Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e17 Episode Script

9062-016B - Leonardo, The Renaissance Turtle

[theme song] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool, but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power [April on TV] And our final news item, a sensational announcement from the mayor.
Tonight, His Honor will announce his solution to end all crime for good.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, right.
Do that.
We will be covering the story live, at City Hall, at 8:00.
This is April O'Neil, Channel Six News, signing off.
Ah, boy.
Am I glad to be back.
What has happened, Donatello? You were going to the library.
I did! That's where some hoods jumped me! In the public library? I hope they were quiet about it.
Hey, no joke! There were five of 'em! But I cleaned their clocks.
Well, what did those rude dudes want? My library book.
[Raphael] The Life Cycle of the Arctic Amoeba? Ha ha! Boy, the criminals in this city really are getting desperate.
What time did April say the mayor's meeting was? [Mayor] Fellow citizens, it gives me great pleasure to present the answer to our city's crime problem.
Professor Ignatz Mindbender.
[applause] He's the solution to our law and order problem? Great.
Now we can retire and write our memoirs.
Professor Mindbender is the world's greatest expert on law enforcement.
Tell them about it, Professor.
Now, then.
I shall explain my ideas, and you will enjoy them very much.
And that is an order! [chuckles] Just kidding! Man.
If this guy's for real, I am a salamander.
[All] Shh! The problem of crime is caused by humans.
Therefore, the solution is robots! Namely, LEX, which stands for Law Enforcement Expediter.
LEX, what is the square root of 11.
3 zillion? Why bother? You would not understand the answer.
You see? You see? A mathematical genius! And not only that, LEX can burrow under the ground, see through walls, and fly! Fly for the people, LEX! Whoa, compadres! I hope chromedome's got a pilot's license! Even better, LEX is bulletproof! And he doesn't have to stop for donuts and coffee! So who needs policemen? Anything else you'd like to demonstrate for the people, LEX? Yes.
I am one bad dude.
[cheering, applause] [Man] Okay, everybody! Freeze! In case you haven't guessed, this is a heist.
Hands up! It's Pinky McFingers and his gang! If I can just contact the Turtles Fix your face later.
Now get over there with the others.
April, did you call us? Where are you, April? [Lefty] Forget it, Bozo! All your alarms are out of order.
Let 'er rip, boys! Ooh, man! [chuckling] Look at all that beautiful moolah! How are we doing, Donatello? Well, it's a good thing April left the Turtlecom open.
Now we can track her down.
She's in that building.
[Leonardo] The Fifth Street Bank! Come on, you mugs! Hurry it up! [All] Turtle Power! April! Are you all right? Never mind me! Look out for yourselves! Hold it right there, shellbacks! Look! It's LEX! Pinky McFingers, Hard Rock McGurk, and Potatoes Hennessy, you are under arrest.
Says who! Blast that junk pile, boys! Whoa! [yelling] [siren] Go directly to jail.
Do not pass "Go.
" Whoa! Thanks for the help, LEX dude! Hey! I think he wants our autograph! You have just received a parking ticket.
Your van is in a loading zone.
[April on TV] And so, with the capture of the Pickles Preston Gang, every known criminal in the city has been rounded up thanks to LEX.
I've seen enough.
Hey, come on! What's the big idea? She wasn't finished! I'm sick of that stupid robot! Everywhere I look, it's LEX this, LEX that.
We may as well just take some time off.
We could go to Florida, and visit the Punk Frogs! Hmm.
Maybe now I'll have time to overhaul our Turtlecom transmitter over in Sewer Gate 16.
Hold on, guys! What if something comes up that a robot can't handle? Quit bein' such a gloom and doom dude.
What could go wrong? I don't know! But I'm gonna stick around, just in case.
[Mindbender] You have done a fine job, LEX! And now that all the major criminals are behind bars, we can start rooting out the minor ones! As you wish, Master.
Just a few small adjustments, and we will eliminate every trace of wrongdoing in the city! There.
How do you feel, Officer LEX? I feel you should button your jacket pocket, immediately.
That is a major infraction.
Oh, ho, ho.
That's my LEX.
[Leonardo] Thanks, April.
That was a great pizza.
You're welcome, Leonardo.
You look so gloomy.
Are you lonesome without all the other Turtles? Well, the truth is, I'm kind of worried.
[April] About what? Well, what if some emergency does come up? Can I handle it without the other guys? Why, of course you can.
Besides, that robot LEX seems to have everything under control! [explosion] Whoa! Walking on a Don't Walk signal.
But--but Silence! Hands up! You are both under arrest.
When will you humans realize that crime does not pay? Warning shots for jaywalking? You must have a loose fuse! For sure! This city has enough potholes already! The prisoners will be put on bread and water for making wisecracks.
Do you have any last words? I can think of a few, but they're not appropriate for television.
[Mayor] Mindbender, that-- that talking teapot of yours actually arrested my mother! Not to worry, Mister Mayor.
I've arranged that you can visit her on Fridays.
But all she did was tear a Do Not Remove tag from her mattress! Tag mutilation is a serious criminal offense.
And you are wearing socks that do not match! I'm afraid LEX will have to deal with this.
[Mindbender, on phone] Officer LEX? Return at once! But, Master! I just arrested two vicious jaywalkers.
Deal with them later! This is urgent! Consider yourselves under arrest.
You await here until I return.
Come on, April.
We're outta here! [sighs] I think I just set the all-time land speed record for turtles! A seven-foot robot gone gonzo makes a great incentive.
Let's see if we can find out what's going on! And in the latest development of the war on crime, former Channel Six reporter April O'Neil Former? They fired me! has been declared a fugitive from the law! Also, that dumpy little green-faced sailor who was with her.
Oh, great.
Give yourself up, April.
After all, when you get out, you can qualify for senior bus fares! Hoo hoo! Oh, that Vernon! Face it, April.
We're gonna need some help! I'll try to contact Donatello.
Calling Donatello! Come in, Donatello! Boy, I wasn't a minute too soon on this transmitter.
The flux diode had completely burned out.
I'll have to use the one from my Turtlecom.
I can replace it when I get back to the lair.
It's no use! I can't reach Donatello! What about the other Turtles? Aw, the swamp is pretty far away.
But I can try! [clears throat] Leonardo calling Raphael! Come in! Aw, nothing but static.
Donatello must be working on the transmitter! Let me try! Oh, it's no use! That means I'll have to try Donatello's long-range scanner gadget! Great! Let's do it! There's just one catch.
Uh, I don't know how to work it.
Come on, Leonardo, I know you can figure it out.
Yow! Whoa! Boy, where is Donatello when I really need him? You don't need him.
Try again! All right! [April] Ew, what's that? [screams] [speaking alien language] Uh, sorry.
It looks like Donatello had it set for the planet Vesuvio.
[beep] You did it! You found the other Turtles! [Turtlecom chirping] Hey, guys, it's Leonardo.
Remember him? Listen, we've got a serious problem here.
What's the haps, compadre? You ready for some of this bodacious Florida sunshine? Uh, not exactly.
Listen-- Hey, would you bring my scuba mask when you come? Will you please listen to me? Oh, no! I've lost the frequency! Whu-- umph! Leonardo, are you all right? I never felt better.
This gadget of Donatello's gives me an idea.
Let's pay a call on REX-1.
Okay, the coast is clear.
Stay back.
[chugging] It's a radio-controlled Robomobile.
It looks like Mindbender has the city covered with those things.
Do you think it can see us? Let's find out.
[beeping] Well, at least it's not too bright.
It fell for the old flying fedora gag.
Huh! Phew! [panting] That takes care of my jogging for the next 11 months.
This is the warehouse they stored REX in.
But how do we get in? Really, you men are so helpless.
Do you remember where they kept him? How could I forget? He was one of my biggest scoops.
There it is! Under that sheet! [sighs] We could really use some thunder and lightning right about now.
Not unless you want to carry me out of here.
Hah! What did I tell you? It's our old pal REX-1! The robot cop.
Actually, he was kinda sweet.
Well, he was sure sweet on you.
And if we're gonna stop LEX, it'll take another robot to do it.
Thank heaven! He still works! Greetings.
My name is-- My name is-- Your name is REX.
Remember? And I'm Leonardo and this is April.
April? Yes! I'm a reporter with Channel 6 News.
You were nuts about her, remember? Nuts? I remember nuts.
This is a nut.
[sighs] Oh, no.
This is a nut.
I think maybe it's time for another call to Donatello.
I think you're right.
Come on, REX.
[sing song] We're going walkies.
[Donatello] Ugh, this is taking longer than I thought.
I'd better connect my Turtlecom to the auto-answer circuit just in case the guys try to contact me.
At least if they call I'll find out about it sooner or later.
Donatello, this is Leonardo.
Can you hear me? [beeping] I made contact.
Donatello, I need you at the lair.
[Donatello] Hi.
I'm sorry I can't come to the Turtlecom right now, but if you leave your number and the time you called, I'll get right back to you.
Just call April and me anytime at the city jail! Now we're stuck.
Oh, I can't do a thing without Donatello's smarts.
You've been doing just great, Leonardo.
You mustn't give up now! [sighs] Maybe you're right.
Okay, big guy, how do we get you to remember? Try the memory button.
Memory button? Huh, that's a laugh.
Hey, there really is a memory button! All my memory circuits have now been erased.
Oops! Hehe.
Wrong button.
Oh, no.
Where do we get a new memory of his old memories? Wait a minute.
I know! Come on.
No, not this one.
Not this.
Got it! I knew your old news reports would be good for something someday.
I'll just play your report on REX and let him watch it.
Then it'll be in his memory again.
Good thinking! How about a six-pack of hydraulic fluid while I watch? Uh, sorry.
No drinking while you're on duty.
I wasa policeman.
It's working! He's remembering already.
[sighs] I finally fixed this transmitter.
[beeping] Hmm.
Somebody must have been trying to reach me.
I'd better play the message.
[Turtlecom chirping] The Turtlecom.
Hey, maybe it's Leonardo telling us when he'll be coming down to soak up some rays with us.
Yo, dude, start talking.
It's your quarter.
Guys, I think we've got trouble.
Listen to this [Leonardo] Call April and me anytime at the city jail! Mondo bizarro.
Why should we call him at the jail? I don't know, but you guys had better hurry back.
Do you think it worked? I've got my fingers crossed.
[electricity crackling] Leonardo.
We are together again.
REX! Your memory's restored! Welcome back, REX.
[LEX] What a touching reunion.
You again! Officer LEX always gets his manand woman.
But how did you find this place? [laughing] I am the finest self-contained crime-detection unit in the world.
And you are my prisoners.
[LEX] Are you going to come quietly or will I have to use force? Let's try force first! Uh, how about thumb-wrestling? I am programmed to serve and protect April and the Turtles, so back off.
That's telling him, REX.
Take care of that muscle-bound hunk of junk.
You must be joking.
This primitive android is no match for a state of the art cyborg like me.
I will give you primitive right in your tin chops! Whatis happening to-- to me? Brother REX, these humans are our enemies.
I will serve and protect you, Master LEX.
You learn quickly for a lowly android.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Right.
It's time to leave! Stop in the name of LEX! Oh! I've created a Frankencop! You have the right to surrender at once.
You have the right to admit your guilt.
And you have the right to fall on your duff! Ow! Good work, Leonardo! You will not find me quite so easy, Turtle.
Don't count on it! Mmmmph! Now, nowit's not polite to talk with your mouth full.
[LEX muttering] Look! It's Michelangelo's Cheapskate.
[LEX] Halt, criminals! Wow! Let's get outta here! Oh, boy.
I sure wish I were Michelangelo.
He's the ace skateboarder.
Well, it's never too late to learn.
Follow them, REX.
I will return to Professor Mindbender.
Your wish is my command.
[Turtlecom chirping] Leonardo, are you there? April? Yo, dudette? Whoa, way weird.
All I can see is the wall in our TV room.
[Donatello, on radio] I'm patching in this news report from Channel 6 News.
Check it out, guys.
It doesn't look too good.
And now, it's my privilege to bring you that magnificent leader, that wonderfully caring human being, Professor Ignatz Mindbender.
Law and order still has a long way to go in this city.
That is why I am declaring myself Supreme Commander of the entire region! You are all under arrest.
[clamoring] Are you sure we got rid of REX and LEX? Positive.
They'll be chasing the Cheapskate, and it can run forever on autopilot.
Let's look for that underground entrance to City Hall.
I know it's around here someplace.
Look! [Leonardo] Bingo! Now all we have to do is find Mindbender and make him stop LEX and REX.
Looks like everything's bodacious.
Why am I suddenly talking like Michelangelo? Ahem.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Did you really think that old "Cheapskate on autopilot" trick would work with me? Look, there's something going on down there.
Whoa, check it out! People are splitting from City Hall.
Maybe it's another speech by the mayor.
Donatello! Mind if I join you? No problemo.
Let's find out what's going on.
[Leonardo] Keep trying, April.
You've gotta make him remember.
I am trying but it's like talking to a robot.
REX, don't you remember the special feelings we had for one another? [electricity buzzing] My name is REX-1.
My job is-- My job is-- [electricity buzzing] Oh, it's no use! His memory module must be jammed.
We've gotta do something.
LEX'll be back at any moment.
Think! What would Donatello do in a case like this? Donatello? I don't know.
Maybe this.
Ah! Huh! Me, REX.
You, April.
My job is to serve and protect April! And? And the Turtles.
Donatello was right.
Applied science always triumphs.
Come on, guys.
We'd better get out of here.
[Mindbender] Why the big hurry, my dear? LEX, arrest these law-breakers! Yes, Commander.
Over my dismantled body.
REX, have you popped your oscillator actuator? Touch April and I will pop you! Whoa-a-a-a! Leonardo, do something! Why is it always up to me? Uhhey, Professor! Your shoes are all scuffed! Scuffed shoes are a Class-1 felony.
Stop! You can't arrest me! I created you! There are no exceptions to the rules.
I command you to put me down! That is an order! Scuffed shoes and resisting arrest, that will be 30 years.
Enough! Urrahh! You green meddler! You will pay for this! Gee, I'm kinda broke.
Could you put it on a credit card? Leonardo, you made a funny.
Just like Raphael.
Hey, I did, didn't I? [Turtles] Turtle power! Nice entrance, guys, but we've got things pretty much under control.
Leonardo andREX-1.
Leonardo, you saved the city from Mindbender all by yourself! Well, not quite.
I had some help.
Gosh, any seven-foot police robot could've done the same thing.
[guzzling] Glub, glub, glub, glub.
Hey, would you just cool it with the anti-freeze, REX? We don't have a designated robot, okay? Go on, Leonardo.
You may say it.
Say what? [All] I told you so.
Now you understand, my student.
Once you were forced to use them, your hidden talents emerged.
You're right, Master Splinter.
I guess we never know what we're capable of unless we try.
To Leonardo, our Renaissance Turtle! [cheering] April, now that I have been reactivated, what will become of me? I'm sure the police department would love to have you back, REX.
Are you sure you would not rather have me serve and protect you, April? [Donatello clears throat] Uh, folks REX, meet REXANNE.
I'm so very pleased to meet you, REX.
Y-You are a-- Oh, gosh, uh-- Uhwhat-- what's your job, REXANNE? Why, to serve and protect you, of course.
[laughing] [theme]