Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e16 Episode Script

How's This For a Special? Spaaaace: Part 2

T E E N T I T A N S Teen Titans let's go [SCRATCHING.]
T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [SCREAMING.]
Dude, relax.
This space adventure is going to get us killed.
Well, yours was gonna bore us to death anyway.
Let us explode them with the booms and the kabooms.
Boom! Boom! Oh, yeah.
ALL: Space adventure! [LAUGHS.]
Let's do it again, yo.
Absolutely not! Now get your onesies back on! ALL: Aw.
Remember, Titans, our priority is Darkseid.
So what, we just have to sit here bored? These space adventures are never boring.
This ship has a multitude of gentle, intellectual, sci-fi activities to tantalize the mind.
Follow me.
We can meet our evil doubles in the Reflection Universe.
We are the evil versions of you.
- You can tell by our facial hair.
- Facial hair be so evil, yo.
The mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha.
The sci-fi concept of parallel universes and opposite versions of ourselves.
Tell me that doesn't get you all fired up.
ALL: Pass.
Look at these adorable alien creatures.
Who wants to listen to their soothing purr? [PURRING.]
Oh, yes.
That's some good purring.
ALL: Pass.
We can study the habits of space babes.
They look exactly like humans but they're green.
- The pass.
- Pass.
I'm actually [CLEARS THROAT.]
kinda down with that.
Me too.
I is also green as it were.
- The pass! - Pass.
I suppose no one wants to become immersed in a virtual reality hologram chamber, limited only by your imagination.
- Ooh, that actually sounds cool.
- Really? You think something on this space adventure sounds cool? Oh, yeah, boy, we's love some virtual realities.
Then prepare to enter a world of wonder.
Computer, recreate 19th century London.
- Come on, man.
- What? You can create anything imaginable, and you pick 19th century London? The London?! [CLOCK BELL TOLLS.]
I's so mad right now.
This is an opportunity to adopt carefully cultivated personas in order to solve the murder of Lady Hathaway.
I'm Lord Bismarck Wellington, a moderately successful textile manufacturer.
How about we do something interesting instead? Yo, yo, yo, yo, Computer, listen up.
I wants you to make a fart monster.
Now we're talking.
Ooh, what if we gave him two butts? Yeah, Computer, you heard my man, give me a fart monster with two booties.
Computer, do not create a fart monster with two booties.
- BOTH: Aw.
- Now, please.
Everyone, get into character.
Over there is our main suspect.
If we can't stop him, he will get away with his [WHISPERING.]
Raven, what are you doing? [WHISPERS.]
Don't worry about it.
What is that? Lady Hathaway is counting on us to avenge her.
I thinks that fart monster's got that covered, bruh.
The hologram chamber is not to be used for low-brow entertainment.
Computer, fire axe, please.
ALL: Aw.
Since you refuse to enjoy the slow, thoughtful pace of this adventure, we are just going to sit quietly until we arrive at the Space Council meeting.
Dramatic music.
Warp speed, Cyborg.
It's all been building up to this, Titans.
The Space Council meeting.
Are you ready to clash with Darkseid? There's not gonna be any clash, dude.
There will be a clash, all right.
A clash of ideas, and opposing viewpoints.
That's not a clash.
That's talking.
And we's just wants to shoot some lasers into some bad guys' faces! I'll be using a far more dangerous weapon than lasers, words.
The boo, I say.
Boo, boo.
The Galactic Zoning Board will now discuss the motion to allow Darkseid to move planet Apokolips into our solar system.
Distinguished members of the Council, I'm here to warn you against a con, the greatest con this galaxy has ever seen.
Darkseid has a reputation for destroying countless worlds, and feeding on psychic despair.
But the real issue is the obstruction of your scenic views.
And if he gets away with this, your property values will plummet.
There is nothing more important to this Council than our property values.
How do you respond, Darkseid? A rousing speech, Robin.
But I have something you don't.
Visual aids! - No.
No! - Lights, please.
Here you will see your vistas, which are very beautiful, by the way, will be obstructed only twice, that's right, just twice a year by Apokolips orbit.
Now, I recognize that this may be a nuisance to some homeowners, which is why I plan to compensate each of them with gift baskets.
Do these gift baskets contain pastries? A gift basket with no pastries is no gift basket at all, is it? - Motion approved.
- No! Can't you see it's a con? It's a con.
A con! And now that I've overcome this procedural hurdle, there's nothing stopping me from destroying this galaxy! [EVIL LAUGHTER.]
I knews we should've shot him in the face with a laser.
Cyborg, teleport us.
But things are finally getting good.
Teleport us! Are you feeling bad a whole galaxy is about to be destroyed 'cause you had to have one of your boring space adventures? I really thought I could save the day through subtle intellectual discourse.
Nope, explosions is always the answer in space.
The boom.
The boom, boom, kabooms.
I know that now.
Unfortunately, it's too late.
No, it's not.
We can still stop Darkseid.
It's just going to take a different kind of ALL: Space adventure! [GROWLING.]
Good luck.
The galaxy is depending on you.
You're, you're not coming? You know what happens to me on those types of adventures.
But your anxiety and cowardice will make the rest of us look cooler, and provide some of that good comedy relief.
It's not a real space adventure without a wets blanket.
Then I'm in.
According to my analysis, if we can disable the shield, we should be able to destroy Apokolips with a single proton missile.
Oh, but to disable the shield, we have to beam on to the planet.
That sounds very dangerous.
- Oh! Oh, my! Oh, my! - That is the spirits.
ROBIN: Oh, dear.
The odds of getting past those guards are 3,983,444 to one.
- So we's probably gonna die? - Almost certainly.
That sounds super exciting.
Let's do it.
All right.
ALL: All right.
Great job shuffling around in a panic.
Oh, I, I can't, I can't even [SCREAMS.]
Come on, we've gotta shut down those shields.
- Darkseid be coming this way.
- I have an idea.
But it is to take something we learned while being boring and thoughtful.
Find those rebels and destroy them.
It's the Titans, Lord Darkseid.
- Nah, [GIGGLES.]
it can't be them.
- I'm pretty sure it's them.
Well, the resemblance is undeniable but that kind of musical skill can only be achieved by an uninteresting lifetime of practice.
Keep searching.
- Oh, it worked.
- Now let's power down them shields, yo.
- Fire the proton missile.
- The boom! [ALL CHEERING.]
Look at it, look at it.
Oh, wow.
What an exciting space adventure.
We couldn't have done it if we didn't have that encounter with that boring space probe.
I guess there is a place for both types of space adventures.
Cyborg, set a course for Earth.
Shortcut through the asteroid field.