Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e41 Episode Script

Throne of Bones

"Throne of Bones" [OPENING THEME.]
Titans, prepare to leave all your worries behind.
with the soothing sounds of the smooth jazz.
This is gonna be the smoothest jazziest "smooth jazz" of all time.
Nothing's like a sweet saxo load to make the dude forget - about all his cares.
- And it's so sophisticated, too.
I like to listen to things, but sometimes the listening is the hard, - smooth jazz makes the listening easy.
- Mmm, that's right.
Smooth, low tempo rhythms, here we come.
Crowd looks kind of rough tonight.
That's why they're here, Cyborg.
To make their troubles melt away.
That guy's jacket is sharp, yo.
Their clothing is not supposed to be the dangerous.
Quiet, it's starting.
- This does not sound very smoothing.
- No, don't worry, Star, the saxophone is gonna kick in any second now.
Why are they so angry? [SHOUTING.]
This is not smooth! This is rough, very so rough! [SHOUTING.]
It is he so loud! That is extremely dangerous.
Does the fire marshal know about this? Wait, this isn't smooth jazz.
It's heavy metal! And [YELLS.]
I kinda like it! I think I could really work out a lot of negative emotions here.
My ears be saying 'no', but my head is doing 'yes', 'yes' [GROWLS.]
Yes! All: Mosh Pit! [THUD.]
Stop pushing me.
Hey! That's my personal space.
Too intense.
I have to get out of here.
Titans, retreat.
A smooth way to start the day.
Just what I needed to calm my nerves.
Why are you all dressed like savages? We have fully embraced the lifestyle that is heavy with the metal.
That is way too many wristbands to be wearing.
You can cut off circulation to your hand.
Ah, please don't hurt me.
Let's just have some breakfast, okay? What do you want? [ALL SCREAMING.]
Scrambled eggs! [FEARFULLY.]
Okay, okay.
All: So metal! You trashed the kitchen! That's 'cause we metal now! We ain't out here to the rules of society no more.
Ah, this is terrible.
I need to relax on the couch.
This is so scary.
- It is the metal.
- What happened to the couch? We thrashed it.
Then we got this throne of bones, yo.
So metal! Ou-ouch! C'mon.
This isn't even comfortable.
Yeah, but it's [ALL SCREAM.]
So metal! Stop saying that.
Stop all of this! Heavy metal is a bad influence.
It's dangerous.
Metal isn't dangerous.
It's a healthy outlet for aggression.
Not dangerous? Do you know what happens when you play a heavy metal record backwards? Huh? [SCREAMS.]
Do ya? Do ya?! - What's a record? - None of you know what a record is? All: No.
Robin: A record is an analog sound storage media format popular throughout the 1900s until it was replaced first by the cassette tape, then the compact disc and finally the MP3.
Still popular with hipsters, real DJs and weird collectors today.
A record is a flat disc with the spiral groove pattern etched onto its surface The music on the record would play by dragging a needle over the grooves creating vibrations which were then amplified.
You are making that up.
It's all true.
And if you played a heavy metal record backwards, it would have dire consequences.
Don't you do it! - That is so metal.
- Let's do it right now! [HEAVY METAL MUSIC.]
Beast Boy: What is this place? It's the most metal place of all.
The metal world! [GUITAR SHREDDING.]
Behold, the metal lord.
All: So metal! Titans, no! No, no, no! Let's uh, let's just get some smooth jazz going, okay? Smooth and all with the sax jam.
We are the metal now, Robin.
And we follow him! You guys are righteous, but you are not rugged enough.
Whoa! All: So metal! Oh, no.
I've lost my team to the metal world.
If I'm going to get them back, I'll have to metal up! [HEAVY METAL MUSIC.]
Lets thrash.
Whoa! This is intense.
Beast Boy: What are you doing here, old man? Titans, listen.
I was wrong to try to stop you from being metal.
I was afraid, but I thrashed my fear.
That's all great, yo, but it's too late.
We've got some new leader now! [THUNDERCLAP.]
Hey, this is my world.
You don't belong here.
What, you don't think I'm metal enough? Let's see just how metal you are.
So you are metal.
But can you cross "the pit"? [ALL GASP.]
- [GASPS.]
The pit! - No one survives "the pit".
Then it would be so metal, if I did it anyway, wouldn't it? That would not be just "so metal," - it would be "so, so metal".
- Doom on! [GUITAR SOLO.]
- Star: Hey, he's through! - Cyborg: He is metal.
Let's make this a little more metal.
Mosh! Pit! [ALL CHEERING.]
Cyborg: You are mosh metal.
Nothing's more metal than me.
Prepare to be thrashed.
Titan, shred! [SHREDDING.]
You lose poser.
You can't grind without an ax.
Who needs an ax when you've got a sax! What? [SMOOTH JAZZ.]
What is this sound? [JAZZ CONTINUES.]
Enough! [SHREDDING.]
Ah, release me.
It's so soft.
Oh, so smooth.
So smooth! [BLEATING.]
My fellow metal heads.
I've learned something today.
It doesn't matter, if you're heavy, or smooth, metal, or jazz.
What matters is that we could all appreciate a good jam.
Now, let's rock! [PLAYING SMOOTH JAZZ.]