Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e23 Episode Script

I Used to Be a Peoples

1 [ANIMAL SOUNDS] Go! [TITLE MUSIC] T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans let's go [SCRATCHING] T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [SNAIL VOCALIZING] Ah, the joy of reading.
Oh, the yes.
I, too, love the literature.
Looking at them words is making me hungry, yo.
[ALL CHATTERING] CYBORG: I could sure use a little eaty.
[ALL CHOMPING, BURPING] [ALL SIGHING] The foods have made me the sleepy.
I shall now take the nap.
- CYBORG: That sounds pretty good to me.
- BEAST BOY: I'm feeling the nap, yo.
[ALL SNORING] Titans! [ALL SCREAM] Why are you interrupting our nap? Because clearly, you are all spending too much time together.
- How is that a bad thing? - Are we not the team? Yes, and that is the problem.
We used to be people, too.
You means I used to be a peoples? Yes, and you can still be a peoples.
We just need to start spending more time apart.
Living our own lives, chasing our own dreams.
You's right, bro.
I gots to start living my own life.
Now, excuse me, I gots to go drop the kids off at the pool.
- Oh, yes.
- Yep, pooping sounds like a great idea.
[SNARLING] [BEEPING] I demand that we all spend the rest of the day apart.
Let's find out who we would be if we weren't members of the Teen Titans.
I will gladly join you in that endeavor.
[SNARLING] I said, apart.
And that's an order! [ALL SCREAMING] [SCREAMING] Oh, man.
What's kind of peoples am I gonna be without my best friends? [SNORING] Sticky Joe! Hmm, I gots me an idea.
Whoa, Sticky.
[GIGGLES] I'mma learn to be my owns people by being Sticky Joe.
[MUSIC] - What up? - Mmm.
Oh, I mean "Howdy!" [GIGGLES] - Howdy! - Wow.
Howdy! Howdy! [HORN HONKS] BEAST BOY: Howdy.
- ALL: Huh? [CHUCKLING] Howdy.
[CROWD CHEERING] [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] Howdy! [SOMBER INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] [SIGHS] Now how am I gonna become my own peoples? STICKY JOE: Howdy? [GASPS] [GIBBERING] I gets it now.
It doesn't matter what you're wearing on the outside because howdys come from the heart.
And if your howdys are true, you'll never be blue.
- Aww.
- Oh.
Sticky Joe, you's a Bohemian treasure.
[TIRES SQUEALING] Whoo! I suppose spending time apart from the friends is the beneficial.
I have neglected my secret agent duties for too long.
This is the agent Ooo Ooo 7.
I shall now engage the secret mission.
Ah, the illustrious Agent Ooo Ooo 7.
I am here to thwart the nefarious plans.
I'm afraid you're too late.
With the push of a button, my laser will I see you enjoy stroking the kitty.
I was saying, with the push of a button, - my laser will - May I stroke the kitty? Ugh.
If I say yes, will you let me finish saying my evil plan? - Joy! - With the push of a button, my STARFIRE: Oh, kitty.
Meow, meow, meow.
She is now the prettiest of the kitties.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] You really don't care about my laser, do you? I finally have a moment to do my evil speech, and all you do is care about a cat.
[CAT MEOWS] - Can you do the blaming of me? - No.
Would you, too, like to frolic with the kitty? Mmm.
Very much.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Now, if you will excuse me, I must thwart your doomsday plans.
Thwart! [BEEPS] Thwart, thwart, thwart! Thwart! Agent Ooo Ooo 7 has accomplished the mission and spent the time apart from the friends.
Joy! [EXCLAIMING] If I can't spend time with the Titans, I'll kick it with my other best friend.
Oh, yeah.
Quality time.
I shall finally be the true overlord of the macrocosm.
[LAUGHING MALICIOUSLY] You're lucky I'm not there, Musclelor.
[YAWNS] Otherwise, I would whoop you good.
[SNORING] [EXCLAIMS] Oh, my goodness.
I've been transported into Him-Guy's macro cosmos.
This is amazing.
[MUSCLELOR LAUGHS] [GASPS] You've awakened to your doom, Him-Guy.
You will never defeat me with your scrawny limbs.
[LAUGHING] Just wait till I beef up.
By the power of muscle.
[ECHOING] I have the muscles! Hey, this sword didn't give me any muscles.
I guess there's no shortcut for a hot bod.
I'm gonna have to put in the hard work.
Four lifting sessions per week, two days upper body with a bench press focus, two days lower body, and that's gonna be squats and deadlifts.
I should see some gains in four to six months.
[LAUGHING] You'll never be this jacked.
Hyah! Hyah! Hoo-hoo-ha! Only modern techniques like P44Z can give you sick gains like these.
My tried-and-true method will prevail.
I'll see you in four to six months, Musclelor! You'll never be as jacked as me.
Ha! Hoo, hoo, ha! - HIM-GUY: Musclelor.
- Huh? Such gains in four to six months.
Like I said, no shortcuts.
Now we'll see who's the real overlord of the macrocosm.
[BOTH SCREAMING] [BOTH GRUNTING] I'll be back, Him-Guy! Me and my pythons will be ready.
What? Where? Hoo, doggie! It was all a dream.
Or was it? Let's hit the gym.
Yee-haw! Hmm.
Maybe I have been spending too much time with the other Titans.
I do love being alone.
[FARTS] Ugh.
Whoo! [ROCK 'N' ROLL MUSIC] I finally got the Titans out of the tower.
Time to be my own peoples.
[WHOOPING] Yes! Ooh, look at this one.
[LAUGHS] Look at all this.
[LAUGHING EXCITEDLY] Yes! Whoo-hoo! Ha-ha! Always wanted to do that.
Why not? [SIGHS] Whew.