Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e42 Episode Script

Demon Prom

1 "Demon Prom" [MUSIC.]
- Anyone gonna get that? - [GROANS.]
Not me.
- Not me.
- Not the me.
Not me neithers.
Hold up! Did somebody order pizza? - Not me.
- Not me.
- Not the me.
- Not me neither.
Maybe I did order pizza.
Hello, hello.
- Where's the pizza, fool? - I didn't bring pizza.
You are a terrible pizza delivery man.
- I was hoping to see my daughter.
- And I was hoping to see the hot discus of the crust sauce and the cheese! [HAIRS SLAP.]
Is anyone going to tell Raven I'm here? [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Hello, hello.
- What do you want, Dad? Have you forgotten? Tonight is demon prom.
Not going.
- You must go, Raven.
- No.
But I nominated you for prom queen! As my daughter, you're guaranteed to win.
I don't wanna be prom queen, Dad.
If you don't do this, you'll regret it for the rest of your eternal life.
Being prom king made me the demon I am today.
I'd rather just stay here and read.
Hear me, daughter.
You will go to demon prom and be crowned prom queen.
Or I will rain fire upon the Earth until it is but cinder and ash! - [GROANS.]
- Good.
Now all you need to do is show up in your most evil dress with a nice, crude demon boy and the crown is yours.
You grew up so fast.
Now, go ahead and get ready.
Whats was all that about, Mama? My dad is making me go to demon prom.
ALL: Prom? - We loves prom! - Oh, you must bring us with you, Raven.
Guys, it's not prom.
It's demon prom.
You know, for demons.
If you show up with me, my dad will be super mad at me.
Oh, hey You guys wanna go to demon prom? ALL: Yeah! [CHUCKLES WRYLY.]
Me and Beasty are gonna hang out by the food, being cool dudes and saying hello to the ladies.
That's what's up! Uh! Robin, I was wondering, this prom is so important.
I need to have the coolest date.
I'm flattered, Raven, but I was going to ask Starfire.
That's cool.
I just thought you'd make a great prom king.
Prom king.
Kneel, you savages! Kneel before your king! [LAUGHING MANIACALLY.]
Bad news, Star.
I won't be taking you to demon prom.
- That is the fine.
- I'm so sorry.
This must be the greatest disappointment of your life.
Not at all.
But don't worry, you'll find that special someone.
- Mmm-hmm.
- So brave.
Okay, we better hurry up and get ready.
ALL: Prom night! [MUSIC.]
All right! [ALL CHEERING.]
- Yeah, boy! - Where are you dorks going? - Prom, baby! - What? [CHITTERING EXCITEDLY.]
- About prom.
Um Hello, sir.
I'm here to pick Raven up.
I'm her date.
- [YELLS.]
Raven! - RAVEN: Be right there.
I don't know what's going on but I am not going to let my daughter go out with someone like you.
Don't worry, sir.
I'm a good boy.
I'll have her home by 7:00 p.
And I'll make sure she doesn't get into any trouble.
That's the problem.
Raven is half demon.
She must stay out past midnight, revel in mischief, and possible enslave another dimension.
I was thinking about maybe stopping for ice cream afterwards.
You disgust me.
RAVEN: I'm ready.
Milady! [GRUMBLES.]
You look stunning.
Raven, your friends can't come.
They're going to ruin your big night.
Sorry, Dad, but this is my squad.
Your squad? This is not a Taylor Swift video.
This is demon prom! If I'm gonna go, I wanna be with my friends.
Very well.
It is the more dreary than I expected.
Yeah, this don't look like John Hughes kind of situation.
Then I says we get this party started! The party has already started.
Now, you will all stand quietly in a corner and not jeopardize Raven's ascension to the prom throne.
- But we wanna - Shut up, dork! Don't worry about him.
You're my squad.
Just be yourself and have a great time.
All right! [DISCO MUSIC.]
Free food! [LAUGHING.]
Youse think this sandwich is vegan? I don't know, dummy.
Ask the sandwich.
Yo, sandwich, is you vegan? - Yeah, I'm Vegan.
- Cool.
These are the cool guys I was telling you about.
What's up, demon mama? How you doing? You tried the food yet? [BEAST BOY SCREAMING.]
What are you doing? Stop that! You're ruining everything! [CHUCKLES MISCHIEVOUSLY.]
What's the matter, Starfire? The demon prom is not the wonderful place I had imagined.
It is a little gloomy.
Too bad we can't brighten things up.
Well, I did bring the bag of the stray kitties.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's brighten up this prom.
Oh, come on.
Kittens? This is an outrage.
Greetings, greetings, one and all from your future prom king! [MEWS.]
Now hear me, peasants! I demand that you castest thine votes for us! [ALL BOOING.]
Do not boo me.
I am your liege.
Now, I have prepared a poem for this occasion.
FEMALE DEMON: We hate poems! Stop booing! Stop it! Bow before me! - Bow before me, knaves, bow! - He's my date.
Your squad is humiliating you.
Guess I won't be prom queen after all.
Raven, honey, don't throw this opportunity away.
- This is what's best for you.
- It's best for you, Dad.
You never think about anyone but yourself.
Shut up, dork.
What's gotten you down, pops? [SIGHS.]
Raven was a shoe-in for prom queen until you all embarrassed her.
All I wanted was for my little girl to have a moment where she could see how much everyone loves her, including me.
But she always thinks she knows what's best.
We did not realize we were ruining friend Raven's chance to be the queen of the proms.
Well, you did.
You guys are dorks.
There's gotta be something that we can do to get her that crown.
We'll have to find a way to win over the crowd.
Don't worry, guys.
I got this.
Yo, demons! We just gots one thing to say.
Straight outta Azarath Crazy high female named Raven, prom queen Of the evening Best believe your Little boy that's green Mama Raven For prom queen Prom queen Prom-prom queen Mama Raven For prom queen Prom queen Prom-prom queen Mama Raven For prom queen Prom queen Prom-prom queen Mama Raven For prom queen! [ALL CHEERING.]
Ladies and gentlemen, here to announce the winners of demon prom king and queen is the one and only lord of madness, the world ravager, the soul devourer.
Put your hands together for the almighty Trigon! [CROWD CHEERING.]
And this year's demon prom king and queen are [DRUM ROLL.]
Hold on, let me get my glasses.
Please be me, please be me, please be me.
Robin and Raven! [ALL CHEERING.]
Yes, yes, yes! [LAUGHS.]
I've been waiting for this my whole life! Kneel, peasants! Kneel! [GRUMBLING.]
- No! - You should be the happy.
Yeah, your pops is right, yo.
Youse gonna look back on this day and remembers how much everybody loves you.
You think that's what demon prom is about? Making memories? [LAUGHING MANIACALLY.]
It's about deciding who's gonna rule the underworld for the next millennium, you dorks! [ALL GASPING.]
That's right.
Finally, my evil little buttercup will be where she belongs.
Come on, let's go.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm the prom queen.
Obey the prom queen! Why do you refuse your destiny? My destiny is my choice! See you at demon graduation! [MEWLING.]
Sorrys we almost made you the queen of the underworlds, Mama.
Honestly, I don't know why we keep trusting your dad.
It is because we are the easily manipulated.
It's cool.
Hey, where's Robin? [LAUGHING MANIACALLY.]
Best prom ever! Shut up, dork.