Batman, you like me, right? [BUZZING] [GROANING] This was my dream! [SOBBING] My one shot at the Justice League.
[CONTINUES SOBBING] [WAILING] They didn't even give me a chance.
It's not fair! It's just not fair.
[YELLS] I grew up in the circus! And cut.
That clip is dope.
Wait, you're not really going to use that, right? That was a private moment.
Sure was, real embarrassing too.
Let's see it again.
BIRDARANG: After seriously busting up Batman, the only thing Robin could feel sorry for was himself.
It's not fair! It's just not fair.
[YELLS] I grew up in the circus! BIRDARANG: Meanwhile, other contestants prepared for their auditions, with talents ranging from mind-blowing to heartwarming.
Oh, well done, Mr.
I have always loved the small felines.
We do not have them where I come from.
You see, I am not from here.
I'm from a far off world.
The planet Tamaran.
There, I was a princess, next in line to become queen of the entire planet.
But I was betrayed by my own sister! [GASPS] STARFIRE: She exiled me from my planet and I came to the Earth, where I fell in love with these sweet little balls of the fur.
[CAT PANTING] Hello, I am Starfire.
For your consideration, I present the Circus of the Felines.
The ta-da! Through the hoop, Mr.
Sparkles! Through the hoop! Hurray! Now, Mrs.
Buttons will play the soccer.
[YAWNS] And, um, next, Mr.
Fluffles will recite the Shakespeare! [MEOWS] [SNORING] [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] And for the final and most spectacular of the acts, Mr.
This is the part where I interview the loser to see if they're gonna cry.
So, gonna cry? [WEAKLY] Why would I do the crying? I gave it the best effort and this is not the last you will see of me.
[SOBBING] Whoomp, there it is! [SOBBING] My dream of winning this competition will not become the reality! - Tissue? - No, thank you.
I have the kittens.
[BLOWING NOSE] BIRDARANG: Starfire wasn't the only one the judges didn't give props to.
[SCREAMS] BIRDARANG: Up next is Cyborg.
Half man, half robot, all fresh.
But will he be able to hit his high notes? [SINGING SHARPLY] BIRDARANG: Or will he be the one who cracks under pressure? My dream was to be a football star.
The coaches said I could have gone all the way, too.
But then I was in a horrible accident.
I was rebuilt as a cyborg.
And then I changed my name to Cyborg.
Didn't wanna overthink it, you know.
Point is it wasn't long before I found a new passion.
Singing! Singing is the only thing I've got in this world, if you don't count all my cool superpowers, all my cool superhero friends, and all the cool superhero things I do every day.
I'm not counting it if you're not.
In that case, I have had a hard life! But if I could be on the Justice League Whoo, doggy! Hi! [MIC FEEDS BACK] Uh, I'm Cyborg from the Titans.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, the Teen Titans.
Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
Hi, Wonder Woman.
[WINK] [GIGGLES] Okay, I'm gonna sing for you now.
[MUSIC] Just like diamonds I believe in somewhere someone Like all heroes do Searching for a shining heart Like a light that shines in you Seems like butterflies, birds and stars Just dance around your head I guess it's gonna be this love story That has a happy end - # And just like diamonds # - # Diamonds # - # Eyes just like a shining jewel # - # Eyes just like a shining jewel # - # And just like diamonds # - # Diamonds # Shining like diamonds do Like diamonds do - # And just like diamonds # - # Diamonds # Eyes just like a shining jewel - # Eyes just like a shining jewel # - # And just like diamonds # Diamonds - # Shining like diamonds do # - # Shining like diamonds do # Like they do [BELL DINGING] [SCREAMING] I'm going to the final round, baby! [SCREAMING] I knew you could do it, brah.
I'm so jealous that he won.
- Wait, did you just film that?! - Word! [YELLS] That was private moment! BIRDARANG: Coming up next Raven has an unwelcome surprise from her evil dad.
Hi, I'm Raven.
Growing up, my dad always wanted me to follow in his footsteps.
You know, destroy the world with evil magic.
He doesn't approve, but all I ever wanted to do was Dance.
[TAP DANCING] [MUSIC] Raven, demons don't dance, sweetie.
[POP MUSIC] Keep moving Yeah Keep moving I told you, demons don't dance.
[DISCO MUSIC] Demons don't dance! My dad thinks demons don't dance, but I plan on proving him wrong tonight.
In style.
I spent the last two weeks making this outfit for tonight's performance.
Isn't it beautiful? [GASPS] [RIPPING] [SCREAMING] No! - Dad, how could you? - For the last time, Raven.
[EVIL VOICE] Demons don't dance! Oh, snap! It just got real.
Will Raven be able to perform, or will she finally have to hang up her dancing shoes? Find out next time on Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star! [MUSIC THEME]