Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s02e13 Episode Script

8910-013 -

So, when are you gonna see the turtles again, April ? Oh, Irma, give me a break, ok ? It's not like I can meet them at times square at high noon.
It's a slow news day, April.
Do you know what good reporters do at times like these ? They take the rest of the day off and see a movie ? No.
They go out and make news, which is what I suggest you do.
You're going to see the turtles, right, April ? Oh, can I come with you ? Please ? Irma, the turtles are not the most exciting thing in my life.
Maybe not in yours, But they certainly are in mine.
Do you really have to go, master ? I do not have to.
I choose to.
Hi, guys ! Anything exciting happening ? Like Shredder trying to take over the world ? Actually, it's been kind of quiet, April.
I guess that's why Splinter's going out of town.
Great ! Is there a story in it ? I'm afraid not, April.
It's merely an annual pilgrimage I make.
Oh, you're right.
That's not much of a story.
Hey, don't sweat it, April.
This is the big city.
Something's bound to happen.
But, Krang, I tell you Quiet ! You have let those turtles escape for the last time.
The invasion can wait no longer.
One more chance, Krang.
That's all I ask.
Yeah, Krangy.
Just one more chance.
Please ? Quiet, all of you ! I can see if I want something done right, I'll just have to do it myself.
I'm bringing the technodrome back to earth.
Then I shall personally deal with the turtles.
All right ! Yeah ! This is gonna be good ! But you'll need power enormous power to open a portal that big.
That's why you are going to take over the hydroelectric station at Niagara Falls.
Attach this polarity deflector to the main control panel.
It will direct the power I need through the portal to the Technodrome.
Meanwhile, I will move the Technodrome to the proper space-time coordinates.
Krang out.
At last ! My army of foot soldiers will be mine to command again ! Don't just stand there, you mutant morons.
We must hurry ! All foot soldiers and rock soldiers to your battle stations ! What's going on ? Krang, i've commandeered the power station and the polarity deflector is in place.
For once, you've done something right.
I'll drain the power from this end.
You brought a turtlecom, didn't you, master ? Yes, but contact me only in dire emergency.
I will return in 3 days.
Farewell, master Splinter.
Stay loose.
Boy, good-byes are really tough for me.
Ok, let's get back to the city.
You never know when Shredder might strike next.
Fellas, we've got serious problems ! You had to open your big mouth.
What is it, April ? There's been a massive power failure throughout the entire city.
Someone or something is draining the power.
It's the work of Krang and Shredder.
I can sense it.
Bud ! I thought only Splinter could do that psychic bit.
Well, with him away, someone has to do it.
We'll head back immediately.
Yeah ! Let's show those creepozoids What turtle power is all about ! Yes ! Yes ! It's working ! The capacitators are charging.
Shredder, the turtles will certainly learn of this And try to stop you.
That's why i'm sending you a contingent of foot soldiers and rock soldiers.
Oh, at last ! You won't regret this, Krang.
I'd better not.
Prepare to enter the portal.
At last, i have my army ! I'd like to see the turtles try something now.
Now, to coordinate our attack.
Shredder calling Krang.
Come in, Krang.
What do you think caused this blackout ? I'll bet my shell it's Shredder.
Yeah ! My thoughts exactamundo.
If I can just tune in the right frequency Shredder calling Krang.
Come in, Krang.
Krang here.
What is it ? The foot soldiers and rock soldiers have arrived.
The technodrome is almost fully charged.
Estimate portal penetration in approximately half a What's he saying ? I can't make it out.
Something about Krang using the Niagara power station to open a portal large enough for the Technodrome.
The Technodrome ? Megadisaster ! We've got to stop it.
We're the only hope the world has.
Turtle power ! It's hard to say no to a guy like that.
Wait for me, guys ! This could be the story of the century.
Do you think maybe we ought to tell Splinter about this ? It sure fits my description of an emergency.
We can't keep running to Splinter for help.
He trained us for this.
We must not fail him.
I sense a great danger approaching somewhere to the south of here.
I must hurry.
It will all go splendidly.
Prepare to enter the portal.
It doesn't look good.
Shredder's got a small army patrolling the area.
Well, well.
Look at who's here.
Adios, shell bats.
Cowabunga ! Safe landing.
No need to panic.
You want to bet ? And I always thought Niagara Falls was a romantic place.
If we're gonna go over the falls, we should at least do it in a barrel ! Like, somebody do something, or we're gonna be turtles on the half-shell ! There's still one slight chance if the laser blast didn't damage the remote control functions.
It's working.
Oh, so tubuloso ! I hate to be a bother, but can't you hurry it up ?! Give me a break.
This is delicate work.
Jump for it ! Nice, Donatello.
Next time you think you could shave it a little closer ? What do you mean ? We had two whole seconds to spare.
Well, so far we've managed to lose the glider and nearly get ourselves killed.
Turtles ! Master splinter ! What are you doing here ? That drew me here.
Mondo misery To the max ! I hate to say this, But we're in deep trouble.
He's preparing to return The technodrome to earth.
We've got to cut off The power to the portal.
Outstanding plan, dude.
Any idea as to how ? Well, if we could Somehow stop the river That would shut down The power station.
We'll just round up And ask them To please build us a dam.
Not bad, but i've got A better idea.
If we can just Preparing Antigravity points.
You're convinced This is going to work, Right, donatello ? It should.
Most of The river is diverted Through tunnels To the power station.
All we have to do Is close them off.
As simple As that, huh ? I suppose you've got A better suggestion ? I do.
Hi, fellas.
Surprise ! So much for that idea.
Chill out, donatello.
Double trouble.
Hey, you ! Thanks for The help, april.
I wonder how The others are doing.
Well, there's One way to find out.
The other soldiers Should have been Back by now.
What could have Happened to 'em ? We happened, Rocksteady.
What ? Had enough ? Me ? You're about To get plasmerized.
Ooh, you guys are Starting to get my goat ! Hey ! What'sgoingon ? Thanks for the help, Master splinter.
Yeah ! You really Dusted him off.
We must hurry.
The sleep spice Will not affect one His size for long.
You guys have Any trouble ? No.
Piece of cake.
Ok, donatello, Shut this thing Down.
I'll try.
The power's gone ! But that's impossible ! No ! This can't be Happening ! Krang, the power Has been cut off ! I can see that, fool.
I'm diverting Auxiliary power To the portal.
They must have Shut off the pumps.
Follow me with As many soldiers As you can find.
Sure thing, boss.
Hey, it worked ! Yipe ! Don't look now, Guys, But i think They figured out Our plan.
Then we go out with Turtle honor, fighting.
Yeah ? I'd rather go out For pizza, biting.
Well, look at The bright side.
Things could be worse.
I got news.
Things are worse ! Flaming ravioli ! It's the technodrome ! My enemies the turtles About to be crushed Into amphibious particles ! What a truly Pleasant moment.
What do we do now ? Well, we can always pray For a meteor to strike.
Troops, attack ! No ! This is not how I wish it to end.
Stop ! Leave them to me ! I want the pleasure of Destroying them myself.
Guys, it looks like We're headed For that big pet shop In the sky.
Well, it's been nice Knowing you guys.
And you, too, april.
Oh, right.
A real thrill.
Do not despair, donatello.
In life, There is always hope.
Well, my hope is That you're right ! I bid you farewell, Mutants.
What ? Something's gone wrong.
I've used Too much power In keeping The portal open.
The capacitators Are drained.
Turtle power ! Stop them, My foot soldiers ! They must not escape ! Exactly the way You planned it, Right, leonardo ? Well, i never Look a gift branch In the mouth.
Hey, if we don't get away, We're turtle toe jam.
Like, how, man ? This place Is crawling With creepolas.
Watch and learn.
Keep shooting, You rock-brained morons ! They're getting away ! They've escaped again ! Oh, this is getting Very monotonous.
They won't get far.
Reactivate the falls While i recharge The capacitators.
As you said earlier, This had better work.
I hate to say it, But with the technodrome In krang's power, We've got our shells To the wall.
Master, we must Make plans to defeat Krang and shredder.
Unfortunately, We can do little Until we learn Their plan.
And by then, It might be Too late.
Splendid ! We're at full power again.
Now, to implement My ingenious plan.
Which is ? To create a seismic Vibration so intense As to cause An earthquake Of cataclysmic Proportions.
Then take over The evacuated city And make it Our base of operations.
From there, We will use The capabilities Of dimension x To conquer The entire planet.
I like it.
I like it.
Do you really Have any choice ? What's happening ? This is krang, Ruler of dimension x.
Ii command everyone To leave the city Immediately.
If it is not evacuated In 24 hours, I shall cause A much stronger quake And level every building.
Can he do that ? I'm afraid The answer is yes.
We've got to find The technodrome And stop him ! Sure, no sweat ! And what'll we do With the rest Of the afternoon ? Enough talking.
It's time for action.
Turtles, follow me.
And so begins The final battle.
If we keep Following this trail The technodrome left, We're sure to find it.
It's kind of Hard to miss.
It's only The houston astrodome.
Look ! There's Something up ahead.
The technodrome.
We found it ! I keep forgetting How humongous it is.
Ok, so how do we get inside ? It won't be easy.
The whole thing Is covered With foot-thick Titanium armor.
Hey, don't sweat it.
I've got this gadget I've been saving for Just such an occasion.
Now what ? Right.
Everyone take cover.
This explosive packs An incredible punch.
You call that a punch ? It's more like A slap on the wrist.
Well, sometimes they need A little adjustment.
And sometimes not.
Let's go ! Security has been breached On level seven ! It must be Those blasted Turtles again ! Do we know Where we're going ? Or are we just Sightseeing ? If i can locate The control circuits I can deactivate The earthquake- Causing mechanism.
Stop ! Is anything wrong, Master splinter ? Shredder is drawing close.
I can sense him.
I will lead him away So that you may continue Your search.
You clumsy idiots ! Well, why'd You stop, boss ? I sense that My ancient enemy, Hamato yoshi, is nearby.
I shall deal With him personally.
You two find the turtles And finish them.
With pleasure, boss.
Just Leave it to us.
What luck ! We located it.
Now, if i can Just rewire them Hurry, donatello.
We're running out of time.
Wrong, Turtle breath.
Your time Just ran out.
So, hamato yoshi It appears it is time for Our final confrontation.
Hamato yoshi Is no longer.
There is only splinter.
And soon he will be Gone as well.
Wait ! You can't fire Your lasers in here.
You'll damage the circuitry.
Uh, he's right.
Huh ? I guess We just got to do this The old-fashioned way.
Ain't that a shame.
Got you ! Watch out ! Ow ! Did you have time To shut down the circuits ? I sure hope so.
We'll find out When krang tries to cause Another earthquake.
One of these days Those turtles are Really going to get it.
So, those foolish citizens Refuse to evacuate.
Then it's time to Really shake them up.
Wha Now something's wrong With the drill mechanism.
Curse you ! Something tells me This is the grand finale.
I'm sure glad We got good seats.
Hey ! Like, we forgot All about splinter ! Oh ! He's still in The technodrome.
All right ! He made it ! Let's haul shell.
That thing's about To drill straight down To the earth's core.
Someone has reversed The seismic polarities ! The technodrome Is sinking, And i'm powerless To stop it ! Shredder ! This is all your fault ! I'll get you for this ! Well, we finally put an end to Krang and Shredder's evil plans for world domination.
Yeah, dudes.
Time to party hearty ! What a story ! And the remarkable thing is, they were defeated by And let's not forget one half-man and half-rat, huh ? I just realized something.
I'm the only 100% human being in this place.
Well, don't feel bad, April.
Nobody's perfect.